Outlaw Conservative S01E024 – Death Rattle

The stench of desperation emanating from the Left is absolutely nauseating.

Unlike us, they have no fear of being assaulted in the street for their political views. They certainly never have trouble finding money. They enjoy the unwavering support of the media. They won’t be censored on social media, or be banned from large service providers, even if they commit felonies and brag about them in public. Speaking of felonies, prosecutors seem awfully reluctant to prosecute them, even when their criminal behavior is caught on camera in broad daylight.

Being a Leftist is a pretty sweet gig, really…

So why are they so miserable? Why the constant state of panic? Why the violent and frenzied opposition to anyone who dares to deviate from the Narrative?

Given all their comforts and advantages, one might expect Leftists to display the sort of cool confidence normally reserved for the most secure amongst us. Yet no voice is too small to crush for this seemingly untouchable ideological sect. From Tucker Carlson, to Alex Jones, all the way down to lil ole me, the most powerful people in the world react as though their lives were in danger so long as anyone who contradicts them draws breath.

Perhaps their fears are well founded… Continue reading

Radical Agenda S05E048 – Ending Pride

Summer is in full swing, as we prepare to celebrate America’s Independence Day. The sun is blazing, women are looking hot their burkinis, Salvadorans are drowning in the Rio Grande, the blacks are slaughtering one another in the hood, and the Democrat Party is blaming it on White folks. All telltale signs that the season of beaches and barbeques is upon us.

Here at the Radical Agenda, we had to take a couple of days off last week. There were good reasons for this, but for the sake of making a joke, we’ll pretend we were celebrating LGBTQ Pride Month. Now that June has ended, we’re glad to have the approval of the Jews to hate faggots and trannies once more, as the good Lord commands.

The Jews of the Southern Poverty Law Center seem to have missed the memo on queers delivered by the Old Testament. Either that, or they just want to push degenerate filth on we goyim for their own amusement. Cassie Miller laments a “Hatewatch review of internet chatter” wherein your humble correspondant is quoted as saying that only assisted suicide can cure transgenderism. Other “far Right” figures, less worthy of mention were also quoted, in a desperate, if familiar, attempt to paint White Nationalists as the primary cause of suffering for mankind’s thus far lowest form of degeneracy. Rolling Stone likewise mindlessly repeated the fiction, though noting that the SPLC “did not release any hard data or figures”.

I wonder why that is?

Unfortunately for the transgender community, we Nazis have better things to risk life imprisonment over, than to help the mentally ill achieve their goal of escaping their biological reality. While Cassie and her coethnic employers strain to suggest that our observations of reality constitute murder, not a single real “threat” was quoted to confirm the misleading title of the slanderous blog post.

That didn’t stop serial conservative coward, Tyler O’Neil at PJMedia, from echoing the dishonest narrative as he attempted desperately to distance himself from we deplorables. As though reacting only to the headline, Tyler opines;

These threats are disgusting and most opponents of transgender activism and most opponents of Drag Queen Story Hour would condemn them. But Miller seeks to associate the much more broad dissent with white nationalism and violence.

Perhaps if Tyler had a spine he would have noticed that Ms. Miller had undermined her own case, by linking to a New York Times article about a Dallas Police probe “into four unsolved murders of transgender women”. Though one might consider the case unsolved until the suspect is convicted, the piece linked is titled “Man Charged With Murdering Transgender Woman and 2 Others in Dallas,” and lest the reader think the headline was updated after the Jewess linked to it, the URL for the post specifically mentions the arrest, and it was published on June 12th, a whole two weeks prior to Cassie’s sloppy smear job. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/12/us/transgender-woman-murder-arrest.html

Moreover, the suspect in the case is named Kendrell Lavar Lyles, and, you guessed it, he’s black.

This comes as no surprise to the Radical Agenda audience, so pardon my repetition, but this bears repeating. Jews, and their pets, keep on repeating this line about “transgender women of color” winding up dead, as if that was somehow unpredictable. They then turn around and blame the predictable consequences of transgender behavior on White Supremacy.

