Radical Agenda S05E062 – The Joke’s on Jew

Writing at Quartz, Klaus Meyer pens a piece of comedic fiction parading as a plan for stopping a fascist takeover, based on what he says are lessons from the Nazi Party’s rise to power. Given his name, and the publication for which he was writing, you might be less than surprised to find out that he did not for one second pause to think about why the NSDAP actually enjoyed popular support before and during their governance of Germany.

Instead, Meyer spins a rather uninteresting tale about a multiparty coalition forming in the small German state of Braunschweig. Humorously, Meyer laments Hitler being granted German citizenship by his allies in that coalition, which ultimately facilitated his rise to Chancellor.

That would be a lesson worth learning for the Left indeed, be more cautious about who you grant citizenship to.

Unsurprisingly, this is not the lesson Meyer wishes the reader to take with them.

Instead, the lessons to be learned, claims Meyer, are as follows;

For voters, be informed and engaged. And steer clear from political groups that are not committed to democratic processes or have racially motivated agendas.

For politicians, sharing power with extremists in your own party, or in other parties, is dangerous. Politicians of the center-left and center-right may see each other as historical opponents, but they should be allied in fighting extremists on either side.

The lesson he hopes for voters to take away is contradictory on its face. One cannot “steer clear” of groups that have “racially motivated agendas” and simultaneously be informed and engaged. He is literally telling them to remain ignorant of people who confess the racial motivations for their agendas, and to disengage from people who openly state such motivations. If groups with racially motivated agendas are attempting to participate in the political process, then trying to stifle them by means other than winning the debate, is contrary to the democratic process Meyer feigns to place such high value upon.

Of  course, one doubts Klaus has written many condemnations of the Black Lives Matter movement. A cursory DuckDuckGo search turns up nothing of the sort. Equally lacking is any critique of Zionism, predictably. It would thus appear that some racially motivated agendas are more worthy of condemnation than others, in the view of Mr. Meyer.

Not that this is unusual, obviously.

His warning to politicians is equally humorous. He warns of sharing power with extremists within one’s own party, or in other parties. This, again, would be advice worth heeding, for the Democrats. Their open embrace of extremists within their ranks is the stuff of legends. Then there’s that Democratic Socialist Jew from Vermont who might well be their Presidential nominee. He just announced that he would “go to war” against “racism” in America, going so far as to remind everybody that he thinks every inequality which emerges along racial lines is racism, and will thus be subjected to every dictatorial power he convinces himself he can seize in this pursuit. The Leftist love affair with violent Antifa communists is particularly noteworthy, given the mayhem they waged on camera over the weekend.

These sort of things are precisely what necessitate the rise of authoritarian regimes, thereby facilitating them.

If one failed to read between the lines, they might think this was lost on Mr. Meyer. A closer look however, reveals that he had some awareness of Germany’s communist problem.

After the national power grab of the Nazi party in January 1933, Braunschweig, sooner than elsewhere, experienced dismissals, arrests of political opponents, street violence, and book burning. Among many social democrats and communists, former prime minister Jasper and city major Ernst Böhme were arrested; Böhme was tortured until he signed his resignation. Gassner first hid and then fled the state, resigned while in Bonn, and was arrested upon his return to Braunschweig.

But Meyer only laments the arrests of these communists, and their supposed mistreatment at the hands of the NSDAP. The fact that there were communists who the National Socialists could arrest in the first place, seems to be a non-issue for Meyer and Quartz. Perhaps unsurprisingly. The implication then, is necessarily that Meyer is less than sincere in his warning that “either side” must guard against extremism.

It is precisely this sort of enthusiastic blindness to the facts which facilitates the rise of extreme Left wing movements like communism and Antifa. In the Democrat Party today, the so called “Justice Democrats” have taken full advantage of the unspoken “Don’t Punch Left” policy of the Democrat Party. Through this window of opportunity, they have slipped insane ideas into the party agenda, such as a unilateral ban on fossil fuels dubbed the “Green New Deal” which would plunge America into darkness, anarchy, and famine, while the rest of the world joyously got rich pumping carbon into the atmosphere.

