Radical Agenda S05E020 – Philosophical Lighthouse

If you’ve been listening to the Radical Agenda for awhile, you’ve heard me mention Michael Badnarik. He was, amongst other things, the 2004 Presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party, and had put together a lengthy presentation he called Introduction to the Constitution.

I stumbled across that presentation about a decade ago, and it sent me on a thrilling intellectual pursuit. I found myself studying history, philosophy, economics, and more. That journey eventually led us to this point at which we found ourselves today.

Radical Agenda S05E020 - Philosophical Lighthouse

Radical Agenda S05E020 – Philosophical Lighthouse

We had Michael on as a guest for Stage Four Episode Fourty Seven, and since then he has published a new book called Philosophical Lighthouse. He says he wrote the book in an effort to reverse the intellectual and moral decay increasing in the world around us. As he sees it, corruption and evil are found everywhere. Every human action must be preceded by a thought process, and if evil is everywhere around us, then we must change the thought process that has led society to this point.

Michael describes philosophy as follows;

Philosophy is your comprehensive view of the universe. Your understanding of the world around you, that you use subconsciously, every moment of the day, to make all the decisions in your life. Because you are alive, you will eventually die. Making bad decisions, like smoking or stepping in front of a bus, could bring about a premature end to the life that you cling to. If you could, wouldn’t you choose to make correct decisions 100% of the time? Or at least as close to 100% as a rational person could expect? Our philosophy guides, not what we think, but how we think. If you find yourself struggling to solve problems and wondering if you are jinxed, you are probably operating with an inconsistent philosophy. That is to say, there are good philosophies and bad philosophies. 

For the Lighthouse part, he tells a story you might have heard before, about an American warship at sea. The ship spots an obstacle up ahead, and gets on the radio to tell the person on the other end to change course to avoid a collision. An argument ensues over which vessel should be changing course, and the American warship boasts of its size and strength to insist on having its way. Then a reply comes over the radio, informing the Americans that they are communicating with a Spanish lighthouse, which you might have gathered, is incapable of changing course.

An apt metaphor to describe the trajectory of our society. Most people never stop to think about philosophy. Their course was handed to them by folks who do not much care if they run aground or have their hull torn open by some other hazard along the way. They aren’t changing course for anybody, and if the crew and passengers all end up dead, then that’s just fine with the course plotters. They’ll just buy new ships with whatever they take from the dead, and replace everybody with a fresh round of immigrants less inclined to ask difficult questions.

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