Yet, on the entirely too rare occasion that a murderer does a tranny a favor, these freaks tend to die by the hands of their coethnics, just like everybody else. Moreover, on the rare occasion that murder is committed across racial lines, we know from an abundance data that it is usually blacks who transgress the boundaries. Thus when trannies want money they come to suburbs, and when they want to depart this plane of existence, they go to the hood.

Of course, Tyler and his ilk dare not mention any of this, for fear of the Jews. If God’s Chosen People sterilize and abort every last goyim child, leaving the Earth to the likes of Kamala Harris and Corey Booker, that is a price worth paying so long as it permits Tyler to avoid the wrath of Jack Dorsey. Of course, many a conservative activist have attempted to straddle that line, only to find out the hard way that the line, and the Jews who drew it, have other plans.

Tyler’s is a failed strategy, and a faux ideology, desperately clinging to the idiotic notion that Drag Queen Story Hour is part of some kind of honest negotiation. But transgenderism, like Holocaust mythology, requires force of law to perpetuate itself specifically because it is dishonest by design. Any honest observer will find it obvious that the Jews will stop poisoning our children with cross sex hormones and communist propaganda when they are forced to, and no sooner.

The civil, and preferred, way to go about applying that force, is to organize against the Jews politically and prohibit their subversive activity through legal penalties. The alternative, as Cassie Miller clearly sees even before it emerges, is vigilante violence. There is not a third alternative where this continues unchecked, as societal survival mechanisms must eventually outweigh want of access to Jewish banking services. Anyone pretending otherwise is far more culpable for the ensuing violence than even the most virulent accelerationist could ever hope to be.

The Jews thrust transgenderism upon us, with all the familiar patterns of subversion that have earned them the enmity of every other race, nation, tribe, and faith ever to suffer the misfortune of knowing them. They wield their undue influence in media and finance to demonize the ones who see the obviously ethnic origins of the assault, and send everyone else who might contemplate resistance into frenzied denials.

For now, anyway…

Today, the Jews of the SPLC say “If you oppose Drag Queen Story Hour, you’re a Nazi” and the Tyler O’Neils of the world say “No we’re not! Please don’t hurt me, Jew!”

Eventually though, the tactic will wear thin. Eventually, when every defense of truth and decency becomes a free advertisement for National Socialism, the trick will have backfired. Eventually the Jews will say “Anyone who opposes Drag Queen Story Hour is a Nazi!” and the goyim will respond “Yes, Jew. Indeed we are. Now get this filth away from our children, before your Holocaust myth comes true”.


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Radical Agenda S05E047 – Mercy

As communist terrorists wrought havoc on the city of Charlottesville, Virginia in August of 2017, police stood by and watched the city descend into anarchy. Attendees of the Unite the Right rally were compelled by circumstance to flee, and defend their lives as they attempted to escape the mayhem. None of this is in serious dispute.

Sadly, the people of Charlottesville were less than moved by the plight of the victims that day. Juries convicted every White man who dared to defend himself on that day, including James Alex Fields, who fled from three different gun toting communists who threatened his life. As James attempted to escape, he was cornered and confronted by a mob of armed terrorists. As the mob descended upon his vehicle, he hit the gas, and miraculously, only one worthless life was lost.

For this act of self preservation, the jury convicted James of myriad bogus charges, and recommended a sentence of life plus 419 years.

But his problems were only just beginning.

The Federal Government, anxious to please the revolutionaries bent on its overthrow, abandoned any constitutional concerns about the 5th amendment’s double jeopardy clause, and threatened to execute him for the same offense. Powerless, and seeking to avoid a lethal injection, James pleaded guilty to the charges, and is soon to be sentenced.

At a sentencing hearing, James’s defense team asked the court for “mercy” citing a history of mental illness and other troubling circumstances about the young man’s life, such as when his Jewish grandfather murdered his grandmother before taking his own life.

Prosecutors countered by saying James showed no remorse for what he had done, as ought to be expected since he actually did nothing wrong.

The Jewish Press found the request for mercy rather amusing. They scoffed at the notion that mercy could possibly be applied to a man who dared to attend a permitted demonstration which they did not approve of. Continue reading

Radical Agenda S05E046 – Hope

After Wednesday’s airing of Outlaw Conservative, I stumbled across a piece in the Daily Beast which claimed Tucker Carlson was privately advising President Trump on foreign policy, particularly with regard to Iran. Prior to this, it had been widely reported that Trump never misses an episode of Tucker, and I’ve long felt that many segments of the show were made for the specific purpose of influencing the president’s thinking. We are all very fortunate for this combination of circumstances.

