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Radical Agenda S03E067 – Unhinged

Radical Agenda S03E067 - Unhinged

Here we go again. Another unhinged left wing fanatic has decided the best way to vent his frustrations was to resort to violence.¬†Jonathan Oddi took a handgun (what, no bumpstock?) to one of Trump’s golf resorts, removed an American flag from the rear, started going off about how Making America Great Again is somehow a …

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Radical Agenda S03E066 – Cycle of Rage

Radical Agenda S03E066 - Cycle of Rage

Zoe Williams, who you might be shocked to find out is Jewish, has a piece in the Guardian today about a “50-year rage cycle” which she concludes is responsible for political and social hostilities plaguing human society as of late. She gives some examples of vitriol in person and online which she concludes are quite …

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Radical Agenda S03E065 – Trans Candidates

Radical Agenda S03E065 - Trans Candidates

When men want to get into the ladies room, reasonable people say this is going to lead to disaster. Unreasonable people say that transgender “people” are just like anyone else, would never do anything creepy, and anyone who disagrees with them is a literal Nazi. Surely, nobody would fake being transgender just to gain access …

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Radical Agenda S03E064 – Biblical

Radical Agenda S03E064 - Biblical

Can you imagine how confusing the world must seem right now to people who don’t understand the Jewish problem? Syria gases its own people, predictably provoking a US response against its own strategic interests, twice. Iran gets everything they want out of a nuclear deal, and with no evidence whatsoever, Trump declares them in violation …

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Radical Agenda S03E063 – Brown Slave

Radical Agenda S03E063 - Brown Slave

The #MeToo “movement” has been a dismal failure to anyone who truly understands it, and a smashing success to feminist dupes who still don’t get it. The goal of course was to further a leftist agenda. Far from uplifting women and improving their station in society, the Left seeks to turn women into sterilized, hypersexual …

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Radical Agenda S03E062 – Funeral

Radical Agenda S03E062 - Funeral

Here at the Radical Agenda, we try not to pick on our fellow Republicans. Ronald Reagan’s 11th commandment seems eminently reasonable considering that the midterms are fast approaching after all, and however bad the GOP might seem at times we can always be certain the Democrats are going to be worse. I used to think …

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Radical Agenda S03E061 – 2nd Down

Radical Agenda S03E061 - 2nd Down

The second felony trial stemming from last year’s Unite the Right rally has come to its disappointing, if predictable, conclusion. Alex Michael Ramos was found guilty of malicious wounding, and the jury recommended a sentence of six years in prison. I got to know Ramos as we shared a cell block in the Albemarle Charlottesville …

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Radical Agenda S03E060 – Travesty

Radical Agenda S03E060 - Travesty

Internet trouble screwed the live show today. I’ve uploaded a short prerecorded bit. Let me start off by thanking the Albemarle County Circuit Court for affixing this alcohol monitor to my ankle. Without it, I’d surely be too hungover to do the show today. Yesterday was the single most difficult day I’ve gone through since …

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Radical Agenda S03E059 – Warpath

Radical Agenda S03E059 - Warpath

I’m feeling very good today. Successful. Dominant even. A great weight has been lifted off my shoulders after soundly defeating a motion to revoke my bond out of Albemarle County. It was more than a victory for me, it was an embarrassment for my rivals. Robert Tracii dragged every distraction and lie he could find …

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Radical Agenda S03E058 – Saints and Sinners

Radical Agenda S03E058 - Saints and Sinners

I have court tomorrow. There will be a hearing on a meritless motion to revoke my bond and send me back to jail. This episode may well be the conclusion of Radical Agenda Stage 3. So I hope you’ll understand that I cannot wait until Friday to take a shot at the optics cucks. You …

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