Radical Agenda S03E060 – Travesty

Internet trouble screwed the live show today. I’ve uploaded a short prerecorded bit.

Let me start off by thanking the Albemarle County Circuit Court for affixing this alcohol monitor to my ankle. Without it, I’d surely be too hungover to do the show today. Yesterday was the single most difficult day I’ve gone through since August 11th of last year.

Radical Agenda S03E060 - Travesty

Radical Agenda S03E060 – Travesty

Monday began the trial of Jacob Goodwin, a man who I came to know and respect as we shared a cell block in the Albemarle Charlottesville Regional Jail. Jacob was one of several men charged with maliciously wounding Deandre Harris on August 12th, after Harris had been running around assaulting people with a weapon while wearing a mask.

The trial completed yesterday, and the jury had the option of finding Jacob not guilty, guilty of simple assault (misdemeanor), guilty of unlawful wounding (a lesser felony), or malicious wounding, which carries a sentence of 5-20 years. Jacob was found guilty of the most serious charge, and the jury came back with a recommendation of 10 years, “empathy training” and a suggestion that the judge suspend some portion of the sentence.

Back when I was heavily involved with the libertarians, there was a great deal of activism surrounding jury nullification. This is (usually) the idea that a jury can refuse to convict a defendant even if he broke the law, because they disagreed with the law or its application. On numerous occasions I stood outside courthouses, handing out fliers to potential jurors, telling them that they had the right, perhaps even the duty in some cases, to nullify unjust laws like the war on drugs, weapons possession, or anything not involving a victim.

I’ve sadly lost access to the photo since being permanently banned from Facebook, but I once proudly took a photo with the infamous Julian Heicklen at the Porcupine Freedom Festival in Lancaster, New Hampshire. Heicklen was a fervent activist who would hand out jury nullification fliers even in places where he knew he would be arrested for doing so, and had been arrested for this numerous times. He eventually got sick of being prosecuted, and fled the country.

In most courtrooms, if one attempts to put on a jury nullification defense, the judge will intervene. The system must never be put on trial, you see. So if one attempts to argue the injustice of the law instead of the facts of the case, the proceedings will come to a grinding halt and the defense or his council may well find themselves held in contempt if they persist. In many courtrooms, merely mentioning the constitution in a weapons possession case for example, will cause this outcome.

In New Hampshire, our legislature passed a law to change this. Defendants have a legal right to put the law itself on trial. If you are charged with a crime in New Hampshire, your opening and closing arguments can be “I did it, and you should find me not guilty anyway, because this law is unjust”.

While the legislature was still considering this law, I testified before a legislative committee on the subject. The legislature was largely sympathetic to our cause, but feared the law might actually be misused by prosecutors to convict defendants of laws they had not in fact broken. I referred to this as “Reverse Jury Nullification” and pointed out that this was already happening entirely too frequently. I used the example of Rich Paul, a New Hampshire activist who had been convicted of selling a substance “purported to be LSD” even though what he had sold at the time was a then legal research chemical known as 2CB, just because he referred to it as “acid”. However, as Rich’s defense pointed out, a Google search for “legal acid” at the time, would have come back with many results for 2CB, and so the law was liberally misapplied in his case.

Such was the case with Jacob Goodwin.

I’ll here acknowledge that many of our guys would have been well served to take a self defense class prior to arriving in Charlottesville. The laws surrounding self defense vary from place to place, and the application of those laws varies even more. The line between defensive force and violent crime is not a clear one, and under the best of circumstances well meaning people cross this line all the time. To put it lightly, Charlottesville was not the best of circumstances. Entirely too many good people are in jail or prison for doing what they thought was right, just because some group of self important bureaucrats who’ve never been in a violent conflict thought they knew better.

So if the jury had found Jacob guilty of simple assault, though I would have disagreed with them, I could understand that outcome. Jacob kicked Deandre Harris while Harris was on the ground. Reasonable people can look at that and conclude that whatever Harris did, this was one step too far.

To find Jacob guilty of malicious wounding, the jury would have to conclude that Jacob had in fact wounded Harris, and that he had acted with malice. To put it lightly, evidence was lacking in this regard.

Deandre’s face was busted up (and rightly so, considering what he did to Harold Crews), but Jacob did not hit Harris in the face. No evidence was provided that Goodwin injured Harris in any way, only that he kicked him. Even if you ignore the fact that Harris was engaged in numerous violent crimes that day, while feloniously wearing a mask, the only crime committed here was assault.