Radical Agenda S05E046 - Hope

Radical Agenda S05E046 – Hope

Yesterday it was announced that Iran had shot down a US military drone in the Strait of Hormuz. The United States claims it was 12 miles off Iran’s shores, and thus in international airspace. Iran claims it was 8 miles off the shore, and thus in Iranian airspace. According to the Jews who run our foreign policy, this four mile discrepancy half way around the world, is cause for war.

The drone was reportedly an RQ-4 Global Hawk. The US Air Force website says the RQ-4 can fly at 310 knots, or 357 mph. In case you’re as bad at math as I am, my calculator informs me that equates to 5.95 miles per minute, or nearly a tenth of a mile per second. Even if we believe the neocons who are instigating this conflict, which we obviously shouldn’t, one can understand why an American drone two minutes from their shores would make the Iranians nervous enough to shoot it down 40 seconds sooner than John Bolton would have approved of. Continue reading

Outlaw Conservative S01E023 – Ideoillogical

It has been a spectacular week to watch Leftists lose their minds. Almost as humorous, has been the display of our fellow conservatives trying their best to coddle them.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez declared immigration detention centers to be “concentration camps” and went on to invoke other Holocaust catch phrases to drive home her point. She assures us in the video that she does not throw these terms around lightly, of course. To her, the problem is literally just as serious as the Holocaust, and people who don’t see it that way, well, she doesn’t even want to talk to those Nazi scum.

Conservatives displayed all of the obligatory outrage you would imagine. They did their best to remind the young Socialist that only Hitler is Hitler, and nothing compares to the senseless murder of SIX MILLION JEWS for no reason whatsoever. As far as most conservatives are concerned, the Holocaust was a very special wickedness of supernatural, even biblical proportion. For anything in proximity to modernity to be held up against that, is like somebody walking up to you on a city bus and informing you they had been born to a virgin mother, sent by God so that sins could be forgiven.

Leftists see it differently, and given who makes up the intelligentsia of Leftism, perhaps we should consider their position on the subject with greater weight. To them, enforcing immigration laws which were on the books well prior to the arrival of Donald Trump, really is just as bad as the Holocaust. So is Climate Change, the Second Amendment, Free Speech, Religious Liberty, defining gender as biological sex, suggesting that genetics might have something to do with behavior or ideology, even preventing women from euthanizing their newborns. All of these things are, to the Left, just as serious as the Holocaust. Continue reading

Radical Agenda S05E045 – Glowing Postal

In any dissident movement, you have to expect feds and various other types of hostile actors to involve themselves, for obvious and not so obvious reasons. In a dissident movement which sets its sights on Jewish power, and thus treasures anonymity, you might as well assume that the majority of people you’re speaking to fit such a description.

Radical Agenda S05E045 - Glowing Postal

Radical Agenda S05E045 – Glowing Postal

There are certain telltale signs of this. If they are trying to get you to do illegal, dangerous, or otherwise stupid things that can only hurt your cause, you might say that this individual was “glowing“. If they call everyone else a fed, you might conclude they were trying to divert suspicion from themselves. If they claim to be White Nationalists and yet sow divisions along sex, generational, and class lines, you can be sure you’re working with someone who doesn’t have your movement’s interests at heart. If they claim to be Nazis, but pedal in character defamation, sexual innuendo, and drug humor, you can safely assume you’re talking to a Jew.

Doubts almost always remain, however. You almost never get the kind of concrete proof that would convince everyone. This allows such hostiles to run rampant and sow further divisions over whether they are or are not infiltrators.

Occasionally, you get lucky. Such as when the FBI applied for a search warrant on 8Chan. They sloppily failed to redact the (You) portion of the screenshots they attached as evidence. “As it turns out, this text is to let the user know that they are looking at their own posts! This means that Special Agent Rod inadvertently exposed himself as 8chan user ID “8f4812” by including these screenshots as his supporting exhibit.” reports @henrykrinkie at Current Events Inquiry.

