Radical Agenda S05E022 – Revenge for Ebba

Here at the Radical Agenda, we’ve done a lot of thinking, and talking, about violence. We’ve even had a bit of practice.

At times, we’ve been reckless in discussing the subject. During others, I wonder if we’ve been too cautious.

It is a difficult subject to discuss, to be sure. There are consequences that come with advocating or endorsing violence, and this taints the entire discussion. One can never be sure how others feel about the topic, because one who supports a criminal act, must either hide their identity to express endorsement, or show their face and disguise the endorsement. For all you know, half the talking heads on the TV today talking about how horrific and terrible this recent mass shooting in New Zealand was, are secretly enthusiastic and hoping the race war is upon us.

I hate dishonesty. So I will do my best to be honest with you, despite these challenges.

Radical Agenda S05E022 - Revenge for Ebba

Radical Agenda S05E022 – Revenge for Ebba

I read Brenton Tarrant’s manifesto. I watched the video. I’ve read and listened to various media coverage.

My first reaction is, this kind of thing will definitely continue to happen with increasing frequency, because the decision makers refuse to address the concerns which Brenton raised. Conservative media personalities whose entire careers revolve around taking the Right side of the immigration debate these days, dismiss Brenton as an evil nutcase with no legitimate complaints.

Brenton obviously wasn’t crazy. Nor was he stupid. He definitely intended to do a righteous thing. His writing is coherent, and reflects a lot of what we’ve been saying for years. He knew exactly what he was doing, and he planned it well in advance. When he executed the plan, he did so calmly, skillfully, and thoroughly. He considered the political implications, at home and abroad. He even went so far as contemplate the impact his use of firearms would have on the gun control debate in the United States.

Brenton hoped that his act would trigger an overreach by the Left. Gun grabs, more dysgenic racial policies, crackdowns on speech, and all the other familiar trappings of Jewish corruption, until the Right “woke up” and fought back. This is becoming a familiar, and troubling theme on the Right.

Dylann Rood had similar, if less articulate, designs. He was going to throw his body on the pile in the hopes that it would draw attention to the crisis facing our people. Robert Bowers left considerably less detail behind, but one would be safe to assume he had similar thoughts.

From this perspective, things are so bad as to justify literally anything. The challenge is merely that people are unaware of the crisis, and the best way to drive awareness is with bloodshed and the discomfort that follows in the wake of State and media overreaction.

It would be shallow and foolish to dismiss this strategy without consideration. There is a plausible element to it. Comfortable people do not demand radical change, and radical change is most certainly needed. There is simply no better way to make people uncomfortable, than to let Leftists exert their will over a society. So the path to radical change is to give the Left an actual example of the racially motivated violence they spend so much time fabricating at the ADL and SPLC.

This makes plenty of sense so far. If you want to make things worse, pick up a gun and start killing people. Leave behind as much evidence as possible, and make sure you generate lots of media attention. The greater the body count, the better, but always keep in mind that the motive and method are far more important to the media than the human cost. If they were at all concerned with the numbers of lives lost, they would have adopted our agenda decades ago. So be sure to use a semi-automatic rifle, preferably an AR-15, and you definitely must use a high capacity magazine, in order to become a patsy for the gun control lobby. Be sure to express your political views on social media well in advance, so as to make yourself a proper patsy for the thought police as well.

Then, should you be so unfortunate as to survive, keep an eye on the news from your jail cell, and await word of the glorious crackdown.

I wonder how Dylann Roof feels watching the news these days. It was less than four years ago when he walked into a church in North Carolina and opened fire. It would be difficult to deny that he had a pretty severe impact on race relations. Prior to that day, I was pretty blissfully unaware of the racial crisis we face. That changed pretty quickly, I must confess.

When the Leftists started running around demanding the removal of confederate flags in the wake of that incident, I became acutely aware of the danger they posed. I wasn’t even into the confederate flag. I’m a New Englander, and at the time I was an anarchist with no love for any flag. But on an instinctual level I knew they were a malevolent force. They hated the country and they wanted to destroy its history in hopes of controlling its future. I didn’t have a kind word to say about Roof, but one kid with a handgun is nothing compared to Leftists in control of a government. I felt threatened, and my racial awareness grew daily from that point forward.

One might convincingly make the case that we would not be having this conversation today if not for that mass shooting. One can be certain that in four years, conversations will be had that would not have happened, if not for Brenton Tarrant’s act of vengeance.

So if that’s what you aspire to, if that’s what you think your life is worth, then by all means, pick up a gun. Get yourself killed, or thrown in prison, and in a few years, people will have a chat.

I gave a talk a few years ago at a joint convention for the Libertarian Parties of Nassau and Suffolk Counties back in Long Island. I titled the video I released of it “How the Libertarian Party Saved My Life“. In it, I told the story of how I myself had contemplated going out in a blaze of glory, and how I ultimately decided against it.

I was aware that we faced some very serious problems in America well prior to becoming aware of the racial component of those problems. I used to think the government was just out of control due to the nature of the institution, and that bloodshed would be required to bring it back within the confines of the founders’ intent. Based on that limited and naive awareness of the crisis, I thought for sure I would die in the conflict. I became comfortable with that outcome, and began contemplating how to go about it.

