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Radical Agenda S03E073 – My Fellow Republicans

Radical Agenda S03E073 - My Fellow Republicans

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again “Keep on calling everybody a Nazi, and eventually, you’ll be right!” Thanks to Google, members of the second largest political party in the country’s most populous state are in fact Nazis. Or were, anyway, until Vice (((News))) contacted them and they changed their mind. On Thursday …

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Radical Agenda S03E072 – Dictator

Radical Agenda S03E072 - Dictator

Brazil spent 21 years under a military dictatorship under which hundreds of regime opponents were put to death and thousands were reportedly tortured. Earlier this month a CIA memo emerged showing how Brazilian dictator Ernesto Geisel personally approved the summary execution of his regime’s enemies. Democracy eventually flourished in the South American country, and with it …

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Radical Agenda S03E071 – Jump!

Radical Agenda S03E071 - Jump!

Here at the Radical Agenda, we’ve become acutely aware of the many problems with transgenderism. Since the show is only two hours long, I won’t list them all, but last night we got a pretty good reminder of why these “people” cannot be allowed to exist. Bradley Manning, the guy who betrayed his country by …

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Radical Agenda S03E070 – Raped By Truth

Radical Agenda S03E070 - Raped By Truth

Those of you who have been with the Radical Agenda for a long time will remember that I have had some strong opinions about law enforcement which were not always favorable. When I wasn’t recording them in the street hoping to catch one in a screwup, I was writing what amounted to war propaganda against …

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Radical Agenda S03E069 – Cardinal Sin

Radical Agenda S03E069 - Cardinal Sin

Previously on the Radical Agenda, I briefly mentioned some news stories about political stances taken by ostensibly religious institutions, which seemed to be at odds with the traditional stances of said institutions. Pope Francis infamously said recently that there is no hell, which, inclined though I may be to agree with the man, seems to …

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Radical Agenda S03E068 – Someone Has To Say It

Radical Agenda S03E068 - Someone Has To Say It

You may have heard of Tom Kawczynski in any number of ways. His Gab following rivals my own, he is the author of several books, he made headlines when he was caught caring about the white race while employed as the Town Manager of Jackman, Maine, and of course that landed him as our guest for …

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Radical Agenda S03E067 – Unhinged

Radical Agenda S03E067 - Unhinged

Here we go again. Another unhinged left wing fanatic has decided the best way to vent his frustrations was to resort to violence. Jonathan Oddi took a handgun (what, no bumpstock?) to one of Trump’s golf resorts, removed an American flag from the rear, started going off about how Making America Great Again is somehow a …

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Radical Agenda S03E066 – Cycle of Rage

Radical Agenda S03E066 - Cycle of Rage

Zoe Williams, who you might be shocked to find out is Jewish, has a piece in the Guardian today about a “50-year rage cycle” which she concludes is responsible for political and social hostilities plaguing human society as of late. She gives some examples of vitriol in person and online which she concludes are quite …

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Radical Agenda S03E065 – Trans Candidates

Radical Agenda S03E065 - Trans Candidates

When men want to get into the ladies room, reasonable people say this is going to lead to disaster. Unreasonable people say that transgender “people” are just like anyone else, would never do anything creepy, and anyone who disagrees with them is a literal Nazi. Surely, nobody would fake being transgender just to gain access …

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Radical Agenda S03E064 – Biblical

Radical Agenda S03E064 - Biblical

Can you imagine how confusing the world must seem right now to people who don’t understand the Jewish problem? Syria gases its own people, predictably provoking a US response against its own strategic interests, twice. Iran gets everything they want out of a nuclear deal, and with no evidence whatsoever, Trump declares them in violation …

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