The warrant was applied for to seek information about 8chan users who were discussing the April 27th shooting at the Poway synagogue in California, by 8chan user John Earnest. An archived version of the thread in question exists, which was made prior to it being deleted. In it, the user can search for “8f4812″ to see everything this fed posted.

Interestingly, he seemed very interested in diverting suspicion away from the CIA and Mossad, preferring instead to blame Russia for various maladies.

>.”think there is outside involvement. Likely Russian.”

>”No. Not Mossad. Stop attacking the board and sliding this thread. Sloppy job putin.”

>”Its balls. Let Putin know your psyop worked but you fucked it up with your shit English”

>”Notice the screenshot is at 20:00 that coorelates with Ukraine and Western Russia”

>”Seriously one of you has to dig on this. Please review this thread. There is some Russian/Ukranian involvement”

To let you know he’s one of you though, he made sure to post anti-Semitic and homophobic things too. Telling one user to archive the announcement of the attack, Special Agent Rod uses the classic triple parenthesis meme to say “We need this for memes. Someone please save before its (((gone))).” To let us know the situation is real, he says “This is not the typical (((conspiracy))) and I am worried.

Noting some of Earnest’s prior posts, he says “His final post was at 1005 and it looks like he actually reaponded to some fag“. Special Agent Rod even invoked “Honk Honk” in one CAPS and profanity laden reply. Fearing his future targets might lose interest, Agent Rod says “GET THE FUCK BACK IN HERE ANONS. THIS THREAD IS ALL HIM. THIS IS FUCKING HISTORY”. At one point he accuses two anons of being in on the shooting in advance saying “I think you both are in this and knew ahead of time. No FBI, CIA, Mossad accusations here. I think this is something else.”

Perhaps most humorously, Special Agent Rod reminds us that though he’d like to blame the FBI, CIA, or Mossad, he doesn’t think we should this time, even though “We know all three of them can meme because we are shilled all day long by them.

Ah yes, those clever meme makers at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. They’re never short on time to shill on dissident forums. Your tax dollars at work, fine members of the gender binary.

To briefly recap, Special Agent Rod of the Federal Bureau of Investigation;

  • Accused other posters of being shills to divert attention from his agency
  • Called someone a fag
  • Posted in triple parenthesis to denote Jewish involvement
  • Made frequent and certainly intentional typos.
  • Discouraged users from signing off
  • Accused posters of being involved in the crime
  • Told the world that the FBI, CIA, and Mossad “can meme” and “shill all day long”

Here are some things that Special Agent Rod did NOT do.

  • Show his face
  • Tell you his name
  • Answer questions
  • Try to make money
  • Threaten to dox people, or report their activities to law enforcement

All he wanted to do was avoid suspicion to himself, divert hostility toward Russia, and keep these people talking so he could collect information about them in the search warrant he was preparing even as he posted.

I won’t bother naming names, but this pattern is familiar in our circles. We are inundated with division and misdirection from anonymous and semi anonymous people who tear down the reputations of honest and accountable movement figures. Everyone who tries to make money is decried as a shill and a grifter, by people who somehow have all day to talk shit on the Internet, and never seem to have a financial concern of their own. They “can meme” and they “shill all day long”.

The Alt Right is fucking destroyed, and it wasn’t because of violent communist agitators, or politically motivated prosecutions. It is dead because idiots like this were allowed to run amok, almost entirely unchallenged, without any risk to themselves at all.

It might be 50 years before it all gets declassified, but mark my words folks, names you recognize will one day be unveiled as hostile and dishonest actors who took our cause down a catastrophically destructive course, and if you want that to be something the public laments instead of celebrates, we’re going to have to get better at spotting these things.


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Radical Agenda S05E044 – False Flag Day

Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

Looks like John Bolton bought you a war. Go ahead, open it.

I imagine many of you thought the same thing I did when you heard that the Iranians bombed yet another oil tanker. It felt a lot like when Assad just kept on gassing his own people with absolutely no rational explanation whatsoever. It is hard to imagine a scenario where Iran thought they might benefit from carrying out these kinds of attacks, but the same idiots who brought us every other conflict in that region are betting on the American public to be unthinking consumers of Jewish media, and silently nod in agreement as they are bankrupted, and bled dry.

