Radical Agenda S05E045 – Glowing Postal

In any dissident movement, you have to expect feds and various other types of hostile actors to involve themselves, for obvious and not so obvious reasons. In a dissident movement which sets its sights on Jewish power, and thus treasures anonymity, you might as well assume that the majority of people you’re speaking to fit such a description.

Radical Agenda S05E045 - Glowing Postal

Radical Agenda S05E045 – Glowing Postal

There are certain telltale signs of this. If they are trying to get you to do illegal, dangerous, or otherwise stupid things that can only hurt your cause, you might say that this individual was “glowing“. If they call everyone else a fed, you might conclude they were trying to divert suspicion from themselves. If they claim to be White Nationalists and yet sow divisions along sex, generational, and class lines, you can be sure you’re working with someone who doesn’t have your movement’s interests at heart. If they claim to be Nazis, but pedal in character defamation, sexual innuendo, and drug humor, you can safely assume you’re talking to a Jew.

Doubts almost always remain, however. You almost never get the kind of concrete proof that would convince everyone. This allows such hostiles to run rampant and sow further divisions over whether they are or are not infiltrators.

Occasionally, you get lucky. Such as when the FBI applied for a search warrant on 8Chan. They sloppily failed to redact the (You) portion of the screenshots they attached as evidence. “As it turns out, this text is to let the user know that they are looking at their own posts! This means that Special Agent Rod inadvertently exposed himself as 8chan user ID “8f4812” by including these screenshots as his supporting exhibit.” reports @henrykrinkie at Current Events Inquiry.

The warrant was applied for to seek information about 8chan users who were discussing the April 27th shooting at the Poway synagogue in California, by 8chan user John Earnest. An archived version of the thread in question exists, which was made prior to it being deleted. In it, the user can search for “8f4812″ to see everything this fed posted.

Interestingly, he seemed very interested in diverting suspicion away from the CIA and Mossad, preferring instead to blame Russia for various maladies.

>.”think there is outside involvement. Likely Russian.”

>”No. Not Mossad. Stop attacking the board and sliding this thread. Sloppy job putin.”

>”Its balls. Let Putin know your psyop worked but you fucked it up with your shit English”

>”Notice the screenshot is at 20:00 that coorelates with Ukraine and Western Russia”

>”Seriously one of you has to dig on this. Please review this thread. There is some Russian/Ukranian involvement”

To let you know he’s one of you though, he made sure to post anti-Semitic and homophobic things too. Telling one user to archive the announcement of the attack, Special Agent Rod uses the classic triple parenthesis meme to say “We need this for memes. Someone please save before its (((gone))).” To let us know the situation is real, he says “This is not the typical (((conspiracy))) and I am worried.

Noting some of Earnest’s prior posts, he says “His final post was at 1005 and it looks like he actually reaponded to some fag“. Special Agent Rod even invoked “Honk Honk” in one CAPS and profanity laden reply. Fearing his future targets might lose interest, Agent Rod says “GET THE FUCK BACK IN HERE ANONS. THIS THREAD IS ALL HIM. THIS IS FUCKING HISTORY”. At one point he accuses two anons of being in on the shooting in advance saying “I think you both are in this and knew ahead of time. No FBI, CIA, Mossad accusations here. I think this is something else.”

Perhaps most humorously, Special Agent Rod reminds us that though he’d like to blame the FBI, CIA, or Mossad, he doesn’t think we should this time, even though “We know all three of them can meme because we are shilled all day long by them.

Ah yes, those clever meme makers at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. They’re never short on time to shill on dissident forums. Your tax dollars at work, fine members of the gender binary.

To briefly recap, Special Agent Rod of the Federal Bureau of Investigation;

  • Accused other posters of being shills to divert attention from his agency
  • Called someone a fag
  • Posted in triple parenthesis to denote Jewish involvement
  • Made frequent and certainly intentional typos.
  • Discouraged users from signing off
  • Accused posters of being involved in the crime
  • Told the world that the FBI, CIA, and Mossad “can meme” and “shill all day long”

Here are some things that Special Agent Rod did NOT do.

  • Show his face
  • Tell you his name
  • Answer questions
  • Try to make money
  • Threaten to dox people, or report their activities to law enforcement

All he wanted to do was avoid suspicion to himself, divert hostility toward Russia, and keep these people talking so he could collect information about them in the search warrant he was preparing even as he posted.

I won’t bother naming names, but this pattern is familiar in our circles. We are inundated with division and misdirection from anonymous and semi anonymous people who tear down the reputations of honest and accountable movement figures. Everyone who tries to make money is decried as a shill and a grifter, by people who somehow have all day to talk shit on the Internet, and never seem to have a financial concern of their own. They “can meme” and they “shill all day long”.

The Alt Right is fucking destroyed, and it wasn’t because of violent communist agitators, or politically motivated prosecutions. It is dead because idiots like this were allowed to run amok, almost entirely unchallenged, without any risk to themselves at all.

It might be 50 years before it all gets declassified, but mark my words folks, names you recognize will one day be unveiled as hostile and dishonest actors who took our cause down a catastrophically destructive course, and if you want that to be something the public laments instead of celebrates, we’re going to have to get better at spotting these things.


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