Radical Agenda S05E041 – Oblivious

We’ve got a packed show for you today. There’s so much to talk about, but it could all be summed up in a few choice words from Kirsten Gillibrand’s Fox News Town Hall from last night.

“I don’t understand it”

Radical Agenda S05E041 - Oblivious

Radical Agenda S05E041 – Oblivious

Those four words came during a longer tirade she went on in response to a question about late term abortion. A woman in the audience asked the future “Also Ran” about her position on the issue, and Gillibrand took what is now the standard Democrat line, that this should be a woman’s choice no matter what the circumstances. Sick as that may be, it is hardly unsurprising given the times.

What still comes as a surprise to me, and perhaps I should get over my shock given the frequency with which it occurs, is their boastful proclamations of having no idea what the other side of the argument is.

“Why, should male legislatures across this country decide when you’re having children, how many children you’re having, and under what circumstances? I don’t understand it!”

A cynical person might assume she was feigning ignorance. Perhaps she is well aware that an unborn child has a distinct DNA sequence which is different from that of the mother and the father. Perhaps she is simply pretending not to know that the baby often has a different blood type than the mother and father. It certainly stretches credulity to say she has no idea why we would be upset about stopping a beating heart.

I qualify as cynical, to be sure. Yet, I watched Gillibrand knowingly lie repeatedly throughout the entire episode. I could tell when she knew she was lying. Take for example when she expected the audience to believe that the non-profit NRA was so driven by profit motives that they desperately sought to sell assault rifles to terrorists, mental patients, and violent criminals.

“I think the NRA is the worst organization in this country for doing exactly that. They care more about their profits than the American people. They care more about selling guns to someone on the terror watch list or someone with grave mental illness or someone who has a violent criminal background.”

There she knew she was lying. You could hear her voice tremble as she said it. Not nearly the same conviction as she spoke with on the abortion issue. She went on to suggest that the answer to the supposed problem was “getting the money out of politics” with taxpayer funded political campaigns, because the money spent by pro-gun groups dwarfs that of anti-gun groups. That’s completely ridiculous of course, but since the liars who come up with the talking points ignore the fact that every Left wing group save for Redneck Revolt is anti-gun, they have ample latitude to deceive the public.

This Gillibrand understands, since she used to have an A rating with the NRA when she was representing a congressional district in upstate New York. She only went full Bloomberg when she decided to run for the US Senate, and only tried to out radical the Jewish billionaire former mayor when she decided to run for President.

But it’s not really gun control or abortion I mean to address here. I’m only trying to point out that one of few things I believe about Kirsten Gillibrand is that she doesn’t understand it when it comes to abortion and a lot of other subjects. Moreover, I think her blissful ignorance is an alarmingly common state among Democrats, and their neoconservative allies in the GOP.

Beto O’Rourke showed a rare glimpse of self awareness when he apologized to his staff for being a “giant asshole,” but quickly reminded the world of his informational isolation on Meet the Press. There, he described the enforcement of our totally inadequate immigration laws as the “greatest cruelty and inhumanity in this country’s history.” That’s a pretty bad gaff even by Democrat standards. Temporarily detaining lawbreaking foreign nationals is worse than slavery, Jim Crow, mass incarceration, Japanese internment, drone strikes, and enhanced interrogation? Fascinating theory.

It seems idiotic to you and me, but if you lived in the world of Beto O’Rourke, this would make perfect sense.

In their strident efforts to keep the public ignorant of the facts, they have seemingly been far more successful in shielding themselves from public opinion. Their entire world is MSNBC and their Twitter mentions. If they read at all, it’s the Washington Post and the New York Times.

Everyone who criticizes them on social media gets banned. They thus lack the benefit of criticism which causes normal people to conform their worldview to reality. Nobody capable of articulating a conservative position would ever be allowed to have a voice on Rachel Maddow. Don Lemon’s smug mediocrity is actual news to these people. When Anderson Cooper lies to the public, he’s actually informing the views of every politician who takes him seriously as well. Reading the Washington Post feels like reading Tumblr to you and me, but the most powerful Democrats in the country think themselves quite sophisticated as they read about transgender bathrooms being the civil rights cause of our day. The paper of record simply hires better writers to convey an identical worldview.

With that being the case, it should come as no surprise that Democrats would shout proudly about their ignorance. In their minds, they aren’t so much exposing their stupidity, as they are signaling their ideological hygiene. They are free of the sinful thoughts which contaminate their political opponents, and if given the power, they would similarly cleanse the rest of the populace.

It would be foolish to sum this up to partisanship, mind you. Democrats who bother to hear the other side, likewise become the target of those free of such sins. At the California Democratic Convention, former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper had the nerve to say “If we want to beat Donald Trump, and achieve these progressive goals, socialism is not the answer.” He was booed relentlessly for providing this much needed reality check.

“Shut up before you contaminate the rest of us, Nazi!”

A recent piece at NBC News voices grave concerns about IQ scores dropping across Scandinavia, Britain, Germany, France and Australia beginning around the turn of the 21st century. In the roughly 1,000 words of the story, immigration is mentioned once, and the same is true for the word heredity. Given the source, you may be less than surprised to hear that these mentions were only made to dismiss them as the baseless and irrational fears of racists.

Meanwhile, at CNN, much handwringing was done over the recent Miss India beauty pageant. The controversy? All 30 of the finalists had fair skin, and this convinced the Twittersphere that the judges were conspiring to advance eurocentric beauty standards. White supremacy, it would seem, is so pervasive that even non-whites in non-white countries, aspire toward it with their taste in women.

The line between blissful ignorance and intentional deception is obviously blurry. There are certainly the true believers, there are certainly useful idiots, and they are most certainly being led by the most wicked of intellects. Who falls into what category, and to what extent, is a subject up for considerable debate. To the extent these people are the unwitting dupes of conniving Jewish brilliance, one could perhaps find it in their heart to forgive them, but only after the threat of their acts subsides, and even then only after suitable restitution has been made, supposing such a thing is even calculable.

