Radical Agenda S05E046 – Hope

After Wednesday’s airing of Outlaw Conservative, I stumbled across a piece in the Daily Beast which claimed Tucker Carlson was privately advising President Trump on foreign policy, particularly with regard to Iran. Prior to this, it had been widely reported that Trump never misses an episode of Tucker, and I’ve long felt that many segments of the show were made for the specific purpose of influencing the president’s thinking. We are all very fortunate for this combination of circumstances.

Radical Agenda S05E046 - Hope

Radical Agenda S05E046 – Hope

Yesterday it was announced that Iran had shot down a US military drone in the Strait of Hormuz. The United States claims it was 12 miles off Iran’s shores, and thus in international airspace. Iran claims it was 8 miles off the shore, and thus in Iranian airspace. According to the Jews who run our foreign policy, this four mile discrepancy half way around the world, is cause for war.

The drone was reportedly an RQ-4 Global Hawk. The US Air Force website says the RQ-4 can fly at 310 knots, or 357 mph. In case you’re as bad at math as I am, my calculator informs me that equates to 5.95 miles per minute, or nearly a tenth of a mile per second. Even if we believe the neocons who are instigating this conflict, which we obviously shouldn’t, one can understand why an American drone two minutes from their shores would make the Iranians nervous enough to shoot it down 40 seconds sooner than John Bolton would have approved of. Continue reading

Outlaw Conservative S01E023 – Ideoillogical

It has been a spectacular week to watch Leftists lose their minds. Almost as humorous, has been the display of our fellow conservatives trying their best to coddle them.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez declared immigration detention centers to be “concentration camps” and went on to invoke other Holocaust catch phrases to drive home her point. She assures us in the video that she does not throw these terms around lightly, of course. To her, the problem is literally just as serious as the Holocaust, and people who don’t see it that way, well, she doesn’t even want to talk to those Nazi scum.

Conservatives displayed all of the obligatory outrage you would imagine. They did their best to remind the young Socialist that only Hitler is Hitler, and nothing compares to the senseless murder of SIX MILLION JEWS for no reason whatsoever. As far as most conservatives are concerned, the Holocaust was a very special wickedness of supernatural, even biblical proportion. For anything in proximity to modernity to be held up against that, is like somebody walking up to you on a city bus and informing you they had been born to a virgin mother, sent by God so that sins could be forgiven.

Leftists see it differently, and given who makes up the intelligentsia of Leftism, perhaps we should consider their position on the subject with greater weight. To them, enforcing immigration laws which were on the books well prior to the arrival of Donald Trump, really is just as bad as the Holocaust. So is Climate Change, the Second Amendment, Free Speech, Religious Liberty, defining gender as biological sex, suggesting that genetics might have something to do with behavior or ideology, even preventing women from euthanizing their newborns. All of these things are, to the Left, just as serious as the Holocaust. Continue reading

Radical Agenda S05E045 – Glowing Postal

In any dissident movement, you have to expect feds and various other types of hostile actors to involve themselves, for obvious and not so obvious reasons. In a dissident movement which sets its sights on Jewish power, and thus treasures anonymity, you might as well assume that the majority of people you’re speaking to fit such a description.

Radical Agenda S05E045 - Glowing Postal

Radical Agenda S05E045 – Glowing Postal

There are certain telltale signs of this. If they are trying to get you to do illegal, dangerous, or otherwise stupid things that can only hurt your cause, you might say that this individual was “glowing“. If they call everyone else a fed, you might conclude they were trying to divert suspicion from themselves. If they claim to be White Nationalists and yet sow divisions along sex, generational, and class lines, you can be sure you’re working with someone who doesn’t have your movement’s interests at heart. If they claim to be Nazis, but pedal in character defamation, sexual innuendo, and drug humor, you can safely assume you’re talking to a Jew.

Doubts almost always remain, however. You almost never get the kind of concrete proof that would convince everyone. This allows such hostiles to run rampant and sow further divisions over whether they are or are not infiltrators.

Occasionally, you get lucky. Such as when the FBI applied for a search warrant on 8Chan. They sloppily failed to redact the (You) portion of the screenshots they attached as evidence. “As it turns out, this text is to let the user know that they are looking at their own posts! This means that Special Agent Rod inadvertently exposed himself as 8chan user ID “8f4812” by including these screenshots as his supporting exhibit.” reports @henrykrinkie at Current Events Inquiry.

The warrant was applied for to seek information about 8chan users who were discussing the April 27th shooting at the Poway synagogue in California, by 8chan user John Earnest. An archived version of the thread in question exists, which was made prior to it being deleted. In it, the user can search for “8f4812″ to see everything this fed posted.

Interestingly, he seemed very interested in diverting suspicion away from the CIA and Mossad, preferring instead to blame Russia for various maladies.

>.”think there is outside involvement. Likely Russian.”

>”No. Not Mossad. Stop attacking the board and sliding this thread. Sloppy job putin.”

>”Its balls. Let Putin know your psyop worked but you fucked it up with your shit English”

>”Notice the screenshot is at 20:00 that coorelates with Ukraine and Western Russia”

>”Seriously one of you has to dig on this. Please review this thread. There is some Russian/Ukranian involvement”

To let you know he’s one of you though, he made sure to post anti-Semitic and homophobic things too. Telling one user to archive the announcement of the attack, Special Agent Rod uses the classic triple parenthesis meme to say “We need this for memes. Someone please save before its (((gone))).” To let us know the situation is real, he says “This is not the typical (((conspiracy))) and I am worried.

Noting some of Earnest’s prior posts, he says “His final post was at 1005 and it looks like he actually reaponded to some fag“. Special Agent Rod even invoked “Honk Honk” in one CAPS and profanity laden reply. Fearing his future targets might lose interest, Agent Rod says “GET THE FUCK BACK IN HERE ANONS. THIS THREAD IS ALL HIM. THIS IS FUCKING HISTORY”. At one point he accuses two anons of being in on the shooting in advance saying “I think you both are in this and knew ahead of time. No FBI, CIA, Mossad accusations here. I think this is something else.”

Perhaps most humorously, Special Agent Rod reminds us that though he’d like to blame the FBI, CIA, or Mossad, he doesn’t think we should this time, even though “We know all three of them can meme because we are shilled all day long by them.

Ah yes, those clever meme makers at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. They’re never short on time to shill on dissident forums. Your tax dollars at work, fine members of the gender binary.

To briefly recap, Special Agent Rod of the Federal Bureau of Investigation;

  • Accused other posters of being shills to divert attention from his agency
  • Called someone a fag
  • Posted in triple parenthesis to denote Jewish involvement
  • Made frequent and certainly intentional typos.
  • Discouraged users from signing off
  • Accused posters of being involved in the crime
  • Told the world that the FBI, CIA, and Mossad “can meme” and “shill all day long”

Here are some things that Special Agent Rod did NOT do.

  • Show his face
  • Tell you his name
  • Answer questions
  • Try to make money
  • Threaten to dox people, or report their activities to law enforcement

All he wanted to do was avoid suspicion to himself, divert hostility toward Russia, and keep these people talking so he could collect information about them in the search warrant he was preparing even as he posted.

I won’t bother naming names, but this pattern is familiar in our circles. We are inundated with division and misdirection from anonymous and semi anonymous people who tear down the reputations of honest and accountable movement figures. Everyone who tries to make money is decried as a shill and a grifter, by people who somehow have all day to talk shit on the Internet, and never seem to have a financial concern of their own. They “can meme” and they “shill all day long”.

