Radical Agenda S04E060 – It’s Not About Trump

Kiss your bump stocks goodbye, and don’t hold your breath for the border wall. You’ve been fucked over by a politician. Shocking, I know.

Worse than that, you’ve gotten the exact opposite of what you paid for, from a guy who runs around with signs at his rallies which read “Promises made, promises kept”.

Oh, and he’s got a bunch of Jewish inlaws creating half Jew babies.

#MAGA Indeed.

Radical Agenda S04E060 - It's Not About Trump

Radical Agenda S04E060 – It’s Not About Trump

Let me fill you in on something I figured out when I was still a libertarian. It helps me during times like this, and perhaps it can help you too.

Though one can surely be less harmful than another, the President is not going to help you. Not this one, not the next one, and surely not the one after her. You’re going to get screwed every single time, it is just a question of how hard. This time they’ll blame the Congress. The next time they’ll blame the courts. The time after that they’ll blame the next President. As each two, four, and six year term expires, another excuse will follow, and eventually you’ll be dead. It’s not a bug, it’s a feature. Democracy is a scam, always was, and always will be.

It’s a shame so many of us are just now figuring this out. They sterilized our wives and daughters, turned them into prostitutes and tax cattle, and when our birthrates predictably plummeted, they replaced us with foreigners who are stupid enough to keep falling for this nonsense. You have been targeted for extermination, and as far as the exterminators are concerned, the job is already done. They’re just waiting for the last of you to die off, as they figure you inevitably will.

Is Trump a well intentioned guy being bullied by more powerful forces? Is he a misguided former liberal who still hasn’t figured out the meaning of the word infringed? Is he yucking it up with the so-called “deep state” at your expense?

I honestly do not know, and I am not going to put a great deal of effort into finding out. I did the conspiracy theory rabbit hole thing a long time ago, and to answer your question, it has no bottom.

During the prior episode of the Radical Agenda, the final caller said he saw no political solution to our imminent demise, and all he could think about was “Siege” – a book by James Mason which essentially advocates helping to accelerate the collapse of civilization, in the hopes that you and I might play a role in rebuilding it.

A tempting thought indeed. Though I did my best to talk the guy down, I could just as easily have taken the other side of that argument. Been there a time or two, actually.

I suppose we could pull it off if we tried. I could pack up my guns and a few essentials, broadcast war propaganda from a secret location, and tell all of you to get yourselves killed fighting the most powerful government in the history of mankind. As each man was killed or captured, I could write some kind of tribute and read it on the air, hoping to inspire more men to throw their bodies on the pile. “If you’re listening to this, you are the Resistance!” It would make fantastic fuckin radio, I’ll guarantee that much.

But I’m rather fond of sex, and steak, and a whole host of other things which would most likely become scarce under such circumstances. I’ve also put my mother through way too much heartache already, and I feel like absolute shit about that. So call me a coward, but I must resist the temptation here.

We’ve got other options. We could all get vasectomies and enjoy the fuckin decline. We could sling meth and bang diverse tinder thots until our dicks fall off. What the fuck are we worrying about the future for when we have no obligation to participate? This does not have to be our problem. We’ve got every god damn distraction imaginable, and a few beyond our imaginations, I imagine. Whiskey is cheap, porn is free and abundant, women have less self esteem than the men they’re cucking, perhaps we’ve been foolish for getting so worked up about all this shit in the first place.

But that ego, ya know? I’ve managed to convince myself that I was a great and powerful man a few times as I made the futile to clear my coke drip, but it always wore off in the morning, leaving me to feel really pathetic, and poor, I might add.

I’ll tell you another time I felt great and powerful… When I got back to my hotel room after the torch march brawl in Charlottesville. That felt goooooood, man. These Red motherfuckers swung on us and we put them the fuck down, fast. I saw that picture of me spraying that guy, and I was like “This is fuckin awesome!” and I made it my Facebook cover photo.

Next day I was not feeling so powerful though. I found out there was a warrant for my arrest for a crime I did not commit, and my reaction earned me an unflattering nickname.

Then I watched unfold before me a paradigm shattering series of events, which made my conspiracy theorist days look tame by comparison. I get how you crash planes into buildings rigged with explosives, put a missile into the Pentagon, and blame it on cavemen with boxcutters, as an excuse to start a war with a country that not even you claim had anything to do with it, that made perfect sense. But how do you convince the whole world of a complete and total lie while hundreds of videos are openly viewable by the public and nobody who matters ever seems to notice? How do you show 12 registered voters those videos, and convince them to put a scared kid in prison for life plus four centuries and change?