Making the case for intentional deception, Michael Hobbes at The Huffington Post tells us that though millennials, the generation born between 1981 and 1996, are more liberal than ever, this is almost entirely due to their “diversity,” more accurately described as non-whiteness. “In both social attitudes and voting behavior, white millennials look more like their parents and grandparents than their peers” writes Hobbes. Their newfound liberalism, he finds, is due almost entirely to the fact that they are 40% non-white, and declining rapidly. All the propaganda in media and education seems to have only minimally impacted the views of young Whites.

He ends on a rather ominous note “‘We assume that as the country becomes browner we’ll all shift to the left. But what if some people shift all the way to the right?”

Here’s to finding out the hard way…


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Radical Agenda S05E040 – Woeful Justice

Usually when I read the news, and I see society sliding leftward into oblivion, it makes me angry. I want to fix it, and I curse myself as a weakling for my inability to do so. I think about how much has already been lost due to this trend, contemplate the horrible misery that will befall future generations if it continues, and I get downright depressed.

Other days, such as today, I grin smugly. I giggle at the misery bestowed upon people of the current day, and see it as justice for their actions of the past. I see the appeal of accelerationism, as I contemplate their staggering lack of fitness for the post apocalyptic world they had erstwhile seen as the cure for “white supremacy”.

Take for example a recent episode of the show when we discussed violent clashes outside a UK school in Birmingham, where Muslim protesters took issue with that school’s LGBT curriculum. We sane folk saw this coming a mile away. Feminists and homosexuals called us “racists” when we complained about the cultural changes that would inevitably follow mass immigration. They did this so frequently, that we were eventually like “Fine! If that’s the definition of racism, then I’m a racist, but calling me names doesn’t solve the problem!”

Immediately following the confession of our crimethink, we were of course summarily dismissed, and then vilified and attacked. Not only by the Left wing fanatics who invited this mayhem, but by the “respectable” figures on the Right who were too enamored with their Facebook referral stats, to say what was obviously true about the state of our political situation.

Fortunately for our new Muslim neighbors, they are not nearly so concerned about being called bigots. Rather than slink back into their corners and apologize like American conservatives, these J-Woke Islamists took their protests nationwide, according to the Daily Mail;

Letters opposing the teaching of same-sex relationships, from Islamic organisation Stop RSE (Relationships and Sex Education), have been sent to schools in Bradford, Bristol, Croydon, Northampton, London and Manchester.

Another Islamic outfit is urging Muslims online to join a ‘parental action group’ and asking for donations to ‘protect the value of your children this [holy] month of Ramadan’.

At another Birmingham school, Parkfield Community, where protests started several months ago, diversity lessons have been temporarily suspended.

Five other primaries in the city are understood to have postponed the introduction of the programme.

This is what happens when a community refuses to bend to Jewish thought police. They get what they want.

It also helps that they breed like rabbits…

On the sign at the entrance gates is a rainbow motif with the word ‘equality’ written above it.

At Anderton, this means teaching children about families with, say, ‘two mummies or two daddies’, to foster tolerance and respect for everyone and prepare them for life in modern Britain.

But almost all of Anderton’s 800 pupils are Muslims, and for Muslims, homosexuality is sinful.

Lousy reporting by the Daily… Homosexuality is sinful in every religion I can think of, except for the newly minted death cult of Leftism.

And of course, if the run of the mill protests, letter writing, pressure campaigns, and threats don’t do the trick, there’s always criminal violence. The American Left has proven time and again the efficacy of this tactic, so we shouldn’t be surprised to see it deployed by other determined groups elsewhere.

Following the previous protests we previously spoke about, Daily Mail reports;

Muslim extremists received a tip-off that LGBT supporters were placing ‘Love is the answer’ posters and rainbow flags on the school gates.

Suddenly, the small party of supporters — mostly women and some children — were penned in by the masked thugs, who leapt out of cars and began pelting them with eggs.

Houses in the row of Victorian terraces with rainbow flags or stickers in the window were also targeted and told that next time ‘homes with flags will get bricks’.

‘It was really, really scary,’ said one visibly shaken young man, a non-Muslim who lives on Dennis Road.

Police arrived after the culprits had fled. They are investigating three separate reports of assault and two of criminal damage.

The incident prompted the intervention of West Midlands Chief Constable Dave Thompson, who said he was becoming ‘increasingly concerned’ about events at Anderton.

‘Views are entrenching with a determination to win this argument,’ he warned.

I like that last line, “with a determination to win this argument”. Something tells me the Muslims are going to prove more determined. These people strap bombs to themselves just to say hi to their god. Sure the trannies are almost as suicidal, but the average gay lobby faggot just whines, votes, and complains to Facebook. You can’t shame suicide bombers into submission, and when the bricks start flying through the windows of the houses with rainbow flags, I’d bet the rent that the neighborhood becomes a lot less colorful.

Part of me hates myself for cheering these people on, but the smug satisfaction of being proven right certainly helps to dull the pain. I’m not anxious to face Mecca and pray five times a day, but at least under Sharia law our children won’t be pumped full of cross sex hormones and told to murder their own offspring as a human sacrifice to the newly minted God of gender equality.

Something tells me that when brick wielding Islamists start wielding actual political power, the Jews will cool it with the hate speech crap. It’s not like the Muslims are going to forget about usury once the queers are gone, and the Jews sure as shit won’t fight these guys on their own. At some point the kikes are going to see the Muslims as the bigger threat, and ask us to fight them in our own lands just like they asked us to fight them in theirs. Assuming that happens before it becomes a beheading offense to insult Mohammed, we might just get a chance to speak our piece.

But I don’t even have to go across a vast ocean to see the Social Justice chickens coming home to roost. White shitlib teachers in New York City are getting a harsh lesson in cultural enrichment, as their diversity initiatives are taken to their ultimate logical conclusion. Since the teachers’ unions there figured it was just white supremacy causing middle class families to complain about the constant tax increases needed to finance the ceaseless budgetary demands of failing public schools, they reliably supported Democrat politicians and policies who promised them pay increases no matter how bad they were at their jobs.

Now, RT reports that three white New York City school administrators are suing the Department of Education, claiming they were demoted and replaced with less-qualified but racially-diverse colleagues as part of a crusade against “toxic whiteness.”

