Radical Agenda S05E035 – Politicized

Previously on the Radical Agenda, we discussed a sudden shift in jurisprudence during the FDR administration, often referred to as the “switch in time that saved nine”. This was in response to a Leftist plot to pack the Supreme Court, in which the court decided to approve some New Deal measures previously understood to be unconstitutional, on the hopes that it would prevent this court packing scheme from coming to fruition.

Courts are of course, in theory, supposed to be above politics. That is why Supreme Court justices are given lifetime appointments, so that they need not concern themselves with the popularity of their decisions. For over a century, this seemed to be working out pretty well.

Under FDR, this changed. Leftists being the cunning manipulators they are, with their limitless willingness to lie, cheat, steal, and coerce, found a way to intimidate judges, and by this mechanism, got their way in defiance of the US Constitution. They did not soon forget the lesson learned. Conservatives, sadly, did.

Radical Agenda S05E035 - Politicized

Radical Agenda S05E035 – Politicized

Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court was not, as those on the Left would like to pretend, some kind of power grab by the far Right. Kavanaugh worked for the Bush administration, and was a gift by Trump to the establishment wing of the Republican Party. This concession was met, not with reciprocal deference and cooperation by the Left, but rather with an unprecedented wave of calumnies, which included false rape accusations and perjury. Protests against his nomination devolved from expressions of dissatisfaction, to mindless disruptions of the proceedings, and borderline if not outright political violence.

In the wake of his confirmation, Democrat presidential candidates took to the campaign trail to discuss their plans to replicate the FDR court packing scheme. Media organizations and other far Left activist groups, have called for Kavanaugh’s investigation and impeachment. Not because any honest person believes the claims against him, but because his confirmation is politically inconvenient.

They didn’t have to prevent Kavanaugh’s confirmation to accomplish the goals of their campaign. Nor do they have to accomplish his impeachment or any other means of removing him from the Court to accomplish the goals of that campaign. All they have to do is apply enough pressure to make him change his behavior, and in this, they seem to have been successful. He has been in the majority more often than any other justice so far this term, often allied with Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., who is at the ideological center of the current court.

The most noteworthy example was in December of last year, as Kavanaugh joined with the Roberts and the Left in protecting Planned Parenthood’s public funding. This ran in stark contrast to the Left’s hysterics, as they wore “Handmaid’s Tale” costumes to their protests, insisting that Kavanaugh’s confirmation would result in women being enslaved to breed against their will.

Justice Clarence Thomas aptly noted in his dissenting opinion, joined by Alito and Gorsuch, that this was obviously politically motivated.

“So what explains the Court’s refusal to do its job here?,” Thomas wrote. “I suspect it has something to do with the fact that some respondents in these cases are named ‘Planned Parenthood.’”

“Some tenuous connection to a politically fraught issue does not justify abdicating our judicial duty,” Thomas added. “If anything, neutrally applying the law is all the more important when political issues are in the background.”

In a more recent case, a group of consumers had sued Apple, claiming that the company’s monopoly over its App Store led to inflated app prices. Apple disputed the legality of the suit, arguing the consumers had no standing to sue the company because it merely operated an intermediary between users and the developers who make and sell apps. The Supreme Court on Monday said that iPhone users can proceed with the class-action lawsuit. Kavanaugh wrote the opinion for the 5-4 decision, surprising many by breaking with his conservative colleagues and siding with the court’s liberal justices.

Some on the more populist Right may see this as a win for our side, given the tech censorship we’ve faced. I have similar inclinations, but it emerges as part of a pattern where Kavanaugh seems to be siding with the Left in hopes of avoiding their enmity should they regain control over the legislative and executive branches. Whatever the merits of each individual decision, the savvy observer is left to contemplate whether the Left’s pressure tactics are succeeding in altering the outcome of court battles.

But it is not just the courts that have been politicized.

We have seen the intelligence apparatus of the United States turned to Leftist aims. Most notably with the “Russia hoax” being used as an excuse to spy on the Trump campaign, and later to subvert his presidency. Of course, they were politicized well prior to that, as evidenced by bogus intelligence being used to justify the United States carrying out Israeli foreign policy in the Middle East, resulting in thousands of Americans needlessly dying in wars that served no legitimate purpose for the United States, not to mention a ceaseless emptying of our treasury on such fruitless pursuits.

We have likewise seen the law enforcement apparatus turned to explicitly political purposes. Both with the Mueller probe that followed this politicized intelligence operation, and with the prosecutions, and lack thereof, that ensued after the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville in 2017. Nobody saw fit to go after the Clinton campaign for openly admitting to paying Russian sources for the “Steel Dossier”, even as the investigation vigorously pursued any connection between Trump and Russia. Likewise, nobody saw fit to prosecute any of the Left wing terrorism that was openly bragged about in Charlottesville, even as the FBI and local authorities relentlessly hunted down Right wingers who defended themselves against that terrorism.