To find Jacob guilty of wounding Harris is reverse jury nullification. He is being held responsible for wounds which he factually did not inflict.

Even this would not support a malicious wounding charge. When Deandre Harris was charged with smashing Harold Crews in the face with a Maglite during a robbery, he was merely charged with unlawful wounding, a considerably less serious crime, which was later dropped to a simple assault and ultimately was found not guilty by a judge who nullified even that law.

Malicious wounding requires a rather specific intent for which no evidence was forthcoming. Jacob Goodwin was accused of being a white supremacist, and Deandre Harris was black. That’s all there was to it. If Goodwin went to Charlottesville that day hoping for the chance to beat down negroes, there were plenty of them out there that day who would have made much more appealing targets than the armed and violent Harris. If the motive was racial bias, it wouldn’t make much sense for Goodwin to wait until Harris had committed a violent felony and come running toward him to begin his campaign of racially motivated terror.

This mattered not to the prosecution, and ultimately the same went for the jury. The hysteria of America’s ongoing and increasing racial tensions was the only argument necessary to convict Jacob Goodwin of a crime that had not occurred, and deprive this upstanding young man of a decade of his life.

The City of Charlottesville is in, as William Luther Pierce described Haiti, “a uniquely African combination of anarchy and despotism”. A completely lawless body operates with all the powers of an omnipotent government, wielding “laws” as mere weapons with which to punish political enemies.

The violence that occurred in Charlottesville that weekend never had to happen. At no other Alt Right demonstration did such mayhem ensue. When the police did their jobs, and kept the Leftist mobs in their cages where they belong, we show up, say what we have to say, and call it a night.

Instead, the city set the Reds on us and the riot those criminals had openly bragged about planning took place. Men were put in fear of their lives, and acted with unrivaled courage only to find themselves prosecuted for doing what the police should have done before things got out of hand.

Those of us lucky enough to live in places where this lawlessness has not yet reached should take note, and act to make sure this mayhem does not take over our governments in the name of tolerance and diversity. As White people are displaced, so are the legal systems we created, and with us goes the sort of ordered liberty that became the defining characteristic of Western Civilization.


Checks for Jacob’s legal defense fund (an appeal is being planned) can be made out to:

James E Kolenich
9435 Waterstone Blvd Ste 140
Cincinnati, OH, 45249-8229

They have to be made out to Kolenich or he can’t cash them. Include in the memo that it’s for the Goodwin/TWP fund or he’ll not know where to apply the money.

BTC 3FYRBfe18jmTL5gPN83qj5MaeNcJvcRctz

BCH: qrwhhvqkjug5qhgk9c5e3rzyj2a8yl4v3qk4sy6ldr




You can write Jacob Goodwin, and our other political prisoners at

Albemarle Charlottesville Regional Jail
160 Peregory Lane
Charlottesville, VA 22902

Include the name and inmate number on the envelope, listed below

Jacob Goodwin – Inmate #634728
Daniel Borden – Inmate #631461
Alex Ramos – Inmate #632152
James Fields – Inmate #631438

If somebody wants to put the other inmate numbers in the comments I’ll update this post.

You can send them money for their commissary accounts with a money order, or by using JailATM.com.

740-I-AM-1488 or RadicalAgenda on Skype of you would like to be on the pogrom.

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Radical Agenda S03E059 – Warpath

I’m feeling very good today. Successful. Dominant even.

A great weight has been lifted off my shoulders after soundly defeating a motion to revoke my bond out of Albemarle County. It was more than a victory for me, it was an embarrassment for my rivals. Robert Tracii dragged every distraction and lie he could find into that courtroom, and the judge saw right through it, setting the stage for later proceedings when a healthy degree of skepticism will be needed to see through the lies this case is based on.

Radical Agenda S03E059 - Warpath

Radical Agenda S03E059 – Warpath

The Fake News paid little attention to the facts, reporting that I was on my way to jail. Rumors of my incarceration were greatly exaggerated, as you can clearly see. I was ordered held until an alcohol monitoring bracelet could be affixed to my ankle, which happened before the end of the proceedings. I love proving these Jews wrong and exposing their laziness, incompetence, and dishonesty.

Then I came home and saw that Jean-Francois Gariépy had quit Warski Live after critiquing Warski’s slander of me. The consensus among viewers seems to be that JF was the brains of that operation, and the evidence strongly suggests that he is firmly in the camp of Team Integrity with your humble correspondent.

And that’s just what I’m comfortable speaking publicly about. Behind the scenes far more is happening.

