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Radical Agenda EP245 – Golden Farewell Showers

Radical Agenda EP245 - Golden Farewell Showers

Here at the Radical Agenda, we’re often shocked at just how often we’re shocked, which is shocking because we’re not easily shocked. Last night as I struggled to sleep I figured I would wake up to the media pouring over Barack Obama’s farewell address, which was basically the non-white version of RaHoWa. I hadn’t seen a …

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Radical Agenda EP244 – The Goldstein Globes

Radical Agenda EP244 - The Goldstein Globes

Here at the Radical Agenda, we pride ourselves on our ability to sit through hours of communist propaganda without becoming communists ourselves. We perceive this to be very important, because someone has to understand the actions of our enemies and explain them to our people. Sadly, most who immerse themselves in this toxic waste find …

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Radical Agenda EP243 – Tucked

Radical Agenda EP243 - Tucked

Usually we do this Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but tomorrow I have some things to deal with and  they might interfere with the regularly scheduled program. Additionally, the phones were so packed yesterday that I didn’t have time to get to half the stories I wanted to cover, and the news that’s broken since is …

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Radical Agenda EP242 – Shut Up, Meg

Radical Agenda EP242 - Shut Up, Meg

Friday will be the happiest day in my sorry excuse for a media career. Megyn Kelly will host her final episode of “The Kelly File” on Fox News before heading over to NBC with the other communists where she belongs. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Radical Agenda has outlasted The Kelly File, and I invite you all to …

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Radical Agenda EP241 – Because It’s 2017!

Radical Agenda EP241 - Because It's 2017!

As I write this, I struggle to find the words to express my excitement about the year ahead. Using the example of the Democratic party, and leftists around the world, we have before us a profound opportunity to make the world a better place. Not only that, but we have the perfect justification for all …

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Radical Agenda EP100 – Internet Aristocracy

Radical Agenda EP100 - Internet Aristocracy

Mr. Metokur, AKA Jim, FKA Internet Aristocrat guest co-hosts the 100th episode of Radical Agenda on the eve of the New Hampshire presidential primary which, like the Iowa caucuses, is predicted to have a record turn out. There is so much to talk about, I’m finding it difficult to predict what direction we’ll end up taking. …

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Radical Agenda EP055 – Anti-Science

Radical Agenda EP055 - Anti-Science

I made the mistake of watching the “First In The South Democratic Forum” over the weekend. Among all the pandering to women, gays, and ethnic minorities and between promises of free stuff, one other thing the candidates touted really irritated me. Democrats perpetually insist they are the party that believes in science. This is usually …

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Radical Agenda EP008 – Guns and Polyamory

Radical Agenda EP008 - Guns and Polyamory

I had originally asked Lauren Rumpler to come into the studio to discuss polyamory. Polyamory is, in short, having more than two partners in a romantic/sexual relationship. I wanted to discuss it and take a pro-monogamy position myself. Then I got caught up in a self defense incident where I became the number one story …

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Radical Agenda EP007 – Heresy with Tom Woods

Radical Agenda EP007 - Heresy with Tom Woods

Tom Woods will be joining me this Friday, May 8th for the 7th episode of Radical Agenda. I’m gitty, because Tom is one of my favorite podcasters, though that certainly isn’t his most impressive credential. Tom is a senior fellow at the Mises Institute, one of few libertarian institutions I still hold in high regard. …

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