Radical Agenda S05E009 – Wakanda Martyr Brigades

If you’ve ever heard a Democrat talk, you’ve heard their idiotic creed repeated mindlessly. Like a 2 year old shouting “Mine!” at every shiny object in the house, Leftists shriek “Diversity Is Our Strength!” and condemn all who ask for evidence as thought criminals.

Even as ever more diversity illegally pours across an unsecured border, and riots just recently loomed over an imminent depletion of food stamps, none dare question the mantra.

Personally, I tend to assume the people saying this are malicious and just trying to destroy things. Diversity plus proximity equals conflict, and it is impossible not to notice the staggering lack of demand for diversity in non-white spaces. From this I conclude that the diversity dealers are to White countries, what dope peddlers are to playgrounds, only less libertarian.

With Jews this is obvious. They do not get high on their own diversity supply, of course. In the Jewish State, there is no such thing as an immoral wall, just like there is no such thing as gay marriage, transgender bathrooms, or unrestricted abortion. Far from celebrating diversity, Israeli immigration policy is explicitly racial, and their marriage laws take quite seriously the integrity of their racial heritage.

The Jewish affinity for diversity and all of its perils is reserved for the diaspora. Thus it should come as no surprise that where there is Jewish money in politics, this subversive obsession with diluting the integrity of the Nation appears in equal or greater proportion. In the United States, Jews fund roughly 50% of the Democrat Party, and 25% of the Republican Party. Thus we see the neocon, open borders, war machine, wing of the GOP, and the rainbow coalition of mongrels and degenerates who call themselves Democrats.

And of course, the Democrats have it good with that extra Jewish support. Not only are they flush with cash, they have a cooperative mainstream media paving over their many crimes and riling up angry mobs at all who dare challenge their hegemony. The clear and catastrophic failures of their ideology is hardly relevant to our discourse anymore. Whereas the Internet once was viewed as a way to break the disinformation frame of the Jews, we alas discovered that it was just one more system of control, like the Oracle of the Matrix.

Radical Agenda S05E009 - Wakanda Martyr Brigades

Radical Agenda S05E009 – Wakanda Martyr Brigades

But if it is true that diversity destroys, perhaps the Democrats have doomed themselves beyond repair by drinking their own Kool Aid. Much fuss was made about the femaleness and diversity of the incoming members of the House of Representatives, following last year’s Blue squirt in the midterms. A fully radicalized Democrat caucus is wholly unconcerned with governing, convinced by the TV talking heads that “Resisting” Trump is their only obligation. They do not have to be factually accurate, just “morally right” as the infamous Alexandria Ocasio Cortez so eloquently put it.

Together they brought the federal government to a screeching halt, and though this posed perils for the entire country, it had simultaneously given President Trump the needed pretext for declaring a state of emergency, and using his powers therefrom to reallocate $7 billion for the border wall instead of the initially requested $5.7 billion. Still a drop in the bucket, no doubt. The project was initially estimated at $25 billion, and since government cost projections are accurate less frequently than weather reports, the country is still doomed, but at least this would have really pissed off the Left, and sometimes that’s the best we can hope for these days.

As the left gets angry, they make mistakes, and we advance by the errors of our rivals.

Unfortunately, thoguh predictably, since I had written this show description yesterday, the President caved, and signed a temporary funding measure to reopen the government for three weeks until February 15th.

President Trump could easily lose in 2020. More popular incumbents certainly have. The media has relentlessly savaged his reputation. Mueller has indicted and imprisoned several of his closest associates. He has alienated his base by cucking to the Jews on foreign policy, and anti-Semitism. His own party has sabotaged his immigration agenda. The Democrats could easily regain total control over the federal government in pretty short order if they played their cards right.

We are quite fortunate then to see that they have instead chosen to flip the table and throw a temper tantrum. This sort of increasingly unhinged behavior is becoming a bit much even for the Jewish press to cover for.

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about transgenderism, so I won’t invest too much time in it today, but it bears repeating that this abomination is a sure loser for the Left. Even feminist victims of Jewish brainwashing are able to see the dangers with this sort of “equality” making its way into their bathrooms. Transgender freaks are now equating TERFs (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists) with “White Supremacy” which, ought to do wonders for the impending narrative collapse.

This didn’t stop Kamala Harris from making this one of her first issues as she announced her run for the presidency recently, one of what are sure to be many tragic mistakes on her part as she enters the meat grinder that will be the 2020 Democrat Primary.

During the 2016 primary season, I reluctantly forced myself to sit through the Democrat primary debates just to stay informed. I was far more interested in the Republicans, and Clinton’s victory was certain no matter who voted for what. Next round, I will single handedly drive up the price of popcorn, as I watch these idiots try to Tanya Harding one another, and drive away what few White voters remain in the Democrat Party.

Key to this process will be Kamala Harris herself, who some speculate might actually become the nominee. Myra Adams at Real Clear Politics so speculates, listing five reasons, and much of her reasoning seems to hold water.

The first reason Myra lists is that Harris is a woman, which is obviously a very desirable quality in a presidential candidate when you want a country to fail. The second she lists is that Harris is mixed race, which again, is great news for people who hate America and want to make sure it has no chance of survival. The rest is more speculative, and I won’t bother with it here.

What is obvious to savvy White male observers is that being a mixed race woman from California is the only thing that has gained Harris any type of success whatsoever. She is the electoral equivalent of an affirmative action hire, no doubt riding the diversity bandwagon all through law school too. Having watched her speak on TV numerous times, I can promise you that whatever her racial mix, the negro portion got the better of her brain.

She compared Immigration and Customs Enforcement to the KKK during a hearing of the Senate Homeland Security Committee. In the Judiciary Committee she tried to pin Charlottesville to Brett Kavanaugh. When that fell flat, she went on to say she believed the obviously false claims against him by Christine Blasey Ford, claiming Ford had “nothing to gain” by falsely accusing a Supreme Court Justice who will radically alter the direction of the country of sexual assault. A GoFundMe for Ford raised over $647,000.

You will not find Kamala Harris participating in serious policy discussions. Everything about her is identity politics, and it ain’t just Nazis who notice. She helped Stephen Colbert make a mockery of her last April by participating in a skit where she was running for the Wakanda Senate. She even promised that she would be willing to pick up a spear and grow marijuana for the fictional negro paradise.

She will create absolute havoc in the Democrat Primary, slandering every male opponent as a sexist and every White opponent as being a closet Nazi. Anyone who dares to call those accusations into question, per Leftist standards, will only confirm that they are exactly what she accuses them of being. Should we be fortunate enough for her to make it to the general election, she is going to look like a complete idiot standing next to Trump, and while a brown skinned woman might help turn out the negro vote vital to Democrat success stories, heterosexual White males who have been voting Democrat their whole lives are definitely going to get sick of this diversity hire blaming all her problems on them before election day.

Better still, the Democrat hatred of Trump will make it impossible for downballot candidates to counter signal her. As Kamala Harris claims that all White males are slave raping monsters who can only be cured by the miracle of transgenderism, those Democrats seeking to gain or hold seats in the legislature will be put in the awkward position of supporting such asinine statements, or facing the ire of the resistance.

So though it may appear that America is lost, we can take comfort in this, my friends. The people who killed our country are going down in flames first, as punishment for breaking the fourth crack commandment.

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