While so many people are talking up the end of the Alt Right, I’m watching my foes topple before me like dominoes, and allies are lining up behind me. Lines are being drawn, factions are forming, and I am feeling very good about those whom I find myself aligned with.

The upheaval that followed Unite the Right is proving to be a very positive thing for our Race and Nation. Ricky Vaughn set out to divide the movement between effective people and “dumb losers,” and it would appear he was successful, even if not in the way he had expected. We are separating the wheat from chaff. The dumb losers have followed the liars into nihilism and deception, while the effective people are slowly but surely navigating the treacherous path to total victory.

Our salvation will come by way of bravery, patience, and integrity, or it will not come. Cowardice, expediency, and deceit are tools of the Jew, which White men lack the talent and necessity for wielding. Our rivals are many and powerful, yet they tremble at our approach because the sheer righteousness of our people and our cause stirs within them a primal fear borne out of older times.

Times when the White man dominated the Earth, without apology.

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Radical Agenda S03E058 – Saints and Sinners

I have court tomorrow. There will be a hearing on a meritless motion to revoke my bond and send me back to jail. This episode may well be the conclusion of Radical Agenda Stage 3.

Radical Agenda S03E058 - Saints and Sinners

Radical Agenda S03E058 – Saints and Sinners

So I hope you’ll understand that I cannot wait until Friday to take a shot at the optics cucks. You might recall us talking about Ricky Vaughn’s short lived production “The Ricky Vaughncast” (Episode 5) in which Ricky interviewed “Pleasureman” from My Posting Career. In that episode, Ricky and Pleasureman discussed “Problems with White Identity” comparing it to radical Islam and transgenderism.

After concluding that white identity was illegitimate and invariably led to violent extremism, Pleasureman explained that My Posting Career was dedicated to “incel” (Involuntarily Celibate) culture.

Understandably, most people don’t pay much mind to the incels. They have given up on competing for sexual access to desirable women, and so people like us need not concern ourselves with them for the most part. However, if anybody thought identifying with one’s race was problematic, having one’s identity and culture defined by a lack of human affection and reproductive potential is the ultimate recipe for disaster.

Chris Harper Mercer, Elliot Rodger, Nikolas Cruz, mass murderers all, none of whom were white I should point out, all identified as incels. Sexual rejection wasn’t just something they experienced, it was something they became identified by.

Now, Alek Minassian is being hailed as a “new saint” by incels the world over after driving a Ryder van onto a crowded sidewalk killing ten people, most of whom were women. Prior to the attack he allegedly posted to Facebook “Private (Recruit) Minassian Infantry 00010, wishing to speak to Sgt 4chan please. C23249161. The Incel Rebellion has already begun! We will overthrow all the Chads and Stacys! All hail the Supreme Gentleman Elliot Rodger!”

Minassian had also allegedly posted violent threats to incels.me prior.

Now of course, lacking a gun to blame, the Left has gone off about “toxic masculinity” and stretching the definition of whiteness to blame the deaths on the political Right. I feel obligated to remind them, that they are solely to blame for this and so much other carnage.

These men did not find themselves incapable of finding women because they were hypermasculine violent monsters. If they were such macho beasts, they would surely have quite the opposite problem. They, like so many others, accepted the inherently leftist notion that competition was a sin, that masculinity ought to be eradicated, that every sexual advance is the equivalent of sexual assault, and that society owed the lowest scum the highest of accolades. When their adoption of leftist values predictably left them without any hope of satisfaction, they did what all leftists do, and lashed out violently at the targets of their envy.

In what White identitarian circle is this type of failure encouraged? None. We encourage men to improve themselves and rise above such Jewish lies. To be industrious, to exercise and shed their vices and be in top physical and mental form. We say to men that they should EARN the affections of not just any woman, but the BEST women, WHITE women. And once that affection is earned, we encourage them to keep it FOREVER. To cherish and grow it and bring White children into the world and to secure the future for their existence.

It is the hopelessness, nihilism, and degeneracy of the Left that breeds suicidal lowlives and senseless mayhem on the streets. No amount of blame shifting, wealth redistribution, or gun control is ever going to change that fact.

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Radical Agenda S03E057 – Ayla Stewart

We’ve had Ayla Stewart – aka Wife With A Purpose (Follow her on Gab or YouTube) – on the show a couple of times before. She joined us for EP075 to talk about the Ordained Women’s Movement, and for our Mothers’ Day Special back in May of last year (EP300). I’ve always enjoyed Ayla’s appearances, in part because she manages to play the part of positive female role model so well, and remain cheerful, in a movement that tends to ride the androcentric line pretty hard. The Alt Right has made a habit of sniping female content producers, with varying degrees of merit.