But I was a relative nobody. My comfort with the status quo had been disrupted by a legal problem which would not have gained me much sympathy from the public. I was in no physical shape to to be a formidable challenge to the State’s enforcers, and I was not in possession of sufficient munitions to make up for my sorry physical state. Whatever blaze I would have gone out in, it would not have been particularly glorious, and so although I was prepared to lay down my life, I knew I had my work cut out for me if I wanted to make it count.

So rather than committing suicide by cop, I set out on the path which brought us to this point.

The first thing I decided to do, was to inform myself about the problems and the perceived solutions. I studied the constitution of the United States, libertarianism, communism, economics, history, law, philosophy, and all the things one comes across in such a pursuit. I became a real sponge for information and ideas, and I found the intellectual journey profoundly stimulating.

As I acquired these ideas, I tried various means by which to spread them to others. For a time, I convinced myself that my life might be spared if I could wake enough people up to the problem by evangelizing. I was frustrated by the pace of progress in this effort though, as so few people seemed interested in even listening to what I had to say.

I felt a profound sense of inadequacy as a result of this. I had to become a better communicator. I had to have a better command of the information. I had to recruit more people to my side, and I had to obtain the sort of status symbols that command the attention of an audience.

The libertarians seemed to have the best understanding of the crisis at the moment, and it was right around this time that the Tea Party movement was starting to gain media attention. I went to my first demonstration in Huntington, New York in the Summer of 2009. I was an instant hit with these people, as I was familiar with their ideas, and I had the loudest voice of anyone present.

From there I joined the Campaign for Liberty, and the Libertarian Party. I volunteered with these organizations, and obtained titles which I could use to bolster my perceived status. I attended countless demonstrations, handed out literature, carried petitions, and eventually, I ran for Congress.

What I didn’t tell people at the time, and disclosed publicly for the first time at the aforementioned talk, was that this was all in preparation for my death. I had no expectation of winning an election. I just figured that a congressional candidate who went out blasting would make a more memorable impact on the political discourse than a drunk driver. At each step along the way, I considered if this was the time to make my move, but thankfully I kept seeing other opportunities to increase my relevance, and thus add meaning to my ultimate demise. I started a YouTube channel, developed an impressive social media presence, started ChristopherCantwell.com, and eventually the Radical Agenda. When I died, nobody would be confused about what my cause was. I had written it all down, and spoken about it at length. I had thousands of followers and even more enemies.

I got better and better at communicating, and my command of the issues improved by the day. Were it not for that fact, I probably would have ended this a long time ago. For this reason as much as any other, I feel a profound sympathy for people who lack those talents, and decide as I would have, that they could not accomplish anything greater than to go out with a bang.

There are a lot of people like that out there, and it’s only been in recent months that I’ve started thinking about how to address them. Not everybody can, or should, start a blog or a podcast. If people like me run around screaming that the sky is falling and tell people that the only answer is to talk about the problem, then what you end up with is exactly what we have today. An endless supply of morons pretending to be erudite thinkers and polluting the information pool, and the occasional mass murderer seeing the futility of that state of affairs, and deciding that today is as good a day to die as any.

Not everybody can gain notoriety by peaceful means, and the prospect of redemptive violence can be very tempting to those who do not have high hopes for the future. But the conclusion I came to in recent months is that people like me have a responsibility to guide them to better outcomes.

You’ll hear me say on here from time to time, that I am not one who thinks that violence is never the answer, but that violence is what invariably happens when better answers are not forthcoming. Accelerationism is gaining traction in Right wing circles for this reason. Everybody knows what is wrong, but no consensus exists on what to do about it, and as time ticks forward our options diminish and our challenges grow more severe. The Left is completely out of control, the State shows no interest in stopping them, the media has abandoned any concern for their credibility, and the dashboard of Western Civilization is lit up with warning lights as the chassis shake and smoke bellows out from under the hood. There is a growing consensus that things are on the brink of cataclysm, and that realization is leading some to decide that their best bet is to make it happen faster.

Okay. Then what?

People have this crazy idea in their heads that once “it” happens, whatever “it” may be, some correcting force will necessarily come to right the ship. I hate to break it to you, but that simply isn’t true, and I challenge anyone to present a single historical example of that being the case. Did ten million dead in the Holodomor bring an end to the Soviet Union? Did the 45 million death toll of Mao’s Great Leap Forward diminish the power of the Chinese Communist Party? Chaos and disorder favor Leftists, which is why they are working full time to bring it about. Their criminal element riots in the streets, while their political arms do everything in their power to diminish the institutions that are supposed to stop them. When they say “Diversity is our strength” they are not just parroting a lie. For them it is actually true, that ethnic diversity is their strength, in that it diminishes the cohesion of the civilization and thus strengthens them in the ensuing chaos.

Imagine the outcome of the civilizational breakdown so many seem to be aching for, if it happened today. Imagine the Fox News Alert, when the race riots can no longer be paved over as “mostly peaceful protests” and the police figure out that it isn’t worth the risk to try and stop the mobs. When the roving bands of mixed race savages begin occupying government buildings and taking over the enforcement apparatus, what would you do, today, if it happened in your city?