The Alt Right is fucking destroyed, and it wasn’t because of violent communist agitators, or politically motivated prosecutions. It is dead because idiots like this were allowed to run amok, almost entirely unchallenged, without any risk to themselves at all.

It might be 50 years before it all gets declassified, but mark my words folks, names you recognize will one day be unveiled as hostile and dishonest actors who took our cause down a catastrophically destructive course, and if you want that to be something the public laments instead of celebrates, we’re going to have to get better at spotting these things.


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Radical Agenda S05E044 – False Flag Day

Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

Looks like John Bolton bought you a war. Go ahead, open it.

I imagine many of you thought the same thing I did when you heard that the Iranians bombed yet another oil tanker. It felt a lot like when Assad just kept on gassing his own people with absolutely no rational explanation whatsoever. It is hard to imagine a scenario where Iran thought they might benefit from carrying out these kinds of attacks, but the same idiots who brought us every other conflict in that region are betting on the American public to be unthinking consumers of Jewish media, and silently nod in agreement as they are bankrupted, and bled dry.

Radical Agenda S05E044 - False Flag Day

Radical Agenda S05E044 – False Flag Day

It’s comical how stupid they think we are, though of course, there is ample justification for thinking we’re stupid. These ridiculous scams just keep on coming and we just keep on falling for them, or at least, the people in charge do.

It’s like, an explosion happens halfway around the world and five minutes later some Jewish puppet is on Fox News claiming that whoever’s out of favor with the Jews lately, did it for the shere joy of committing acts of evil. You can almost picture them standing around some magic orb watching it happen, like a bunch of Iranians just cracking up laughing with Skeletor, Gargamel, Mumm-Ra, and the Decepticons.

Sorry millennials, I only know 80s cartoons.

They knew some of you would be skeptical, and trust in government and media has understandably run thin as of late. You may recall they tried to pull the same scam just last month. Back then, the US blamed Iran, too. However, while an investigation by the three nations that own those oil tankers strongly suggested a “state actor,” the people logically most interested in finding the actual culprit’s did not blame Iran.

The good news is, this time they managed to provide video evidence of the culprits removing an unexploded limpet mine from the side of the vessel within hours. Concrete proof, they tell us, that these silhouettes are in fact the people they’ve spent the last decade and change begging to go to war with, and now our mutual foe has given us the opportunity. Aren’t we lucky, fellas?

But there’s one small problem. Just like last time, the owners of the tankers disagree with America’s assessment.

The Japanese owner of the Kokuka Courageous, one of two oil tankers targeted near the Strait of Hormuz, said Friday that sailors on board saw “flying objects” just before it was hit, suggesting the vessel wasn’t damaged by mines. Company president Yutaka Katada said Friday he believes the flying objects seen by the sailors could have been bullets. He denied any possibility of mines or torpedoes because the damage was above the ship’s waterline. He called reports of a mine attack “false.”

That account contradicts what the U.S. military said as it released the supposed smoking gun video.

Mines are not in the habit of flying, in case you’re not a weapons expert.

You know what else doesn’t fly? Saying positive things about Iran on social media. While this lie was being pedaled on our national news channels yesterday, Twitter deleted thousands of “accounts linked to coordinated, state-backed activities it believes were from the Iranian government” according to Reuters. Because, you know, anybody who disagrees with the Jewish press and their allies in the Defense Department, must be some disinformation agent from a foreign intelligence agency.

Iran called the claims “unfounded and reckless” and accused the US of “warmongering” as part of a “disinformation campaign”. Iran’s mission to the United Nations said in a statement that “The US and its regional allies must stop warmongering and put an end to mischievous plots and false flag operations in the region”.

I remember back in the good old days, when you had to be a nutcase to use phrases like “false flag” in public, but Tucker Carlson and Douglas McGregor have done a fine job of preparing us for this day. This narrative of falling apart faster than a science pussy with gangrene.

This is a huge national embarrassment, so much so that I have to figure it was designed to be. If Trump falls for this he’s done for, and so is the country.


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Outlaw Conservative S01E022 – Dead Consensus

Recently I’ve covered stories which in passing mention a piece by Sohrab Ahmari at First Things titled, Against David French-ism, which was itself a followup to a less personal piece co signed by the same titled, Against the Dead Consensus. This morning I was reading a piece by Jonah Goldberg at National Review titled, The Conservative Divide, which again referenced it, and so I made the point to fully read the source material.

Goldberg predictably decries the “win-at-all-costs crudity of President Trump,” preferring instead the failed faux civility of French. Ahmari correctly points out that the Left has little use for such harmonious discourse, writing that there is no “polite, David French-ian third way around the cultural civil war.”

French, you may recall, was once nominated by Bill Kristol to run as an independent candidate against Donald Trump in 2016, in the hopes he would spoil the race and facilitate Hillary Clinton’s ascension to the Iron Throne. French fortunately had the good sense to decline the invitation, and subsequently a little known CIA agent by the name of Evan McMullin, thankfully failed in the attempt.

Ahmari paints the conflict as one of Christians vs. everyone else, an understandable, even if misguided viewpoint, but directs his enmity primarily at the libertarian element of conservative fusionism. This is an increasingly familiar theme, as the toothless, laissez-faire, live and let live attitudes of our non-aggressionist friends, have met their match in the ravenous Leftist onslaught of political correctness and identity politics.

Having crossed the chasm of this great divide myself in recent years, I find the debate quite stimulating. Though perhaps I abuse the word debate in its usage here.

What has shaken me from my libertarian slumber is just how averse to debate the libertarians seem to have found themselves. Once eager to assert themselves in the political sphere, frustrated by their lack of recognition, they have largely shrunk from the existential questions of our current epoch. Continue reading

Radical Agenda S05E043 – Courting Failure

When YouTube ostensibly bowed to pressure from the Leftist Press, censoring thousands of videos and demonetizing countless more, a familiar pattern emerged. Rather than celebrating a hard won victory, the predatory media saw weakness, smelled blood in the water, and went in for the kill. After demonetizing Steven Crowder despite flat out admitting he didn’t break any rules, the rules were simply updated to make thoughtcrime out of all criticism of Left favored demographics, including transgender freaks and illegal immigrants.

Not good enough for the Queer Mafia. Everyone Right of Elizabeth Warren must be purged.

Radical Agenda S05E043 - Courting Failure

Radical Agenda S05E043 – Courting Failure

As part of the pile on, the New York Times published a story about Caleb Cain, a YouTube user who claims he was “radicalized” by the “far Right” on the video sharing platform. Cain claims to have recovered from the harrowing ordeal, thanks in part to a transgender YouTuber who famously said “facts don’t matter as much as people think they do” in a recent interview with Vice News.

It is unclear what if any facts Mr. Natalie Wynn has disproven about Mr. Cain’s former beliefs. One doubts there are any.

But facts, per Wynn, don’t matter so much.

What’s important, to Wynn, Cain, the New York Times, and the broader Left, is that people believe things which are convenient to the Democrat Party.

The New York Times piece decries YouTube’s “algorithms” which promoted the sort of “far Right” videos credited with present perceptual inconveniences for their chosen political vehicle. To them, any suggestion that IQ is heritable or measures something meaningful, is heresy. Such wickedness must be scrubbed from the popular conscience, so as to preserve the ideological hygiene our rulers demand.

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, herself a Jewess, is anxious to comply with the coverup. Indeed one might doubt the recent changes, sweeping as they were, actually came as a result of recent prodding. For such a dramatic change to be rolled out so rapidly, seems to indicate the plan was already in place, just waiting for an excuse to be implemented. Continue reading

Radical Agenda S05E042 – Then They Came

I’ve long been meaning to write a book. Hell, I’ve already written several on this website, in all reality. I just need to compile them into something worthy of print.

