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Radical Agenda S03E054 – Taxing

Radical Agenda S03E054 - Taxing

I had to take the day off yesterday to meet with the FBI. So we’re going to do this Tuesday episode to make up for it. It is exceedingly unfortunate that men like James Comey taint the reputation of that agency with partisan political activity. The men I spoke to yesterday seemed genuinely interested in …

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Radical Agenda S03E053 – Simon Roche

Radical Agenda S03E053 - Simon Roche

Just over a year ago, we had Simon Roche on the pogrom to discuss his efforts to build an emergency plan initiative to prepare a Protestant Christian South African Minority for a coming violent revolution. Even back then, he had good reason to fear such a conflict. The leader of the EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters) party …

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Radical Agenda S03E052 – War Party

Radical Agenda S03E052 - War Party

I remember the morning of September 11th 2001 like it was yesterday. I was running a landscaping truck at the time, and we were just finishing up a job when I started up the truck and turned on the radio to 92.3 KRock. Howard Stern was a pretty regular feature of my life back then, …

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Radical Agenda S03E051 – Radical To Speak

Radical Agenda S03E051 - Radical To Speak

This episode has been a long time coming. We had Jared Howe as a guest on the show back in May of 2017 for EP306, back when he and (to a lesser extent) I were still welcome in some more respectable corners of the interwebz. There was a fracturing well underway within the libertarian movement …

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Radical Agenda S03E050 – Hunter Wallace

Radical Agenda S03E050 - Hunter Wallace

Hunter Wallace is the man behind, and a man I’ve come to see as one of extraordinary integrity. The engineered fracturing of our movement has shown many others to be liars and cowards, but not Hunter. He calls it like he sees it. Last month he summed up the current state of the alt …

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Radical Agenda S03E049 – Paul Nehlen

Radical Agenda S03E049 - Paul Nehlen

To say that Paul Nehlen’s congressional campaign has been embroiled in controversy would be like saying the Radical Agenda contains material some listeners may find objectionable. His bid to unseat House Speaker Paul Ryan garnered considerable attention from the beginning, as he was backed by Steve Bannon and running right of Trump. Then he read …

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Radical Agenda S03E048 – Angles

Radical Agenda S03E048 - Angles

I don’t usually have much use for political commentary from women. The fact that most female political commentators are raving left wing feminist nutcases who shouldn’t be allowed to drive, much less vote has a lot to do with this. If you blame men for your problems and think we’re just one more tax hike …

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Radical Agenda S03E047 – New Leaf

Radical Agenda S03E047 - New Leaf

I’ve recently done a lot of thinking about limits. I spent the first month or so of my recent jail stint in solitary. A small cage in which I could barely take 7 steps before having to turn around and take 7 more as I paced back and forth contemplating life. The same handful of …

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Radical Agenda S03E046 – Capitalarchy

Radical Agenda S03E046 - Capitalarchy

A few years ago I testified before the banking committee of the New Hampshire legislature about a bill to define poker as a game of skill. The idea being that this would exempt it from certain gambling statutes and allow private poker rooms to proliferate throughout the Granite State. One of the reasonably conservative members …

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Radical Agenda S03E045 – Gender Bender

Radical Agenda S03E045 - Gender Bender

While immigration is certainly the most immediate and fastest growing threat in America, and black criminality the greatest source of violence, the absolute most degenerate thing going right now is the assault on gender. Without any science or reason behind it whatsoever, Jews are fanatically trying to convince the world that our very reproductive mechanisms …

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