Radical Agenda S04E036 – Bomb Scares

Never a dull day in the age of Trump, folks. I spent a good bit of time last night getting ready for the show today, just to wake up to the explosive news that suspicious packages had been delivered to George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, and former CIA director John Brennan, care of CNN. Investigators have announced that the return address is that of Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz, though the discovery of just such a package at her office, suggests she may not be the perpetrator. Or perhaps, she delivered one to herself to throw us off the trail?

Predictably, the Internet is split into three distinct segments of opinion.

Some believe a brave patriot sought to rescue his country from evil, by putting an end to the lives of some of the worst people to ever walk the Earth. A plausible theory indeed, I would say. It makes sense to believe that a poor strategist who knew what we knew would try to kill these people, because frankly, they deserve far worse. What Radical Agenda listener would shed tears over the demise of these traitors and subversives? Would not the course of history be positively altered, in the absence of these villains? If I found out a Right winger did this, my only complaint would be the extremely poor strategy, timing, and execution of the plot.

In the same vein, the Left asserts that Trump has incited the extreme Right to violence. As if they hadn’t been watching the weekly riots of masked Leftists who have been given license by the media and government to perpetrate mayhem on our streets, they are predictably regurgitating their old (and ridiculous) trope of Right wing terrorism plaguing our civilization.

The Left’s reaction necessarily lends credibility to what I will, for lack of a better term call, the conspiracy theory angle. Alex Jones, without a shred of proof, has “Confirmed” via InfoWars.com that this is a false flag attack by the deep state. This would not shock me of course. Anybody who thinks falsifying crimes for political purposes is beneath the dignity of the Left, would be well served to watch the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings again. This is exactly what you would expect desperate lying criminals hell bent on power to do. None of these things went off, they were sent to people who have security details screening their mail, they were never in any actual danger, and the Left is predictably trying to use this to paint themselves as victims even as they condone terrorism and violence against their political opponents. The very thing that makes them deserving of death threats is the fact that they absolutely would fake something like this for political gain.

I’ll throw out a fourth theory, some dipshit left wing agitator with no sort of connection to power, carried out the plot Jones alleges was perpetrated by the deep state. Think of a James Hodgkinson who had seen too many M. Night Shyamalan movies. I do not actually imagine that a true believer in the cause of the Radical Left would miss the supposed targets any more than I would. Surely, the upper echelons of Antifa, Black Lives Matter, et al rely on the Leftist establishment for financing and favors to stay out of prison, but their young dupes who have been convinced they are fighting against the Establishment rather than for it, would certainly think this a great way to kill two birds with one stone. End the lives of the Established Left, making room for their Radical counterparts to climb the ladder, while demonizing the Right as terrorist masterminds two weeks before an important election.

Whatever the case may be, the acts have been universally condemned, and rightly so. This of course stands in stark contrast to how the Left condones and excuses every act of violence and terrorism perpetrated by the Left against the Right.

Since this fictional entertainment pogrom has higher journalistic standards than anyone with a broadcast license, I will withhold judgement. What honestly surprises me more than anything else is how rare all of this is. While we all watch in horror as masked terrorists are aided and abetted by the FBI and municipal authorities, who among us has not contemplated terrorism as a necessity? If our government sides with communists, Republicans slow walk us to demographic suicide, and Democrats boldly lie as frequently as they speak without any fear of being caught, surely violence is as inevitable as it is undesirable. Somebody at some point is going to decide to take matters into their own hands, whether any of us like it or not, and I will state for the record, I do not like it.

I can however assure the members of law enforcement who take an interest in this inflammatory statement that nobody who values my opinion would have done this, at least not before the election. I’ve been rather vocal in saying that we need to be on our best behavior and let the Reds look like the psychos as the voters make up their minds about whether or not to destroy their country by electing Democrats.

Radical Agenda S04E036 - Bomb Scares

Radical Agenda S04E036 – Bomb Scares

But there was one bomb thrown by Donald Trump recently… The N Bomb…

You don’t hear me say this often on the Radical Agenda, but Christian Picciolini made a pretty good point the other day. I mean, he works for Jews, so of course he exaggerated, and of course he’s missing context, but ya know, you take what you can get from these people. After Trump had his MAGA rally with Ted Cruz on Monday, Picciolini tweeted “Just to be clear, Trump’s “I’m a Nationalist” comment will likely represent the biggest boon for white supremacist recruitment since the film Birth of a Nation glorified the Klan in 1915 and gained the KKK 4 million members by 1925.”

