Radical Agenda S05E021 – So To Agenda

Radical Agenda listeners hardly need an introduction to Jared Howe. In addition to being a husband, father, and all around great guy, he facilitated the production of Live from Seg while I was locked up in Charlottesville, and is currently the host of So To Speak, proudly syndicated at ChristopherCantwell.com.

I’ve been quietly consulting with Jared behind the scenes in recent weeks, and I’ve found his council so valuable that I thought it worth bringing to the show.

Radical Agenda S05E021 - So To Agenda

Radical Agenda S05E021 – So To Agenda

The Right is in total disarray lately. Subversion and dishonesty run rampant with no signs of abating. Some factions are egging on martial conflict, while others are enthusiastically supporting Democrats. What was a united front in 2017, now has such an ideological divide as to find its adherents embracing militant propertarianism on the one extreme, and Universal Basic Income on the other. Internecine conflicts have, for the most part, abandoned any pretenses of principles or objectivity, and descended into personality cults, popularity contents, and hyperintense resource competitions.

The people who want us to fail, are surely quite happy with this state of affairs.

Those of us who would like to preserve some remnant of our people and way of life, are less enthused. A few of us have been chatting quietly behind the scenes, trying to separate the actual issues from the static and noise which has tended to make public discourse impossible lately.

In my view, the Alt Right began with a certain weakness. Essentially, they had the mirror opposite problem of the libertarians. The libertarians struggled to maintain race blindness, and adhere entirely to deteriorating ideological guidelines. The Alt Right on the other hand, had no cohesive ideology. Just ethnocentrism. Lumping a large group of ideological rivals together into a political bloc, based entirely on racial identity, was not sustainable in the long term.

Even the Left can barely maintain themselves in this fashion, and their constituency is far better suited to this sort of thing, since they are not much for thinking or striving for greatness. For White men, it is not good enough to simply be White men. Especially for those of us inclined to Right of center politics. We have ideas, values, and a fiercely competitive drive, under which the perpetuation of the race serves as a mere prerequisite of higher purposes. We cannot eternally set aside all differences to unite against a common foe or advance a purely ethnic interest.

We pulled it off temporarily. Nearly all were united to support Trump in the 2016 election. As time went forward, however, competitions over substance, style, and strategy took center stage. Those were later replaced by competitions over personal ambitions, which gave way to the cascading waterfalls of horseshit polluting the information pool today. An ideological reckoning is desperately needed, but a frighteningly broad disregard for basic standards of honest communication, have made this all but impossible on a large scale.

That being the case, we’ll just have to carry out that important work in our comparatively small sphere. We know who we are. Now we need to come to some consensus on what we stand for, and how we intend to achieve our goals.

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