Subjected to a diversity-focused witch hunt featuring persistent race-based shaming and verbal abuse, as well as groundless demotions and professional harassment despite decades of excellent work, Lois Herrera, Jaye Murray, and Laura Feijoo are seeking a total of $90 million from Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza and the city for compensatory damages, loss of earning capacity, and emotional pain and suffering.

“Under Carranza’s leadership, [the Department of Education] has swiftly and irrevocably silenced, sidelined and punished plaintiffs and other Caucasian female DOE employees on the basis of their race, gender and unwillingness to accept their other colleagues’ hateful stereotypes about them,” the suit, filed on Tuesday in New York state Supreme Court, reads.

Carranza wasted no time launching his reign of terror after he was hired in April 2018, according to the suit. “If you draw a paycheck from DOE … get on board with my equity platform or leave,” he reportedly told his employees.

Told to “take a step back and yield to colleagues of color” and “recognize that values of white culture are supremacist,” Herrera, a 33-year veteran of city schools, claims she was stripped of her title and demoted – despite being publicly praised for her performance the previous year – after she was held responsible for the racial inequities in the school system. Humiliated by her unqualified replacement, a black man promoted over her without so much as an interview, Herrera was subjected to a string of racist indignities that included a professional workshop where a black presenter decried the “‘white middle class values’ that were plaguing society,” framing the struggle as “us vs. them” – with Herrera the unfortunate “them” in the equation.

Despite Murray’s role in leading anti-bias programs during her 13 years in the system, she, too, was demoted – partially for the unpardonable sin of being from Westchester, a wealthy white suburb she realized the management expressly reviled after being forced to watch a professional development video that blamed black poverty on the proliferation of white suburbs. Her newly-appointed black supervisors forced her to report her work every 30 minutes to harass and degrade her, she claims, and even used her disability to humiliate her.

That last paragraph made me howl. “Despite Murray’s role in leading anti-bias programs” hahaha!

No, Jaye, this is because you led “anti-bias programs” not despite it. You spent almost a decade and a half propagandizing a generation of voters, and then they walked into voting booths and did exactly what you told them to do. Now the party you’ve supported your entirely life for the sake of financial gain, has carried into force exactly the redistributive nightmare they paid you to promote, and suddenly you see it as a problem when it impacts you personally.

You’ve watched the skin color of your classroom match your own less, and less, and you just thought “wow, look at all these Democrat voters who will ceaselessly increase my salary and budget, this is great news. I hate racists.” Now that the other races are in power, and taking what you believe you’ve earned, all of a sudden you regret the outcome of the race war you’ve dedicated your life to betraying your own side in.

Does this make me a bad racist, that I cheer for the misery of White people being displaced by the wave of colored incompetence? If I start celebrating diversity to the extent that it harms White Democrats, can I get myself off the SPLC’s hate lists? I suppose yes and no, respectively, but I don’t care.

What matters most is the prosperity of our people, and if we can’t have that, then the misery of our enemies, especially our traitors, will have to suffice.

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In Reply to Michael Malice’s “The New Right”

Early last year I was interviewed for Michael Malice‘s book “The New Right“. I recorded the interview, and have attached the audio of that interview to this blog post. The post, you’ll find, is lengthy, as the subject matter Malice tried to address is complex, and I felt it worth taking the time to point out some (honest) errors I felt he made in the book by providing the necessary detail, as well as giving interested parties some background information on how I came to be the subject of the second to last chapter. For those of you interested in a briefer version of my review, I begin with a TLDR, which copies and pastes some choice bits from this lengthy review.


If you’re here to check if Michael Malice accurately represented my views, I’ll save you a lot of reading and listening. He did. He was a standup guy throughout the entire process, and if my fellow Gentiles had half his integrity, we’d already have won this fight.

In Reply to Michael Malice's "The New Right"

In Reply to Michael Malice’s “The New Right”

The book arrived in the mail late in the week, and I was otherwise occupied throughout the weekend. Monday, after broadcasting that evening’s episode of the Radical Agenda, I figured I’d try and get through a few chapters. I had been told by others that my interview was the subject of the second to last chapter, leaving me with the coveted title of being the final “New Right” figure profiled before the author’s artful and thought provoking conclusion. So my ego compelled me to begin there.

As an anti-Semite, well versed in the conniving tactics of agenda driven Jewish writers, I was prepared for the worst. In this instance however, Malice did not live up to his name. My views were presented accurately, to the letter. Just as importantly, since not every word of the interview was necessarily worthy of publication or response, he did some picking and choosing as to what portions to publish, rather than a leaving the reader with a direct transcript of the conversation. His editorial choices in this regard, I felt were just and sound.

It was an excellent read. I finished it in two days. I hadn’t been so glued to a book since I got out of solitary confinement. The distractions provided to me in the free world had grown overwhelming since my release from Virginia custody, and I felt a renewed thirst for literature once I had completed the text.

Malice defines The New Right in the beginning as “A loosely connected group of individuals united by their opposition to progressivism, which they perceive to be a thinly veiled fundamentalist religion dedicated to egalitarian principles and intent on totalitarian world domination via globalist hegemony.” This is a fine definition for someone averse to mentioning Jews. The Alt Right is at its root an anti-Semitic movement, and the Alt Lite are our more timid counterparts, who enjoy banking services and access to Facebook too much to tell the truth, but occasionally have trouble containing their resentment. We are the anti-Left, and the Left is a Jewish phenomenon.

Malice’s exploration of it then, being a Jew himself, provides a thought provoking, if at times misguided, perspective. You can tell he is making an honest effort to understand the subject matter and communicate his understanding of it to the reader, though the tint of the ethnic lense through which he necessarily views the world, becomes obvious at times to a Nazi. His literary talents are remarkable, and his subtle method of guiding the reader from intellectual stimulation to edgy humor, sometimes leaves the reader on the second word of the next sentence, before he realizes the hilarity of the joke he just read, even as he still stands in awe of the brilliant analysis which preceded it. That’s what really makes this book a page turner, and it would be even if everything he said was complete fiction, which it isn’t. Malice is smart, and he’s taking you on a guided tour of his interactions with some truly amazing people and ideas.