I took some time this week to go through a bunch of old, and not so old, blog posts, and started copying and pasting them into a Word Document to get a word and page count. Without hardly even trying, I’m up to roughly 180,000 words and 360 pages. Of course, some of that is repetitive and would get thinned down as I copypasta everything into a more cohesive story line. Then again, I’ll surely come up with more to say as it all gets put together. In any case, the moral of the story is, I’m writing a book.

Then I started thinking about titles.

Back when I was in ancap mode I had already started on this project and my working title was “In the Absence of the State”. We’re well past that now…

When I was in jail I started writing something I titled “From Freedom to Fascism, and Back”

Last night, as I was watching cuckservatives panic about Steven Crowder getting demonetized by YouTube, the dramatic new expansion of YouTube’s “hate speech” policies, and the thousands of videos unceremoniously deleted as a result, I came up with a new one.

“Yes, You are a Nazi! – Understanding Leftist Vernacular” 

That might require more original writing than the project I was working on, but I think it might be worth doing. People still seem to think that as long as they’re just going after the “Nazis” everything will be fine. As long as they’re just banning “hate speech” who cares, right? Our “conservative” views are still going to be allowed, it’s just those “extremists” that I already banned from my forum who are getting in trouble.

Maybe not…

Here’s the “Am I A Nazi?” Quiz, folks… Continue reading

The Contents of My Body Camera From Charlottesville

As I prepared to leave New Hampshire for the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville, Virginia in August of 2017, I knew in advance that we would be facing dangerous and dishonest enemies. I also knew that the truth was on our side, and as such, it was in the best interests of my associates and I, to record as much of our activity as possible. So I recorded my phone calls, once safely outside my all party consent home state of New Hampshire, and made a point to communicate in writing via email and SMS as much as possible. I kept my dash cam in my car running the entire time, and even wore a body camera throughout most of my activities outside my hotel room, once I arrived in Virginia.

This turned out to be a wise investment.

The Contents of My Body Camera From Charlottesville

The Contents of My Body Camera From Charlottesville

Attached to this blog post, the reader will find an MP3 audio file approximately three hours in length. This audio is taken from the body camera footage of the two most noteworthy events it captured, which I’ll describe below shortly. The only alterations are that I had a volunteer beep out names of people who are not publicly known to have been involved in the event, and I used an additional audio effect to alter the voices, so as to protect the innocent. I would love nothing more than to upload the entirety of the videos to BitChute unedited, to end all confusion about what is contained within them, but unfortunately this would violate confidences, and put some folks at risk of retaliation by criminals, or put their careers in jeopardy. None of it could be used to aid in any prosecution of Unite the Right attendees, since, as you will soon hear, the video contains only exculpatory evidence, contrary to the lies you may have been told by people who do not have your best interests at heart.

I was compelled by court order to provide these videos to Plaintiff’s council during the discovery process of a civil suit in which I am a defendant. My attorneys assured me they would be kept in the strictest possible confidence, as a great deal of sensitive information is involved in the case, and the attorneys involved are under court order not to share elements of it, such as these videos, with their clients. It is important to note that, even if the videos contained incriminating evidence, which they do not, and even if I wanted to destroy them, which I do not, I did not have the option of doing so.

Before turning myself into Virginia authorities to face false criminal charges, I provided these videos to my defense attorney so that they could be used in my defense, as well as to Azzmador of the Daily Stormer, whom I trusted with a task I’ll describe momentarily. My attorney would not destroy evidence in a federal lawsuit if  I asked him to, nor would he suborn perjury if I attempted to lie about my activities. Moreover, folks at the Daily Stormer have proven less than trustworthy, in hindsight, and though I have no reason to distrust Azzmador individually, I’d not risk a felony conviction unnecessarily on the hope that Azzmador would keep a secret. Moreover, I had stated publicly that I had these videos before I turned myself in, sure that they would ultimately help to vindicate me and my associates. So I could not deny their existence.

I had requested that Azzmador find video editing talent who could be trusted blur the faces and beep the names to protect the identities of the people featured in the videos, and to release that video afterwards. This is because they debunk the dishonest narrative that we came with criminal intent, and that the Left were peaceful protesters. While I was in custody, Azzmador informed me that this was too big of a task for whoever he asked to handle it. From solitary confinement, I was in no position to argue, and in any case, Azzmador stopped taking my calls after a couple of weeks.

After my release I acquired an application called Wondershare Filmora which claimed to be able to handle this automatically. Unfortunately, it was not perfectly reliable, and as people came and went from the frame, glimpses of their faces became identifiable. Desiring to keep the confidences I had promised to keep, I opted to hold onto the video.

As I’ll explain in greater detail shortly, the evidence captured on these videos was wholly exculpatory to the Right, and conclusively proved criminal behavior by the Left. Most notably, it proves that the “first sign of trouble” as the notorious Heaphy Report described it, was me being framed for brandishing a firearm early in the afternoon of August 11th, and later that day, a planning meeting at which we discussed our attempts to coordinate with law enforcement to prevent violence at the event.

As the criminal case against me proceeded, though the prosecutor knew full well it was a scam, I realized that the governments of Charlottesville and Albemarle County were aiding and abetting the Antifa terrorists who attacked us. The criminals were free and continuing their mayhem, good men were on trial for their lives, and the political stability of the Nation was irreparably harmed by a false media narrative which I had the power to debunk.

Seeing as to how I had no choice but to give the videos up in the civil case, it seemed reasonable to me that I likewise provide it to federal investigators. Though under a confidentiality order, I doubt evidence in a federal civil case could remain hidden from the FBI for long. If the city and county governments would not listen to the truth, our only hope of lawful remedy was to appeal to a higher authority. Under our system of government, that higher authority is the feds, for better or worse.

I spent most of an afternoon speaking to Special Agent Dino Capuzzo and another agent. We showed him the videos from my body camera, as well as other videos we collected during the course of my defense. We provided them with the identities of Tom Keenan, Thomas Massey, Lindsay Elizabeth Moers, and Mike Longo Jr. of Philly Antifa, and explained their connection to the Charlottesville residents who conspired to instigate the violence of that notorious weekend. They were frustrated by my inability to implicate my associates in any criminal behavior, but it just so happened to be the case that I was not aware of any. My body camera video only captured Right wingers trying to obey the law, and communists trying to break it.

It is worth noting here, that while the FBI, whether out of ideological animous or cowardice, refused to prosecute the criminals of that weekend, preferring instead to harass innocent men, such as those involved in the Rise Above Movement, they have thus far kept the videos confidential. Of course they would, as the videos do not further the lie they pursued against RAM, but rather, contradict it. Nobody has been doxed as a result of them being provided. Anybody who read the RAM indictments knows that my videos had nothing to do with those cases, and the people who say so are liars with a long track record of dishonest and malicious activity within our movement. They are taking advantage of the low IQs and short attention spans of their audiences, counting on them not to bother reading the source material. Should any of these men face a jury, my videos will likely serve as Defense Exhibit 1, assuming any of them are even featured, which I actually don’t believe they are.