Libertarian notions as to what motivates businessmen were likewise blown out of the water, as the tech and financial sectors mutually conspired to silence Right wing voices, first at the fringes, then moving ever more reliably toward the center. No profit motive could be found in these pursuits, as the politicization of their businesses has only sacrificed credibility with the broader public, chased away users, who are ultimately their products, and even caused them to turn away money from advertising sales that went against their political motivations.

The Left can do this of course, because they have no fear that the Right would ever replicate the behavior. We would view the use of our intelligence and law enforcement apparatus as a corrupt act, and so we would not do it. We attempt to draw a line of separation between politics and the market, and so we are not inclined to boycotts, or turning away business, over political disagreements.

Noble though these inclinations my be, we are sacrificing political advantage as a result. Same as we have with the use of criminal violence. The Left has politicized everything from the media, to the courts, to the intelligence agencies, to law enforcement, to business, right down to the criminal element. Meanwhile, the Right has attempted to play by decidedly outdated rules. We tend to view the political realm as a gentleman’s contest, where we abide by certain rules, even if it causes us to lose. This is an impossible worldview to maintain, once one has opened participation in their political system to hostile elements, who do not care for such gentlemanly standards.


There’s a lot more to get to, plus your calls…

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Radical Agenda S05E034 – Constitutional Crises

If you think Clown World is a mess, imagine you’re Ron Paul right now.

You turn on the TV for your daily dose of Jewish nonsense, and you see Nancy Pelosi, of all people, talking about a “Constitutional Crisis”.

Her concerns are echoed, pun intended, by (((Jerry Nadler))).

You change the channel in disbelief, but everywhere you go, there’s a Democrat saying the same thing. Constitutional Crisis, Constitutional Crisis, Constitutional Crisis, and you think this would make more sense if it were some kind of deathbed confession. It’s almost as if the Democrat Party had finally decided to read the damn thing, and suddenly felt guilty about destroying the country for all these decades.

But of course, no such luck.

Radical Agenda S05E034 - Constitutional Crises

Radical Agenda S05E034 – Constitutional Crises

They aren’t feeling guilty about taking your guns away, or stifling your speech. They have no qualms about launching a counterintelligence operation against the now sitting President using the secret courts of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. They haven’t renounced their use of illegal immigration to alter the electoral college or the makeup of the House of Representatives. They haven’t come to grasp the meaning of the “general welfare” clause, and given up on wealth redistribution. They certainly haven’t stumbled upon the 10th Amendment and embraced the wisdom of states rights.

No, none of these eminently reasonable things have sparked the Democrat Party’s newfound interest in the Constitution of the United States.

Rather, they are complaining that Attorney General William Barr has not broken the law by releasing the unredacted Mueller report to the public, and have thus voted in committee to hold Barr in contempt of Congress. The matter will soon go before the floor of the House of Representatives for a full vote. The House being in Democrat hands, the measure is likely to pass.

Once approved, Pelosi, as House speaker then turns the matter over to the U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia, “whose duty it shall be to bring the matter before the grand jury for its action,” according to the law. The Justice Department has to actually make the choice to take up a criminal case against someone, however, and in the past, the Justice Department has declined to prosecute criminal contempt of Congress cases. The current US Attorney for DC is Jessie Kong Liu, who was appointed by Trump in 2017, and like the rest of the Justice Department, is under his authority. So this route of presidential harassment is less than likely to bear fruit.

It is worth noting, of course, that Representative Nadler is more than welcome to go stop by the AG’s office and view the unredacted report at his leisure. This isn’t something that is being kept secret from him. He just doesn’t want to make the effort, and this means of review would not be nearly as helpful toward his blatantly obvious political motives.

While Congress has broad investigative powers, there are of course limits. The Supreme Court has said that congressional inquiries should have a “legitimate legislative purpose” and has explicitly stated that they should not be used for political purposes, or to embarrass, expose wrongdoing, or target a particular person or group.

Given Nancy Pelosi’s prior statements about subpoena power being an “interesting … arrow to have in your quiver in terms of negotiating on other subjects”, the motives here could not be more obvious. Add to this, Representative Al Green on MSNBC earlier this week, saying he fears that if Democrats don’t impeach Trump, he’ll be reelected, which of course, is what this is all about.

The White House, for their part, has invoked Executive Privilege over the material in the report, blocking further access to it.

Executive privilege, as you may be aware, is the power of the President and other members of the executive branch, to resist certain subpoenas and other interventions by the legislative and judicial branches of government, in pursuit of information or personnel relating to confidential communications that would impair proper function of their offices. The power of Congress or the federal courts to obtain such information is not mentioned explicitly in the Constitution, nor is there any explicit mention in the Constitution of an executive privilege to resist such requests from Congress or the courts. Both are seen as “inherent” to the powers of the respective branches.

Historically conflicts between these competing powers has been handled through negotiation, rather than allowing the courts to decide. In this case, since the Democrats have taken it upon themselves to resist the Trump administration in every imaginable way, and a few which were previously beyond imagination, negotiation seems unlikely. The Democrats are thus left with the choice of whining about it impotently, or taking the matter to the Supreme Court, where the conservative majority is likely to side with the President, as would any liberal majority if liberals had any kind of standards beyond their own pursuit of power.