While Democrats may have learned from their pollsters that “Open Borders” is a losing issue with voters, they nonetheless are the open borders party as a matter of practice, since they refuse to budge on immigration in any way. They decry all immigration enforcement as “concentration camps”.  They deceptively whine about “family separation” for illegal immigrants, while having no problem separating American gun owners from their families. They chant “comprehensive immigration reform” as the solution to all of this, counting on the average citizen to be ignorant of the fact that this is a euphemism for amnesty.

Should Americans be fortunate enough to see a “fascist takeover” in their lifetimes, these will be the reasons why. It will have nothing to do with any of the idiotic distractions they count on their low IQ constituencies to mindlessly chant. It won’t be because Russia hacked our election, because White Supremacist Terrorism toppled the State, or because Donald Trump stayed up late carelessly retweeting questionable information.

If When fascism comes to America, it will be because America had no other choice. That is what happened in Germany, and that is what you are watching unfold before your eyes today.

Take this quote from Mein Kampf, and tell me with a straight face this could not be said of Leftist mayhem today…

Within less than two years I had gained a clear understanding of Social Democracy, in its teaching and the technique of its operations.

I recognized the infamy of that technique whereby the movement carried on a campaign of mental terrorism against the bourgeoisie, who are neither morally nor spiritually equipped to withstand such attacks. The tactics of Social Democracy consisted in opening, at a given signal, a veritable drum-fire of lies and calumnies against the man whom they believed to be the most redoubtable of their adversaries, until the nerves of the latter gave way and they sacrificed the man who was attacked, simply in the hope of being allowed to live in peace. But the hope proved always to be a foolish one, for they were never left in peace.

The same tactics are repeated again and again, until fear of these mad dogs exercises, through suggestion, a paralysing effect on their Victims.

Through its own experience Social Democracy learned the value of strength, and for that reason it attacks mostly those in whom it scents stuff of the more stalwart kind, which is indeed a very rare possession. On the other hand it praises every weakling among its adversaries, more or less cautiously, according to the measure of his mental qualities known or presumed. They have less fear of a man of genius who lacks will-power than of a vigorous character with mediocre intelligence and at the same time they highly commend those who are devoid of intelligence and will-power.

The Social Democrats know how to create the impression that they alone are the protectors of peace. In this way, acting very circumspectly but never losing sight of their ultimate goal, they conquer one position after another, at one time by methods of quiet intimidation and at another time by sheer daylight robbery, employing these latter tactics at those moments when public attention is turned towards other matters from which it does not wish to be diverted, or when the public considers an incident too trivial to create a scandal about it and thus provoke the anger of a malignant opponent.

These tactics are based on an accurate estimation of human frailties and must lead to success, with almost mathematical certainty, unless the other side also learns how to fight poison gas with poison gas. The weaker natures must be told that here it is a case of to be or not to be.

I also came to understand that physical intimidation has its significance for the mass as well as for the individual. Here again the Socialists had calculated accurately on the psychological effect.

Intimidation in workshops and in factories, in assembly halls and at mass demonstrations, will always meet with success as long as it does not have to encounter the same kind of terror in a stronger form.

Then of course the Party will raise a horrified outcry, yelling blue murder and appealing to the authority of the State, which they have just repudiated. In doing this their aim generally is to add to the general confusion, so that they may have a better opportunity of reaching their own goal unobserved. Their idea is to find among the higher government officials some bovine creature who, in the stupid hope that he may win the good graces of these awe-inspiring opponents so that they may remember him in case of future eventualities, will help them now to break all those who may oppose this world pest.

The impression which such successful tactics make on the minds of the broad masses, whether they be adherents or opponents, can be estimated only by one who knows the popular mind, not from books but from practical life. For the successes which are thus obtained are taken by the adherents of Social Democracy as a triumphant symbol of the righteousness of their own cause; on the other hand the beaten opponent very often loses faith in the effectiveness of any further resistance.

