Radical Agenda S04E042 – Fallout

The Blue Wave turned out to be almost as exaggerated as the Holocaust, but Democrats thinly regained control of the US House of Representatives, rewarding their violence and deception with subpoena power. This is very bad news for America. Not only will Democrats now use their control of the House to launch bogus investigations into the President and obstruct his administration, but the black clad communist rioters who have been waging war on our streets for the last couple of years, have been told that their violence is a political tactic which brings great success. Anything that gets rewarded with political power, is sure to become a regular feature of our existence, so prepare yourselves for more of that.

Radical Agenda S04E042 - Fallout

Radical Agenda S04E042 – Fallout

This also turned out to be one of the most “diverse” elections ever. Ilhan Omar, became the first Somali-American congresswoman. Rashida Tlaib, became the first Muslim congresswoman. Jared Polis, became the first openly gay man to win a governor race. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, became the youngest woman ever elected. Sharice Davids, became the first lesbian Native American in Congress. Chris Pappas, became New Hampshire’s first openly gay member of Congress, beating out the Republican who would have been New Hampshire’s first black congressman. Deb Haaland, became the first Native American woman in the House. All Democrats, I might add.

There were some ballot initiatives that ended tragically.

I’ve got a headline here from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency “Jewish Groups Helped To Pass Florida Amendment Allowing Felons To Vote“, that went through. So, congrats Florida felons, this should come in handy when Andrew Gillum runs again, good work Jews.

Massachusetts had a referendum to repeal a tranny antidiscrimination law, and I was really thinking this would pass. Nobody likes trannies, even Democrats. They tried to do this in Houston, where they had a lesbian mayor, but the blacks voted the law down once they had a chance to vote issue by issue. Most of these things only get through when they are partisan, and fag hating blacks vote for candidates who will provide them with gibs, even though they don’t like the other policies. Massachusetts got this through their legislature some time ago, and residents managed to get the ballot initiative to repeal it. But it failed. Why? Headline from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, “Liberal Jewish groups push for ballot measures on immigration and transgender rights“.

Conservative Christians want to roll back the broad protections for transgender people embodied in a 2016 law, including the right to use the locker or bathroom of one’s gender identity.

State Jewish groups, including Keshet, an LGBTQ rights organization, and the Jewish Alliance for Law and Social Action have taken the lead in the “Yes on 3” campaign. (The “Yes” is to keeping the law as is.) National groups embracing the campaign include Reform’s Reform Action Center and the Anti-Defamation League.

“The Jewish community has been all in on this,” said Jeremy Burton, the director of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston, which has endorsed Yes on 3.

It’s not all bad news though.

Republicans maintain control of majority of governorships. They actually managed to pick up a few seats in the Senate, which will improve their ability to confirm judges and cabinet appointments.

Christine Hallquist fell short in her bid to become the country’s first openly transgender governor in Vermont. Can you imagine how terrible life would be with a tranny governor? Like, if this psycho thinks he can change his gender, can you really expect him to abide by the rules of his office? If you can be transgender, can you be transoffice? “People of Vermont, thank you for electing me your governor, but today I am coming out as transpresident! I am coming out as a translegislature, and I will be placing my own legislation on my desk to sign! I am now the transjudiciary and will become the arbiter of whether or not my actions are constitutional!” That’s some handy versatility, eh?

Art Jones came within striking distance of ZOG, earning over 55,000 votes after winning his Republican primary as an open Nazi. Florida managed not to monkey up their governorship. Ron DeSantis managed to beat out negro communist criminal Andrew Gillum, despite being called a Nazi all over the place. Winning the election didn’t stop the Left from making that accusation either. There was another story I saw in the Jerusalem Post claiming that it was anti-Semitic to say in a campaign ad that a Jewish candidate was cutting corners and putting customers and employees at risk “Just so he could make a quick buck” and showed him clutching dollar bills. The Left apparently thought that, in California, dog whistling to anti-Semites ran the risk of being a successful political tactic. If we listen to the mainstream media, racism is a remarkably successful political tactic, so we can hope the Republican Party finally figures this out and stops countersignaling us.

It is going to be an interesting couple of years, folks. We can expect Leftist riots to continue on a regular basis, as they obviously have no fear of prosecution, and have now been rewarded with political power. We can expect social media censorship to escalate, as the presidential election approaches and a split legislature surely isn’t going to take action on anything that helps Democrats. House Democrats are going to try to make this country unlivable with what little power they wield in the House.

But after Trump vanquished so many GOP cucks into retirement, the party is his. As of a press conference with the President this afternoon, the media is still in hysterics trying to call the President a racist, and refusing to inform their audiences, which is probably going to get old for their viewers between now and 2020. Gab remains online, even if it is buggy and a bit hypersensitive to anything perceived as “violent”. Minds.com stands ready as an alternative, along with our Telegram group and the ChristopherCantwell.com forums.

We have a lot of work ahead of us to rescue our Race & Nation. The challenges are abundant. But the experiences of the last two years have helped us to shake off dead weight, and increase our antifragility. The Republican Party remains resilient despite all odds being stacked against them. Our foes are rattled, unstable, and making fools of themselves daily, despite a cooperative media trying to pave over their many errors.

If I could choose a different time to be alive, I wouldn’t.

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