Hence the “Constitutional Crisis” could best be summarized as “the constitution doesn’t give the Democrats what they want”.

The impudence of the Left in this incident comes as no surprise to the savvy observer. Nancy Pelosi was unconcerned about the Constitution as she threatened that a future Democrat President might use his emergency powers to infringe on the 2nd Amendment rights of Americans. There is nothing in Article 1 Section 8 that would empower the Congress to ban fossil fuels, or any of the other lunacy contemplated in the “Green New Deal” nor for that matter, any power to enact the Affordable Care Act, or 90% of the other crap that gets crammed through each legislative session, by both parties. That, dear listener, is the real constitutional crisis.

Once upon a time, Congress understood limits on their powers. To enact alcohol prohibition, as the easiest example, Congress was well aware they had no such power, and thus the 18th amendment to the Constitution was necessary to send booze underground. Likewise, to end prohibition, Congress knew they lacked the authority to repeal a constitutional amendment on their own, and thus the 21st amendment was passed. Since then, Congressional restraint has been in steady decline.

I am not making a defense of drugs or advocating their legalization to say, that the example of alcohol prohibition makes it plain to see that Congress lacked the authority to ban drugs. This of course did not stop them from doing so. Nor did it stop them from empowering the Drug Enforcement Agency to ban substances at their discretion, without even Congressional say so, under the “Emergency Scheduling” powers in the Comprehensive Crime Control act of 1984.

Indeed, it would take an eternity to list the many examples of Congress exceeding their authority, so it might make more sense to address some landmark Supreme Court Decisions.

Take for example the incident historians sometimes refer to as the “switch in time that saved nine“. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, whom even conservative Americans foolishly and universally hail as a great President for defeating the Nazis, was on quite the run trying to convert our Nation to communism with his New Deal programs. Fortunately for you and I, the Supreme Court had the good sense to strike down most of these measures as unconstitutional.

Roosevelt and his Democrat controlled Congress saw this impedance of their coercive powers as its own constitutional crisis. In response, they formulated the Judicial Procedures Reform Bill of 1937. This was to alter the Judiciary Act of 1869, in which Congress had established that the United States Supreme Court would consist of the Chief Justice and eight associate justices. Roosevelt intended to pack the court with judges who would overlook the constitutional challenges to his programs, a measure Democrats openly contemplate on the Presidential campaign trail even today.

This resulted in a sudden jurisprudential shift by Associate Supreme Court Justice Owen Roberts, in the 1937 case West Coast Hotel Co. v. Parrish. The Court’s majority opinion was rightly seen as a strategic political move, to undermine the court packing plan. It worked, and thus you still see a Supreme Court of 9 Justices, at least until Democrats regain control over Congress and the White House. Unfortunately, this is also how you ended up with a federal minimum wage, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and all manner of other redistributive schemes as the Lochner era came to an abrupt and unjustifiable end.

It likewise paved the way another notable case known as Wickard v. Filburn in 1942. An Ohio farmer, Roscoe Filburn, was growing wheat to feed animals on his own farm. The US government had established limits on wheat production, supposedly to stabilize wheat prices. Filburn grew more than the limits that he was permitted and so was ordered to pay a penalty. In response, he said that because his wheat was not sold, it could not be regulated as commerce, let alone “interstate” commerce, referencing the “interstate commerce clause” which grants congress the power “to regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes.”

The Supreme Court disagreed, stating in the majority decision “even if appellee’s activity be local and though it may not be regarded as commerce, it may still, whatever its nature, be reached by Congress if it exerts a substantial economic effect on interstate commerce and this irrespective of whether such effect is what might at some earlier time have been defined as ‘direct’ or ‘indirect.'”

This dramatically expanded the regulatory powers of the federal government to intervene in basically any matter that might impact the economy in any imaginable way.

You might be saying to yourself “But that would remove all limits on federal powers” and you would be exactly right.

Thomas Jefferson had expressed a similar concern in the earliest days of our then young Constitution.

The interstate commerce clause was one of the congressional power that Congress purported to exercise in creating our first central bank.

In his Opinion on the Constitutionality of a National Bank in 1791, Jefferson was very concerned that the creation of a National Bank would open the floodgates for increased spending by the Federal government. His wisdom seems notably prescient in the current year, does it not? As a national bank was not one of the enumerated powers of the federal government in the constitution, Jefferson was opposed to its formation.

With regard to the interstate commerce clause, Jefferson wrote rather specifically, that to “regulate commerce with foreign nations, and among the States, and with the Indian tribes.” did not extend to all economic matters. “To erect a bank, and to regulate commerce, are very different acts. He who erects a bank, creates a subject of commerce in its bills, so does he who makes a bushel of wheat, or digs a dollar out of the mines; yet neither of these persons regulates commerce thereby. To make a thing which may be bought and sold, is not to prescribe regulations for buying and selling. Besides, if this was an exercise of the power of regulating commerce, it would be void, as extending as much to the internal commerce of every State, as to its external. For the power given to Congress by the Constitution does not extend to the internal regulation of the commerce of a State, (that is to say of the commerce between citizen and citizen,) which remain exclusively with its own legislature; but to its external commerce only, that is to say, its commerce with another State, or with foreign nations, or with the Indian tribes. Accordingly the bill does not propose the measure as a regulation of trace, but as `’ productive of considerable advantages to trade.