You’ll hear in the audio of our interview that I agreed not to release this recording, which I had forgotten about when I announced that I would be releasing it. It occurred to me that, given the stereotypes involved in our narrative, it would be a notable hypocrisy for me to be the one breaking an agreement after my Jewish interviewer had been so honorable throughout the process. I reached out to Michael via email, and he released me from that agreement, so I am thus presenting it to the listener with honor.

Full Length

Nice To Meet You

On the significant chance that you’re here for the first time, allow me to welcome you. My name is Christopher Cantwell. By any meaningful definition of the phrase as it is used today, I’m an anti- Semite. I believe that Jews, on account of factors endemic to their very ethnic psyche, are detrimental to the health and wellbeing of European societies, and in this I include the United States, though this description may in the near future fail to describe the region, lest we do something to stop the decline.

Continue reading

Outlaw Conservative S01E020 – In Love With Their Own Heartbeat

Today is one of those days where I hardly know where to start because there is so much to talk about.

It turns out we’re not the only ones who have soured on the idea of democracy. Nobody really likes it, unless they are getting what they want. The Left has been hailing the praises of this dysgenic mess for as long as I can remember, because, as George Carlin put it “Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.”

For the Left, higher voter turnout is nearly synonymous with success, because the more people voting, the lower the intelligence of the collective outcome. Their ideas are hostile to the lives of smart and decent people, so they rely on stupidity and wickedness to get by.

For them, this has worked out pretty well for the most part. So well in fact, that they were able to sneak in millions more extraordinarily low quality people while they were in power, just in case the idiots who elected them ever got wise to the scheme.

But then something changed. Suddenly, it wasn’t good enough to call people racists and promise free stuff. In fact, a man who was called racist perhaps more than anyone else in history, became President of the United States, and if you thought that was bad, he’s also a billionaire.

From there, things only got worse. Trump’s election didn’t just make American liberals wet the bed, it inspired a wave of Nationalist sentiment all the way over in Europe as well. Britain voted to leave the European Union, and when the results of their referendum went unheeded, they formed a Brexit Party, and shocked the world with their electoral success recently to the European Parliament.

It wasn’t limited to Britain, either. France, Italy, and Poland all had strong showings for the Right as well. German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned of “dark forces” rising throughout Europe.

“These populist, nationalists, stupid nationalists, they are in love with their own countries and they don’t like the others,” outgoing President of the European Union Commission Jean-Claude Juncker told CNN in his Brussels office.

Imagine that? Citizens loving their own countries? Dark forces, indeed.

Could you imagine what would happen to these monsters if most people understood the contempt their rulers have for them? That’s not going to happen of course, but it’s still fun to think about.

On the bright side, their effort to strike back might just be what ends them.

Stateside, Republican legislatures in several states have passed sweeping restrictions on abortion. I suppose they are sick of hearing about thier “aging populations” being the excuse for replacement level immigration, and are interested in fixing government policy instead of dying as the Left would surely prefer.

In Missouri the last remaining abortion clinic says it expects to be shut down this week, effectively ending legal abortion in the state. In a statement Tuesday, Planned Parenthood said Missouri’s health department is “refusing to renew” its annual license to provide abortion in the state. If the license is not renewed by May 31, Missouri would become the first state without a functioning abortion clinic since 1973 when Roe v. Wade was decided. Planned Parenthood, predictably, filed a lawsuit requesting a restraining order against the state, hoping to restore the license and avoid service disruption. A circuit court judge will hear arguments today.

In Georgia, CNBC reported the state’s up to 30% tax credits attracted more than 450 film and television projects last fiscal year, driving more than $4.5 billion in wages and having an economic impact of greater than $9.5 billion. Projects included Disney’s “Black Panther” and “Avengers: Infinity War,” AMC’s “The Walking Dead” and Netflix’s “Ozark.” Netflix has also shot shows including “Queer Eye” and “The Haunting of Hill House” in Georgia in recent years.

Now one of those companies, Netflix, says they will be “rethinking” their investment in the state due to the state’s passage of an abortion law forbidding termination of a pregnancy after an indication of a heartbeat.

Imagine that? A corporation giving up a 30% tax credit, just because their executives are so enamored with abortion. Checkmate libertarians! Where is your precious profit motive now?

I’d say it’s a worthwhile trade off. Fine, Netflix! Fine, Hollywood! Fine, Mr. Movieburg! You keep your cheap smut entertainment, we’ll keep our babies and our countries.

Seeking revenge, states under Leftist control have expanded abortion access. Talk about cutting off one’s nose to spite their face. You’re mad at us, so you kill your own babies? Why didn’t we think of this sooner? Perhaps we should pass more restrictive suicide laws next, and then our rivals will all go the way of Heaven’s Gate. “You really want to get back at Trump? Here’s  some phenobarbital mixed with apple sauce! You can wash it down with some tastey Russian vodka! Your comet to heaven awaits you on the other side of the light!”

Ah yes, we stupid Nationalists, in love with our countries, our babies, and our heartbeats. If only we had the wisdom of our Left wing betters, who love truly valuable things like poverty, distractions, and infanticide.

It’s good to have hope. I don’t, on most days. On some however, we get these little reminders that our rivals cannot win, in any real sense. They can destroy the things we value, to be sure. They might just bring us all to the brink of extinction if they are not stopped, perhaps beyond the brink, but when one sets their entire existence in root and branch opposition ot the human condition and reality itself, success becomes the antithesis of their aims.

They are doomed to destroy themselves. The only question now is, will we let them take us with them?

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Radical Agenda S05E039 – Polarized

The European parliamentary election is the second-largest democratic exercise in the world, with citizens across 28 nations voting for their new representatives. It is second only to that of India’s national elections, in terms of population governed. The stakes are higher in Europe however, with European world influence being what it is, and a collective GDP nearly seven times that of India. Given the ethnic and cultural overlaps between Europe and the United States, and the Jewish obsession with eliminating those ethnic and cultural elements, political upheavals in one union, tend to reverberate on the other side of the pond as well.

Radical Agenda S05E039 - Polarized

Radical Agenda S05E039 – Polarized

That being the case, we here stateside are less than surprised to see the once mighty centrist coalition that has governed Europe for decades fall to pieces. Nationalist parties, despite “hate speech” laws all but outlawing the discussion of their ideas, have gained tremendous influence, chipping away at the center right “conservative” parties which had long ago sold out to the Left to form the aforementioned centrist coalition. Not to be outdone, the far Left Green party likewise chipped away at the influence of center Left socialist parties throughout Europe.