It’s also worth noting that my failure to incriminate my fellow rallygoers came from no sense of loyalty or obligation to keep a secret. I was invited to a permitted demonstration, and I only went along with it under the explicit condition that everything be coordinated with law enforcement in advance, as you will hear on the attached audio. If anyone involved in that event planned on initiating violence, I’d be happy to see them prosecuted, and I’d be perfectly willing to aid in that prosecution. Implicating me in a criminal conspiracy I did not consent to, does not obligate me to the rules of a prison gang. I can only “snitch” or “rat” on my own accomplices, and since I had not committed any crime, I had no accomplices on which to rat.

Thus the evidence provided to the FBI had no impact on my case, except perhaps to make the prosecutor nervous that he would be discovered suborning perjury, and engaging in a politically motivated prosecution. It is reasonable to assume my misdemeanor plea deal was motivated by such apprehensions on his part and that of the perjurers who committed felonies to see me prosecuted, but there was never any trade of my freedom for that of anyone else. To date, nobody has been prosecuted based on anything I said or provided to investigators, though two of the communists I warned the FBI about were later prosecuted in Philadelphia for jumping two US Marines. Too bad the FBI did not act on the information I provided, perhaps that crime could have been prevented. Nowhere is there anything in any indictment or trial transcript which discusses an informant, or video that was not “open source”.

I have communicated with the FBI, and with my local police department repeatedly since my release. Each time I have, I said so in public, describing exactly what I did, and why.

In one incident, my website was defaced by people who posted bestiality and terrorist propaganda while impersonating me, and naming Special Agent Dino Capuzzo in at least one subject line. I made a formal complaint with the FBI about this intrusion of my website by people who had no authorization to do this, both in the hopes of seeing them punished for their crimes, and to make the FBI aware that I did not post terrorist propaganda and bestiality to my own website in the hopes of catching their attention, as the intruders attempted to portray.

The FBI did nothing about this. I wonder why?

In another, Jordan Jerub contacted me from a GMail account notifying me of his intent to cut off his ankle monitor and “resist the government” with his “militia”. I did not make this report immediately, mind you. Only after I repeatedly told Jerub to keep his insane and illegal plans out of my perceptions, blocking him repeatedly, and him repeatedly evading my blocks with new caller IDs and email addresses and social media accounts, did I assume he was attempting to set me up, and forwarded the information to the FBI.

The FBI did nothing about this. I wonder why?

In another, I received numerous voicemails from a person who was clearly mentally ill, who had expressed a desire to do violence, and a history of doing so more than once. When I forwarded those messages to the FBI, I said specifically “I think you’re the ones doing this, but on the off chance this is real, maybe this guy needs some help before someone gets hurt”.

The FBI did nothing about this. I wonder why?

Every single time I have received a threat of violence or vandalism against myself or my property, I have informed my local police department. In addition to my honest desire to see such crimes prosecuted, I want to make sure that I am doing everything in my power to avoid being put in a situation where I must defend myself, and being seen as doing so in the eyes of law enforcement, should such a need arise.

None of this makes me a “snitch” a “rat” or a “fed”. It means that I am a law abiding citizen who is owed protections from predatory criminals by his government. That I have not received any such protections makes me a victim of their corruption, not an accomplice. It is easy for people who hide in the shadows to cast doubts upon my actions, but I do not have the luxury of hiding. I am a public person, living in a country where I intend to impact political outcomes. I live in an apartment in a suburban neighborhood where everybody knows who I am, and what I do. I have a carry permit, and I intend to keep it. My home address has been “doxxed” by antifa, and spread further still by people who portray themselves as Right wingers, but have made obvious their subversive intent.

I am the most honest guy you know, and the people who tell you otherwise, mean you harm.

I will now proceed with the description of what you will hear on the following audio.

Despite my many precautions, I was framed for numerous crimes while I was in Virginia. I ended up spending 107 days in jail without bond or probable cause. While in the custody of the Albemarle Charlottesville Regional Jail, I had the opportunity to make friends with some other upstanding men, who also risked their lives for Race & Nation. Among them were Richard Preston, who heroically drew his pistol, and fired the warning shot which stopped negro terrorist Corey Long from setting rallygoers on fire with a flame thrower. Daniel Borden, Alex Ramos, and Jacob Goodwin, bravely stopped another negro terrorist named DeAndre Harris, from attacking rallygoers with striking weapons. I briefly got to meet James Fields, who fled the rifles of Redneck Revolt, and helped a filthy Newport smoking landwhale, achieve martyrdom.

All of them remain in the custody of the Virginia Department of Corrections, yet I write to you today from the comfort of my apartment in New Hampshire.

This has led some to understandably speculate as to why. Others, better informed, purposely lie about the circumstances.

Though I had correctly assessed that our rivals were violent and dishonest, I had gravely overestimated the integrity of those who claimed to be on our side.

My freedom is of course no mystery to anyone who followed the proceedings.

Early in the afternoon of August 11th, the day before the Unite the Right rally was planned, I had arranged a meetup for listeners of my podcast, the Radical Agenda. To prevent the location of the meeting from becoming known to Antifa terrorists, I published the details of that meeting behind my website’s paywall, but only after disabling new signups. By so doing, only pre-existing paid customers would be able to discover the information.

I had underestimated the determination of our rivals however, as it turns out they were among my paying customers well prior to the event. Shortly after shaking hands with some listeners in the parking lot of a local Walmart, we were confronted by terrorists. They circles us a couple of times, took some pictures, and attempted to instigate a physical altercation with us. However, upon seeing the pistol I had holstered in the small of my back, they thought better of engaging in initiatory violence.

Instead, they called the police. Multiple 911 calls were made, claiming that I drew my weapon, racked the slide, pointed it at these innocent victims, and threatened to kill them over their homosexuality.

Rapidly, police arrived and surrounded us with rifles and shotguns at the ready. They called me over, and informed me of the accusation.

Fortunately, I had my body camera running, and was thus able to confidently offer police definitive proof my accusers had lied. Soon, you’ll have the opportunity to listen to the entire exchange. Brandishing a firearm was not among the crimes I was charged with that weekend, in part because of that video, in addition to the fact that the liars who accused me did not see fit to present themselves to law enforcement. Instead of charging me with an offense, officers acted with the utmost courtesy and professionalism, and sent us on our way.

Former Federal Prosecutor Tim Heaphy was hired by the city in the wake of the riots to conduct an independent investigation. His report rightly described this confrontation as “The first hint of trouble” of that weekend, setting the tone for all the troubles to come.

From there we were off to Macintyre Park where I met with a reporter from Vice News. Part of that interview was used in an Emmy Award winning work of fiction, which I’m sure most people reading this have seen. The full audio of that interview can be listened to here, as Episode 342 of the Radical Agenda.

Back at my hotel, I downloaded the Walmart footage to my laptop and deleted it from the camera in order to preserve evidence of that early frame up, as well as to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands, should the camera be lost or stolen. This too, proved wise, as I’ll address shortly.

I was informed during the course of all this that there was to be a planning meeting that evening at Darden Towe park. When the location was discovered by Antifa infiltrators, and published to their websites, threats came in and the meeting was relocated to Macintyre park. Fearing more violence or false accusations, I wore my body camera again to this meeting, prominently displayed on the collar of my shirt, plain for all to see. As I got out of the car and approached the attendees, I made it known that I was recording, to collect evidence if we were ambushed or falsely accused. As you’ll be able to hear on the attached audio, those in attendance agreed that this was prudent, and raised no objection to the presence of the recording device.

At the meeting, as you’ll hear in the following audio, we discussed the court case in which we were being represented by the ACLU, as we fought in the courts for the right to hold our permitted demonstration.We discussed coordinating with law enforcement, both for that evening’s torch lit march, and the next day’s planned rally. Initially, law enforcement was not made aware of the torch march, but I told Jason Kessler that I would not attend unless law enforcement protected us since, still rattled from the earlier false accusation, I knew trouble would be awaiting us in the Gun Free Zone that is the University of Virginia campus.