He likewise was skeptical of the excessive reliance on the “general welfare clause” which states that the Congress shall have Power “To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States”

Of this Jefferson wrote that “To lay taxes to provide for the general welfare of the United States, that is to say, “to lay taxes for the purpose of providing for the general welfare.” For the laying of taxes is the power, and the general welfare the purpose for which the power is to be exercised. They are not to lay taxes ad libitum for any purpose they please; but only to pay the debts or provide for the welfare of the Union. In like manner, they are not to do anything they please to provide for the general welfare, but only to lay taxes for that purpose. To consider the latter phrase, not as describing the purpose of the first, but as giving a distinct and independent power to do any act they please, which might be for the good of the Union, would render all the preceding and subsequent enumerations of power completely useless.

It would reduce the whole instrument to a single phrase, that of instituting a Congress with power to do whatever would be for the good of the United States; and, as they would be the sole judges of the good or evil, it would be also a power to do whatever evil they please.”

The “Bank Bill” was signed into law by George Washington on February 25, 1791, beginning the neverending cascade of constitutional crises we’ve seen ever since, less than two years after the Constitution went into effect.

Thus, it is absurd on its face to see conservatives today fretting over the constitutionality of one matter or another, which would otherwise be to their political advantage. The lid was blown off the whole thing by the first Congress and the first President. The savior they hail for defeating the Germans in World War II, put the final nails in its coffin, and the rapid expansion of federal powers since has been little more than the predictable result of democratic elections.

We have many crises, but they are in no way rooted in the Constitution, no more than most of the laws passed by our Congress. The trouble lies in the quality of our citizenry, and the leaders they subsequently elect.


There’s a lot more to get to, plus your calls…

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Hippy vs. Nazi – Round 1

At the end of April I had the pleasure of being back in the LRN.fm studio, this time to sit down with an old friend of mine, Rich Paul.

Like most people, Rich had been left with a cartoonish and misguided notion of the ideas I espouse, by the media. By the end of our talk, we sure didn’t agree, but we better understood each other, and that is exactly what the monsters who censor us are trying to prevent.

This was a great talk, and definitely worth listening to.

I hereby challenge any libertarian with sufficient name recognition to have a similar talk.


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Outlaw Conservative S01E017 – Disarm The Democrats

Another day, another addition to the Democrat death toll. No wonder these monsters want felons to be able to vote from prison. So many of their constituents reside there.

Devon Erickson, a registered Democrat who had expressed hatred for Christians, and attacked President Trump on social media, painted “F*** SOCIETY” on his car as he left his house for the final time. He got together with his transgender sidekick, and they walked into a suburban Denver school, armed to the teeth. The two allegedly had guns in a guitar case as they walked “deep” into the school, and finally set upon a classroom to unload those weapons into unsuspecting students.

At least one is dead and eight more were also shot.

Now ensues the familiar post shooting debate. Republicans will say we need mental health programs, Democrats will say we need gun control. The libertarians will say we need more guns and less mental health care, so the stupid people will die off and we can become what Darwin intended more quickly, which everyone kinda knows is true, but we won’t do it anyway because nobody listens to the libertarians.

But the real solution to this problem is far simpler. We just have to accept that voting Democrat is a symptom of severe mental illness, and thus cross reference voter registration data with the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). If somebody is a registered Democrat, they should be turned away for gun purchases and carry permits on account of their condition.

But who are we kidding? Democrats don’t obey laws anyway…

Perhaps we could also launch a Democrat gun buy back program from the private sector. Like, we could buy TV Commercials with me as the spokesperson. I could come out and tell the Democrats, “Hey, those guns are only making your home unsafe. Sell them to me, and I’ll be happy to put them to good use.”

Ah, but how many Hi Points can a guy own, right?


I’m looking forward to hearing from you at 808-4-Outlaw, and the more you talk the less I have to, so please do give us a call.

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Radical Agenda S05E033 – Overestimated

Venezuela’s Juan Guaidó says he overestimated military support, as his hopes for a coup d’état were dashed against the rocks. To put it mildly, that’s one of those things one would be better off not “overestimating”. When you play the game of thrones, you win, or you die. There is no middle ground.

Radical Agenda S05E033 - Overestimated

Radical Agenda S05E033 – Overestimated

Luckily for Guaidó, Donald Trump has surrounded himself with neocon psychopaths who consistently insinuate that the United States will intervene militarily on his behalf, rather than allow Maduro to remain in power. How this benefits Americans in any sense remains to be explained by the administration which ran on an America first foreign policy, but I suppose most right thinking people figured that went out the window as soon as John Bolton obtained the title of National Security Advisor.