Pro-European Union parties are set to hold onto two-thirds of the seats at the EU Parliament, but the rise of Euro-skeptic Nationalists has not gone unnoticed. Nationalists won control of a quarter of seats in European elections, for the first time. The “far-right” and nationalist parties in Italy, Britain, France and Poland came out ahead in their national votes on Sunday, disrupting their domestic politics, though failing to dramatically alter the balance of power in EU assembly. The EU Parliament will be much more fragmented over the next five years, with the established centrist bloc set to fall short of securing a majority at this week’s election, early results show.

In Italy, Matteo Salvini’s Lega Nord (League) Party, claimed a convincing European Parliament victory, with exit polls suggesting that the League will claim between 27 and 31 percent of the vote, way ahead of their Democratic Party opponents. In France, Marine Le Pen’s right-wing group National Rally secured victory against Emmanuel Macron’s En Marche. Following the resignation of Theresa May, the UK’s Brexit Party completed a historic win as the region’s split over leaving the EU deepened. Following his victory, Nigel Farage tweeted: “Never before in British politics has a party just 6 weeks old won a national election.” In Austria, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz is on track to be ousted in a 5pm vote to occur in Vienna, after his former coalition partners in the nationalist Freedom Party supported a motion to dismiss him. Denmark’s far-right was decimated, however as noted by Academic Matthew Goodwin, the country’s center-left party has adopted one of the most restrictive immigration policies in Europe. “The national populists collapsed because they won the argument,” Goodwin writes.

Voter turnout was likewise up, with 51% of those eligible making their way to the polls, up from 43% in 2014. The high turnout combined with the rising polarization, seems to suggest a heightened awareness amongst Europeans, that the future of their countries and the Union seeking to replace them, is indeed at stake.

The bad news, I fear, is that without a centrist coalition, and center and Left wing parties still outnumbering the Right, policy will shift in the wrong direction. On the bright side, this would surely drive the rising Nationalist sentiment higher, and impact future contests. This development may likewise come as a welcomed turn of events, for accelerationists who see no hope of reform.

Whatever the outcome, it would seem that in Europe, as in the United States, the truce between Left and Right that created the centrist governments which have led us to this point has all but collapsed. For better or worse, this had to occur, since the Left had always taken advantage of the arrangement. Taxes, regulations, and myriad other government intrusions into the lives of law abiding average folks have all increased in perpetuity, all the while, hindering the State from carrying out its most basic obligations like securing borders, preventing theft, prosecuting violent crime, and mitigating the vices that precede such social maladies.

Under their rule, we have seen the burden of government increase, and the benefit of its services all but vanish. Our Nations have been invaded, our cultures have been debased, and our people, our women in particular, are more miserable than ever. This despite an ever increasing overabundance of comforts and distractions.

Why this sense of poverty and deprivation, even as we grow obese and carry supercomputers in our pockets?

If you’ve ever tried to live off ramen noodles, you understand. A full belly does not a nourished man make. Bread alone, as the saying goes…

Sure we have all the calories that fiat currency can purchase, but we are woefully deficient in the building blocks of a healthy people. Identity, culture, faith, purpose, family, meaning, order, connection, a vision for the future, of all these things we have been bereft.

And for what?

So some Jew can collect a quarter percent interest, as brightly colored plastic garbage zips from one side of the planet to the other?

Please… I’d rather know hunger.


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Radical Agenda S05E038 – Criminalizing Journalism

Julian Assange has been charged with a conspiracy to hack government computers, and violations of the espionage act, for his alleged role in helping Bradley Manning obtain the information Wikileaks notoriously released on his behalf several years ago, as well as for publishing that information. Glenn Greenwald and Micah Lee at the Intercept are pitching a fit that the Trump administration is attempting to “criminalize journalism” by going after Assange.

Per the Justice Department press release;

The indictment alleges that in March 2010, Assange engaged in a conspiracy with Chelsea Manning, a former intelligence analyst in the U.S. Army, to assist Manning in cracking a password stored on U.S. Department of Defense computers connected to the Secret Internet Protocol Network (SIPRNet), a U.S. government network used for classified documents and communications. Manning, who had access to the computers in connection with her duties as an intelligence analyst, was using the computers to download classified records to transmit to WikiLeaks. Cracking the password would have allowed Manning to log on to the computers under a username that did not belong to her. Such a deceptive measure would have made it more difficult for investigators to determine the source of the illegal disclosures.

During the conspiracy, Manning and Assange engaged in real-time discussions regarding Manning’s transmission of classified records to Assange. The discussions also reflect Assange actively encouraging Manning to provide more information. During an exchange, Manning told Assange that “after this upload, that’s all I really have got left.” To which Assange replied, “curious eyes never run dry in my experience.”

Greenwald thinks this is no big deal, because the Obama administration decided that this was “journalism” and opted not to prosecute Assange.

The first crucial fact about the indictment is that its key allegation — that Assange did not merely receive classified documents from Chelsea Manning but tried to help her crack a password in order to cover her tracks — is not new. It was long known by the Obama DOJ and was explicitly part of Manning’s trial, yet the Obama DOJ — not exactly renowned for being stalwart guardians of press freedoms — concluded that it could not and should not prosecute Assange because indicting him would pose serious threats to press freedom. In sum, today’s indictment contains no new evidence or facts about Assange’s actions; all of it has been known for years.

Radical Agenda S05E038 - Criminalizing Journalism

Radical Agenda S05E038 – Criminalizing Journalism

Interesting theory. So because the Obama justice department opted not to indict Assange, that means he shouldn’t be indicted? I’d say that’s a pretty weak argument. The Obama administration committed a lot of crimes, and allowed a lot of criminals to go free, Manning included.

Obama didn’t indict Lois Lerner when she politicized the IRS to sabotage the Tea Party movement. He didn’t indict anyone for the Fast & Furious scandal that got a Border Patrol agent killed. There was not a single arrest or prosecution of any senior Wall Street banker for the systemic fraud that precipitated the 2008 financial crisis. Obama either pardoned or commuted the sentences of 1,927 people during his presidency, more than any President since Truman. He broke a record by granting clemency to 231 federal inmates in a single day. His clemency has differed from that of his predecessors too, in that he almost always freed people from prison with commuted sentences, rather than pardoning people after their release.

