Radical Agenda S05E048 – Ending Pride

Summer is in full swing, as we prepare to celebrate America’s Independence Day. The sun is blazing, women are looking hot their burkinis, Salvadorans are drowning in the Rio Grande, the blacks are slaughtering one another in the hood, and the Democrat Party is blaming it on White folks. All telltale signs that the season of beaches and barbeques is upon us.

Here at the Radical Agenda, we had to take a couple of days off last week. There were good reasons for this, but for the sake of making a joke, we’ll pretend we were celebrating LGBTQ Pride Month. Now that June has ended, we’re glad to have the approval of the Jews to hate faggots and trannies once more, as the good Lord commands.

The Jews of the Southern Poverty Law Center seem to have missed the memo on queers delivered by the Old Testament. Either that, or they just want to push degenerate filth on we goyim for their own amusement. Cassie Miller laments a “Hatewatch review of internet chatter” wherein your humble correspondant is quoted as saying that only assisted suicide can cure transgenderism. Other “far Right” figures, less worthy of mention were also quoted, in a desperate, if familiar, attempt to paint White Nationalists as the primary cause of suffering for mankind’s thus far lowest form of degeneracy. Rolling Stone likewise mindlessly repeated the fiction, though noting that the SPLC “did not release any hard data or figures”.

I wonder why that is?

Unfortunately for the transgender community, we Nazis have better things to risk life imprisonment over, than to help the mentally ill achieve their goal of escaping their biological reality. While Cassie and her coethnic employers strain to suggest that our observations of reality constitute murder, not a single real “threat” was quoted to confirm the misleading title of the slanderous blog post.

That didn’t stop serial conservative coward, Tyler O’Neil at PJMedia, from echoing the dishonest narrative as he attempted desperately to distance himself from we deplorables. As though reacting only to the headline, Tyler opines;

These threats are disgusting and most opponents of transgender activism and most opponents of Drag Queen Story Hour would condemn them. But Miller seeks to associate the much more broad dissent with white nationalism and violence.

Perhaps if Tyler had a spine he would have noticed that Ms. Miller had undermined her own case, by linking to a New York Times article about a Dallas Police probe “into four unsolved murders of transgender women”. Though one might consider the case unsolved until the suspect is convicted, the piece linked is titled “Man Charged With Murdering Transgender Woman and 2 Others in Dallas,” and lest the reader think the headline was updated after the Jewess linked to it, the URL for the post specifically mentions the arrest, and it was published on June 12th, a whole two weeks prior to Cassie’s sloppy smear job. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/12/us/transgender-woman-murder-arrest.html

Moreover, the suspect in the case is named Kendrell Lavar Lyles, and, you guessed it, he’s black.

This comes as no surprise to the Radical Agenda audience, so pardon my repetition, but this bears repeating. Jews, and their pets, keep on repeating this line about “transgender women of color” winding up dead, as if that was somehow unpredictable. They then turn around and blame the predictable consequences of transgender behavior on White Supremacy.

Yet, on the entirely too rare occasion that a murderer does a tranny a favor, these freaks tend to die by the hands of their coethnics, just like everybody else. Moreover, on the rare occasion that murder is committed across racial lines, we know from an abundance data that it is usually blacks who transgress the boundaries. Thus when trannies want money they come to suburbs, and when they want to depart this plane of existence, they go to the hood.

Of course, Tyler and his ilk dare not mention any of this, for fear of the Jews. If God’s Chosen People sterilize and abort every last goyim child, leaving the Earth to the likes of Kamala Harris and Corey Booker, that is a price worth paying so long as it permits Tyler to avoid the wrath of Jack Dorsey. Of course, many a conservative activist have attempted to straddle that line, only to find out the hard way that the line, and the Jews who drew it, have other plans.

Tyler’s is a failed strategy, and a faux ideology, desperately clinging to the idiotic notion that Drag Queen Story Hour is part of some kind of honest negotiation. But transgenderism, like Holocaust mythology, requires force of law to perpetuate itself specifically because it is dishonest by design. Any honest observer will find it obvious that the Jews will stop poisoning our children with cross sex hormones and communist propaganda when they are forced to, and no sooner.

The civil, and preferred, way to go about applying that force, is to organize against the Jews politically and prohibit their subversive activity through legal penalties. The alternative, as Cassie Miller clearly sees even before it emerges, is vigilante violence. There is not a third alternative where this continues unchecked, as societal survival mechanisms must eventually outweigh want of access to Jewish banking services. Anyone pretending otherwise is far more culpable for the ensuing violence than even the most virulent accelerationist could ever hope to be.

The Jews thrust transgenderism upon us, with all the familiar patterns of subversion that have earned them the enmity of every other race, nation, tribe, and faith ever to suffer the misfortune of knowing them. They wield their undue influence in media and finance to demonize the ones who see the obviously ethnic origins of the assault, and send everyone else who might contemplate resistance into frenzied denials.

For now, anyway…

Today, the Jews of the SPLC say “If you oppose Drag Queen Story Hour, you’re a Nazi” and the Tyler O’Neils of the world say “No we’re not! Please don’t hurt me, Jew!”

Eventually though, the tactic will wear thin. Eventually, when every defense of truth and decency becomes a free advertisement for National Socialism, the trick will have backfired. Eventually the Jews will say “Anyone who opposes Drag Queen Story Hour is a Nazi!” and the goyim will respond “Yes, Jew. Indeed we are. Now get this filth away from our children, before your Holocaust myth comes true”.


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