Humorously, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo went on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace this weekend, to, among other things, insist that “We want the Venezuelan people not to have interference from any country” when pressed on Russian interference in the conflict. He went on to say “The United States wants all other countries out of this nation, and allow the Venezuelan people to restore their own democracy”. He concluded by noting, with a straight face, that he would be meeting with Germany and the United Kingdom, to achieve this objective.

I don’t have to tell regular listeners that I have no sympathy for communists like Maduro, but I’ll note here for the sake of newcomers and hostiles, that I’m all for regime change in Venezuela. I’m just sick and tired of this idiotic Jewish neocon foreign policy agenda, which has the United States in the middle of every idiotic conflict that arises in the world. One wonders how long it will be before we “overestimate” our own capacities, and find ourselves on the losing side of a game of thrones.

It’s worth noting that the United States gained her independence from Britain in no small part due to the fact that the crown was stretched thin at the time of our revolution. Britain was in conflict with France and Spain at the time, and this in part motivated those governments to finance and provide other support to the American revolution. Given the polarized and dangerous political climate in the United States, the ongoing flood of left leaning third world migrants over our insecure border, the official and unofficial suppression of patriotic movements, and the unmitigated and ongoing surge of Leftist terrorism, the threat of a new revolution with far less noble intent, is very real.

I try hard not to be a conspiracy theorist, but let us toy with this idea a bit.

Suppose you were a group of elite internationalists, who found certain aspects of the United States Constitution, such as the first and second amendments, to be a severe inconvenience to your designs of a global government. Suppose you had managed to subvert nearly all other aspects of that nation’s way of life, but those two pesky hurdles stubbornly inhibited your endgame. How might you go about doing away with these most unwelcome obstacles?

Supporting revolutionary movements inside the country would surely be at the top of your agenda, much like the United States has done to numerous countries prior to invading them. Antifa and Black Lives Matter surely fit such a description, and we’ve all watched their violence be excused and celebrated by just these sort of internationalists (yes, I’m talking about Jews). We’re not sure exactly who is financing these things, but they are definitely being financed. Not only through whatever covert methods are surely taking place out of public view, but the unmitigated access of these violent groups to crowdfunding sites which patriotic groups have been banned from, surely provides a convenient cover for this financing.

But these groups are in no danger of overestimating military support for their aims, since they are openly hostile to our armed forces and police. So the classic military coup would be out of the question. In fact, you would want the military to be as weary and depleted as possible, which conveniently happens to be the case after nearly two decades of carrying out Israeli foreign policy in the middle east. So much so that one might be shocked to find the country still standing after such a lengthy and wasteful expenditure of blood and treasure.

To finish them off, a brand new series of conflicts in a wholly different region of the world might be in order. Just convince the short sighted dupes that they would only be going in to squish a tiny communist bug, and tell them it would lessen the immigration crisis at the forefront of their minds. Conveniently fail to mention that such conflicts are never so tidy as imagined at the outset, and before long one can reliably expect matters to spiral out of control into a South American repeat of the quagmire their prior series of adventures had become.

As money, men, and munitions steadily flow out of the country, and migrants from the regions in which they are fighting steadily and in greater numbers flow in, little would remain to stand against the aforementioned revolutionary forces. What little remained of the patriotic movements could easily be deprived of resources through your control of their financial system, and sabotaged with bad advice through anonymous sources, like suicide missions resulting in bad public relations.

This wouldn’t have to be an intentional conspiracy to be a recipe for disaster, mind you. What I’ve just described is happening, whether by happenstance or by intent. It’s just hard for me to believe that any reasonable person thinks this state of affairs could possibly be in the best interests of the United States, which makes the coincidence angle seem further fetched than a complex plot by malicious actors to overthrow the government.

I’d end on a positive note, if I could. I’m finding it difficult though. To that angle, I’d just say that it is entirely possible that I’m simply blackpilling for the sake of blackpilling.

I sure do hope that’s the case.

There’s a lot more to get to, plus your calls…

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Radical Agenda S05E032 – Inevitable

A listener notified me of my name being brought up on Dave Smith’s podcast, Part of the Problem. We’ve had Dave on the show before, and I’ve been on his. Dave is a libertarian of Jewish ancestry, and a stand up comic, but other than that, he’s a pretty good guy. 🙂

They were talking about my being featured in Joe Biden’s campaign announcement ad, which led to a broader discussion on the race baiting politics of the Left, and the state of what was the Alt Right. It’s too bad Dave doesn’t respond to my emails anymore, as their talk touched on a subject I’ve been contemplating myself, and I would have liked to discuss this subject with him. Instead, I’ll talk a bit about it here.

Radical Agenda S05E032 - Inevitable

Radical Agenda S05E032 – Inevitable

Dave and his cohost remarked about the seeming insanity of bringing up a relatively obscure podcaster, such as your humble correspondant, as a presidential campaign issue. Why would the top Democratic presidential candidate be harping on Charlottesville so long after the fact? Especially given that Trump had literally nothing to do with the event. Even Bernie Sanders has the good sense to realize that the Democrat Party will lose if they have nothing to run on but Trump.

