Radical Agenda S05E064 – Home To Roost

Writers at Gizmodo are throwing temper tantrums over what might be the most predictable of outcomes to Big Tech’s censorious and unlawful efforts to interfere in American politics.

Alyse Stanley commiserates with Twitter’s Trust and Safety Council, about the company becoming unresponsive to their demands, and neglecting to consult them about product and policy changes in advance. Members of the Trust and Safety Council are not employees of Twitter, but rather a group Left wing agitators, almost certainly financed by the same handful of wealthy Jews. Originally formed in 2016, the council hosts roughly 40 organizations and more than a dozen (((experts))) from around the world, according to a blog post announcing its formation.

In illustrating Twitter’s supposed failure to combat hate on the platform, Stanley cites their unwillingness to ban the President of the United States, as well as users who have not been in violation of Twitter’s policies. In Stanley’s talmudic worldview, the fervor of the mob, and the interests of the Democrat Party, are the only requisites for action, and the “Trust & Safety Council” seems to agree.

Unfortunately for the mob however, Twitter is not yet a government. They are a business, and until just last year, not a profitable one. Lacking the capacity to inflate currency or tax, they are compelled to actually meet market demands if they are to survive. Though dressed up in warm and fuzzy language about tolerance and inclusion, the rapacious Left wing hysterics which dominate the company’s corporate ideology, are hostile to anything that even resembles success.

Eventually, if anybody wants to remain in business, they have to tell these idiots to pound sand.

I figure that’s why Jennings Brown was shameless enough to publish similar whining about new workplace guidelines at Google, which he says “Stamps Out Political Speech Among Staff“. According to the new rules, “disrupting the workday to have a raging debate over politics or the latest news” doesn’t “build community,” and employees should, therefore, “Avoid conversations that are disruptive to the workplace or otherwise violate Google’s workplace policies”.

Imagine if you worked in a place where the CEO actually had to put in writing that “Our primary responsibility is to do the work we’ve each been hired to do, not to spend working time on debates about non-work topics”. If you were smart, you would polish up your resume, and begin seeking greener pastures.

Both propagandists make a point to deny the obvious and well documented fact that all the major tech platforms are violating campaign finance laws, as well as the conditions of their immunity under the communications decency act, by interfering in the political discourse. This would be humorous, given the never ending stream of company insiders going public to blow the whistle on this subversion, were it not for the catastrophic implications of the illegal behavior. Like other Left wing fanatics, they insist that the companies are not exhibiting a Left wing political bias, but are rather just ridding the platforms of “hate speech,” as if there was some kind of substantial difference between the two concepts.

What Twitter and Google seem to be discovering, the hard way, is that the (((people))) who want to stamp out “hate speech” are never satisfied. If you let these people indulge in their delusions, eventually, over time, even Barack Obama becomes a Nazi. Their attacks are not on “hate” or “White Supremacy” so much as on the very concepts of epistemology and objective reality. Trying to rid the world of all information that contradicts transgender ideology, means a world in which language must be reduced to grunts and clicks, eyes must be gouged out to avoid witnessing the obvious, and the very propagation of our species must be halted to prevent anyone from feeling left out.

As I was reading Brown’s piece about Google, an older piece by the same author was suggested that caught my eye. In this one, Brown takes a look at an anonymous discussion app called Blind. The app allows employees of certain companies to join private anonymous discussion groups for employees of those companies that can only be accessed with accounts created with a company email address. Blind claims it does not store email addresses in its database, and does not track data that can identify users. The company’s mission statement says the platform was built to “empower every individual in the workplace” and “uplift voices that have been silenced.”

So predictably, this resulted in what Brown describes as “Harassment, Transphobia, and Racism”. In other words, the app is doing exactly what it was designed to do, uplift the voice that have been silenced.

I was profoundly amused by the story, because I recognized the tranny freak of whom Brown was speaking, immediately. In early January, Google systems reliability engineer Liz Fong-Jones announced that he was leaving the company after 11 years on the job. Fong is a tranny degenerate who spends most of his days on Twitter whining about the inherently oppressive nature of reality and the human condition. He has close ties to notorious Antifa terrorists and other criminals, and is not at all shy about saying so in public. Even while working at Google, he constantly blasted the company as being party to his persecution fantasies.

Realizing how far affirmative action and the progressive stack had allowed lunatics like Fong to climb through the ranks of companies like Google, played a huge part in my growing affinity for encrypted communications, and distrust for the communications infrastructure.

When it was announced that Fong was leaving the company, his coworkers celebrated on Blind. Some of the messages Brown saw fit to highlight included;

“Best news I’ve heard all weekend. I’m hoping all the jackasses that sympathize follow her out the door.”

“What a piece is [sic] shit human being.”

“Malignant tumor finally removed !”

“It’s a happy moment for Google.”

“I love you fong time, not”

“What did she do when at google? Leader of SJWs?”

“Pretty much. Good riddance.”

“If you think Google is a breeding ground for racism, microaggressions, and bigotry, there is no place that will be safe for you. You are a perpetual victim that needs mental help.”

It’s worth noting that Brown took polar opposite positions in the two posts. When Google tried to tell their communists to do their fucking jobs and shut up about politics, Brown lamented the “chilling effect that this will have across all areas of Google”. When Google employees were actually free to speak their minds on Blind, Brown laments that “the forums seem to be growing toxic, making some employees feel unwelcome or unsafe.”

Not long after Fong announced his departure from Google, another tranny was gearing up to leave Facebook. Sophie Alpert left his position as an engineering manager, because he claimed to have been harassed by other employees after he was frustrated with the slow pace of White genocide at Facebook. “I want to spend my time at a place willing to push further on diversity and inclusion. One where it’s not OK to write on Workplace that white privilege doesn’t exist. One where if I call out that our board has too many white men, I don’t get harassed by other employees on Blind with transphobic messages saying I should be fired.”

Reading the three pieces was a pretty good White pill for me this morning, and I hope you’ll see it the same way. Time and again we find familiar patterns developing, and the efforts to reverse them consistently fail, instead managing only to increase tensions and delay the inevitable.

Nobody actually likes “diversity” especially that of the delusional gender variety. The moment people feel empowered to say so, they express their disgust with this garbage vociferously.

More importantly, even when the corporate culture of a company becomes thoroughly infested with this cancer, the profit motive eventually wins out, and social justice has to take a back seat to corporate survival. That doesn’t mean Google will stop being evil, or that Twitter will become honest, or that Facebook will be any less Jewish, but it does mean that there are some hard physical limits to how far Left a company can go if it wants to remain in business.

Perhaps the bigger white pill is this. It might be too late for these companies to turn things around.


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