Radical Agenda S05E044 - False Flag Day

Radical Agenda S05E044 – False Flag Day

It’s comical how stupid they think we are, though of course, there is ample justification for thinking we’re stupid. These ridiculous scams just keep on coming and we just keep on falling for them, or at least, the people in charge do.

It’s like, an explosion happens halfway around the world and five minutes later some Jewish puppet is on Fox News claiming that whoever’s out of favor with the Jews lately, did it for the shere joy of committing acts of evil. You can almost picture them standing around some magic orb watching it happen, like a bunch of Iranians just cracking up laughing with Skeletor, Gargamel, Mumm-Ra, and the Decepticons.

Sorry millennials, I only know 80s cartoons.

They knew some of you would be skeptical, and trust in government and media has understandably run thin as of late. You may recall they tried to pull the same scam just last month. Back then, the US blamed Iran, too. However, while an investigation by the three nations that own those oil tankers strongly suggested a “state actor,” the people logically most interested in finding the actual culprit’s did not blame Iran.

The good news is, this time they managed to provide video evidence of the culprits removing an unexploded limpet mine from the side of the vessel within hours. Concrete proof, they tell us, that these silhouettes are in fact the people they’ve spent the last decade and change begging to go to war with, and now our mutual foe has given us the opportunity. Aren’t we lucky, fellas?

But there’s one small problem. Just like last time, the owners of the tankers disagree with America’s assessment.

The Japanese owner of the Kokuka Courageous, one of two oil tankers targeted near the Strait of Hormuz, said Friday that sailors on board saw “flying objects” just before it was hit, suggesting the vessel wasn’t damaged by mines. Company president Yutaka Katada said Friday he believes the flying objects seen by the sailors could have been bullets. He denied any possibility of mines or torpedoes because the damage was above the ship’s waterline. He called reports of a mine attack “false.”

That account contradicts what the U.S. military said as it released the supposed smoking gun video.

Mines are not in the habit of flying, in case you’re not a weapons expert.

You know what else doesn’t fly? Saying positive things about Iran on social media. While this lie was being pedaled on our national news channels yesterday, Twitter deleted thousands of “accounts linked to coordinated, state-backed activities it believes were from the Iranian government” according to Reuters. Because, you know, anybody who disagrees with the Jewish press and their allies in the Defense Department, must be some disinformation agent from a foreign intelligence agency.

Iran called the claims “unfounded and reckless” and accused the US of “warmongering” as part of a “disinformation campaign”. Iran’s mission to the United Nations said in a statement that “The US and its regional allies must stop warmongering and put an end to mischievous plots and false flag operations in the region”.

I remember back in the good old days, when you had to be a nutcase to use phrases like “false flag” in public, but Tucker Carlson and Douglas McGregor have done a fine job of preparing us for this day. This narrative of falling apart faster than a science pussy with gangrene.

This is a huge national embarrassment, so much so that I have to figure it was designed to be. If Trump falls for this he’s done for, and so is the country.


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There’s a lot more to get to, plus your calls at 323-9-AGENDA, that’s 323-924-3632

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Outlaw Conservative S01E022 – Dead Consensus

Recently I’ve covered stories which in passing mention a piece by Sohrab Ahmari at First Things titled, Against David French-ism, which was itself a followup to a less personal piece co signed by the same titled, Against the Dead Consensus. This morning I was reading a piece by Jonah Goldberg at National Review titled, The Conservative Divide, which again referenced it, and so I made the point to fully read the source material.

Goldberg predictably decries the “win-at-all-costs crudity of President Trump,” preferring instead the failed faux civility of French. Ahmari correctly points out that the Left has little use for such harmonious discourse, writing that there is no “polite, David French-ian third way around the cultural civil war.”

French, you may recall, was once nominated by Bill Kristol to run as an independent candidate against Donald Trump in 2016, in the hopes he would spoil the race and facilitate Hillary Clinton’s ascension to the Iron Throne. French fortunately had the good sense to decline the invitation, and subsequently a little known CIA agent by the name of Evan McMullin, thankfully failed in the attempt.