The lawlessness of that administration should come as no surprise to anyone, and definitely should not set a precedent for future administrations.

This case is of particular interest to me, for a few reasons.

Back when this all happened, and the “Collateral Murder” video came out, I was heavily involved with the libertarians, and staunchly anti-war. All of my associates were pointing to that video as proof that the United States military was running around murdering innocent people for no reason whatsoever.

I saw things differently. I saw a grainy video from a helicopter of soldiers in a war zone observing a group of male adults walking down the street with god knows what in their hands, and after communicating with their superiors, opening fire. Even then, I thought this was completely blown out of proportion, even if it did turn out that those killed were non-combatants.

The war was wrong, but I saw those soldiers as completely blameless. I was infuriated by the libertarians and others who called them murderers.

Sorry, civilians! These things happen in war. This is just one of many reasons why we should be a lot more cautious about why, when, and where, we engage in martial conflicts.

Yet, I still supported Manning and Wikileaks. While manning was on trial at Fort Meade, I went there to cover the trial for Adam vs. The Man, and stayed at Kokesh’s house in Herndon, Virginia.

In fact, here’s a photo of me leaving the trial.

As I drove from New York to Virginia, I had “FREE BRADLEY MANNING” written with paint on the windows of my van. I did not care if what they did was illegal. I did not care if what they did hindered the war effort. I did not care if what they did jeopardized other interests of the United States government. As far as I was concerned, the war was based on lies, and unjustifiable. If people had to break the law and act deceptively to stop it, then that was just fine with me.

I feel differently today, and not just because Manning turned out to be a tranny communist, or Assange mocked me on Twitter when I was framed for crimes in Charlottesville.

My attitude began to change when Obama commuted Manning’s sentence.

Manning had been sentenced to 35 years in prison for his treason. In prison, he decided he was going to “gender transition,” which endeared him all that much more to the communists who celebrated his disloyalty to his country.

The Obama administration had never been big on transparency, or shy about using government force against anyone who stood in their way. It seemed profoundly curious to me, that Barack Obama would set Manning free, simply out of some desire to do the right thing. In fact, I was certain there had to be some other reason for his release.

It turns out, I was right.

Manning did not use his newfound freedom and notoriety to fight for liberty or transparency in government after his release. He used it to promote communism.

He cheered on the rioting Reds in Charlottesville, and encouraged antifa violence from coast coast.

When he ran for the US Senate, his platform read like an intentional plan to destroy the country. In fact, he all but confessed that it was on Twitter, by retweeting a fellow degenerate who said “abolish ICE, open the border, dismantle all detention centers and dance joyously in the rubble“.

I was all for ending the wars. Still am, all these years later. In fact, that was much of my motivation for supporting Trump, and his failure to stop this insanity remains one of my greatest disappointments in his administration. But that was and is out of a desire to see the best interests of my country put ahead of those of Israel.

Anybody wanting to reduce my country to rubble through immigration, lawlessness, and communism, surely has a very different agenda than I, and dare I say it, a far more radical one at that.

Come to think about it, reducing the country to rubble seems to be at the forefront of the policy agenda for the Democrat party at this point. Reliably, their propagandists in the media seem to have the same itinerary.

Back to the Intercept;

The other key fact being widely misreported is that the indictment accuses Assange of trying to help Manning obtain access to document databases to which she had no valid access: i.e., hacking rather than journalism. But the indictment alleges no such thing. Rather, it simply accuses Assange of trying to help Manning log into the Defense Department’s computers using a different username so that she could maintain her anonymity while downloading documents in the public interest and then furnish them to WikiLeaks to publish.

In other words, the indictment seeks to criminalize what journalists are not only permitted but ethically required to do: take steps to help their sources maintain their anonymity.

Another interesting theory.

Firstly, it is hacking a computer to crack a password. It is exceeding ones privileges to log in as another user. If Assange did this, then he did help Manning hack the computers, by definition. If he helped them hack the computers, then that explains why he was also charged with publishing the material. He wasn’t acting as a mere journalist who received information without participating in the crime. He actively conspired to obtain the material he wanted to publish, and then he published it. One act was in furtherance of the other.

The fact that Greenwald says journalists do this all the time should tell you something about journalism. These people are criminals, and they shouldn’t be granted special privileges just because they have broadcast licenses or newspapers. “Freedom of the Press” means freedom, as in, the same freedom you and I have, not license to do things we would go to prison for.

And for that matter, why should we grant journalists that much “freedom” anyway? Should they shoulder no extra responsibilities with the enormous power that they wield?

How many of you have seen Con Air? In that movie, Nicholas Cage plays Cameron Poe, a highly decorated United States Army Ranger, came home to Alabama to his wife, Tricia. He only to run into a few drunken regulars at the bar where Tricia works and they get in a fight. Cameron unknowingly kills one of the drunks by punching the guy’s nose into his brain, and is sent to a federal penitentiary for involuntary manslaughter for seven years, because his military training made his hands “deadly weapons”. Because he was so trained to kill, he was saddled with extra liability for the damage he did.

Same thing for anybody who carries a gun. There are things you can do while you are unarmed, which you cannot do while you carry, and for good reason.

Letting people run amok and endanger the country just because they call themselves “journalists” is as stupid as saying I can pick a fight with whoever I want, just because I’m carrying a pistol.

Julian Assange thought it was hillarious that I was in tears facing 60 years in prison for crimes I didn’t commit. I wonder if he’s crying now that he could spend the rest of his life in prison for crimes he actually did commit?

Fuck him, and fuck the media.

Assange was their hero when he was conspiring with Manning to leak government secrets. Using that Collateral Murder video to demonize the Bush administration was something they all universally supported. Then, when Wikileaks was publishing information that was unfavorable to Hillary Clinton, suddenly Assange was some kind of Russian spy.

