Radical Agenda S05E060 – Interlude

Happy August 12th, fine members of the gender binary. Today, as you are no doubt aware, marks the 2nd anniversary of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

I’ve got a lot going on today, so I prerecorded a short podcast today, in place of the live show. And it go a little somethin’ like this.

The communists, no doubt, will loudly proclaim their victory today. The police of that city, what few remain, will stand back and let the criminals lash out at anyone foolish enough to cross their path. Liars will speak, and people with little interest in the truth, will cheer at their deceptions. Local officials will laud praise upon violent criminals. Jewish attorneys will rub their paws together, cackling joyfully at the trouble they’ve caused. The media will join in the fun. They are co-conspirators in this, after all.  And of course, all involved will eagerly ask of themselves, how they can top this victory for evil over truth and righteousness.

The legitimate grievances we’ve long attempted to air peacefully, have been dismissed as conspiracy theories, or White Supremacist propaganda. No refutation of our claims has been issued. Those who speak the truth, are slandered, harassed, silenced, bankrupted, assaulted, framed, sued, and even killed. Electoral victories do nothing to change the course of our country, or worse, accelerate its decline. People who advocate for peaceful political solutions, are treated the same if not worse than advocates of lawless mayhem. Our attempts to coordinate with law enforcement have been fruitless at best.

When the criminals celebrate, and the honest, righteous, law abiding citizen is made to suffer, we have no right to feign surprise at the blood soaked outcome. More violence is soon to come, and with it, more suffering, and more setbacks to our cause.

So, in this all too brief interlude between funerals, let us pause to take inventory.

Before any of us resorts to violence, we must ask ourselves if we have exhausted all other options.

Here is my inventory in that all important category;

  • I spent years as a libertarian activist
  • I ran for Congress
  • I donated to, and volunteered for, better candidates than I, for public office.
  • I voted, many times.
  • I have traveled across the country, evangelizing the virtues of the non-aggression principle, and later, Nationalism.
  • I put differences aside, and attempted to work with those I disagreed with, toward more important political goals.
  • I have read countless books, listened to countless hours of audio, and watched countless videos, educating myself to the nature of our problems and the possible solutions.
  • I launched my own website, and wrote hundreds of thousands of words about non-violent alternatives to coercive government programs.
  • I launched a live, uncensored, open phones talk radio show, and invited all, especially those who disagree with me, to discuss their views rationally.
  • I co-hosted a nationally syndicated broadcast radio show.
  • I took a shot at being a standup comedian, and though unsuccessful, tried to work a socially conscious message into my humor.
  • I have attended countless peaceful demonstrations.
  • At the one demonstration I attended which was not peaceful, I used the least force possible to neutralize threats, and never attacked the innocent.
  • I have fought injustice in the courts, repeatedly.
  • I have testified before legislative committees.
  • I have changed my views, when contradicted by evidence.
  • When my views were unpopular, I stood by them, until proven wrong.
  • With a few exceptions for notoriously dishonest people, I’ve never turned down a request for an interview.
  • Even while in jail for a crime I did not commit, I produced the radio show so many sought to silence.
  • When banned from other platforms, I sought out new ones, and did my best to comply with their rules.
  • When their rules proved arbitrary and I was banned anyway, I wished them the best, and continued working on my own.
  • I have had non-White friends.
  • I have loved non-White women.
  • I have known, loved, and cared for Jews.
  • I have placed my notion of moral righteousness, and the good of my country, above my own interests. For example, in my advocacy against socialized medicine.
  • I have reported crimes committed against me to the authorities, in the hopes others might be spared the same trouble at the same hands.
  • When authorities failed me, rather than taking the law into my own hands, I went to other authorities.
  • I have condemned unjust acts of violence, and supported the righteous actions of those who used force to defend against evil.
  • I have kept those secrets which needed keeping, while exposing those who deserved to be exposed.
  • When I saw the financial system as a tool of corruption, I enthusiastically joined with many other people in using and promoting cryptocurrency.
  • When I was offered an easier life to pedal in deceptions, I refused such offers.
  • Realizing that violence might be inevitable regardless of my peaceful efforts, I underwent extensive physical fitness training, so that I might help righteousness prevail in martial conflict.
  • I bought more firearms than I could carry, so that I might help others who had not so prepared, likewise join the struggle against injustice.
  • I tried, with limited success, to form new businesses, and be industrious, so as to employ others who were financially harmed by their struggle for truth and righteousness.
  • I reduced my quality of life standards, to meet changing circumstances.
  • Whenever any attempt to silence me ensued, I spoke ever more loudly, so as to discourage those powers from trying the same on others.
  • I deeply contemplated the views of my adversaries, and tried my best to see their non-existent virtues.
  • I wore a body camera to guard against precisely such calumnies as plague me today.
  • When invited to violence, I declined.
  • When compelled to violence, I exercised restraint.
  • I have spent countless hours learning about communications technology, and disseminating that wisdom to all who would listen, even my foes, so that no wisdom, the truth least of all, might be extinguished.