The more I understood the methods of physical intimidation that were employed, the more sympathy I had for the multitude that had succumbed to it.

I am thankful now for the ordeal which I had to go through at that time; for it was the means of bringing me to think kindly again of my own people, inasmuch as the experience enabled me to distinguish between the false leaders and the victims who have been led astray.

A day will arrive when the people get sick and tired of the regularly scheduled riots by masked degenerates who are fawned over as heroes by the Jewish Press. The current popular distrust of that same Jewish Press, will at some moment become universal. At some point they will realize that dismissing every legitimate complaint as racist, or a conspiracy theory, is just a way for the people in power to continue their bad behavior while silencing their critics. Eventually, they’ll have had their fill of violent repeat offender criminals, set free in the name of racial equality, opening fire on law enforcement. Someday, they’ll decide their toddlers have been given one too many gender options by their public school.

By that time, they’ll find it too obvious to need stating, that the Jews are responsible for this state of affairs.

Again, from Mein Kampf;

It is this Press above all which carries on a fanatical campaign of calumny, strives to tear down everything that might be considered as a mainstay of national independence and to sabotage all cultural values as well as to destroy the autonomy of the national economic system.

It aims its attack especially against all men of character who refuse to fall into line with the Jewish efforts to obtain control over the State or who appear dangerous to the Jews merely because of their superior intelligence. For in order to incur the enmity of the Jew it is not necessary to show any open hostility towards him. It is quite sufficient if one be considered capable of opposing the Jew some time in the future or using his abilities and character to enhance the power and position of a nation which the Jew finds hostile to himself.

The Jewish instinct, which never fails where these problems have to be dealt with, readily discerns the true mentality of those whom the Jew meets in everyday life; and those who are not of a kindred spirit with him may be sure of being listed among his enemies. Since the Jew is not the object of aggression but the aggressor himself, he considers as his enemies not only those who attack him but also those who may be capable of resisting him. The means which he employs to break people of this kind, who may show themselves decent and upright, are not the open means generally used in honourable conflict, but falsehood and calumny.

He will stop at nothing. His utterly low-down conduct is so appalling that one really cannot be surprised if in the imagination of our people the Jew is pictured as the incarnation of Satan and the symbol of evil.

The ignorance of the broad masses as regards the inner character of the Jew, and the lack of instinct and insight that our upper classes display, are some of the reasons which explain how it is that so many people fall an easy prey to the systematic campaign of falsehood which the Jew carries on.

While the upper classes, with their innate cowardliness, turn away from anyone whom the Jew thus attacks with lies and calumny, the common people are credulous of everything, whether because of their ignorance or their simple mindedness. Government authorities wrap themselves up in a robe of silence, but more frequently they persecute the victims of Jewish attacks in order to stop the campaign in the Jewish Press. To the fatuous mind of the government official such a line of conduct appears to belong to the policy of upholding the authority of the State and preserving public order. Gradually the Marxist weapon in the hands of the Jew becomes a constant bogy to decent people. Sometimes the fear of it sticks in the brain or weighs upon them as a kind of nightmare. People begin to quail before this fearful foe and therewith become his victims.

Once people understand this stuff, nobody will care about being called a Nazi or a racist or a White Supremacist. Such terms will just become synonymous with baseline integrity standards. No amount of moral posturing, finger wagging, puberty blockers, cross sex hormones, hair dye, Holocaust mythology, pepper spray, perjury, or litigation will stand a chance at damming the flood of pent up righteous fury. That fury will be expressed by the very secret ballot these so called Democrats had spent their years praising, as the ultimate oracle of wisdom and morality.

Let us see who is “not committed to democratic processes” on that day.

But it’s not just Klaus Meyer paving the way to the final solution. The last week has been absolutely chock-full of Jewish blunders fit for Nazi lulz.

Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar were back in the news for plotting a trip to Israel, during which they planned to subvert the Jewish ethnostate from within. This is against Israeli law, of course, and so the two Jewish financed communist revolutionaries were barred from entry.