My prediction was remarkably accurate.

Less accurate was what police told us. Eli Mosely informed us during the meeting that UVA police pledged to keep us separated from our foes, as you’ll hear in the following audio. Save for this fact, I’d have never seen the UVA campus, or the inside of the Charlottesville jail.

After the meeting, I went back to my hotel room, downloaded and then deleted the video from my camera. This was a slow process, which had me running late for that evening’s torch march.

It was worth the wait.

As I arrived on the campus, our men were already getting into formation. Torches were lit, men were barking orders, but there was not a cop to be seen. Hostiles were close to us, one asked me a question on camera in a video which would come up in my preliminary hearing. I was frightened. One man said something to the effect of “They are not going to mess with us, there’s too many of us here,” to which I replied “It only takes one bike lock guy to put a man in the hospital”.

The charges I faced stemmed from the accusation that I deployed pepper spray against non-combatants, during a fight that broke once our procession reached the Jefferson Memorial on campus. The evidence of my alleged crime, consisted of photo and video of me pepper spraying an actual combatant, and fighting other combatants with my hands once my pepper spray was depleted. Incidentally, this was likewise the evidence of my innocence, since numerous cameras recording the mayhem captured many angles of the conflict, and at no point did I do what I was charged with doing.

Sadly, one angle of video was missing. The first person perspective which my body camera had captured. At some point in the fighting the camera had been lost. I am unsure when, or how.

After I turned myself in, I was held in solitary confinement for over a month. Though I have no issue doubting the motives of my captors, I remain convinced this was for my safety, and not an intentional effort to torture me. Though torture it most certainly was…

Shortly after my arrival, I received a visit from Sargeant Casey Accord of the UVA police. I eagerly informed him of my missing camera, hoping he would find it. I told him I was certain this video captured a man I later came to know as Thomas Massey, had thrown the first punches of the brawl, and that it would vindicate me and my associates. Sargeant Accord informed me that the grounds had already been soured, and no camera was found.

From jail, I retaliated against this obvious effort to silence me by producing the “Live From Seg” podcast with the help of the esteemed Jared Howe, and conducting numerous telephone interviews with various movement personalities and the mainstream media. I repeatedly begged of the public to turn the camera into investigators, but none did. Since I am confident anyone on my side would have produced the camera, I can only assume this exculpatory evidence still lies in the hands of the communist terrorists.

Good thing I downloaded and deleted the other videos from the camera before going to UVA.

At my preliminary hearing on November 9th, the case against me was exposed as a fraud (read the transcript here, and note that the witnesses confessed to changing their story after conferring with prosecutors once the video disproved their claims). Two of the three charges against me were dropped, while a third remained only because the District Court Judge determined it was for the “trier of fact” to determine its outcome, as the preliminary hearing was only to determine probable cause, and not guilt or innocence. Subsequently, I was released from the jail on $25,000 bond subject to electronic monitoring on December 7th.

Once released, I got right back to doing the Radical Agenda, determined to make the show edgier than ever. Stuck with the “Crying Nazi” slander for a video where I said “I’m not a fucking Nazi,” and convinced by the reasoning of George Lincoln Rockwell, I no longer avoided the Nazi branding.

I sued the people who framed me for malicious prosecution, to the tune of a million dollars. This raised the stakes of the conflict, in ways we had not predicted.

For the next 7+ months, I awaited a conclusion to my case. I was offered numerous plea agreements during that time, including one in April, where I could plead guilty to two counts of assault, and be home the same day with my gun and voting rights intact. I refused this offer, fearing it would spoil my civil suit, and seeing it as a show of weakness from a prosecutor who knew he had fucked with the wrong bull. To coerce me into accepting the deal, and thereby obtaining my priceless silence, the prosecutor filed a motion to revoke my bond. His effort proved unsuccessful in court.

My confidence was bolstered by Jason Kessler’s victory over the same prosecutor in the same court which I was to face. Shortly after that, Daily Stormer and TRS turned on me for reasons still not entirely clear. What was clear is that I was their hero the entire time they thought I would be spending the next several decades in a Virginia prison, and that once it became obvious I’d be released, their attitudes changed dramatically. I am their business competitor after all, or perhaps, a simpler, or more complex, answer remains to be found.

Even lacking support from the movement I risked my life for, I remained defiant the entire time. That is, until the trials of Alex Ramos, and Jacob Goodwin. They were sentenced to six and ten years respectively, despite a staggering lack of evidence to their guilt, and an abundance of exculpatory evidence.

Then it became obvious to me. I was in a post-fact Jewdicial system, playing against a stacked deck. I contacted my attorney, and asked if the prior offer was still good.

It wasn’t.

Weeks went by, and a conference was held in the the civil matter I was the Plaintiff in. The details of that meeting are confidential, and I am not permitted to reveal them. The defendants clearly didn’t honor that obligation, because the next day I was once again made the offer to plead guilty to two misdemeanor assaults, and be home the same day. It was clearly a desperate effort to tank my civil case. Once again, this was accompanied by a bogus bond violation motion, clearly a repeat of the prior effort to coerce me into taking it.

But it was unnecessary. After losing 11 months of my life, being repeatedly betrayed by my own people, shut out of the financial system, deplatformed by social media, slandered by the Jewish press, pushed to the edge of bankruptcy by the costs of the fight, and seeing the fate that befell my brothers in arms, I had no will to resist any longer.

I pleaded guilty to two counts of assault, which no honest and informed person believes I committed, in the hopes that I might live to fight another day.

When you go through an ordeal like this, you think to yourself “Once that 40 years in prison is no longer hanging over my head, all my problems are solved”. Once you clear that hurdle, you’re quickly reminded that your problems have only just begun.

In the 11 months since my release, I’ve struggled to pay bills, been slandered by people who claim to share my values, been torn apart by further invasive discovery procedures in the ongoing civil litigation, received more threats on my safety than I care to count, suffered a traumatizing romantic failure, and at times struggled to refrain from alcohol to cope with all of this trauma.

Obviously I’ve had to ponder if it was worth all this trouble to attend the Unite the Right rally, and working with the available information, it seems obvious that it wasn’t.

On the other hand, I realized a long time ago that the struggle we faced would not be easy. Our foes are powerful, and their depravity knows no bounds. We should all expect to suffer tremendously, and those of us with high profiles can expect to suffer the most. One who takes up our fight under his own name and does not suffer, ought to be looked upon with great suspicion.

I care enough about our struggle to shoulder these burdens, even if the only people who support me are a few thousand listeners of my podcast. A podcast whose downloads I should remind some folks, isn’t measured by Jeff Bezos’s Alexa ranking, which some seem to perceive as the only measure of their own validation.

What hurts the most is the betrayals from our own side. I could have taken all the legal and financial troubles and all of the violence in stride save for that, but in the nearly two years since Unite the Right I’ve realized that most of the media personalities whose names you would recognize are no better than the Jewish Press. Worse even. Perhaps they are self serving grifters, perhaps they are cowards, perhaps they are enemy hostiles who engineered this scam from the beginning. I don’t suspect we’ll ever know the whole truth…

But the words of the Fuhrer ring as true of them as they do for anyone at the Washington Post…

It is not considered part of the purpose of this Press to inspire its readers with ideals which might help them to lift their minds above the sordid conditions of their daily lives; but, on the contrary, it panders to their lowest instincts. Among the lazy-minded and self-seeking sections of the masses this kind of speculation turns out lucrative.

