Radical Agenda S05E011 – Great Moments in Black History

Another month, another leftist social justice cause.

January was Stalking Awareness Month, and Human Trafficking Awareness Month. In March we have Women’s History Month. In April, Sexual Assault Awareness Month. In May, Haitian Heritage, Jewish American Heritage, and Mental Health Awareness, Month.  In June we have LGBT Pride Month. In September, it’s National Hispanic Heritage Month. October is of course packed to the brim, with month long observances for Filipino American History, LGBT History, Bullying Prevention, Disability Employment Awareness, and Domestic Violence Awareness. November brings us World Vegan Month, Native American History Month, World Quanza Month, and of course, the new fad, Transgender Awareness Month.

Radical Agenda S05E011 - Great Moments in Black History

Radical Agenda S05E011 – Great Moments in Black History

That can all be a bit much to keep track of, but you’ll forget the Holocaust before you forget Black History Month. Ah yes, the noble negro, long oppressed by the White devil, yet still he managed to contribute so much to the American way of life.

The vibrant diversity of black culture has given us great gifts, like half of all violent crime, a third of food stamp recipients, and 34% of our incarcerated population. Let’s not forget Gangsta Rap, without which we surely never would have made it this far. Peanut Butter is pretty cool too.

So today on the Radical Agenda, we’ll bring you some of the greatest moments in Black History that you won’t see on television. Great Americans like Hank Johnson, Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, and the DC Snipers, helped make America what it is today. Without them, we would be doomed to a life of civil cooperation, meaningful political discourse, honest economic interaction, and above replacement level birthrates.

Where would America be without Angel Adams? With her 15 kids by three baby daddies, none of whom provide her with any support, she gave the  Radical Agenda our beloved “Somebody gots ta pay, for all my chilren” sound clip.

Then there’s the ObamaPhone lady, who provided White America with countless laughs and spawned remix after remix of musical joy.

Without Black Americans, we wouldn’t find food stamps nearly as funny. Today we’ll go over some of the best moments in food stamp freakouts.

But the best moments in Black History cannot be written. They must be heard. So be sure to tune into this very special episode of the Radical Agenda.

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