Radical Agenda S05E007 – Intellectual Masturbation

Some people think libertarianism is completely valueless, and there is an abundance of evidence to support this view. Personally, I found it to be a thrilling intellectual pursuit for many years, as well as spiritually rewarding. I learned a great deal about the world as I attempted to cram all of mankind’s many complexities into a singular axiomatic principle of non-aggression. I also came into contact with countless numbers of incredibly diverse people (in quality, not ethnic, terms), ranging from the most impressive economists and philosophers, to walking advertisements for euthanasia and genocide. This made possible all manner of spontaneous and accidental social experiments, further revealing the near limitless heights of human potential, and the bottomless depths of human weakness.

Radical Agenda S05E007 - Intellectual Masturbation

Radical Agenda S05E007 – Intellectual Masturbation

What libertarianism draws into its web, above all, is people who are interested in ideas. Results driven folks with three digit IQs will generally find themselves repelled in short order. This is because although libertarians have had parts of their agenda selectively adopted by our rulers, those parts are only so adopted to the extent they further a decidedly anti-libertarian social framework. An intelligent person trying to achieve a libertarian social order is thus repulsed by the movement as it stands today, as it aids and abets communism in the name of liberty.

As an example, libertarians have celebrated the liberalization of drug laws, the impedance of immigration enforcement, the legalization of gay marriage, and the normalization of transgender ideology. Unsurprisingly, the agenda items that libertarians share with the radical base of the Democrat Party, are the ones which have gained the most traction. The libertarians have been very useful to these communists, in coaxing enough Republicans along to bring an air of bipartisanship to these catastrophes.

Simultaneously, the libertarians have offered zero meaningful resistance to the welfare State or anti-discrimination laws, which offset the natural consequences of drug addiction and sexual deviancy. A libertarian social order which left people to be fiscally responsible for their own failures, and prohibited them from imposing themselves on their neighbors, would naturally discourage degeneracy, such as drug addiction and transgenderism, through resource scarcity and social ostracism, or so the theory goes. The Leftist allies of the libertarians, who apply the political power necessary to advance the pro-vice/anti-family agenda, are wholly uninterested allowing these natural incentives to be restored. They use the libertarians to advance the society wrecking portions of their agenda, and show no reciprocation when it comes time to clean up the predictable mess that those policies bring.

This does not matter to the libertarians of course, because again, they are interested only in ideas. The outcome is completely irrelevant. If they advance an agenda which increases welfare burdens, and imposes anti-discrimination policies on the public, it is good enough for them that they believe it should be otherwise. The consequences of the policies they advanced are of no import so long as they espouse ideas which they perceive to be virtuous.

If you spend enough time in libertarian circles, you will hear them speak a great deal about “principles”. Putting aside for a moment that principles are a luxury afforded to winners, a description no sane person would ascribe to libertarians, the staggering lack of principle becomes obvious when one views the practical application of these supposed principles.

Take for example the ongoing controversy of supposed “bigots” being banned from social media and payment processing platforms.

To most libertarians, this is just the free market at work, taking out the trash. Forget the ever expanding definition of bigotry, which ensnares more and more voices by the day in its all encompassing web of deceit. Forget the factual accuracy of the information being systematically erased from the social consciousness by giant corporations, which have themselves become so powerful through privileges granted to them by governments throughout the world. Forget that these corporate policies are influenced by foreign “hate speech” laws which companies adopt for no other purpose than to continue safely doing business in the countries which pass them. The absolute right of such State sponsored enterprises to silence those who seek to expose the lies on which public policy is based, must be loudly and proudly supported by nearly all supposed libertarians.

Anyone who says the State ought to intervene, and protect the right of honest people to speak the truth, will surely be condemned as a statist and enemy of liberty. They would point out that we had opposed anti-discrimination laws based on race, sex, and sexual orientation, and call us hypocrites for trying to fight back by passing laws which prohibit discrimination based on political viewpoint.

Of course, if pressed, those libertarians would surely say that they oppose all anti-discrimination and affirmative action laws. Again, the concern is for ideas, not consequences. Where does one see the libertarian outcry over long existing policies prohibiting racial discrimination, or that based on sexual orientation, gender, or the newly defined “gender identity”? One might find examples spaced throughout the nether regions of the Internet, but such commentary is offered only as the occasional “edgy take,” made in passing before moving on to again fly the rainbow banner of tolerance, decrying those terrible “Christians” and their “hateful” views on biological facts.

Indeed, right here in New Hampshire, home of the Free State Project, our Republican governor, signed into law a transgender anti-discrimination bill, written and passed by our Republican legislature. Where were the libertarians then? For that matter, where were the so called conservatives?

These supposed principles exist only in the minds of those who espouse them. Not in their actions, and most certainly not in political outcomes. Libertarians rush to the aid of one Leftist social policy after another, ignore the consequences, and continue smugly asserting their superior virtue as the country descends into communism.

They act as though they have taken a brave stance for their opposition to the State, ignoring that there is no consequence for such opposition. The truly brave, those who are suppressed by violence and deception for their opposition the cultural and ethnic machinations which precede the aggressions libertarians purport to oppose, are mocked as intolerant, ignorant, immoral aggressors and bigots. To the “principled” libertarian, his ideology is little more than a societal suicide pact, which they honor by dutifully marching off a cliff like intellectual lemmings.


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