It is this Press above all which carries on a fanatical campaign of calumny, strives to tear down everything that might be considered as a mainstay of national independence and to sabotage all cultural values as well as to destroy the autonomy of the national economic system.

It aims its attack especially against all men of character who refuse to fall into line with the Jewish efforts to obtain control over the State or who appear dangerous to the Jews merely because of their superior intelligence. For in order to incur the enmity of the Jew it is not necessary to show any open hostility towards him. It is quite sufficient if one be considered capable of opposing the Jew some time in the future or using his abilities and character to enhance the power and position of a nation which the Jew finds hostile to himself.

The Jewish instinct, which never fails where these problems have to be dealt with, readily discerns the true mentality of those whom the Jew meets in everyday life; and those who are not of a kindred spirit with him may be sure of being listed among his enemies. Since the Jew is not the object of aggression but the aggressor himself, he considers as his enemies not only those who attack him but also those who may be capable of resisting him. The means which he employs to break people of this kind, who may show themselves decent and upright, are not the open means generally used in honourable conflict, but falsehood and calumny.

He will stop at nothing. His utterly low-down conduct is so appalling that one really cannot be surprised if in the imagination of our people the Jew is pictured as the incarnation of Satan and the symbol of evil.

The ignorance of the broad masses as regards the inner character of the Jew, and the lack of instinct and insight that our upper classes display, are some of the reasons which explain how it is that so many people fall an easy prey to the systematic campaign of falsehood which the Jew carries on.

The man who is not opposed and vilified and slandered in the Jewish Press is not a staunch German and not a true National Socialist. The best rule whereby the sincerity of his convictions, his character and strength of will, can be measured is the hostility which his name arouses among the mortal enemies of our people.

The followers of the movement, and indeed the whole nation, must be reminded again and again of the fact that, through the medium of his newspapers, the Jew is always spreading falsehood and that if he tells the truth on some occasions it is only for the purpose of masking some greater deceit, which turns the apparent truth into a deliberate falsehood. The Jew is the Great Master of Lies. Falsehood and duplicity are the weapons with which he fights.

Every calumny and falsehood published by the Jews are tokens of honour which can be worn by our comrades. He whom they decry most is nearest to our hearts and he whom they mortally hate is our best friend.

If a comrade of ours opens a Jewish newspaper in the morning and does not find himself vilified there, then he has spent yesterday to no account. For if he had achieved something he would be persecuted, slandered, derided and abused. Those who effectively combat this mortal enemy of our people, who is at the same time the enemy of all Aryan peoples and all culture, can only expect to arouse opposition on the part of this race and become the object of its slanderous attacks.

When these truths become part of the flesh and blood, as it were, of our members, then the movement will be impregnable and invincible.



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Outlaw Conservative S01E021 – Showing Their Hand

Liberals have never been big fans of the US Constitution. It was written by God fearing White men, in an unmutilated dialect of English. It limits Federal authority. It specifically protects religious practice, free speech, and firearms ownership. It recognized that not everyone was suited to participate in politics. In short, it was specifically designed to prevent their designs from being implemented.

They realize though, that expressing this hostility outwardly would not be advantageous to their political aspirations. So they pay lip service to the founding documents when it suits them. For example, when they want to prevent Trump from exercising the powers seized by prior Democrat administrations. When they want to impeach the President, this convenient snippet will serve them well.

Some Leftists are not quite so well trained as others. Luke Barnes at ThinkProgress is one example. He expressed outrage on the pages of his silly blog that “Judge says white supremacists charged over violent riots are protected by First Amendment

For people like Luke, opinions which are hostile to their aims ought not have the protection of law. For them, laws are not rules to be enforced universally to impose order, but rather excuses to harm people he disagrees with, and conveniently ignored when it comes to people whom he supports, such as the interstate transgender riot club commonly known as Antifa.

The case which has inflamed Luke’s hatred of American jurisprudence involves members of a group known as the Rise Above Movement. They stood accused of going places where they expected to be assaulted, and defending themselves and others from communist terrorists. Since their political views are not presently in fashion, federal prosecutors alleged they had no right to do either, and indicted them under the Riot Act.

U.S. District Judge Cormac Carney, fortunately had the integrity to call BS on this nonsense.

On November 1, 2018, the Grand Jury returned a two-count Indictment charging Defendants with conspiracy to commit rioting, in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 371, and travel or use of interstate commerce with intent to riot, in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 2101. (Dkt. 7 [Indictment].) Defendants Robert Rundo, Robert Boman, and Aaron Eason now move to dismiss the Indictment. Because the Anti-Riot Act regulates a substantial amount of protected speech and assembly, the Court finds the Anti-Riot Act is unconstitutionally overbroad. Accordingly, the Court GRANTS Defendants’ motion to dismiss.

Luke is hardly unique in his contempt for the Constitution. This has sent the bulk of the Leftist media into a panic. A Federal Court deciding that unfashionable political views retain the right to speak, travel, and defend themselves is a lethal threat to their designs.

Ryan J. Reilly and Christopher Mathias at the Huffington Post likewise threw a fit over the outcome of the case in a post titled “White Supremacists Keep Beating The Federal Government In Court“. Mathias, it is worth noting, was exposed to be conspiring with a true terrorist group, the communist rioters who proudly brag about their crimes in the name of “Anti Fascism”. The man who exposed his connections to the terrorist group, was subsequently banned from Twitter.

They see the case as “The latest setback in a domestic terrorism-related case shows how much tougher it is for the feds to prosecute neo-Nazis than Muslim extremists.”

Of course, it is not a setback to prosecuting terrorism. The setback to prosecuting terrorism is the political correctness which has permitted the Antifa scum who instigate this mayhem to do so free of concern for repercussions. To date, not one leftist has been prosecuted for a felony stemming from the Charlottesville riots instigated by the Left. This despite the fact that the City of Charlottesville hired law professor and former United States Attorney Tim Heaphy to conduct an independent investigation of the events that unfolded that weekend, and he concluded from the abundance of available evidence that the Left came for the explicit and heavily advertised purpose of assaulting rallygoers along racial and ideological lines.

He noted, for example, the extreme disparity in law enforcement cooperation between Leftist rioters and Rightist rally planners.

Throughout the planning stages for August 12, detectives and officers attempted to contact individuals associated with the various groups that might attend or protest against the Unite The Right event. Some efforts were unsuccessful because groups—like Antifa—have no discernable leadership structure or prefer to remain anonymous.

Efforts to contact local Charlottesville residents associated with counter-protester groups were met with extreme resistance. As described above, officers attempted to speak with members of Standing Up for Racial Justice and Black Lives Matter, resulting in demands by a local attorney that such contacts cease. As a result, detectives were instructed not to reach out to anyone affiliated with those groups. Officers told us that they were frustrated that their safety-focused information-gathering actions were construed as harassment against vocal members of the community and by the resulting limitation in their ability to gather important intelligence.

In contrast…

Members of several militia groups contacted CPD, including George Curbelo and Christian Yingling, the commanders of the New York Lightfoot Militia and Pennsylvania Lightfoot Militia, respectively. Captain Mitchell told us that CPD explicitly rejected coordinating with these groups and asked them to “stay away.”

Jason Kessler was the most informative human source CPD had in advance of August 12. Captain Lewis was Kessler’s primary point of contact within CPD, and they exchanged emails and met on several occasions between early June and the first week of August. Lewis told us that her goal with these exchanges was to determine how far Kessler was willing to work with law enforcement. And, initially, it seemed he would cooperate. For example, they discussed whether Kessler would be able to set up tents in the event of inclement weather and how he could drop off and load audio equipment. On one occasion in July, Kessler came to the police station with his associate Brian Brathovd to review the CPD security plan.