Radical Agenda S03E057 - Ayla Stewart

Radical Agenda S03E057 – Ayla Stewart

Well, even if unintentionally, the Alt Right branding has managed to lose Ayla as a spokeswoman. In a blog post titled “Why I’m Leaving the Label ‘Alt Right’ Behind” Ayla describes some of her core beliefs, and how she sees those contrasting with the the direction of the Alt Right branding.

This troubled me more than the other divisions we’ve talked about before. Ayla isn’t competing for rank, or running into simple personality clashes. She hasn’t changed her beliefs or cowered in the face of adversity. Ayla stayed the same, the movement changed, and Ayla found herself outside of it.

I have never been of the opinion that worthwhile political movements should be particularly focused on gaining the approval of women. We have seen where that goes enough times, and it is not a direction in which I’d wish to lead anyone.

That said, a right wing movement that loses a woman like Ayla needs to do some soul searching. She is, in many ways, the archetypal “trad” woman. She is married, Christian,  and the mother of six wonderful children. She makes that lifestyle look joyous for other women who might be seeking an alternative to the soulless, barron, genderless wasteland of Jewish feminism.

If she stays the same, and finds herself outside of our Overton Window, then we really need to stop and think about the merits of whatever changes we’ve made.

Ayla joins us for the first hour, if not longer.

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Radical Agenda S03E056 – Birthday Party

I can remember just six short years ago when 4/20 rolled around and the big event was to go smoke marijuana on the steps of the New Hampshire State House. I wasn’t even into smoking pot, but all my Free Stater friends were, and I still thought ending the war on drugs to be a high political priority. Pun intended.

Radical Agenda S03E056 - Birthday Party

Radical Agenda S03E056 – Birthday Party

April 20th is no longer about sticky green or civil disobedience for me. I’ve developed a new appreciation for authority, and contempt for vice. Today I instead reflect on the most reviled and misunderstood man in the history of mankind, Adolf Hitler.

To hear most people tell it, Adolf Hitler was some maniac who got into power by mistake. He woke up on the wrong side of the bed one morning, decided to start killing Jews for no reason whatsoever, and before he was even done with that he decided to take over the world by force.

If you listen to conservative talk radio, you won’t hear the hosts say many positive things about Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s domestic agenda. The New Deal is near universally despised by conservatives as unconstitutional and un-American. To hear them tell it however, FDR had an excellent foreign policy. Teaming up with the Soviet Union and handing Europe over to the communists was an eminently reasonable alliance, given the evils of National Socialism.

Even after getting concerned about immigration, and woke to the Jewish Question, the Hitler thing still felt so dirty to me. For better or worse, the name and the iconography had been so thoroughly tainted in the culture as to render their invocation toxic. Besides, I genuinely did, and still do, tend to favor a free market oriented perspective on economic questions. I was, and still am, genuinely skeptical of State authority.

But having been stuck with the Nazi branding against my will after Charlottesville, and finally bothering to read the man’s book while in jail, I got more comfortable with it all. Besides, if you want to do an edgy radio show, it doesn’t get much edgier than Nazism. So rather than try to draw distinctions and distance myself from the man, I tried to learn from him.

Here is my interpretation of what I have learned.

The State is not some retarded superstition or outdated relic of barbarism, as some libertarians and other deconstructionists would have us believe. Human beings are not mere individuals.

Race and Nation are real, and the State is what keeps it all together. For my Hoppean friends, you can think of this as the proprietors of a “covenant community” but the purpose is still the same. It is a eugenics program, and if it is not thought of as such, then it simply becomes a poorly run eugenics program with catastrophic outcomes.

It is the responsibility of good rulers to discourage degeneracy, to repel invasion, and to promote the advancement of positive traits. Failure to do any of those things is success in doing the opposite.

The Jew is the mortal enemy of the White race. He pretends to be one of us, and poisons the information pool like a brain parasite, rendering the healthy functioning of the society impossible. He attempts to place himself in the most influential areas of the society. The media, the banking system, and the State. Using these mechanisms of control, he celebrates degeneracy, welcomes invasion, and punishes the advancement of positive traits.

The upper classes are not nearly as impacted by all of this as the lower classes. That disparity of impact drives a wedge between them, and labor and capital become hostile toward one another. The lower classes rightly become enraged and prone to violence as they see their future prospects – which were not spectacular to begin with – rapidly diminishing, even while the upper classes become fabulously wealthy.