White Nationalism, they observed, is not exactly the most popular thing in politics today. So it would seem like the Left has just completely lost their minds by beating that drum non-stop, and perpetually expanding the definition of that term to include everyone who strays from their insane narratives, similarly to how they had done with the term “racist” a long time ago. Dave expressed the very legitimate concern that drawing attention to us was normalizing our cause, and might actually make it more popular. It would seem that if one wanted to stop Christopher Cantwell and the Radical Agenda from gaining traction, putting my face and the logo of my show all over TV in a presidential campaign ad, would be ill advised.

When one has a deeper understanding of the Left however, their antics are not so easily dismissed.

For your average American, White Nationalism is most certainly a non-issue. For all the media insanity about us being some kind of looming terrorism threat, and the handful of unhinged nutcases parroting our lines between fedposts to help aid that narrative, you’re far more likely to be murdered by black gangs than you are White Nationalists, even if you’re a Jew. Everybody knows it is Muslims committing the terrorist attacks, and no amount of nonsense published by the ADL is going to convince a sane American otherwise.

Moreover, life would certainly improve for pretty much everybody if White Nationalists were to obtain political power. We would stop the Leftist nonsense destroying this country, we would stop wasting military resources on Israeli foreign policy, we would stop the immigration crisis, and we wouldn’t pull the rug out from people who rely on the government for help. For people who really do think “racism” is a huge problem in society, we’ll be happy to arrange for a peaceful and amicable separation, so they can live under the boot of Jewish power separately from us, and never again will those people have to worry about having a White Nationalist for their president. It’s really a pretty sweet deal for everybody.

Of course, that reality is why we have to be censored. If anybody found out what White Nationalists were really aiming for, most White Americans, and a surprising number of non-whites, would be White Nationalists. We have to be painted as some kind of bloodthirsty threat with no reason or truth on our side, otherwise we will win in very short order. That’s also why more and more people who are not White Nationalists are being censored as well, such as Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Milo Yiannopoulos, Laura Loomer, and others. Anybody who brings up the legitimate issues we are trying to address, will necessarily bring people closer to understanding our aims, and for our opponents to remain in control, this cannot be permitted.

Of course, the censorship won’t work forever, and the people in power know this. So they have to ultimately resort to more drastic measures. This is why Joe Biden’s campaign advertisement referred to the communist terrorists who attacked our permitted demonstration in Charlottesville as “A courageous group of Americans,” and even went so far as to tacitly acknowledge that they were the aggressors, by saying “a violent clash ensued” without telling the oft repeated lie that we started the fight. Joe Biden wasn’t just using Charlottesville as a campaign issue, he was literally calling for violence.

Tucker Carlson has made similar remarks to the apparent confusion expressed by Dave and his cohost. “Trump is easy to beat” he recently said to one guest, as he pondered why the Democrats would be throwing away an easy win with insane proposals like the green new deal, open borders, and non stop hatred for the White majority in the leadup to a popularity contest.

So what’s the point of all this?

I have become convinced that the Democrats are just as certain of a violent clash between the extreme Right and the extreme Left, as are the propertarians.

The power of the extremes on either end of the spectrum drags the overton window toward the more powerful side, altering the dialogue in the almighty center, to favor their moderate counterparts. Understanding this has given the Left dominion over the country, even during Republican administrations, for as long as I’ve been alive. It is absolutely vital to them that White Nationalists be crushed before we can become a real issue, because even if one of us never holds an elected office, our impact on the discourse will deprive them of power.

Luckily for them, Republicans panic over appearances. For fear of the Leftist (Jewish) press, they attack their extremist elements as viciously as the enemy does. Democrats are more savvy, and condone even the most violent criminal behavior, so long as it acts in their favor.

Republicans can in some sense be forgiven for this, since the extreme Right has no more learned to cooperate with their moderate counterparts, as they have learned to cooperate with us. It is not as if violence could not be used to favor the Republican Party, as it has been used to benefit Democrats such as with Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Unfortunately, and I suspect we can thank subversives for this, the comparatively miniscule amounts of violence we have seen from the Right in the United States, has been senseless and uncontrolled, and thus of no help to the Party. The looming threat of a permanent Democrat majority in Washington is provoking the violent impulses of White men, but they lack competent leadership, and thus the power of those impulses goes unharnessed. Without direction, that energy inevitably finds some other outlet, and when those outlets are street brawls in Democrat controlled cities, or shootings at houses of worship, this is profoundly unhelpful to our moderate counterparts, who need to win popularity contests on a regular schedule.

One of these days, somebody on the Right is going to figure out the correct way to do this, and then things are really going to get interesting. When the violence favors the Republican Party, the Party will learn to tolerate it, and when White Nationalists have a fraction of the support from the GOP and Fox News, that Antifa has had from the Democrats and MSNBC, then we’re going to become the problem that they pretend we are now, only worse. A world in which it is more dangerous to be a raving Left wing nut, than it is to wear a MAGA hat, is a world where Democrats cannot bully people into parroting their lies, and thus a world where Democrats cannot win elections.

