Radical Agenda S05E025 – Sow Collusion

This weekend brought us some excellent news. The President of the United States is not an agent of the Russian Government, as had been portrayed as fact since prior to his election, by the Left.

You already know this of course, because you have a three digit IQ, and are interested in the truth.

This is sadly not the case for a startling number of our fellow registered voters, and the con artists they elect. Democrats just cannot leave well enough alone or accept defeat under any circumstances, and have thus pledged to continue pursuing this obvious scam for as long as they are not physically prevented from doing so. Their cooperative allies in the Jewish press are of course wholly supportive of continuing this lie, and if this pursuit destroys every institution in the country, all the better, so far as any of them are concerned.

It has been amusing to watch the conservative media erupt in celebration over this. They act as if this was actually about Russian collusion, and feign amazement that Mueller’s report has not silenced the president’s foes. Host after host, and guest after guest, scratch their heads wondering why Democrats aren’t happy to hear that the President is above board. They act like this is all some kind of honest disagreement that ought to be settled by a thorough investigation.

We know better. For the Left, this was never about Trump being the puppet of a foreign power. If anybody cared one bit about foreign influence in our government, his lauding praise upon the Jewish State would be what raised their eyebrows, and the commentary of Ilhan Omar, visa vis Israel, would have been wholly unremarkable. The Left hates Trump because he called attention to the immigration crisis, and for this he must be destroyed, along with anybody who might lend him aid and comfort. If they can collude with a foreign power to accomplish this, they will, as evidenced by the Clinton campaign doing exactly this, before the election.

This continued push to paint the President as a criminal and enemy of the country is no mere failure to comprehend the facts, though given the ineptitude of some involved, it would be easy to believe this. What the President and others have referred to as “fake news” has descended beyond mere bad reporting, and into full blown war propaganda. Trump’s supposed allegiance to foreign powers is on par with the fervor over weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, before that foreign policy disaster set us down this path over a decade and a half ago. The abundance of evidence in contravention of the narrative, cannot be permitted to interfere with the prime objective. Namely, forcible regime change.

They can do this of course, because they are playing a completely different game than the Republicans. The Left just keeps on throwing out more and more nonsense, while conservatives scramble to get their facts straight and present coherent arguments in response. Before they are even done responding, the next onslaught of incoherent accusations, policy proposals, fake news, and war propaganda have flooded the discourse, and their responses go almost completely unnoticed. This is because reason and evidence were never part of the rules of engagement for the Left. Instead of participating in a debate, the Left is just screaming for ethnic warfare, and calling in reinforcements to their side by hindering immigration enforcement.

What is even more troubling is that things ought to be moving in the exact opposite direction. Were the news to break that no evidence of collusion had been forthcoming, and we all just let this unfortunate episode fade from memory, I would still be enraged. The Left has effectively stolen a presidency by handcuffing the President with this scam investigation for the last two years. One could argue it costed the Republicans control of the House in the midterms. A great deal of value was stolen and destroyed by this deception, and people should be going to prison for setting this fraud in motion. Lisa Page, Peter Strzok, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Rod Rosenstein, and others committed numerous crimes during the course of this. If they did not do so at Clinton’s behest, they at least did so for her benefit, and by the standard of the Russian investigation, that is probable cause for collusion. When will her lawyers’ cell phones traced with a triggerfish device? When will their offices be raided, and their documents seized? When will she be threatened with obstruction charges over every criticism of the investigation?

I suspect such justice will be about as quick to come to fruition as our big beautiful wall. If they were serious about it, Trump would at least be suing the Clinton campaign and Christopher Steele for defamation, one would think. This of course is the asymmetrical warfare that has been waged against us for as long as I’ve been paying attention to politics. The Left is perpetually in attack mode, and Republicans are eternally playing defense. The Left gains ground at our expense, and the best we can ever seem to hope for is to stay standing until the bell rings.

Unless something unexpected happens, America is racing toward cataclysm. Either the Left will succeed in turning enough of Trump’s base against him, and riling up enough non white voters, to win the upcoming election, or they will continue to use whatever powers are at their disposal to make it impossible for him to govern. Even absent that pressure, there is ample reason to doubt Trump would do anything meaningful to stop what’s coming. In any case, our institutions will be destroyed, and I remind those who cheer for that outcome that our side has no structure ready to replace them. The mainstream right is cucked and terrified. Those of us to their Right, are at each other’s throats, inundated with crooks and liars, and incapable of holding so much as a permitted demonstration. The idea that order would break down, and we would somehow take power in the chaos is too ridiculous to take seriously.

It could be fixed if Republicans would act.

  • Prosecute the crooks who launched this bogus investigation, and everyone who lied under oath during its course.
  • Find and prosecute what are surely countless campaign finance violations committed by the Clinton campaign/foundation.
  • Prosecute every news outlet and social media site that gave in kind contributions to Democrats though censorship and defamation of the Right.
  • Sue the social media and payment processing companies for anti-trust violations over anti-competitive behavior toward Gab, PewTube, BitChute, Hatreon, and others.
  • Prosecute Christine Blasey Ford, and Julie Swetnik for lying under oath about Brett Kavanaugh.
  • Prosecute every Leftist aggressor, perjurer, and corrupt public official in Charlottesville.
  • Send the National Guard in to stop Antifa and BLM riots.
  • Send the FBI after Left wing activists who organize and encourage this mayhem, and slap them with terrorism and rioting charges.

That very short list of very reasonable actions would dramatically alter the course of the country. Leftists are a lot of things, but they are not brave. If they met actual consequences for their crimes, they would be less apt to commit them. Things are spiraling out of control, not so much because our laws are inadequate, though they are quite inadequate. The reason we find ourselves on the brink of unspeakable chaos is because the laws are not being enforced. Leftists act like perjury and riot are legal, and you can understand why they would come to that conclusion given recent events.

I predict we’ll be promised all this and more leading up to the election. “Vote Republican one more time! Give us the power we need and we’ll finally wield it to your benefit!”

I can understand why some people are getting sick of that routine. I sure am.


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