In case you haven’t turned on a television or radio in two days, Trump said “You know what a globalist is, right? A globalist is a (((person)))  that wants the globe to do well, frankly, not caring about our country so much. And you know what? We can’t have that. You know they have a word, it sort of became old fashioned, it’s a Nationalist. And I say, really, we’re not supposed to use that word. You know what I am? I’m a Nationalist, okay?”

For the average American, I don’t imagine this was immediately controversial in their minds. I mean, picture that, a President who prioritizes his Nation above others.

Picciolini is right in that, our side assigns the proper connotation to that word. A Nation is not a landmass. It is not a government. It is a people. A people who are alike enough on thier genetics and culture to share, a landmass and system of government. When I heard the President of the United States say that, I smiled.

Our enemies certainly didn’t. “That’s racist!” they screamed predictably, as though a day had gone by where they hadn’t called something the President said racist.

A few years ago I wouldn’t have blinked at that myself. A great deal has certainly changed since then, but the media reaction reminded me so starkly of how we got to this point.

I credit a lot of things with my intellectual journey. I like to think I’m here because I am intelligent and possess some unique wisdom that the rest of my society lacks, and perhaps there is some truth to this. You guys definitely played a roll. This is a live, uncensored, open phones talk show you might have gathered, and I do not like losing arguments, especially not in front of a large audience. When you all called in dropping red pills, I had no choice but to agree, and it changed my whole life. Hoppe, Nick Land, TRS, Daily Stormer, Richard Spencer, the list of credits here could get long, so I’ll stop…

But those of you who have been around since the start, you saw it happen live. How many of you remember Antonio Buehler?

If that name doesn’t ring a bell to you, Buehler is some left wing anti-cop fanatic who made a name for himself in libertarian circles with his ridiculously named “Peaceful Streets Project”, which was just a wannabe CopBlock, at the end of the day. I say it is ridiculously named, because even when I was running around filming cops and trying to be the edgiest cop hater on the Internet, I found Buehler’s tactics, and dare I say optics, quite undignified.

No matter how small the incident, if Beuhler could get a cop on camera doing his job, Buehler would go absolutely ballistic trying to distract, obstruct, and bait the guy. The last video of his that I saw was a couple of years ago, when he had his camera so close to the cop’s face that all you could see was the sweat on his chin on a Texas evening. Predictably the cop told him the back up, he didn’t take the hint, and when the cop arrested him for failure ot obey or whatever, Buehler and all his friends acted they had just shot a guy, it was so ridiculous.

That’s not the point though. I only say this to paint a picture for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about. Buehler, Cathy Reisenwitz, John Bush, and a bunch of other people who I once thought to be pretty good libertarians, took a hard left shift at some point. Suddenly, they weren’t fighting the State. They weren’t so much  concerned with gun rights, or taxes, as they were about fighting “patriarchy” and “racism” and all your other commie ism and phobia buzzwords.

They used to call me a racist and sexist all the damn time, and back then I thought that was a really bad thing to say to a person. I felt like what they were doing was dishonest. It was a tactic to shut me up because I vocally criticized their priorities. “We’re all against racism” I said frequently. “Where are all these racists you keep complaining about?” and back then they seemed to have trouble actually finding any. All they had were these nonsense platitudes about unconscious bias and demographic disparities in areas of great import, such as wealth and prison population. They kept telling us that libertarianism needed more diversity, and that the best way to recruit women, was to become feminists.

Some people doubt this about me, but I’ve fucked a lot of women, and not one of them ever asked for equality while I was trying to break her hips with my hand around her throat. The way they tried to push gender communism was my first real hint that they were wrong about race too. They called me a racist so many times, that I eventually tried to see what the actual racists were saying so that I could refute their points and put some distance between my ideas and theirs. I even thought I could recruit them to libertarianism, by the power of my arguments, and that they would ultimately help me vanquish the communist invasion of the movement I valued so highly.

As we’ve seen, that plan went sort of awry. The facts were just too difficult to ignore, once I learned them. Not only did I become convinced to the science of Race, but also of the necessity of public policy reflecting these realities.

When the media erupted saying Nationalism was racist, I smiled, not because I actually think Donald Trump is a Nazi, but because the media did my job for me. They reminded everyone stupid enough to listen to them, that the Nation is a racial concept, even as Donald Trump tried to convince them this was some kind of civic association. This becomes harder to ignore with each day that passes, and though I desperately hope, for the good of the country, that Republicans maintain and expand their grip on power, I am eternally grateful to the Left wing fanatics who are bringing racial awareness to a screaming crescendo. If you value your Nation, you must value your Race, because the two terms are synonymous. It necessarily follows then, that the true Nationalist, is also a true Racist.

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