The Jew in turn uses this discontentment to foment revolution. He turns the working class against the elites of the society with disingenuous promises of equality. Once the elites are overthrown however, he simply installs himself as the ruler and extracts what he can from the working class with the sort of ruthlessness seen in the Soviet Union.

Thus, to suggest that one can fix the problems of the society without taking the concerns of the working class with the utmost seriousness is absurd. They must be properly led, and elevated, and turned against the hostile foreign elements fomenting the division.

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Radical Agenda S03E055 – Clown World

I don’t even know where to start today. I usually try to come up with a cohesive theme for show descriptions, but I’m being pulled in varying directions by equally ridiculous headlines.

Whenever the gun control issue comes up, we point to stabbings and murders by blunt instruments and jokingly say “are you going to ban XZY next?” thinking people will see the absurdity of the policy proposed. That never works. As you may recall, London is now instituting knife and acid control since, in the absence of firearms, these have become the weapons of choice for the criminals brought in by lax immigration policy.

Radical Agenda S03E055 - Clown World

Radical Agenda S03E055 – Clown World

If you thought it would stop there, you were kidding yourself. A school in Hyattsville, Maryland just banned pencil sharpeners after 7 students used the blades from them to superficially cut their own wrists.

Usually people think you’re engaging in hyperbole if you compare schools to prisons, but jail, and maybe psychiatric hospitals are literally the only other places I can think of where pencil sharpeners are considered contraband. What are they going to do when a kid stabs somebody with a dull pencil? What about when somebody gets choked with a belt?

This perpetual effort to control the environment to make it safe for savages and the mentally ill, reducing us all to the lowest common denominator, is a bottomless pit of nonsense.

If you thought that was ridiculous, I’ve got another one for you. Somebody actually thought it newsworthy to say “Transgender Youth More Likely To Be Diagnosed with Mental Disorders“.

Somebody ought to inform the journal Pediatrics that transgenderism is a mental disorder, and parents who indulge the delusions of their children are engaged in child abuse.

“Among these young people, the most prevalent diagnoses were attention deficit disorders in children, 3 to 9 years of age, and depressive disorders in adolescents, 10 to 17 years of age” said the study’s lead author, Tracy A. Becerra-Culqui, Ph.D., M.P.H., of the Kaiser Permanente Southern California Department of Research & Evaluation.

Children as young as three years old, being diagnosed with ADD, and then being allowed to get tricked by Jewish transgender bullshit.

Speaking of Jewish transgender bullshit, some fucking degenerate managed to get himself into the female housing unit of a jail after he defied an order to disperse at a violent leftist demonstration. Ebony Ava Harper was arrested and booked into the Sacramento County Jail on charges of failing to disperse during a protest, and resisting an officer. “My humanity was stripped, I was searched by men, and they videotaped me, I began to cry because I didn’t feel comfortable being searched by a guy,” Harper said. “I have some female body parts; I just felt dehumanized,” he added.

I think Ebony should be placed directly inside a wooden box, which should be nailed shut and buried far from any men who might hurt him.

If that story got you aroused, perhaps you would like to let off some steam at the “Bordoll,” a German business where men stop by and pay $60 to borrow a masturbatory toy for half an hour. The dolls cost roughly $2500 to buy outright, putting them outside the reach of your average working man. So some brilliant entrepreneur named (((Evelyn Schwarz))) decided to rent them out by the half hour.

Andrea, who helps Schwarz run the brothel, doesn’t want to get into the details of the cleaning process, which can take up to 30 minutes. They’re top secret tricks of the trade, she tells Vice News.

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Radical Agenda S03E054 – Taxing

I had to take the day off yesterday to meet with the FBI. So we’re going to do this Tuesday episode to make up for it.

It is exceedingly unfortunate that men like James Comey taint the reputation of that agency with partisan political activity. The men I spoke to yesterday seemed genuinely interested in finding the truth, and I can guarantee no less than one Antifa is going to jail over what I showed them. They were a little bit upset that none of the abundance of information I gave them incriminated the Alt Right, but I told them honestly, under penalty of law, that in no uncertain terms, I had no information about the Alt Right planning or engaging in any type of criminal activity.

I felt pretty good about the whole ordeal, and then my ancap roots came back to haunt me.

It’s tax day, again. Time for Trump to tell us how despite accomplishing next to nothing on immigration, and putting us on the brink of war with Russia, his presidency is a smashing success because tax cuts.