I say all of this not to virtue signal, but rather in the hopes of developing a baseline.

There are those amongst us who think the best we can hope for is to lay down our lives in acts of violence. They make a compelling case. Despite all of these prudent efforts of mine, I have been slandered, sidelined, jailed, assaulted, and sued. We cannot, in good faith, speak ill of those who find, in the evidence of my example, cause for bloodshed. If a decade of lawful activism results in imprisonment, bloodshed, and bankruptcy, then what right have I to say that those who choose another course are misguided?


But then again, I would implore people to ask those folks if they have tried nearly so hard as I, to find peaceful solutions to our problems.

I suspect such an inquiry will yield an unsatisfying result.

Those who would like to be counted amongst us, and yet, try to reduce our numbers by sending our men on suicide missions, and antagonizing our natural allies, do far more violence to our shared efforts, than to the efforts of our more forthcoming rivals. There is good reason why you do not know their names, or what they look like. These cowards would not sacrifice so much as a minimum wage job for our cause, much less their own lives, yet their self professed bravery knows no bounds in sending you to an early demise. They tell you that your life can only find purpose in its early termination. They tell you to give of yourself, that which they refuse to give of themselves. They tell you that a young man in his early 20s, accomplishes more in one minute of gunfire, than in a lifetime of struggle.

These are words of deceit, from people who wish you harm. Their days are spent attacking your fellow White Nationalists. Our enemies delight in their subversion. Neither YouTube nor Twitter see any reason to deplatform them, because they are the most dutiful servants of the Jewish Narrative.

This moment in which we find ourselves, requires staggeringly little of us. The only people who listen to more Nazi podcasts than you, are the Jews whom we hate. From this tiny, obscure corner of the Internet to which we have been relegated, we have nonetheless become the absolute center of their universe. We are the sun, moon, and stars, to the shit we aim to scrape from our shoes. That hysterical screeching you hear about White Nationalism from the Jews and their gentile dupes, is entirely the result of their fixation on us.

Yet, thanks to their understandable fear of our message, the average voter knows nothing of our aims, or even of our existence. So far as the electorate is concerned, Charlottesville is a two year old news story, being milked by dishonest politicians. The Nazis are gone from their perceptions, yet the communists are all too happy to be seen.

All you and I need to do right now, is be the adults in the room. As our enemies loudly announce their plans to do away with the internal combustion engine, to tear down our history, and act identically upon our future, let us have some faith in our fellow Americans, that they possess the wisdom to reject such a course.

If that faith proves misguided, we can always lay down our lives later.

So, in that vein of being the adults in the room, I’d like to present a moderate policy proposal.

It’s looking more and more like some sort of new firearms restrictions will be attempted in the Congress, and Donald Trump has signaled his willingness to sign such a bill. I hate this, because guns are my #1 issue, but, politics must always come first, if we are to get anything accomplished at all.

Background checks poll well, and it would not be a bad political move to see Republicans embrace such a policy. Nobody who cares about their guns will be voting Democrat, and staying home on the next election day, simply isn’t an option for Republicans. So if we’re going to give an inch on guns for political expediency, how might we go about making that work for us?


    • Nobody gets to talk about safety and open borders in the same breath and be taken seriously.
    • The wall is a prerequisite of all negotiation.
    • You do not get to restrict the rights of our citizens to defend themselves, while you fail to defend them at the border.

In exchange, we institute the New Hampshire standard for background checks.

Today in New Hampshire, to buy a gun from a dealer, federal law requires him to have a federal license and do a background check. Every single time you buy.

In New Hampshire, you can buy from a private party without that background check, but only if you have a carry permit (we call it a PRL, or Pistol/Revolver License), which itself requires a background check. The license to carry is essentially a license to buy, as it proves you are not a prohibited person.

Permits are shall issue, as should our nationwide carry permit be, which will be a condition of the deal.

Unlike New Hampshire, Federal Permits should be issued permanently, and should also constitute a universal license to buy. Be it from a private party or an FFL, showing that license is proof that the bearer is not a prohibited person. When purchasing from an FFL, the FFL should have the capacity to scan the license, and get an instant Yes or No, once the validity of the license is confirmed.

