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Radical Agenda EP287 – Gassed

Radical Agenda EP287 - Gassed

I was listening to today’s White House Press Briefing in the car, and as soon as the words fell out of Sean Spicer’s mouth, I knew what exactly what the media was going to do. In case you didn’t catch it, the Trump Administration’s Press Secretary said that “even someone as despicable as Adolf Hitler, …

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Radical Agenda EP286 – Suidlanders

Radical Agenda EP286 - Suidlanders

Here at the Radical Agenda, we typically tend to focus on Europe and America because those are the regions of primary import to our audience. We speak English, we’re white, and so trying to figure out the inner workings of places governed by savages in desperate need of some colonialism doesn’t seem the best use of …

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Radical Agenda EP285 – The Left’s War

Radical Agenda EP285 - The Left's War

Yesterday I caught wind that Donald Trump launched upwards of 50 Tomahawk missiles into Syria. This was done in apparent retaliation for a sarin gas attack supposedly launched by the Assad government against his own people, killing 86, including women and children, babies even. Now, I’m not going to say that launching nerve gas onto …

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Radical Agenda EP284 – Pity The Fool

Radical Agenda EP284 - Pity The Fool

Yo whaddup? It’s ya boy D, nahmsayin? Chris out tryina turn hoes into housewives uh somethin, so I jacked that whiteboy studio to do a show. Today, I’mma give you da real lowdown on whats poppin lately. We gone talk bout countering racist logic. How melanin is the key to humanity. How “logic” is just …

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Radical Agenda EP283 – Caucus

Radical Agenda EP283 - Caucus

Here at the Radical Agenda, we’ve come to accept factionalism as factual. Whatever merit there may or may not be to an idea, so long as the selective pressures of an economy permit the survival of parasites, nonsense will thrive. In the absence of such subsidies, it cannot exist. For these reasons and others, very sensible people …

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Radical Agenda EP282 – Sanctuary

Radical Agenda EP282 - Sanctuary

It recently came to my attention, that Eli Rivera, the Sheriff for Cheshire County, New Hampshire (where I reside), stated that he would not cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). He even went so far as to say “If you are an undocumented person in Cheshire County and feel uncertain about approaching law enforcement …

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Radical Agenda EP281 – Insomniac’s Special

It’s almost 2am, and I’m far from going to sleep. I’ve been sitting here talking to myself all night, I figured I’d bring you in on the conversation. Here are some of the headlines on my radar. Lauren Southern on White Supremacy Crowd chants “You can’t run, you can’t hide, you get a helicopter ride” …

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Radical Agenda EP280 – Mr. Speaker

Radical Agenda EP280 - Mr. Speaker

Today at 3:30pm the US House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on a bill to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act, aka ObamaCare. Whatever the outcome of the vote, the president is being sabotaged by Paul Ryan and other (((moderate))) Republicans. Even with the tweaks made in effort to appease conservatives, the proposed …

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Radical Agenda EP279 – Clipzkrieg

Radical Agenda EP279 - Clipzkrieg

It’s just before midnight on Tuesday, and I’m preparing to head back to Keene tomorrow. I hope to be in my studio in time for Wednesday’s show, but I’m beginning to realize it is possible that this won’t happen. So I’m going to do one of my impromptu off hours shows to free myself from …

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Radical Agenda EP278 – Auction

Radical Agenda EP278 - Auction

Seems like everything is up for sale these days. Nothing is sacred, really. The correlation between who spends the most on a campaign, and who wins an election is staggering. The same corporations regulators claim to be keeping in check, often end up in control of those regulatory agencies, shaping regulations to suit their purposes …

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