Ahmari paints the conflict as one of Christians vs. everyone else, an understandable, even if misguided viewpoint, but directs his enmity primarily at the libertarian element of conservative fusionism. This is an increasingly familiar theme, as the toothless, laissez-faire, live and let live attitudes of our non-aggressionist friends, have met their match in the ravenous Leftist onslaught of political correctness and identity politics.

Having crossed the chasm of this great divide myself in recent years, I find the debate quite stimulating. Though perhaps I abuse the word debate in its usage here.

What has shaken me from my libertarian slumber is just how averse to debate the libertarians seem to have found themselves. Once eager to assert themselves in the political sphere, frustrated by their lack of recognition, they have largely shrunk from the existential questions of our current epoch. Continue reading

Radical Agenda S05E043 – Courting Failure

When YouTube ostensibly bowed to pressure from the Leftist Press, censoring thousands of videos and demonetizing countless more, a familiar pattern emerged. Rather than celebrating a hard won victory, the predatory media saw weakness, smelled blood in the water, and went in for the kill. After demonetizing Steven Crowder despite flat out admitting he didn’t break any rules, the rules were simply updated to make thoughtcrime out of all criticism of Left favored demographics, including transgender freaks and illegal immigrants.

Not good enough for the Queer Mafia. Everyone Right of Elizabeth Warren must be purged.

Radical Agenda S05E043 - Courting Failure

Radical Agenda S05E043 – Courting Failure

As part of the pile on, the New York Times published a story about Caleb Cain, a YouTube user who claims he was “radicalized” by the “far Right” on the video sharing platform. Cain claims to have recovered from the harrowing ordeal, thanks in part to a transgender YouTuber who famously said “facts don’t matter as much as people think they do” in a recent interview with Vice News.

It is unclear what if any facts Mr. Natalie Wynn has disproven about Mr. Cain’s former beliefs. One doubts there are any.

But facts, per Wynn, don’t matter so much.

What’s important, to Wynn, Cain, the New York Times, and the broader Left, is that people believe things which are convenient to the Democrat Party.

The New York Times piece decries YouTube’s “algorithms” which promoted the sort of “far Right” videos credited with present perceptual inconveniences for their chosen political vehicle. To them, any suggestion that IQ is heritable or measures something meaningful, is heresy. Such wickedness must be scrubbed from the popular conscience, so as to preserve the ideological hygiene our rulers demand.

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, herself a Jewess, is anxious to comply with the coverup. Indeed one might doubt the recent changes, sweeping as they were, actually came as a result of recent prodding. For such a dramatic change to be rolled out so rapidly, seems to indicate the plan was already in place, just waiting for an excuse to be implemented. Continue reading

Radical Agenda S05E042 – Then They Came

I’ve long been meaning to write a book. Hell, I’ve already written several on this website, in all reality. I just need to compile them into something worthy of print.

I took some time this week to go through a bunch of old, and not so old, blog posts, and started copying and pasting them into a Word Document to get a word and page count. Without hardly even trying, I’m up to roughly 180,000 words and 360 pages. Of course, some of that is repetitive and would get thinned down as I copypasta everything into a more cohesive story line. Then again, I’ll surely come up with more to say as it all gets put together. In any case, the moral of the story is, I’m writing a book.

Then I started thinking about titles.

Back when I was in ancap mode I had already started on this project and my working title was “In the Absence of the State”. We’re well past that now…

When I was in jail I started writing something I titled “From Freedom to Fascism, and Back”

Last night, as I was watching cuckservatives panic about Steven Crowder getting demonetized by YouTube, the dramatic new expansion of YouTube’s “hate speech” policies, and the thousands of videos unceremoniously deleted as a result, I came up with a new one.

“Yes, You are a Nazi! – Understanding Leftist Vernacular” 

That might require more original writing than the project I was working on, but I think it might be worth doing. People still seem to think that as long as they’re just going after the “Nazis” everything will be fine. As long as they’re just banning “hate speech” who cares, right? Our “conservative” views are still going to be allowed, it’s just those “extremists” that I already banned from my forum who are getting in trouble.

Maybe not…

Here’s the “Am I A Nazi?” Quiz, folks… Continue reading