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Radical Agenda EP320 – Invasion of DC

Radical Agenda EP320 - Invasion of DC

I’m just outside of Washington DC, getting ready to meet up with Mike Enoch, Richard Spencer, and a whole lot of Radical Agenda listeners for a free speech demonstration. Details are still kinda fuzzy, but I’ll update you when I can. This blog post is a placeholder because I’m in a hurry. Show starts soon. …

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Radical Agenda EP319 – Father’s Day Rants

Radical Agenda EP319 - Father's Day Rants

I won’t be doing a live show today, but I have a fresh episode for you nonetheless. I went down to New York to see my folks yesterday. In the car on the ride over I was energetic and thinking and had my recorder with me. So in between listening to last night’s episode of …

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Radical Agenda EP318 – Political Violence

Radical Agenda EP318 - Political Violence

I’m going to do an off schedule episode tonight. Quick and dirty. Here are some stories I’m looking at.   POLITICAL VIOLENCE IS A GAME THE RIGHT CAN’T WIN Canadians Could Face Hate Crimes Over Using The Wrong Gender Pronouns Assassination List Found On James Hodgkinson’s Body GOP Congressman: Trump ‘Partially to Blame for Demons …

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Radical Agenda EP317 – Ultimate Punishment

Radical Agenda EP317 - Ultimate Punishment

The Huffington Post has unpublished an article in the wake of what was surely an ardent reader going on a shooting spree, wounding cops and congressmen in Alexandria, Virginia. Luckily, the shooter is dead. Sadly, he did not suffer long enough. The article removed was published Saturday by contributor Jason Fuller, and called for Donald Trump …

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Radical Agenda EP316 – Strike 2

Radical Agenda EP316 - Strike 2

I have a very important message for the readers, listeners, and viewers who have enjoyed and supported my creative efforts. As many of you are already aware, I received a community standards strike on my YouTube account just under three months ago.  This happened for a video titled “Dindus and their Chosenite Owners Are Stupid” …

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Radical Agenda EP315 – Tara McCarthy & Azzmador

Radical Agenda EP315 - Tara McCarthy & Azzmador

We’ve got a packed show today. I’m going to start a bit early actually, just so we can get to everything. I’ll start the show at 4:30pm US Eastern with Augustus Invictus, he’ll be telling us about the anti Sharia protests that took place across the country over the weekend. From there, it’s time to …

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Radical Agenda EP314 – Matters

Radical Agenda EP314 - Matters

James Comey gave America some valuable insights into how their Federal Government operates yesterday. He testified before Congress that Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who has called for blood in the streets to protest President Trump, told him to refer to the criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton a “matter” instead of “investigation”. Interesting, that such a …

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Radical Agenda EP313 – Morrakiu

Radical Agenda EP313 - Morrakiu

Those of you who have been listening awhile have probably heard me mention Morrakiu, aka Tyrant Fashister, a few times. Those of you who haven’t are about to get introduced to one of the funniest, most talented people on the alt-right. He produces a segment known as the “Merchant Minute” which you may have heard …

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Radical Agenda EP312 – Trojan Whores

Radical Agenda EP312 - Trojan Whores

Laci Green has gone full 1488 and is curb stomping degenerates as we speak. Well, not exactly, but that’s how she is being treated by Everyday Feminism and other communist propaganda outfits who once adored the bubbly YouTuber who made a career out of promoting degeneracy. It’s not the first time we’ve seen such a …

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Radical Agenda EP311 – Headlines

Radical Agenda EP311 - Headlines

I’m doing a show today, and I’m going to try to do it live. But I’m pressed for time so I don’t have time to write a long blog post about it, and I cannot be certain the Internet will support a live stream. I’m going to do this audio only, without any calls today, …

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