Radical Agenda S05E061 – Hate Speech

There has been a lot of talk lately about incendiary rhetoric, racism, hate speech, hate crimes, and domestic terrorism. Every time some white guy with an opinion so much as contemplates breaking the law, those stupid enough to take CNN seriously are made to believe there is some kind of existential crisis in America. One which can only be solved by the pseudo-repeal of the First and Second amendments to the US Constitution.

You’ve surely heard just about the entire panel of soon to be failed Democrat Presidential candidates, blame Trump for a mass shooting in El Paso, Texas. According to them, Trump’s observation that millions of military aged males illegally pouring across a sovereign border constitutes an invasion, so warped the mind of one young man, that he threw his life away on a mass shooting. The Antifa cross dresser who killed 9 people in 30 seconds that same weekend, seems to have slipped beneath their radar, except as a footnote in their gun control propaganda.

Just yesterday, Courtney Hagle at Media Matters lamented that “Fox News has called immigration an “invasion” multiple times since El Paso“. Drawing a not at all subtle connection between calling a spade a spade, and mass murder, Hagle continues the Democrat Smear Machine’s vendetta against the only cable news network who dares to deviate from Democrat talking points.

It is easy, and likely even prudent, to dismiss such utterances as mere Jewish nonsense. Perhaps however, we would be well served to consider the implications of the premise. If speaking of a group, in terms which conjure in the mind the image of a threat, predictably results in criminal violence, then clearly our current legal system falls short of providing a remedy. Radical changes will need to be made, prohibiting a broad range of discussion, in order to moderate our discourse, and preserve the peace and prosperity of our society.

To analyze the situation rationally however, we’ll need to stop listening to Jews. We’ll definitely need to talk about something other than the hoax of the White Supremacist threat, if we hope to find ourselves in proximity to credible conclusions. So where else might we seek examples of inflammatory statements resulting in violence?

Not long ago, the New York Times lamented YouTube’s “algorithms” fostering right wing extremism. The Southern Poverty Law Center blamed Google’s search algorithms for radicalizing Dylann Roof. In response to these pressures, Google has blacklisted news sites, demonetized some YouTube producers, and outright banned numerous others.

Interestingly, a YouTube playlist titled “ACAB Fuck The Police Playlist – Kill-A-Cop Hip Hop” wasn’t caught up in the censorship, despite the playlist description reading “Music to kill pigs to” and receiving over 50,000 plays. The playlist contains 48 tracks, only three of which have been deleted. Considering the content of the remaining tracks, one might be justified in concluding the removed tracks were not removed due to community guidelines violations.

Some notable titles in the playlist include

  • N.W.A. – Fuck Tha Police (The Explicit) – with over 11,000,000 views
  • Mobb Deep – Cop Hell
  • Dead Prez – Cop Shot (HQ) with over 60,000 views
  • Paris – Coffee, Donuts & Death with nearly 50,000 views
  • Ice-T – Cop Killer (Lyrics) with 451,000 views
  • Killer Mike – Shot Down
  • Onyx – Strike Bac ft SickFlo (Prod by Scopic) OFFICIAL VERSION with over 120,000 views
  • MC Ma’at – Puppet Master Massacre (Music Video) with over 55,000 views
  • ILL BiLL – How To Kill A Cop with over 88,000 views
  • Looptroop – Cop Killin’ with over 11,000 views
  • Dead Prez – Fuck The Law with over 76,000 views
  • Dead Prez – Murda Box
  • Boogie Down Productions – Who Protects Us From You with over 67,000 views
  • Jeru da Damaja – Invasion
  • Immortal Technique/S.O.U.L Purpose – The Other White Meat
  • Nas- Cops Keep Firing (The Nigger Tape) with over 33,000 views
  • Immortal Technique–Fight Until The End ft Sabac
  • The Coup – Pork And Beef with over 23,00 views
  • PARIS – Night of the Long Knives with over 188,000 views
  • Onyx – Fuck Da Law (Official Video) #AAA with over 398,000 views
  • Onyx – Against All Authorities (Official Video) #AAA with over 145,000 views

This is unapologetically murderous propaganda against police officers, with a target demographic primarily consisting of young black males. Young black males of course, constitute more than half of serious violent crime in America, and 42% of cop killings specifically, so this is by no means irrelevant. It is by no means an exhaustive list of such material available on YouTube, either. The site is replete with racial animus against Whites in general, and cops in particular.

And perhaps if this sort of murder propaganda was just limited to the music industry, we could dismiss it as art, and rest easy. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Politicians, particularly those of the Democrat variety, have relentlessly amplified demonstrably false themes about a racist criminal justice system imprisoning and murdering blacks for no other reason than an aesthetic preference for lighter skin tones in the populace.

Examples of this are too numerous to bother listing, but of recent notoriety, are statements from Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris, echoing the lie that Michael Brown was murdered by White police officer Darren Wilson. That myth sent the city of Ferguson, Missouri, and the surrounding areas into catastrophic unrest which included numerous assaults and arsons. It also poured gasoline on the Black Lives Matter riots, which plagued the country with arsons, murders, looting, vandalism, and assaults for years to come.