The privileges of the license can be revoked or altered electronically by the federal, state, or local government, or verbally by any law enforcement officer acting in his official capacity, under the following conditions

  • The licensee renounces their citizenship.
  • The licensee declares war against the United States, or any possession or subdivision thereof, or any formally recognized ally of the United States, as may be prescribed by treaty.
  • The licensee flies the flag of, or otherwise pledges their allegiance to, a wartime enemy.
  • The licensee’s state, county, or local governments are in rebellion against the United States.
  • A warrant has been issued for the licensee’s arrest for a crime, or the licensee is otherwise subject to arrest.
  • The licensee is otherwise subject to involuntary detention, such as a psychiatric evaluation.
  • The licensee is declared mentally unfit to stand trial for a crime.
  • The licensee tests positive for any illegal intoxicant.
  • The licensee makes any unlawful threat as currently and commonly understood in Brandenburg v. Ohio, 395 U.S. 444 (1969),
  • The licensee disobeys a law enforcement officer acting in his official capacity while carrying a firearm.
  • The licensee denies carrying a concealed firearm, falsely, to a law enforcement officer acting in his official capacity.
  • The licensee agrees to suspension as a condition of bail, or any freely entered agreement with a court.

Upon any such revocation or alteration;

  • The licensee shall be made aware without undue delay, and may not be charged with a crime for violating the revocation order, until they have been made aware of its issuance.
  • The licensee shall have the right to a hearing contesting the order with no less expediency than is afforded to a criminal defendant.
  • The licensee shall have the right to a public defender, regardless of income level, at no cost, or to furnish representation of their choosing at their own expense, or to defend themselves pro se.
  • Local decisions shall be subject to federal review, with the explicit purpose of protecting the rights of the licensee.

Privileges may be revoked in part or in full, for example;

  • A licensee may be prohibited from purchasing new weapons while retaining the right to carry, or vice versa.
  • A licensee may be prohibited from carrying in a given area, or around certain people, according to a court order.
  • Upon suspension of privileges, the licensee may be permitted to keep the original document, ordered to destroy it, or ordered to surrender it.

In no way does issuance of a federal license imply a need to possess one in areas where state law otherwise allows. States are more than welcome to issue their own permits to anyone not federally prohibited under existing law, and they are welcome to issue their own with stricter standards. Though this would not do them much good, since we federally preempt recognition on public spaces such as highways and sidewalks.

Perhaps some states would offer an additional permit which allows them greater leeway in privately owned public accommodations like hotels, and restaurants that serve alcohol.

If you are not prohibited from owning, you get a license, and you are not prohibited from carrying.

Anywhere. Except for your normal prohibitions such as courts, and jails.

Allow state law to deal with discrimination against carriers on private property, but the federal law allows businesses generally open to the public to post a clearly visible sign prohibiting concealed carry, unless state law prohibits discrimination against carriers. Those signs will show up, and they will piss off conservatives, who will then be anxious to take their gun loving dollars to gun friendly competitors who all happen not to be communists. This is not mere libertarian propaganda, it’s a sales pitch, and a silver lining on a strategic sacrifice.

On Mental Health and “Red Flag Laws”

Much fuss has been made about so called “Red Flag Laws” and getting guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. The hysteria makes it difficult to discuss these things rationally.

Most states have some sort of process for temporary involuntary committment of persons deemed a threat to themselves or others, for a psychiatric evaluation.

In Florida, for example, there is “The Baker Act” which is an existing law that provides for temporary institutionalization of individuals who meet certain criteria. It can only be used by specific authorized persons, including judges, mental health professionals, law enforcement personnel, and doctors. More importantly, the law is limited by the fact that those officials must have sound evidence suggesting that the individual might meet the Act’s definition for mental illness. In addition, he must pose a risk of harm to himself or others – or demonstrate self-neglect.

In New York, the Mental Health Hygiene Law section 9.27(a) states that the director of a hospital may receive and retain therein as a patient any personal alleged to be mentally ill and in need of involuntary care and treatment upon the certificates of two examining physicians, accompanied by an application for the admission of such person. Section 9.27(b) describes 11 categories of persons who may request or submit an application for involuntary commitment of an individual. The list includes any person that lives with the allegedly mentally ill person, close family members, the court, the supervisor of a correctional facility, a treating psychiatrist and other professionals familiar with the individual’s lifestyle and behavior patterns. In order to be considered, the request must include written statements regarding the facts surrounding reasons for the request.

Needless to say, the people who are involuntarily detained during these processes, are not allowed to be armed during their evaluations. This, in combination with charging people for making unlawful threats, is the only “red flag law” we need. Moreover, since most states already have these laws on the books, a massive new federal program is unnecessary, and providing some uniformity to those existing protocols, could likely be done by HHS through regulation, as opposed to an act of Congress.

The Rub

This is a strong, entirely non-discriminatory policy, that Republicans can get behind in the name of keeping America safe, while giving the Democrats something they just got done saying would save thousands of lives.

It won’t pass. The Democrats will reject it outright, and tack on every insane scheme AOC and Ilhan Omar can stuff into it.

Republicans can say to the voters “We tried to get universal background checks, and red flag laws, but the Democrats would rather flood our country with foreigners than save thousands of American lives.”

White Democrats will see the Republicans as the adults in the room, and the GOP will regain control of the House, perhaps even clear 60 votes in the Senate.


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