Radical Agenda S05E072 – Best of the Radical Agenda Volume 4

I’ve been hard at work all weekend, amongst other things, trying to finish writing my book, which at this point looks like it will be a lot longer than I had originally envisioned. In addition to that ongoing project, a subject which deserves careful attention was brought up on Friday’s show, and has been the subject of much discussion in White Nationalist circles, most of it exceedingly misguided. The Department of Homeland Security issued a “Strategic Framework for Countering Terrorism and Targeted violence” which singles out “white supremacism” while barely mentioning the far more prominent, if less headline grabbing problem, of Left wing violence.

I want to address this, but I am realizing as the clock is about to strike 4, that I will not be able to finish compiling responsible commentary that would do this subject justice before our regularly scheduled showtime at 5:00pm US Eastern time.

So for now, I leave the listener with this Best of the Radical Agenda compilation to keep them occupied. I will aim to do an off schedule live episode of the Radical Agenda, perhaps as early as this evening, or perhaps Tuesday evening.

Wednesday, Outlaw Conservative will air at its regularly scheduled time, and our guest will be Tamara Goodwin, mother of political prisoner Jacob Goodwin. Jacob defended his country from negro terrorist DeAndre Harris on August 12th 2017, and along with several others, was imprisoned for that service. Tamara will be letting you know how you can help Jacob, and I am honored to have the privilege of delivering that message.