Having prior been very focused on economics, I find myself in this really awkward position right now. Yeah, taxes were (and are) too high. Yes, the tax code was (and is) burdensome, complicated, and unfair. Yes it is beneficial to the economy to reduce these burdens.

Radical Agenda S03E054 - Taxing

Radical Agenda S03E054 – Taxing

But it also shows us that the God Emperor has no clothes. We have gotten nothing that Trump ran on, just a tax plan that Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell would have gladly put on the desk of Ted Cruz or Rand Paul with identical reception. Trannies are still joining the military, and every other place where they deserve to be shot for entering. Neil Gorsuch just joined the Left in a 5-4 decision against a Trump immigration policy. John Bolton is in the White House and America is carrying out Israeli foreign policy like proper Shabbos mercenaries.

But don’t worry there goy, just fill out this complicated tax form one more time, and right after we lose the House to the Democrats you’ll be able to get extorted on a postcard. Yes, the Trump administration is making it far easier, and in some cases a little bit cheaper, for you to get bled to death to pay for bombs in places you don’t give a shit about, and food on the tables of people who don’t give a shit about you.

This is literally what America has come down to. “Fine! Take our guns! Ban our speech! Let criminals riot in our streets and imprison us for defending ourselves! Murder our children! Sterilize our women! Subsidize a foreign invasion, and exterminate our race! Just let us keep a little bit more of the debt based paper money you create out of thin air like magic! Make it simpler for me to pay this extortion so I don’t have to hire some Jew to tell me how much I owe!”

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Radical Agenda S03E053 – Simon Roche

Just over a year ago, we had Simon Roche on the pogrom to discuss his efforts to build an emergency plan initiative to prepare a Protestant Christian South African Minority for a coming violent revolution. Even back then, he had good reason to fear such a conflict. The leader of the EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters) party there has said “We are not calling for the slaughter of white people‚ at least for now… The rightful owners of the land are black people. No white person is a rightful owner of the land here in SA and whole of the African continent”.

Radical Agenda S03E053 - Simon Roche

Radical Agenda S03E053 – Simon Roche

Things in that part of the world have only gotten worse since. A movement to strip white landowners of their property without compensation, parading as “land reform,” is gaining steam by the day. Murders and rapes of white South Africans by blacks is becoming normalized. Things have gotten so bad that Australia considered granting priority refugee status to white South Africans, but that was predictably called racist. Some persecuted minorities are more minor than others, it seems.

So Simon got to work raising money for his cause. He traveled around the United States and spoke to people like me, Jared Taylor, Mike Cernovich, Alex Jones, Stefan Molyneux, and others. Some of you probably gave him money.

Some people think that probably wasn’t such a great idea.

Simon contacted me to say that his reputation was under assault, and asked if I’d provide him with a platform to clear the air. Having been the target of liars myself a few times, I sympathized with his plight, and invited him to join us for this Friday’s show.

When I announced that he would be on the show via Gab.ai, an alarming number of you alerted me to suspicions of his motives, character, and even his ethnicity.

Is Simon a Jew? Has Suidlanders been ripping off donors? Are his dealings legal? Is this money helping white South Africans, or just fueling his lifestyle?

I honestly do not know the answers to these questions. Documents full of allegations were provided to me by Simon’s detractors, but I lack the time and resources to research them. So we’re going to do exactly what the Radical Agenda exists to do, talk about it.

FreeStartr Fundraising Campaign for Suidlanders

Suidlanders Website

Intro Music: Jordan Page – Listen

Simon will take your calls at 740-I-AM-1488 or Radical Agenda on Skype.

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Radical Agenda S03E052 – War Party

I remember the morning of September 11th 2001 like it was yesterday. I was running a landscaping truck at the time, and we were just finishing up a job when I started up the truck and turned on the radio to 92.3 KRock. Howard Stern was a pretty regular feature of my life back then, and my first introduction to talk radio.

They were talking about some rumor that Howard had hooked up with Pam Anderson, and Howard was not comfortable with the discussion. He kept trying to change the subject, so nobody believed him at first when he said a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. Not long after, the second plane hit, and the show cut over to a news feed which made the announcement, America was under attack.

We were far from done with our work for the day, but I told my helper to get in the truck. It was time to go home.

Radical Agenda S03E052 - War Party

Radical Agenda S03E052 – War Party

When I got home, my parents had Fox News on the television. I did not pay much attention to politics at the time, and had no concept of the differences between cable news networks. I knew that what I was seeing was really important though, so I began to watch little other than cable news whenever I watched television.