All of the energy on the Left is being poured into stoking racial tensions and building radicalized echo chambers on mainstream and social media. If they lose the upcoming elections as a result of this madness, that is a worthwhile tradeoff  if it militarizes their extremist element, and deprives White Nationalists of influence. If Trump gets a second term, but immigration and the leftward drift of our discourse continue to go on unabated, he will be the last Republican President anyway. On the other hand, if White Nationalists are able to assert themselves in public, then separatist movements will certainly emerge, and the productive White folks of this country will extricate themselves from the nightmare world the Democrats have in store for us. A mongrelized country of Democrats, without White people to tax, is going to collapse in a matter of days, and they cannot permit this to happen.

Thus, I have come to suspect the Democrats are more than willing to lose the next election. They are far more interested in starting, and winning, a civil war.

The goal of their antics is geared toward stoking violence, and keeping the Republicans wary of optics. Through this they can render the Right impotent until immigration ends our ability to assert ourselves politically, and at the same time prevent us from sufficiently organizing to meet the challenges of the civil war that will inevitably ensue, when the average White guy figures out that this was the plan all along.


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Outlaw Conservative S01E016 – May Day Barr & Grill

Today is May 1st, which means, like every other day, the communists are feeling oppressed. The riots you’ll see take place over the course of today and tonight will be dubbed “May Day Demonstrations” but are more inspired by International Workers’ Day, a yearly celebration by pan Leftist groups throughout the world.

Leftists love to claim the mantle of solidarity with workers. This is sometimes confusing to those who are uninitiated, since communists are generally tax leeches who wouldn’t know work if you put them in a labor camp. Whether they are of the billionaire elite top level government favors type of tax leech, or that of the lowlife welfare recipient, what they have in common is a revulsion toward the very concept of being productive.

The celebration makes more sense when you come to understand them. Leftists celebrate “the worker” not because they are workers, but because workers provide them with the sustenance they require to continue their parasitism. If nobody worked, then there would be no taxes to collect, and without taxes to collect, there would be no food stamps or public housing for the lowlives, and no favors for the wealthy to purchase from the State.

To put things in perspective, Leftists celebrate “the worker” in a similar fashion to how ticks might celebrate deer, or fleas might celebrate dogs, if such creatures had the ability to wear masks and set coffee shops and limousines on fire.

Aside from their own aversion to productive efforts, their contempt for the hosts of their parasitism is displayed by the products of their advocacy.

Leftists scream incoherently for the raising of minimum wages. To hear them tell it, compelling employers to pay an ever increasing hourly rate for even the most menial of tasks, is some kind of economic panacea which will bring the whole of mankind to full employment and eternal prosperity.

Outwardly, it would appear lost on them that driving up the cost of labor to what in many cases becomes prohibitively expensive for entry level positions and unskilled workers, drives the push toward automation of those tasks, as machines become less expensive than human labor. They would feign ignorance of the fact, that this drives up unemployment, which itself puts downward pressure on wages. They pretend not to know, that this makes it nearly impossible for young people to enter the workforce, as employers show preference toward more experienced workers who can actually produce at the rate now prescribed by law.

Of course, none of this is lost on them. They know exactly what they are doing. Like everything else they advocate for, the goal is not the one they purport, but rather the polar opposite.

But fear not. When their minimum wage policies make it impossible for their countrymen to get a job, they simply advocate that the government guarantee everyone a job at the prescribed rate, or higher. That job might be to dig a ditch one day, and fill it in the next. It might be to go around preaching the wisdom of the prior failed policy. It might be to shuffle needless paperwork created by the increased regulatory burdens they likewise advocate. Whatever the case, it will not be productive, and will consequently be payed for by extracting resources from the productive efforts of… You guessed it, actual workers.

These patron saints of the worker likewise cheer loudly for a basic income guarantee, or as Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang calls it, the Freedom Dividend. This of course would be in addition to the public housing subsidies, food stamps, WIC checks, and other goodies already in existence for the unproductive. Their newest pushes include free health care, and free college, and by the next election, surely some other freebie will be up for auction to the greatest number of voters. These subsidies are of course to be provided regardless of employment, and even citizenship status, at the expense of, you guessed it, actual workers.

But nothing quite spells out their hostility toward the productive members of our society than their wanton lust for uncontrolled immigration. Nothing harms workers more than an abundance of surplus labor, especially that of the cheap variety. You don’t have to be an economist to understand this, and so their simultaneous “solidarity” with “workers” and illegal immigrants, displays not only a hostility towards the workers they claim to celebrate, but an insult to their intelligence.