I’ll tell you how. Power, kiddo. They got it. You don’t. They win. You lose. And waiting on powerful people to wield their power more responsibly is no more going to rescue your race and nation than getting wasted or blowing yourself up. You have to have it, you need to wield it. Not Donald Trump, not Rand Paul, and most certainly not the Democrat Party. You, dear reader, must wield political, financial, and social power like that which we witnessed our rivals wield against us in Charlottesville.

“But Chris” you say, “that’s impossible, we’ll never be able to do that”. Well, fine, do drugs, blow yourself up, go to prison and hope for a sissy cellmate. I don’t know what to tell ya. These people have been at it for a century and you just figured it out like 15 minutes ago. We’ve got a lot of work to do, and maybe we fail. Who knows? Not I, friend.

But I’ll tell ya this, if Trump is some kinda Jewish scam, it was a miscalculation on their part, and you know these so called people have a nasty habit of overestimating their own intelligence, so this is a distinct possibility. We advance by the errors of our rivals, and lemme tell ya boy, they done fucked up this time.

Say what you will about Trump, but you most likely would not be listening to the Radical Agenda, save for him, and if that means we gotta bury our bumpstocks in the woods, then so be it.

I don’t give a shit if Trump comes out of the closet as transgender before the end of the show today. If tonight, Tucker Carlson says “Donald Trump wants you to call him Donna from now on” and Rachel Maddow has a change of heart about the God Emperor, we’ll be right as rain, fellas. Because anybody who thought they were gonna form a White ethnostate out of a country that’s 40% non-white, was kidding themselves from the get go.

Don’t get me wrong. It matters who the President is. It matters which party controls the congress. I am going to keep on talking about those things, because the federal government could destroy us in an afternoon if the wrong people got the upper hand, and we cannot allow that to happen. If after the next mass shooting, Donald Trump decides AR-15s are too dangerous for us to own, then I’ll just have to disobey the guy even as I vote for him in 2020, because you know the next Democrat will come for the pistols too. Our participation in federal elections is not a strategy for taking the country back, but rather a stall tactic while we work out contingencies.

As you know, I don’t like the anti-Americanism that runs through some segments of this movement, but you’ve also heard me say a million times that the United States cannot stand as a contiguous system of government. Diversity is not our strength. It tore this country apart a long time ago, and that is a very sad thing, which is why we are not going to let it happen to whatever comes next. Are we fellas?

Our task then, is to be active participants in deciding what comes after the United States.

You ask me for answers, maybe I come up short, but I’ve got a 12 step pogrom for you.

  1. Keep a fucking lid on your extremism in the public eye.
  2. Start, invest in, or offer your services to, a business that does not rely on proximity to a major economy.
  3. Exclusively hire people who agree with our politics.
  4. Move to New Hampshire, or Maine.
  5. Become respected in your community.
  6. If you haven’t already done so, get married, and have children. That’s the fun part.
  7. Become active in, and loyal to, the Republican Party.
  8. Advance through the ranks, and promote those of like mind.
  9. Hold elected and appointed local offices.
  10. Structure government policy in a way which disadvantages your enemies to your political, financial, and social benefit.
  11. Gain control over state offices.
  12. Secede from the United States.

Do this, and eventually it will be our judges presiding over the fuckin show trials. Even before secession, if we control a city and the federal government says we need to let trannies in the ladies room, we’ll just charge the freak with rape, permit the phony victim to commit perjury, and lock the the fucking degenerate up in a cell some clumsy guard left a razor blade in by mistake.

Charlottesville is a city of about 48,000 people, in 18,408 households, if we’re generous with our definition of human, that is. 69.9% White, for whatever that’s worth, but a lot of Jews are mixed up in that of course. There were 5,935 businesses in 2012 per the US Census.

In 1993, 54.0% or 5,660 people voted for the Democrat gubernatorial candidate, while  45.3% or 4,748 voted Republican. In 2017, just 14 years later, it was 84.8% or 13,943 so called people voting Democrat, and only 14.1% or 2,315 voting Republican. In the most recent city elections, the GOP didn’t even run candidates for city council. It was Democrats vs. DSA, and the DSA won.

Charlottesville became Charlottesville by ridding themselves of over 2500 Republicans and adding almost 9000 Democrats. If we have learned nothing else in the last two years, it is that migration alters political outcomes. Charlottesville is the Free State Project of Communism.