Well, I obviously can’t speak to the plans of each individual listener. Perhaps some of you are sufficiently physically fit, and well armed, and perhaps you have a number of similarly capable men whom you trust. Perhaps you have established secure communications with one another, and perhaps you have ways of financing a drawn out and brutal conflict without the benefit of the established financial system.

But something tells me that this is exceedingly unlikely for most of you. I am certain that this is not the case for the most vocal accelerationists. What organized force exists in the United States to take on these mobs? Well, if one exists, they have done a very good job of keeping their existence a secret. They would have to do this of course, because if their presence became known, they would be crushed by the State without hesitation.

You and I can’t hold a permitted demonstration without being attacked by criminals and imprisoned for defending ourselves. Yet there are people dumb enough to think that we will prevail in a bloody race war in which most of our race would fight for the enemy?

Anybody who tells you this is a prudent strategy is either a fool, or an enemy trying to lure you into a trap. You cannot save your race by losing a race war, and you are not fit for the conflict so many seem anxious to bring about.

I appreciate the dedication of Brenton Tarrant. His sacrifice should not be forgotten. As you watch the media coverage in the coming days, you’ll see that he was remarkably successful in so far as his intent was to provoke a painful and disruptive backlash which will cause some to awaken to the severity of our crisis.

But I regret that Brenton did not call into the Radical Agenda and run his ideas by me first. I would have told him that it was ill advised, and that his life could be put to better use. It was almost ten years ago that I decided I was ready to die for my country. I was Brenton’s age at the time. While I wish I could have accomplished more in the last decade, I know that I accomplished more by staying in the fight, than I could have by throwing my life away for lack of a better answer. I would have appreciated the opportunity to tell him that story.

I hope I have the strength to fight for another ten years, or more. But if time runs out, I prepared myself for that outcome a long time ago, and every day since has been spent trying to make it count.

I cannot speak to the aptitudes and inclinations of every Radical Agenda listener. I don’t think you’re all going to become public figures who make headlines and spread ideas. But I think most of you are capable of at least raising a family, and as Brenton said at the start of his manifesto;

It’s the birthrates.
It’s the birthrates.
It’s the birthrates.

If that’s not for you, then go to work, earn a living, and contribute financially to me or someone else who you think is doing good for our people and way of life. It might not be as exciting as living out a first person shooter, but it’s really important that we bring these ideas to as many people as possible before time runs out.

Ultimately, I’m convinced, that our only hope for salvation lies in political migration and secession. Individuals opening fire on houses of worship is a masturbatory fantasy for our rivals, not something that scares them. The only thing they worry about is us wielding the powers of the State, which is why they put all of their efforts into diminishing our political influence through immigration and smear campaigns.

It is too late to rescue the continental United States. Trump is not going to save us, nor is the Republican Party, but time is a precious commodity, and anybody who takes our situation seriously must get angry about the squandering of that increasingly scarce resource. Accelerationism runs in direct opposition to this, and the imprudence of that course must be called out when it is echoed by people who would claim to be thought leaders amongst us. It is careless, and shows an irrationally high time preference on the part of its advocates.

We do not need an electoral majority on a federal level to get a toe hold on political power. With just a fraction of the people who will listen to this podcast, we could take over the government of a small town in New Hampshire or Maine. With the protection of that power, we could expand our influence outward, until we controlled enough territory to declare independence and establish national sovereignty. That is a peaceful, lawful path an ethnostate. It is a plan that women can comfortably participate in, and it presents the lowest risk to our children.

In his manifesto, Brenton had a bit of a Q&A with himself, and at one point he anticipates the question “What do you want?”

He answers: “We must ensure the existence of our people, and a future for White children.”

Well, you can’t do that from prison. You can’t do that from a cemetery. Making life more miserable, and empowering leftist crackdowns, will not increase our birthrates. To do that, we need safe, happy homes, where hard working men can bring home sufficient resources to loving wives, who will raise healthy, well adjusted children. There’s your fourteen words.

If we have to kill people to accomplish that, I am totally willing to accept this. If it comes down to that, then of course, some of us will have to die. I am totally willing to accept that too, and so should all of you. If our efforts are to have any meaning at all, however, that acceptance must come with an appreciation of the costs, and a very deliberate accounting of what is to be gained by any such expenditures. Lone wolf terrorism makes no such accounting. It assumes upon the individual the awesome responsibility of making those calculations for himself, and what he spends is not his alone to dispose of. Dylann Roof, Robert Bowers, and Brenton Tarrant all made choices which you and I will bear the burden of, as they are now out of the fight, and we are the ones left with the task of securing the existence of our people.

So while I can appreciate the convictions of these brave souls who put their lives on the line to confront the threats we face, I am simultaneously furious with their imprudence. In moments, each of them they deprived us of years. As a result, we will have to redouble our efforts, if for no other reason, so that these would be martyrs do not have to see the extinction of their race, from the grim confines of an enemy prison.


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