Radical Agenda S05E063 – Pressure Points

By now, you’ve surely heard everyone with access to a TV camera talk about Trump calling Jewish Democrats “disloyal”. You’ve more than likely heard a whole bunch of Democrats calling it anti-Semitic, and a whole bunch of Republicans trip all over their words trying to find a way to straddle the issue without hurting what little remains of their balls.

I never fully comprehended the concept of trigger warnings, until this week. Things piss me off all the time, and nobody sees fit to warn me in advance. Until now, I had simply taken this as the run of the mill Leftist speech policing.

Now, I realize it is about something much deeper.

Leftists, especially Jews, really do require trigger warnings for their very survival. Jewish neurosis is a contagion spread through media, a terminal mental illness which causes those infected to commit the political equivalent of suicide by cop.

When Trump said Jews were “disloyal” for voting Democrat, it was obvious to sane people he meant they were being disloyal to Israel.

Jews, for better or worse, are not sane people. They hit the fucking ceiling, screaming at everyone who would listen that “disloyalty” is an anti-Semitic trope. “That’s why Hitler wanted to kill us” they shouted, at people who had been propagandized their whole lives to think Hitler killed the Jews for no reason whatsoever.

But the Jew-as-Nazi-Summer-Santa circus did not end there. Every Jew in the world piped up as loudly as they could, to remind Republicans that Jews not only vote overwhelmingly Democrat, but also finance HALF of the Democrat Party, and nearly all of their various subversive activist groups. When Republicans pipe up about facts like that, they get banned from Twitter, but when the Jews do it for us, we get to sit back and giggle at their self own.

Luckily for the Jews, the goyim have been propagandized for generations. The pogroms had not yet started. They now had the perfect time to regain their composure, and quit while they were ahead.

Obviously, they didn’t do that. They never do. The Jewish mind, when triggered, is psychiatric quicksand. The more they fight, the faster they sink, and the faster they sink, the more they fight. When Trump clarified what was obvious to the rest of us, the Jews just refused to take the hint, as usual. Right after they had just got done screaming that nobody could accuse them of dual loyalty, they turned right around and said to Americans, “Well, we’d never be disloyal to our ethnostate!”

Of course, they reconcile this by insisting, in stark contrast to an abundance of evidence, that the interests of Israel and the United States always coincide, without exception. (((Our Greatest Ally))) as the saying goes… Hopefully Trump says something else triggering before the end of the month, and we can get the Jews to start talking about how criticizing the war in Iraq is anti-Semitic. That ought to be fun.

Mind you, that this came in response to Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar’s understandable contempt for the State of Israel. They’ve done and said things that would get any other person hunted down by CNN, doxed, and jumped by a black bloc. None of which seems to be of any particular concern to American Jewry, because “The Squad” is doing such a fine job, in their sick minds, of destroying America. And that’s their true priority.

I don’t think really think Trump was trying to 4D Chess this thing. Though I do sometimes like to think the President listens to the show, I’m not saying the guy necessarily got this idea from me, but those of you who have been listening for awhile know this is straight out of the Radical Agenda playbook.

Leftists love to throw around their “solidarity” buzzword almost as much as they love “diversity”. But we ethnonationalists know all too well that the two concepts are wholly incompatible.

All that holds the Leftist coalition together is a contempt for White men. These people have nothing in common with one another save for that. Jews, Muslims, atheists, homosexuals, trannies, dindus, and illegal immigrants do not a cohesive group make. Stoking tensions between Muslims and Jews is excellent politics, because even when it doesn’t work to divide them, calling attention to that obvious problem is red pilling to White folks.

If not for the United States, Israel would be destroyed in an afternoon by their Muslim neighbors. Every surviving female (should any remain) would have an Arab baby in her belly by the next day, and you can be certain they would forget all about feminism shortly thereafter.

Saying so might not make Jews want to close the borders, but it will make White people see them as fucking nuts.

And that’s hardly the only pressure point worth grabbing.

Just after Omar and Tlaib were barred from invading Israel, the Palestinian Authority banned homosexual activity in the West Bank. The Jewish Press quickly pounced on the story, trying to frame their treatment of the Palestinians as a gay rights scam. Pressed about their support for a group that would oppress one of the Democrat Party’s favorite constituencies, Omar said “Pretending that this act somehow balances or mitigates Israel violating the dignity & rights of Palestinians – or undermines case for defending Palestinian rights – is deplorable!”

Ah yes, deplorable. That powerful word is the sound of imminent victory. Just ask Hillary Clinton.

The Democrats are letting transgenderism become a central issue for their presidential campaigns. This is no way to win a popularity contest, to say the least of it. Especially not when you’re trying to win the black vote.

Everybody knows that Blacks Hate Fags, and especially trannies. So far this year, 16 people who have been infected with transgender ideology by Jewish media have been murdered. All but one of them, were black. In all cases where the killers have been caught, the killers were also black.

That’s why I launched BlacksHateFags.com, taglined “The Rift in the Rainbow”.

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