I quickly grew to dislike the other channels, because they seemed unpatriotic. My country was at war, after being the subject of an unprovoked attack by savages who didn’t even have the official sanction of another government. They hated us for our freedom, and the conflict was clearly an us or them situation. These other channels clearly hated the country which afforded them the freedom to dissent, and wanted to blame us for the actions of criminals.

I spent the better part of 8 years thinking that way. I got almost all of my political information from Fox News. I enthusiastically supported the war, and thought anybody who didn’t was a disloyal pinko commie liberal. I was sure that at any moment, modern technology would bring the spectacle of “shock and awe” to my eyes, and the incredible power of the United States military would bring our foes to their knees in short order.

Seemingly before that war had even gotten started, Iraq was somehow made a top priority. I didn’t question it much. I remembered the war propaganda of the first Iraq war from my pre-teen years. We had already been through two other presidencies by this point and that Saddam guy was still in power? Obviously a tyrant! The Iraqi people were sure to greet us as liberators, and in any case, America was so powerful and so righteous that this nothing little country was sure to be a non-issue for our military.

It wasn’t until 2009 that I started to question any of this. Barack Obama had become president, and suddenly Fox News didn’t trust the government with every imaginable power. Now we were to be concerned about this massive spy bureaucracy, and we definitely didn’t want “free” healthcare.

Perhaps more curiously, the other channels were no longer skeptical about war. Now war was universally accepted as the normal state of affairs.

I later found myself in a bit of legal trouble, and studying the US Constitution rocked my world. My government recognized no constraints on its powers whatsoever. It lied constantly about matters past and present. I felt so stupid for cheering it on those eight years.

I got involved with the libertarians, ran for congress, and became an anti-war activist. I watched Loose Change, the Obama Deception, Endgame, Terrorstorm, GenerationRX, the Future of Food, and other videos that further radicalized me.  I became convinced that “terrorism” was some scam by the government to scare me into giving up my freedom. It had been remarkably successful.

Outside of a few vocal libertarians who were no threat to the system, there ceased to be any kind of anti-war movement. Conservatives accepted all things military as inherently virtuous. Obama’s biggest problem, to them, was that he wasn’t aggressive enough as he expanded the territorial scope of this “war on terror”. Liberals were suddenly less concerned about the killing our government was doing, and far more interested in the “human rights abuses” of the regimes their black president was aiming to topple.

Fast forward a few years down the road, and terrorism in Europe became impossible to ignore. Shockingly enough, when you let Muslims take over your country demographically, bad things happen. I felt even dumber for being skeptical of terrorism than I had about trusting my corrupt government.

This didn’t make me feel any better about the wars, mind you. They were largely driving the immigration patterns that caused this mess. But there was no longer any meaningful anti-war voice.

I was skeptical, to say the least, last year when we were told Assad used sarin gas against his people in Syria. It didn’t seem to serve any strategic benefit, quite the contrary, and in any case surely the US response of bombarding an airbase offset any perceived advantage. Sure enough, we were later told that we had no evidence that Assad did in fact use sarin gas.

The more recent claim of chlorine gas, I don’t think even made an effort at being credible. I saw a bunch of people washing kids off with hoses, some young guys running around between damaged buildings through a foggy street, and was told by Fox News that this proved Assad had gassed his own people. If that smog was chlorine gas, I can promise you those kids would not have been so calmly jogging back and forth in it.

That plan to get out of the country? Totally off the table now, because Jewish moralist horseshit.

The other channels? You know, the ones that think Donald Trump is Hitler. Yeah, they think he’s a pussy now.

Save for Tucker Carlson and what’s left of the Alt Right, there doesn’t seem to be any meaningful opposition at all to full blown war in Syria. That would be troubling enough if it were only Syria that we would find ourselves at war with. In reality, we would likely be fighting Russia and Iran as well, and that’s just the obviously foreseeable consequences.

We have been at war for almost 17 years, the longest running conflict in our history. We owe over $21 trillion, we have $112 trillion in unfunded liabilities, and most Americans don’t have $1,000 in savings. Half the country fears and loathes the other half based on politics alone, and the racial tensions aren’t exactly improving matters. Communists riot in our streets with impunity. Illegal immigrants block the entrances to amusement parks and call it activism. Non-whites make up 40% of our active duty military.