That mayhem was rhetorically supported by none other than the prior President of the United States, Barack Obama.

And since then, in addition to your everyday criminals occasionally offing a cop to avoid the consequences of their own behavior, we’ve had such noteworthy examples as Ismaaiyl Brinsley, Micah Johnson, Alexander Bonds, and Gavin Long, ambushing police officers and gunning them down in cold blood for ideological reasons.

Just this week, six cops were wounded, and miraculously survived, when 36 year old Maurice Hill opened fire on them from a multi-family home in his north Philadelphia neighborhood. Police were executing a drug warrant on Hill, who had an “extensive” criminal history, including charges for perjury, drugs, guns, robbery, and aggravated assault. From 4:30 p.m. until 8 p.m., gunfire did not cease for more than 40 minutes at a time. Over 100 rounds were fired, before Hill surrendered just after midnight.

In between rounds of gunfire, Hill had the chance to speak to his attorney by phone, reports Fox News.

Hill’s former attorney Shaka Johnson, who represented the 36-year-old in a number of previous cases over the past five years that were mostly of a drug-related nature, told FOX29 he answered the phone at 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday and heard Hill on the other end. Johnson said early Thursday that Hill’s first words on the phone were, “I need help.”

“They’re going to kill me. They’re going to kill me,” Johnson recalled Hill saying over the phone.

Johnson, who is a former SWAT officer, said his former client was concerned about his own safety, but also about the wellbeing of his family — including a newborn daughter. Johnson said the police commissioner gave him 30 minutes to convince his former client to surrender peacefully.

“Mr. Hill and I talked about this. They don’t typically, in scenarios like this, take black defendants into custody. This is what he and I talked about on the phone,” Johnson told FOX29. “I said, ‘My man, this is looking pretty grave for you. The world is watching. That may be one of the things giving police some pause because the world is watching. Use this time wisely.’”

Talk about irresponsible language. This guy is in the middle of a shootout with the cops, and his attorney is amplifying this lie about cops murdering black suspects for their skin color.

And with that kind of narrative prevailing above the facts, it should perhaps come as no surprise that, during the standoff, neighborhood residents taunted police officers, shouting “bitch ass nigga” and “pussy”. Video shows some residents attempting to fight police officers, and hurling objects at them.

This of course comes on the heels of NYPD officers being assaulted with water and buckets by laughing gang members.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn warned of precisely this in The Gulag Archipelago.

The defeat of Tsarism came not when Kolchak was routed, not when the February Revolution was raging, but much earlier! It was overthrown without hope of restoration once Russian literature adopted the convention that anyone who depicted a gendarme or policeman with any hint of sympathy was a lickspittle and a reactionary thug; when you didn’t have to shake a policeman’s hand, cultivate his acquaintance, nod to him in the street, but merely brush sleeves with him in passing to consider yourself disgraced.

So I suppose from this perspective, there is something to be said for the concept of hate speech. It really does have the potential to do actual harm, and we are seeing this on a daily basis.

Telling, however, that the Jews are unconcerned about the type of speech which results in gang violence, dead cops, or communist revolution. They are only concerned about the sort of speech which results in Republican electoral victories, immigration enforcement, and White people finding out how bad they’ve been screwed.

And of course, I should know this better than anyone. I didn’t earn my reputation by talking about blacks and Jews. I earned it talking about cops, and the shit I said about them makes the shit I say about non-Whites look downright tame by comparison. I wrote dozens of articles and made dozens of videos advocating war against the government, starting with the police, and though some of these saw hundreds of thousands of views, and thousands of people had condemned what I said, no meaningful effort was ever made to stop me.

Writing “Violently Overthrow The Government” did not get me banned from Facebook, PayPal, GoDaddy, or anything else. When Ismaaiyl Brinsley killed two cops in New York City, and the NYPD reportedly stopped so called “broken windows” policing, I wrote “Dead Cops Mean Less Oppression” before those guys were even in the ground. Not so much as a 30 day posting ban. Even after Micah Johnson gunned down five cops in Dallas, nobody cared.

And for years I convinced myself that this was all advancing freedom. I figured that, even in cases where the killer was a piece of crap, people losing faith in their government was a good thing. I figured this phenomenon, however unpleasant would usher in a new era of human freedom, and see mankind finally witness his full potential, unbound from the chains of the State. When I first ventured into race realism, I figured that was a far safer subject than war against police.

I was more wrong about those things, than perhaps any of the innumerable things I’ve been wrong about in a lifetime fraught with mistakes. You can talk shit about police all day, and nobody is going to lift a finger to stop you. In fact, if anyone does, a bunch of Jews will probably come to your rescue. But mention those Jews in a negative light, and watch the full force of the State, the media, the financial system, and corporate world come down on you, in many cases more harshly than if you had actually killed a cop.

And that’s not because those Jews are Rothbard reading anarcho-capitalists trying to eliminate coercion from the Earth, far from it.

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