Now let me tell you about another city, right here in New Hampshire.  I’m fucking some of these numbers up on purpose so that only our most determined enemies will be able to figure out the precise location, but it gives you a good idea of the scale.

Population under 11,000, living in under 4,000 households. Less than 6% black, and you might have heard, those people don’t like snow. 90+% White, and sorry to inform our Jewish listeners, if you wanna visit a synagogue, you’re gonna have to do some driving. There were less than 500 businesses there in 2012.

In the year 2000 roughly 38% or 1,600 people voted for George W. Bush, while around 58% or 2,500 voted for Al Gore. By 2016 44% or 1,700 people went for Trump, while 49% or 1,900 people voted for Clinton. Democrat controlled, but not by much, and their lead has shrunk every year.

If you’re handy you can get a 9 bedroom fixer upper for under $30k, and for under $70k you can get the same place without the work. There are large plots of undeveloped land for less than $3k  per acre. For less than $100,000 we could house 18 men comfortably, several more if we wanna start sharing bedrooms as a temporary sacrifice for the cause. There are no shortage of houses for sale, but if some of our pioneers had experience in the trades, we could start building houses for new arrivals on one of these undeveloped lots.

If I hadn’t gotten arrested in Charlottesville, this was going to be what I pursued when I came home. Sadly, this ordeal has drained me financially and is probably going to fuck up my credit before we’re done.

The technical challenges we’ve faced here at the Radical Agenda have hurt the growth of the show and made it difficult for me to track how many people are listening, but I feel comfortable saying no less than 10,000 people hang on my every word. The Radical Agenda audience could replace the entire population of this city, half of that and we would outnumber both Republican and Democrat voters. Just 200 of us could sway elections for the Republican Party, and since they’ve been in the habit of losing, I imagine they would appreciate the favor. If we came to control this city, we would rule six times more territory than Charlottesville in terms of land mass.

Moreover, this city is not so unique around these parts. If we succeed there, it’s onto the next such city, and the Free State Project already did a lot of the work for us by bringing libertarians here. We can flip a lot of those guys, just by having more fun than them. A task I imagine you and I could accomplish on a budget.

I’ll tell you about another place, in Maine. I actually wrote about this to someone else in an email in April, so some of the details may have changed, but you get the idea.

A quick search of Maine real estate, sorted by total acreage, and limited to $200k comes up with options like this one.

$169,900 for 472 acres of land in Cary Plantation, Maine.

Per wikipedia;

As of the census of 2000, there were 217 people, 90 households, and 66 families residing in the plantation. The population density was 11.4 people per square mile. There were 126 housing units at an average density of 6.6 per square mile. The racial makeup of the plantation was 96.77% White, and who gives a shit about the rest.

The median income for a household in the plantation was $29,500, and the median income for a family was $40,000.  The per capita income for the plantation was $15,172. About 9.1% of families and 14.1% of the population were below the poverty line, including 20.0% of those under the age of 18 and 17.5% of those 65 or over.

As of February they were trying to dissolve the town government, a task which would require the approval of 49 voters.

If 49 voters can literally abolish the municipal government in this place, imagine what we could do with 472 acres of land and some talent in the trades.

Don’t tell me that we can’t accomplish these goals if we put our souls into it. If that’s too much work for you, then stop driving yourself nuts listening to the Radical Agenda, and go back to cable. I’m serious, stop listening. You’re gonna kill yourself, if you fill your head with all this shit, and find no constructive outlet for all of this energy. I’d rather never get another dime from you than hear about another dead or imprisoned listener. We can’t keep doing this. We have enough martyrs to mourn, and prisoners to support.

Once our guys run the police department, nobody is going to come and take your bump stock, or the 3D printer you used to make it. We can’t make the federal government enforce their immigration laws, but we can make our city as inhospitable to outsiders as Charlottesville is to Republicans. If anybody tries to fuck up your White Power rally in our city, they’re gonna be the ones crying on camera. And raise your hand if you want to be the Nazi Ron Paul in the US House.

You wanna win, or you wanna go out blastin? You wanna jerk off in prison until the niggers get you, or would you rather drop them kids off in a gal who thinks birth control is degenerate? Decisions, decisions… I know, man… It’s tough….

I’m sorry for darkening your days, dear reader. I was just trying to get your attention. There is hope for our salvation. It just ain’t gonna come from Washington D.C.

740-I-AM-1488 if you would like to be on the pogrom, and the more you talk the less I have to, so please do, give us a call.

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