If we do not stop fighting these wars, we are going to start losing them. That seems so glaringly obvious to me that I can only assume the people pushing for war are aiming for our destruction. Speaking of American national security interests in Syria, while leaving our borders open to invasion, is so absurd on its face that anyone who seriously proposes it has to be viewed as a threat. Putting us on a collision course with Russia, after we’ve been embarrassed militarily for 17 years by primitive beasts in the desert, is just begging for catastrophe for all involved.

Cui bono?

Mr. President,

No matter how many wars you wage for the Jews, no matter how many sons and daughters you give them, they will always oppose your efforts to Make America Great Again, because subversion runs through their veins. We are on the brink of planetary racial cataclysm the likes of which the world has never seen, and from which we may never recover. The white race has been overrun in Europe and the United States. If we were to defeat Russia militarily, what sizable homeland would whites have remaining? What force would remain to stop the tide of racial adulteration?


White power has become a dirty phrase in the modern political lexicon, and that is exceedingly unfortunate, because it is precisely that power which has made civilization possible. We may well be nearing the point at which that power fades from history, and the savagery we have sacrificed so much to stave off eclipses the whole of the Earth.

Mr. President, for the sake of all that is decent and holy, please do not do this. The comparisons so many have made of your administration to World War II are more accurate than most of your supporters would like to admit, and I mean that in the most praiseful of contexts. Adolf Hitler was not some madman bent on mass murder for his own entertainment. He recognized a growing danger to the whole of humanity, and he resolved that he would stop at nothing to protect us from that threat. His defeat in that conflict is as much to blame for our immigration problems today, as is the modern Democrat party.

You are fighting on the wrong side of history, sir. Do not make us choose between our country and our race.

Intro Song: Jordan Page – War Machine

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Radical Agenda S03E051 – Radical To Speak

This episode has been a long time coming. We had Jared Howe as a guest on the show back in May of 2017 for EP306, back when he and (to a lesser extent) I were still welcome in some more respectable corners of the interwebz. There was a fracturing well underway within the libertarian movement where more and more of us were going “full physical removal” while trying to keep a non-aggression principle oriented perspective.

Radical Agenda S03E051 - Radical To Speak

Radical Agenda S03E051 – Radical To Speak

Three months later, I found myself in a Charlottesville jail. Physical removal had indeed ensued, and with NAP intact! But shockingly enough, not only was I charged anyway, but the people who compelled me to defend myself were nowhere to be found. Instead some kike and some tranny decided to claim victimhood falsely, as such scum have been known to do from time to all of the time.

Jail sucks for a lot of reasons, but none so much as the fear, and later realization, that people are going to forget about you. Being inside isn’t nearly so bad as missing the forward motion of time outside. Letters, postcards, phone calls, they remind us that we haven’t been forgotten. Most inmates are lucky if they’ve got one reliable family member on the outside who can handle a task or two and maybe the occasional money order.

So far as doing time goes, I probably had it better than anybody else in that jail, certainly better than any of our guys. I had the support of thousands of dedicated nationalists who not only wrote me letters and sang my praises, but filled up my canteen and financed my defense.

There was one man though, who proved more reliable than any other. He not only took my calls the whole time I was in, but he recorded them and published them to my website as the now infamous Live from Seg! podcast. He managed my finances, delivered messages, kept me informed, collected and edited video, and generally became my go to guy, all without asking me for anything in return. He just wanted to serve our race and nation by helping me. His name is Jared Howe, whom many of you now know to be the host of So To Speak, proudly published at ChristopherCantwell.com.

And I should note, many people for many years have encouraged me to publish their content here, or to seek out other contributors. I’ve always declined these invitations and requests because I didn’t want to find myself in the position Daily Stormer and TRS find themselves in presently, of purging dissent and spawning backlash. Over the years, Jared has proven himself a man of genuine integrity and courage, to the point that if we were to part ways, I would have to seriously reflect on what error I had made to cause the rift.

The response thus far from all of you has been excellent. Literally every comment I’ve read about So To Speak has been positive, which is more than I can say for the content I post to my own site. It was the smashing success of So To Speak that caused me to offer syndication to Tony Hovater and Matt Heimbach’s Action! podcast, which sadly was disrupted by the breaking of the cuckbox.

Can’t win em all, folks…

What’s underlying all of this is a shorter, and more meaningful point. I learned from years of infighting with libertarians that I couldn’t rely on anybody. Perhaps that is why so many libertarians obsess over hyper individualism and self reliance. It took going to jail and a fellow libertarian, to help me see that there are good people out there if you put the effort into finding them.

Jared Howe is one of those people, and 107 days in jail was a small price to pay to find him. He joins us for the pogrom today.

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