I can neither confirm nor deny Israeli chants of “Send Her Back” upon the news becoming public.

Tlaib and Omar are dutiful servants to the Jew when stateside. All that toxic, subversive, hostile nonsense they insert into our politics is most enthusiastically supported by American and world Jewery, as they seek to undermine everything that is decent and upright in this world, or at least, in their diaspora host Nations.

But sometimes, the Jew does a poor job of training his pets, and the owner gets bit. When you spend that much time talking about how everyone but you needs to open their borders and embrace communist notions of equality, eventually you have to expect somebody other than a “White Supremacist” is going to spot your hypocrisy.

From outward appearances, it would seem Tlaib and Omar fit that description, though I still harbor some doubts of this.

Tlaib tried to copy the Jewish bit about family separation for herself, claiming that she wanted to go visit her near dead grandmother in Palestine. When the Israeli government permitted just such a visit, minus the subversive activities, Tlaib backpedaled and started whining about her freedom of speech. A luxury, it is worth noting, she does not favor extending to her fellow Americans.

In one of his better Tweets, President Trump noted “The only real winner here is Tlaib’s grandmother. She doesn’t have to see her now!”

In other news, the Anti-Defamation League inadvertently confirmed suspicions that Jews were behind a particularly toxic group of fed posting fake White Nationalists. In an August 15th post titled “Despite YouTube Policy Update, Anti-Semitic, White Supremacist Channels Remain” the Jewish Bolshevik ADL whined like only Jews can, about 29 YouTube channels they don’t like, which have yet to be completely terminated. Seven of those channels have less than 2,000 subscribers. One has less than 200.

Yet, conspicuously absent from their complaint are a series of channels all belonging to the same group, whose subscribers exceed 12,000, and whose advocacy includes enthusiastic celebrations of mass murders. This is not for failure to notice them, of course, as the group has been covered by the SPLC, Angry White Men, and others who are (perhaps willingly) less informed about the purpose of these agitators.

Just before the ADL announcement, this group told their Twitter followers they were going to be taking a bit of a break from their production. And yes, you heard me right. Twitter hasn’t banned these terrorist sympathizers either.

Why? Because they want these people there. Laura Loomer and Milo Yiannopoulos are too dangerous for Twitter, but not the people who “Herald the arrival” of Brenton Tarrant.

And predictably, at the moment of their “hiatus” several men end up in jail for supposedly murderous plots, not at all dissimilar from the ones they’ve been telling everybody else to carry out.

From Heavy.com

A Las Vegas security guard with ties to a neo-Nazi group has been arrested by federal authorities after plotting domestic terrorist attacks against a synagogue and LGBTQ bar. Conor Aiea Climo, 23, was arraigned in federal court on August 9 and charged with one count of possession of an unregistered firearm, described by the Justice Department as “component parts of a destructive device.” The items were found in his home during an August 8 raid led by the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force.

Climo caught the eye of investigators after they noticed him using encrypted messages to chat online about attacking a Las Vegas synagogue, and making Molotov cocktails and improvised explosive devices known as IEDs. In May 2019, Climo started communicating over the internet with an FBI Online Covert Employee (OCE) who was posing as an alt-right extremist.

Climo described himself as a member of the Feurerkrieg Division (FKD), a splinter group of a larger white supremacist organization, Atomwaffen Division.

From Vice.com

An international neo-Nazi extremist group has claimed in chat channels that it had advance knowledge of planned terrorist attacks by an alleged member, a Las Vegas man arrested for plotting bombings against a local synagogue.

Tipped by the Counter Extremism Project, a US-based terrorism watchdog, VICE has viewed messages by the Feuerkrieg Division (FKD), a splinter of the violent white supremacist extremist group Atomwaffen Division (AWD). FKD, which is based in Europe, has claimed it not only encouraged attacks by Conor Climo, 23, on Las Vegas’ LGBTQ and Jewish communities, but knew of his plot before his arrest.

