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Radical Agenda S03E030 – President’s Day

Radical Agenda S03E030 - President's Day

Some say leftists are becoming the Nazis they claim to hate by engaging in violence, and stifling dissent. Nazis are understandably upset about the comparison. Leftists are subhuman filth who only use government force and private sector criminality for degenerate purposes, whereas Nazis are genuinely interested in the greatness and wellbeing of their nation. Correctly …

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Radical Agenda S03E029 – Active Shooter

Radical Agenda S03E029 - Active Shooter

It’s official, a Radical Agenda listener has shot up his school. Reports are pouring in that he went from classroom to classroom seeking out kikes and trannies and shouting “sorry for the F” as he mercilessly gunned them all down. Let’s hope the Anti Defamation League runs with that narrative without bothering to finish the …

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Radical Agenda S03E028 – Heartburn

Radical Agenda S03E028 - Heartburn

Here at the Radical Agenda, we strive daily to strike a delicate balance between our misogyny and hopeless romanticism. In a subverted society where women have been given unnatural powers they know not how to wield responsibly, it can be tempting to hate them. Yet, pair bonding and genuine affection are hard coded into the …

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Radical Agenda S03E027 – Good Riddance

Radical Agenda S03E027 - Good Riddance

A new video from Vice Lugenpresse features a “Women of Color Healing Retreat” which takes place in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. White people are specifically banned from attending, noting that one attendee “needed a break–from white people.” From the Daily Caller The founder, Andrea X, expressed the opinion that white people–but white Americans specifically, shouldn’t be …

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Radio Silence

Radio Silence

As my trial approaches, preparation and decision making are occupying my attentions in a way that prevents me from performing my duties at full capacity. So I regretfully must postpone further production of the Radical Agenda until further notice. By next week we’ll either be back to regular production of Radical Agenda, or Live From …

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Radical Agenda S03E026 – Enemies Domestic

Radical Agenda S03E026 - Enemies Domestic

A controversial memo from the House Intelligence Committee has been released. The memo details the politicization of our government’s foreign intelligence apparatus, turned to domestic purposes by the Left. If you are surprised by this, then you have not been paying attention. The Left operates not by the rules of civil discourse, but by the …

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Radical Agenda S03E025 – Stormer The Union

Radical Agenda S03E025 - Stormer The Union

I know you guys have probably heard about all you need to about Trump’s first State of the Union address, I know I have. The speech was rather unremarkable by design, if you ask me. I only titled the show Stormer The Union today because I thought it sounded catchy and I am, as is …

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Radical Agenda S03E024 – Leftist Love Letters

Radical Agenda S03E024 - Leftist Love Letters

I’ve got my hands full today. For one, I’m in the middle of migrating the sites to a new server, which has proven more difficult than I had imagined thanks to a series of errors and crises with volunteers. Secondly, I’ve got court today. So, wish me luck with that. Luckily, I’m not short on …

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Site Maintenance/Downtime

I am in the process of moving my websites to a new server, and there may be some downtime as I work on this. Please be patient, and know that I’m okay.

Radical Agenda S03E023 – Compulsory Corruption

Radical Agenda S03E023 - Compulsory Corruption

Previously, on the Radical Agenda, we spent a great deal of time talking about truth. Today, let us discuss something we have in far greater abundance. Lies. I just watched a video from Campus Reform where students were asked what they thought about President Trump’s State of the Union address from the previous night. The …

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