Kessler delegated many police discussions to associates who he designated as “security” for the event. One such individual was Jack Pierce, who Kessler indicated was affiliated with
Richard Spencer. Lewis passed Pierce’s contact information to Sergeant Tony Newberry on August 8—four days before the event—to coordinate the arrival of the event speakers at Emancipation Park. Newberry also used their conversations to gather more intelligence.

In addition to Kessler, Brathovd, and Pierce, several other Unite The Right speakers or attendees spoke with CPD officers ahead of the August 12 event. Mike Enoch, an Alt-Right podcast host and event speaker, and Trace Chiles, a former member of the Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights, told us they had brief conversations with officers. Each told CPD that he expected a peaceful rally and hoped the police would protect Alt-Right groups from violent counter-protesters. We also learned that officers spoke with Eli Mosley and speaker Johnny Monoxide in advance of the event.

A group calling itself the “Clergy Collective” it was noted, held training sessions, and;

Individuals who attended these trainings told us that their goal was to create “cognitive dissonance” and to delay and obstruct the hate speech that they expected. They wanted to be visible in the opposition to the right-wing groups and make it harder for them to have a platform to express racism. In service of that mission, they were willing to break the law and expected to be arrested.

Lawton Tufts, an employee of the UVA School of Law and a former public defender who serves as a member of the Police Citizen’s Advisory Panel, told investigators that “the messaging he received in advance of August 12 suggested that law enforcement’s focus was on restoring order after it broke down, not preserving order before conflict began.

In contrast the Right sought to avoid violence at all costs, and only to act defensively when all other options were exhausted.

Firearms were legal, but organizers implored gun owners to be sure they were complying with Virginia law. They advised against bringing knives, tasers, or masks. Shields, flags, and flagpoles could be brought, but attendees should avoid using anything that could be construed as a weapon and shields should only be used “defensively.” Helmets were recommended, and pepper spray was allowed—but they discouraged its deployment.

With respect to conduct, the planning document advised all attendees to avoid violence “at all costs outside of what is needed to defend our people.” The Unite The Right rally was to be “as open as friendly as possible,” so attendees were warned to “refrain from being overly edgy for the sake of edginess.” In other words, they should remember “that we are trying to gain sympathy from whites and the general right wing.” Attendees were asked to “refrain from roman salutes”—akin to the Nazi salute—and remember cameras would be everywhere on August 12.

Law enforcement from other jurisdictions was contacted in advance of the event, and they noted that the Alt Right groups were in the habit of cooperating with law enforcement.

Given the recent rise in events like Unite The Right, several officers recognized the value of conferring with departments in cities or towns where such rallies had occurred previously— including Berkeley, California; Portland, Oregon; and Pikeville, Kentucky. The investigations unit made contacts with Pikeville, Kentucky officials to discuss how law enforcement managed an Alt-Right event on May 1, 2017. Those contacts suggested that the Alt-Right groups were generally cooperative with law enforcement, but also that the opposing groups needed to be physically separated.

The Virginia Fusion Center warned that, in contrast, Communists intended to assault officers.

We spoke to multiple officers at all levels who expressed concern that normal arrest procedures would put officers in harm’s way. In the week before August 12, the Virginia Fusion Center shared credible threats that members of Antifa would bring soda cans filled with cement and might attack police. Then, on the morning of August 12, rumors circulated among CPD that Antifa might attack officers with fentanyl.

Moreover, at the First United Methodist Church;

Members of Antifa were asked to leave when they refused to agree to avoid violence.

The Charlottesville Police Department repeatedly tried to thwart the investigation, for example, Heaphy reported that;

In our interviews with CPD personnel, we learned that Chief Thomas and other CPD command staff deleted text messages that were relevant to our review. Chief Thomas also used a personal e-mail account to conduct some CPD business, then falsely denied using personal e-mail in response to a specific FOIA request.

All of this was avoidable, of course. The Department of Homeland Security had long ago warned of “anarchist extremists” intending to “attack legally protesting white supremacists”. They warned that “Two separate incidents of violent clashes in Sacramento and Anaheim, California between lawfully protesting white supremacists and anarchist extremists highlight that future similar events-such as rallies, concerts, marches, and meetings-are likey to be flashpoints for ideologically inspired violence.

For example, “On 26 June 2016 at the State Capitol building in Sacramento, violent anti-fascists, including anarchist extremist elements, attacked a group of white supremacists who gathered for a legally permitted rally“. As another example, “On 27 February 2016, violence erupted at a legally permitted white supremacist rally in Anaheim after anarchist extremist elements of a violent anti-fascist group attacked white supremacists moments after the white supremacists arrived at the publically announced rally locations“. They noted that “violent anti-fascists punched and kicked the white supremacists; hurled rocks and other projectiles; and assaulted them with makeshift weapons including wooden sticks, clubs, and a skateboard“.

None of this was at all surprising, given the long history of leftist violence. The same DHS report recalled;

In February 2012 at the State Capitol in Sacramento, suspected anarchist extremists violently clashed with a group of white supremacists at the white supremacists’ legally permitted rally intended to draw public attention to black-on-white violence in South Africa. The anarchist extremists threw cans and bottles at the white supremacists and police officers. Two officers were injured after being struck by thrown objects. The incident also resulted in an interruption to the city’s light rail system.

Prior to that;

In April 2010 at a white supremacist rally against illegal immigration on the south lawn of Los Angeles City Hall, individuals-including one suspected anarchist extremist-attacked white supremacists by throwing rocks, branches, and other projectiles over the police line. The violence erupted after a white supremacist removed his shirt revealing his Nazi ~SS” lightning bolt tattoos, offending some individuals within the crowd. Additionally, projectiles were thrown at police officers who were attempting to quell the crowd. There were no injuries reported other than to police, and no arrests occurred at the event.

Given the staggering lack of prosecutions against Leftists over the years, it is hardly surprising that their violence has escalated with time. Even when law enforcement has charged these criminals, prosecutors have consistently abdicated their duties. After communists set fires, smashed windows, and assaulted people on the day of President Trump’s inauguration, more than 200 Leftist rioters were charged with myriad crimes, stemming in part from their black boc tactics. Federal Prosecutors dropped charges against nearly all of the defendants.

When DeAndre Harris was charged for a fraction of his crimes in Charlottesville, prosecutors dropped the charges to misdemeanors, and a judge declined to find him guilty without a jury ever weighing in.

When Corey Long was charged for using a flamethrower against rallygoers in Charlottesville, he was found guilty of a misdemeanor, and sentenced to ten weekends in the country jail, between which he was free to walk the streets.

Since August of 2017, Leftist rioters have run amok. Right wing demonstrations have been chased from the streets, as police recognized the futility of intervention. Terrorism is now a regular feature of American political life, and the threat is exclusively from the Left.

The dismissal of the charges against the Rise Above Movement shines as a rare, but hopeful highlight in American jurisprudence. Yet, the Leftist media, with their staggering contempt for order, truth, and justice, simply cannot abide even a single victory for righteousness. Whereas our justice system largely revolves around the famous quote by English jurist William Blackstone, that “It’s better that 10 guilty men go free than one innocent man be wrongly convicted,” they begin and end with a precisely contrary premise. While Blackstone was willing to see guilty men set free, as a necessary evil to preserve the liberty of the innocent against wrongful convictions, the Left views the guilty as the protagonists of any story, and delights in the suffering of the innocent folks whom they victimize. To them, guilt or innocence is, as in all things, relative to the circumstances. Justice and law are team sports, just like Democracy, and the goal is to defeat one’s rivals, rather than to apply an objective and orderly standard.