When he told us about his idea we even encouraged him and asked if he needed help, he said he didn’t,” said a recent message on what is believed to be the official FKD Telegram channel, which has approximately 330 members.

Again from Mein Kampf;

As a sign of their growing presumption and sense of security, a certain section of them openly and impudently proclaim their Jewish nationality while another section hypocritically pretend that they are German, French or English as the case may be. Their blatant behaviour in their relations with other people shows how clearly they envisage their day of triumph in the near future.

And thus the Jew celebrates a few more goyim hauled off to jail, as they briskly scatter like cockroaches from light. They parade the mugshots around as proof of their delusions, and demand ever more concessions from the people they victimize. Anyone who dares question their aim is put in precisely the category of the fools they duped into breaking the law, and even as knowledge of their misdeeds spreads, none dare speak out, for fear of the Jews.

But such tricks become obvious to the trained eye with time, and despite their considerable success in slowing the spread of that wisdom, the wisdom still continues to spread. Have the Jews bought themselves a year? Five? Ten? Who knows.

But it’s not an eternity.

Especially not if they keep up with scams like the one the pulled in Charlottesville.

You might have heard a story break that a “journalist” was prevented from publishing a story in which medics were “forced” by state police to stop working on communist landwhale Heather Heyer, after she was struck by James Fields’s car, while he fled the rifles of Redneck Revolt. The 32 year old obese Newport smoker died of a long overdue heart attack, which a medical examiner’s report says was brought on by “blunt force trauma to the chest”.

Mary Emily O’Hara tweeted recently that her former employer barred her from publishing the story “because Jerry Lewis died that week and the network decided to run tributes instead of news for that hour.” She also said she was barred from publishing it anywhere else, but that she’ll “never forget what those medics told” her.

People in Right wing circles quickly jumped on the story as proof that police intentionally caused Heyer’s death as pretext for pre-ordained political actions. An understandable conclusion, given that the police in Charlottesville were most definitely involved in a politically motivated criminal conspiracy that weekend.

In the hysteria however, they actually missed what is probably an even bigger story.

The “medic” O’Hara referred to hadn’t arrived in an ambulance. They weren’t employed by the local government or an area hospital. The so-called “medic” was one of Heyer’s fellow communist rioters who just happened to be out disobeying the same dispersal order as Heyer.

When pressed for details, O’Hara tweeted “It’s not really so controversial. If you poke around on google for 5 minutes or so you’ll find a blog post written by one of the medics the week of the crash,”

She seems to be referring to a post on ItsGoingDown.org, a clearinghouse for violent antifa propaganda knowing for worshipping communist terrorists such as Black Lives Matter cop killer, Micah Johnson.

Just three days after the communist riots that claimed the freedom of several brave patriots, including myself, an anonymous contributor submitted a story titled “Why Did A State Trooper Try To Stop Medics From Performing CPR On Heather Heyer?

It begins with “As a queer, non-binary, anarchist,” assuring the reader that the contributor is not of sound mind. The mental defective goes on to describe itself as a “street medic” and “first responder for Heather Heyer, initiating CPR and, with a team of amazing bystanders, facilitating resuscitation until EMS arrived”.

The story continues;

When we heard the car crash into our march, I was about 20 feet away from Heather, and I responded immediately to the screams for medics. I arrived to find bystanders holding c-spine traction on Heather’s neck and putting pressure on a deep leg wound to stop the bleeding, and I stopped to assist in controlling the bleed. Within a minute or two, Heather’s respirations slowed and stopped, she lost her pulse, we rolled her onto her back, and I began chest compressions. An EMT street medic provided respiratory supplies, and a bystander with medic training began respirations.

One of the critical aspects of Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), which is the advanced form of CPR that trained medics provide, is maintaining chest compressions at an effective depth and speed, with no breaks in compressions. Providing effective chest compressions is exhausting, and to maintain effective compressions, we ideally provide compressions for only two minutes, and take turns with other medics.