Now that he’s being prosecuted for the leaks that they did like, he’s a martyr for the first amendment. Curious creatures, these journalists. They didn’t seem to think so much of the first amendment when they were were cheering on communists who attacked us at our permitted demonstration in Charlottesville. They didn’t seem to think so much about freedom of speech when they were calling for White Nationalism, a political idea, to be pursued like foreign terrorist organizations. They didn’t seem to think much about press freedom when they went after Infowars and Alex Jones.

And what’s so special about the first amendment, anyway? Why do journalists care so much about that one, but insist that the second amendment is just some anachronistic throwback to a less enlightened time? Why was there no eighth amendment outcry when me and my comrades were held without bail in Charlottesville? Why do they insist that the 4th amendment guarantees women the right to an abortion, but have no problem with Obama spying on the Trump campaign?

At some point you just have to conclude that these people are trying to destroy the country. That being the case, why should any of us care about their supposed “rights” while they do everything in their power to see ours violated?

This is clearly just war by other means. The pen, they say, is mightier than the sword, after all. So at what point do we take their swords away?



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Outlaw Conservative S01E019 – MANA

This morning I finished reading Michael Malice’s new book “The New Right“, for which I had been interviewed, and earned the coveted space of being the last “New Right” figure featured before the concluding chapter. I’ll provide more commentary on that next week, as the book deserves a more thoughtful response than I’ll be able to come up with before showtime today, and because it will necessarily involve commentary unfit for the Outlaw Conservative podcast.

For now I’ll say that the book is a very good read. I haven’t been that glued to a book since I was in solitary confinement back in Virginia. Malice also provides some valuable perspective, which was interesting given his ethnic background, and the subject matter being addressed.

One topic worth discussing here is the concept of Narrative, which comes up repeatedly throughout the text. What Malice sees as amongst the most crucial functions of the New Right – in which he includes both the so called “Alt Lite” and “Alt Right” – is our attacks on the “Cathedral” and it’s pervasive control over the Narrative.

Referring to the Left in religious terms is likely a familiar concept to many Outlaw Conservative listeners. Their ideas are certainly not based in anything resembling the nature of the human condition, and often seem aimed at accomplishing something in a parallel universe at the expense of this one. The Cathedral is a term coined by Mencius Moldbug of Unqualified Reservations, to describe the system of how consent is manufactured. Ideas flow out from the universities, and into the media, and public schools, and eventually “they become our old friend, ‘public opinion.'”

Depending on the minute you ask me the question, my outlook for the future might be hopelessly grim, or nauseatingly positive, and it can change that dramatically from one minute to the next. In my hopeful moments, I see this system collapsing on itself, as the ideas of the Cathedral become so hopelessly detached from those of the people whose lives they are destroying, that the system loses its power to dictate narratives.

There is a lot of handwringing in conservative circles about how we abandoned the universities, and how this has allowed the Left to have the obscene cultural influence they wield over us today. There are good reasons to voice such concerns of course, but there does exist a potential upside. As the professors ceased to find anyone to challenge their ideas, save for the students, and they used their power over the students to crush even that dissent, they completely lost touch with the rest of the society. This in turn caused the media to do the same, and just as social media began to expose them to the much needed criticism that causes one to contemplate one’s course, the social media platforms banned all those who contradicted the increasingly out of touch narratives, permitting them to become ever more out of touch.

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Radical Agenda S05E037 – Spoiler Alert

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan and you’re not caught up, I must warn you that this episode of the Radical Agenda will contain spoilers. So hopefully you’re either caught up, or lucky enough not to be afflicted with the terrible disease of this addiction.

The 8th and final season of Game of Thrones reached a rather anticlimactic conclusion last night. Throughout the story, Kings and Queens were murdered, the dead waged war against the living, magic conjured ghosts and brought men back from death, and with the help of some dragons and an army of slaves and savages, a powerful and just woman nearly came to rule Westeros.

Radical Agenda S05E037 - Spoiler Alert

Radical Agenda S05E037 – Spoiler Alert

But the feminists were left disappointed in the end, as the final battle of the great war seemed to occur just as Daenerys Targaryen began to bleed from her most permanent wound. Rather than take the wisdom of her male advisors, and wait out Cersei Lannister, she laid waste to King’s Landing, killing countless innocent men, women, and children, including those loyal to her, as dragon fire rained down on the once great city, reducing it to rubble.

So grotesque was her brutality, that even the hand of the Queen, an imp who murdered his own father, refused to be party to her savagery going forward.

Undeterred, the Mother of Dragons imprisoned her most loyal advisor. She stood before her army and called on them to similarly “liberate” the whole world, vowing that the war would not end until every corner of the globe was under her rule.

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Radical Agenda S05E036 – Adversity Score

The SAT, formerly known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test, is a standardized test widely used for college admissions in the United States. As the name implies, it is, or was, designed to measure the readiness of potential students for the rigors of higher education.

As academia descended into the same Leftist filth that floods our Internet with porn traffic, and our televisions with material only slightly less perverse, intellectual ability began to matter less and less, thus ending the need for such testing.

What matters now, is how much you can contribute to the decline of the American Empire.

Thus the “Adversity Score” was born, from the same Jewish mind that gave you “Common Core“.

Today we will have live streaming video courtesy of JoshWhoTV. Subscribe to our JoshWho Channel here and watch live on JoshWhoTV.

The College Board is a New York-based non-profit that is in charge of overseeing the SAT. Like everything else that is not explicitly hostile to Leftists, it was eventually taken over by communists, and turned to communist aims. This new “adversity score” number is calculated by assessing 15 factors, purportedly to help admissions officers determine an individual student’s social and economic background. These factors are first divided into three categories: neighborhood environment, family environment and high school environment.

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Outlaw Conservative S01E018 – Raise My Taxes

As one who was once enamored with libertarianism, I find it difficult to believe I end up being the guy arguing against free trade, and in favor of new taxes. I’m also a guy who is surrounded by inexpensive electronics, almost all of which were surely manufactured in another country. So cheering on the President while he makes my tools and toys more expensive, feels weird to say the least of it.

Even as I drifted rightward ideologically, I still thought free trade was ideal for a long time. In my first Vice News interview, Elle Reeve asked me about trade and I told her I disagreed with most of the Alt Right on the subject. I like the quote commonly attributed to Bastiat which goes “When goods don’t cross borders, soldiers will”. Ron Paul told me economic sanctions were a reliable prelude to war, and I believed it.