They operate by these rules, knowing full well that the Right will not retaliate in kind. They have every advantage of their wicked ways, and none of the disadvantages that come with the precedents they set.

Someday, one hopes, the “Respectable Right” will come to see the folly of this course, and give these criminals a taste of their own medicine.

POST PRODUCTION NOTE: It came to my attention that I was misinformed about a story we discussed on this episode. I read from Newsweek that a teenage sexual assault survivor had been legally euthanized upon her own request in the Netherlands. After the show, it was brought to my attention that the circumstances had been misrepresented in the media. Shocking, I know. 

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Radical Agenda S05E041 – Oblivious

We’ve got a packed show for you today. There’s so much to talk about, but it could all be summed up in a few choice words from Kirsten Gillibrand’s Fox News Town Hall from last night.

“I don’t understand it”

Radical Agenda S05E041 - Oblivious

Radical Agenda S05E041 – Oblivious

Those four words came during a longer tirade she went on in response to a question about late term abortion. A woman in the audience asked the future “Also Ran” about her position on the issue, and Gillibrand took what is now the standard Democrat line, that this should be a woman’s choice no matter what the circumstances. Sick as that may be, it is hardly unsurprising given the times.

What still comes as a surprise to me, and perhaps I should get over my shock given the frequency with which it occurs, is their boastful proclamations of having no idea what the other side of the argument is.

“Why, should male legislatures across this country decide when you’re having children, how many children you’re having, and under what circumstances? I don’t understand it!”

A cynical person might assume she was feigning ignorance. Perhaps she is well aware that an unborn child has a distinct DNA sequence which is different from that of the mother and the father. Perhaps she is simply pretending not to know that the baby often has a different blood type than the mother and father. It certainly stretches credulity to say she has no idea why we would be upset about stopping a beating heart.

I qualify as cynical, to be sure. Yet, I watched Gillibrand knowingly lie repeatedly throughout the entire episode. I could tell when she knew she was lying. Take for example when she expected the audience to believe that the non-profit NRA was so driven by profit motives that they desperately sought to sell assault rifles to terrorists, mental patients, and violent criminals.

“I think the NRA is the worst organization in this country for doing exactly that. They care more about their profits than the American people. They care more about selling guns to someone on the terror watch list or someone with grave mental illness or someone who has a violent criminal background.”

There she knew she was lying. You could hear her voice tremble as she said it. Not nearly the same conviction as she spoke with on the abortion issue. She went on to suggest that the answer to the supposed problem was “getting the money out of politics” with taxpayer funded political campaigns, because the money spent by pro-gun groups dwarfs that of anti-gun groups. That’s completely ridiculous of course, but since the liars who come up with the talking points ignore the fact that every Left wing group save for Redneck Revolt is anti-gun, they have ample latitude to deceive the public.

This Gillibrand understands, since she used to have an A rating with the NRA when she was representing a congressional district in upstate New York. She only went full Bloomberg when she decided to run for the US Senate, and only tried to out radical the Jewish billionaire former mayor when she decided to run for President.

But it’s not really gun control or abortion I mean to address here. I’m only trying to point out that one of few things I believe about Kirsten Gillibrand is that she doesn’t understand it when it comes to abortion and a lot of other subjects. Moreover, I think her blissful ignorance is an alarmingly common state among Democrats, and their neoconservative allies in the GOP.

Beto O’Rourke showed a rare glimpse of self awareness when he apologized to his staff for being a “giant asshole,” but quickly reminded the world of his informational isolation on Meet the Press. There, he described the enforcement of our totally inadequate immigration laws as the “greatest cruelty and inhumanity in this country’s history.” That’s a pretty bad gaff even by Democrat standards. Temporarily detaining lawbreaking foreign nationals is worse than slavery, Jim Crow, mass incarceration, Japanese internment, drone strikes, and enhanced interrogation? Fascinating theory.

It seems idiotic to you and me, but if you lived in the world of Beto O’Rourke, this would make perfect sense.

In their strident efforts to keep the public ignorant of the facts, they have seemingly been far more successful in shielding themselves from public opinion. Their entire world is MSNBC and their Twitter mentions. If they read at all, it’s the Washington Post and the New York Times.

Everyone who criticizes them on social media gets banned. They thus lack the benefit of criticism which causes normal people to conform their worldview to reality. Nobody capable of articulating a conservative position would ever be allowed to have a voice on Rachel Maddow. Don Lemon’s smug mediocrity is actual news to these people. When Anderson Cooper lies to the public, he’s actually informing the views of every politician who takes him seriously as well. Reading the Washington Post feels like reading Tumblr to you and me, but the most powerful Democrats in the country think themselves quite sophisticated as they read about transgender bathrooms being the civil rights cause of our day. The paper of record simply hires better writers to convey an identical worldview.

With that being the case, it should come as no surprise that Democrats would shout proudly about their ignorance. In their minds, they aren’t so much exposing their stupidity, as they are signaling their ideological hygiene. They are free of the sinful thoughts which contaminate their political opponents, and if given the power, they would similarly cleanse the rest of the populace.

It would be foolish to sum this up to partisanship, mind you. Democrats who bother to hear the other side, likewise become the target of those free of such sins. At the California Democratic Convention, former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper had the nerve to say “If we want to beat Donald Trump, and achieve these progressive goals, socialism is not the answer.” He was booed relentlessly for providing this much needed reality check.

“Shut up before you contaminate the rest of us, Nazi!”

A recent piece at NBC News voices grave concerns about IQ scores dropping across Scandinavia, Britain, Germany, France and Australia beginning around the turn of the 21st century. In the roughly 1,000 words of the story, immigration is mentioned once, and the same is true for the word heredity. Given the source, you may be less than surprised to hear that these mentions were only made to dismiss them as the baseless and irrational fears of racists.

Meanwhile, at CNN, much handwringing was done over the recent Miss India beauty pageant. The controversy? All 30 of the finalists had fair skin, and this convinced the Twittersphere that the judges were conspiring to advance eurocentric beauty standards. White supremacy, it would seem, is so pervasive that even non-whites in non-white countries, aspire toward it with their taste in women.

The line between blissful ignorance and intentional deception is obviously blurry. There are certainly the true believers, there are certainly useful idiots, and they are most certainly being led by the most wicked of intellects. Who falls into what category, and to what extent, is a subject up for considerable debate. To the extent these people are the unwitting dupes of conniving Jewish brilliance, one could perhaps find it in their heart to forgive them, but only after the threat of their acts subsides, and even then only after suitable restitution has been made, supposing such a thing is even calculable.

Making the case for intentional deception, Michael Hobbes at The Huffington Post tells us that though millennials, the generation born between 1981 and 1996, are more liberal than ever, this is almost entirely due to their “diversity,” more accurately described as non-whiteness. “In both social attitudes and voting behavior, white millennials look more like their parents and grandparents than their peers” writes Hobbes. Their newfound liberalism, he finds, is due almost entirely to the fact that they are 40% non-white, and declining rapidly. All the propaganda in media and education seems to have only minimally impacted the views of young Whites.

He ends on a rather ominous note “‘We assume that as the country becomes browner we’ll all shift to the left. But what if some people shift all the way to the right?”

Here’s to finding out the hard way…


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