In 90 degree heat, this is even more essential. I was horrified to discover, after two minutes of intense, exhausting chest compressions, that a state trooper had forcibly removed the EMT assisting me in resuscitation, as well as other bystanders ready in line for the next round of compressions. The EMT told the state trooper that we were actively resuscitating a patient, but the state trooper physically removed him from the scene anyway.

I had to yell for other bystanders to come assist with compressions, and two people courageously responded, despite the threats of the state trooper. The state trooper then began yelling at me to leave my patient. I initially thought that perhaps he intended to take over chest compressions, and counted him in to start the next round of compressions (when we switch out on chest compressions, particularly in a chaotic situation, we always count each other in, as in “switching in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,” so that we don’t have confusion that results in a pause in chest compressions), but he stood by and said he could not do compressions. Why?! I thought to myself.

He continued yelling at me to leave, and would not back down until I screamed that I’m a critical care nurse, I do CPR frequently, we have a patient without a pulse or respirations, and we will NOT stop CPR. He then began screaming that I could stay, but the other bystanders assisting CPR had to leave (they didn’t), and he did not stop until a firefighter arrived and took over chest compressions.

The queer goes on to imply the cop may have been responsible for Heyer’s death, but claims not to have gotten the name or badge number of the Trooper. It asks readers to get the information to the propagandists of ItsGoingDown.org, so that they can harass his employers until he is fired.

In my view, the bigger story here is that a tranny started hammering away on the chest of a morbidly obese smoker in the wake of a car wreck, and refused to stop when police told the mental patient to get lost. Heyer’s death was not immediately ruled a homicide. Nor did the medical examiner immediately determine that the blunt force trauma to Heyer’s chest actually result from the car accident. That was a political calculation made by the same prosecutors who refused to enforce the law against any Leftist criminals that weekend.

Heyer died from a heart attack, which would surely have come just weeks down the road from smoking, Oreos, and black boyfriends, were the pig smart enough to stay off the streets during a riot. The timing of the heart attack is alleged to have come from “blunt force trauma to the chest” which it is important to note, could come from the chest compressions this sexual deviant refused to stop performing when ordered to by law enforcement.

MyCPRCertificationOnline.com lists five potential side effects of CPR

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a harsh medical intervention with multiple side effects that result from receiving it. Common side effects include:

1. Aspiration & Vomiting: The most frequent occurrence during CPR, vomiting can present a danger to the victim. Since the victim is unconscious, he is unable to clear the vomit from his mouth and, if not cleared, the victim is likely to aspirate (inhale) it into his lungs, blocking the airway and leading to possible infection.

2. Broken Ribs Bone: The force of chest compressions is likely to break ribs. In the elderly, this is significantly more common due to the brittleness and weakness of their bones. Broken ribs present a danger because a broken rib could possibly puncture or lacerate (cut) a lung, the spleen or the liver. They are also very painful.

3. Internal Brain Injuries: Since CPR leaves the brain receiving 5% less oxygen than normal, brain damage is possible. Brain damage occurs within 4 to 6 minutes from the time the brain is deprived of oxygen, and after 10 minutes, it definitely occurs. This can lead to long-term health complications.

4. Abdominal Distension: As a result of air being forced into the lungs, the abdomen usually becomes distended (bloated) and full of air during CPR, leading to compression of the lungs (making ventilation more difficult) and an increased chance of vomiting.

5. Aspiration Pneumonia: The result of vomit and foreign objects (like a person’s own teeth) being inhaled into the lungs can lead to aspiration pneumonia, which can be very dangerous to a victim’s health and could complicate recovery, or even be fatal, even if the victim does survive CPR.

Overall, all of these side effects mean that, if a person does survive CPR, their long-term health could suffer and they may be alive, but it is possible that their overall health and quality of life is significantly affected.

Additionally, HealthLine warns us that chest compressions can result in a myocardial contusion. The Merck Manual warns that a myocardial contusion can cause tachycardia, and the Mayo Clinic warns that tachycardia can cause heart failure, cardiac arrest, and death.


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