The Trump presidency has given me a profound appreciation for contemplating trade policy. I’m made to recall a BBS game, back when there was no Internet and we just called one another’s computers over the phone line, called TradeWars. I had never gotten into it back then, but I can see now why it was so popular, since I now view trade policy as an exciting exercise in strategic thinking, as opposed to a tedious mathematical equation.

Today we will have live streaming video courtesy of JoshWhoTV. Subscribe to our JoshWho Channel here and watch live on JoshWhoTV.

The phrase “trade war” was all over the news beginning with the Republican presidential primary, and has grown louder and louder in recent months. Thinking of trade as a competition amongst nations, made sense to me as a free trader. “May the best man win” was my attitude, confident that in a fair competition, my country would dominate. Altering the playing field through public policy, to accomplish higher purposes than a quick buck, was an element of strategy in that competition which I had never really contemplated very deeply before.

Free trade is a fine default position, from which to contemplate other possibilities. “What would actual free trade orthodoxy dictate here? What deviations from that standard exist in the system? How can we alter our public policy to offset the negative impacts of some other nation’s trade policy?” Those are questions which might be asked by a reasonable free trader. As I began to contemplate Trump’s trade proposals, I looked at things from this perspective myself. If some country was charging tariffs on US exports, I figured we could, and should, retaliate with our own tariffs, but only as a means by which to compel that country to break down their barriers to trade.

The unreasonable free trader insists on unilateral free trade. He adheres to an absurd orthodoxy which cannot stand up to scrutiny, unless he dare confess a willingness to see the impoverishment of himself, his neighbors, and his offspring. If Mexico wants to charge a 15% tariff on imports from the United States, fine with him, we can’t retaliate with our own tariff. If the Chinese subsidize cheap goods and dump them on our shores for no other purpose than to put American companies out of business, fine with him too. What matters to him is the correctness of his position, rather than the outcome of any particular policy, or lack thereof. I had previously been in this camp myself, before having my beliefs challenged in the lead up to the 2016 Presidential election.

As I watched the debate over trade policy unfold, I discovered a whole new dimension of domestic and foreign policy. A high stakes strategy game, with infinite possibilities.

The (possibly misattributed) Bastiat quote, and Ron Paul’s concerns about foreign relations still remain at the forefront of my considerations, but if trade policy can result in martial conflict, this is a reason to consider it carefully, and act decisively, rather than to unilaterally disarm. If trade policy can be viewed as a military provocation, it only stands to reason that my country should answer such provocations by making them costly and thus undesirable. For the same reasons, it is likewise insane to think that we ought to have unmitigated trade relations with adversarial nations.

Pat Buchanan has a column out yesterday, titled Tariffs — The Taxes That Made America Great, which I plan to read on air today. Going all the way back to 1789, he outlines a rich history of American economic nationalism. From the earliest days of our constitution, tariffs were the revenue mechanism of choice for the federal government. Not so much because it was the most lucrative, as much as to promote “the encouragement and protection of manufactures.”

To hear the cult of free trade tell it, trade policy is incapable of encouraging anything but graft, corruption, war, and economic catastrophe. So why did George Washington set our young republic down this course?

As it turns out, things aren’t so simple.

What first made me consider these implications was a moment during the Presidential debates of 2016. Then candidate Trump pointed out that Mexico was imposing a 15% tariff on US exports, yet the United States had no reciprocal barrier to Mexican exports. This was going on while we were supposedly in a “Free Trade Agreement” with that country, commonly known as NAFTA.

Mexico obviously benefits from the ability to sell products to the United States far more than the United States benefits from the ability to sell products to Mexico. If one wanted a world free of trade barriers, it would stand to reason that the United States ought to apply some sort of pressure to compel Mexico to change their policy, and a tariff on Mexican exports could surely accomplish this. Canada too, also in the midst of the North American “Free Trade” Agreement, had an astronomical tariff on US dairy exports. Again, even from the perspective of a free trade advocate, why would the United States do nothing to rectify this barrier?

For that matter, if free trade was universally beneficial, as we’ve been told by both parties for what seems like an eternity, why would these countries harm their own economies by imposing these tariffs?

What becomes obvious when one looks into it in some depth, without the blinders of ideology, is that these policies exist for good reason.

Mexico wants to build up their own industrial base, and so while exports are helpful to this pursuit, imports are detrimental to it. So they’ll preach the wisdom of free trade when they want access to markets, but apply a decidedly different standard when it comes to their own trade policies. Competition from American dairy farmers would harm Canada’s dairy industry, and so to keep that industry thriving domestically, they make dairy imports from the United States prohibitively expensive.

As the Trump administration imposed tariffs on steel, American steel manufacturing, an industry once gone from our country, exploded. Steel production is important for a lot more than a Nation’s GDP stats. This is a military necessity, and if we are dependent on foreign countries for our steel, then we had best hope we never find ourselves in conflict with those countries on whom we depend.

With tariffs being imposed on Chinese exports, what other industries might take root in the United States? Could we begin making our own computers? Our own smartphones? In an age of information, where so much vital knowledge is passed through our electronic devices, is that not likewise a national security issue? How can we even contemplate security, when a foreign country, under the rule of the Communist Party, no less, manufactures all the devices on which we communicate?

To see so many of my fellow conservatives go into kneejerk conniptions about “socialism” whenever any sort of economic intervention is contemplated, is a sad sight indeed. Especially while those same conservatives are simultaneously suckered into the neverending foreign policy disasters of the same neocon element that pushes free trade. To them, America is to be always at war, and yet open to any human, material, or informational penetration. The world is supposedly some terrible place, replete with monsters to slay in every corner of the Earth, and yet as we go around the world confronting every real and imagined danger, every man, woman, child, product, service, and bit of propaganda can flow freely to and fro across our unsecured border.

Our economy declines, our birthrates follow, and instead of changing course, we replace our industry with imports, and our population with immigrants who can never hope to maintain what we have built. This state of affairs can only describe a nation on its death bed, and yet we have the cure for this otherwise terminal illness, sitting right beside us on the night table.

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