Their labor and economic policies are like everything else about Left wing advocacy, based in wickedness and deception. They mean to make the worker as abused and miserable as possible, because they are foundationally driven by a hatred for humanity and all of its works. They express their solidarity with the worker, while making his life impossible. They simultaneously express contempt for the State, while ceaselessly advocating its reckless and perpetual expansion of powers both in scope and in territory, with the ultimate aim of a borderless world with a planetary government devoid of restraints on its power to coerce.

From there, we will all be workers, or rather, slaves, under the boot of a planetary empire. Your food, housing, medical care, and education will all be provided to you at no cost, the same way such life essentials were provided to the chattel of days long passed. You will have a job, whether you want one or not.

What you won’t have are choices, despite their professed devotion to the “pro choice” cause, which is just another euphemism to disguise their contempt for motherhood and the family. You will work, and you will have what you require to survive while doing so, but you will not have the option of rising above your station. You will never own the means of production, as they are now owned by “the collective” which is to say, the ruling class.

Through this, mankind will finally arrive at the equality they scream so loudly for. The man who cures cancer, and the woman who digs a ditch one day to fill it in the next, will have the same material resources, and the same grey, uniform, genderless, raceless, joyless existence.


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Radical Agenda S05E031 – Cowards

Somebody did something, and I guess we’re just going to have to get used to synagogue shootings. I suppose these things are just part and parcel of living in a mongrelized Jewish hellscape. Sorry Passover worshippers, your decision, not ours.

To be sure, so far as race based retribution goes, synagogues are a target rich environment.

Blacks and Muslims are too fucking stupid to understand the problems they’re creating 90% of the time, so gunning down unwitting members of such tribes is barely worth the cost of the ammunition. It’s not like they are capable of learning the intended lesson, they kill each other all the time in far greater numbers than you or I could ever hope to, and they breed so recklessly that whatever dent one makes in their numbers is barely noticeable. Far better to strike the Jewish root, than to breathlessly hack away at the branches.

I have my doubts on the merits of synagogue shootings too, which I’ve already spoken on at length and will elaborate on further below, but at least Jews don’t have the option of claiming ineptitude when confronted about the crimes of their coethnics. They are a problem, and they know it. That’s why “anti-Semitism” is granted a uniquely wicked social stigma in the societies foolish enough to let Jews dominate thier media. They brag about the problems they create in their own publications such as Forward.com and Haaretz, so much so that if one took the text from such publications and put them on a Nazi branded website, nobody would question it as authentic Nazi propaganda. They listen intently to the complaints of those they have offended under the guise of “tracking the far right” (SPLC, ADL, et al) and thus have had every opportunity to see the error of their ways and correct course, but they make the choice to stifle their critics through violence and deception, rather than reform. They are a uniquely despicable race, and most certainly culpable for their sins. There’s really no reason to feel bad for them anymore, not even the “innocent” ones…

So to the extent that synagogue shootings are inevitable, let us hope they are equally effective.

Though again, I remain skeptical.

Firstly, the people doing these things do not come off as great chess players to me. Dylann Roof told investigators “somebody has to do something” and his “something” was to shoot a bunch of black people at church. He thought Jews just needed an attitude adjustment, and he literally had no idea what would happen afterwards. Robert Bowers didn’t even bother to leave an explanation behind so far as I could tell, other than to express his dissatisfaction with HIAS resettling refugees. Brenton Tarrant barely even mentioned Jews as he threw his life away in retaliation for their crimes. John Earnest says he planned his attack for a grand total of four weeks. I suppose this explains, among other things, his weapon malfunctioning within arm’s reach of a target, and his subsequent pathetic score.

Yet, according to Earnest, those who do not appreciate his poorly planned sub nigger high time preference behavior, are cowards. Speaking as one who has faced, and continues on a daily basis to face, extraordinary hardships and danger, I am personally insulted by this. So while I take no pleasure in denigrating the sacrifices of a would be martyr, this stupidity needs to be called out for what it is.

Those who know me are well aware that I am no coward. I have met the enemy in combat. I have spent months in his cages. I have faced his kangaroo courts. Through all of it, I have never run. I have never denied my beliefs. I have not retired from the conflict, nor accepted any of the numerous offers the enemy has made me to “sell out” and profit from my experience by aiding their propagandists. Even as those who purport to share my values betray me and expose themselves as liars and crooks, I remain steadfast in my resolve.

Thousands of people listen to what I say. I am certain that if I called for them to engage in such acts, some number of them would. If I myself were to take such a course, my words would last an eternity and inspire countless others to follow it as well. There are surely days when this seems preferable to the daily struggle of paying bills, planning for the future, and trying to maximize my value to our shared cause, while our foes place me prominently in deceptive news stories and presidential campaign advertisements.

I sure do wish our problems were so easily solved, as by sending some short sighted unhinged fools to throw their lives away on soft targets with no strategic or military value. Sadly, it just ain’t so.

It would be spectacular if, as Earnest and Tarrant theorized, gun confiscation would inevitably lead to White uprisings and victory. Were that the case, England, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, and many areas of the United States, would never have gotten to the level they are today. Unfortunately, England is now instituting knife and acid control, because banning guns and disarming their own police departments somehow failed to stop the marauding invaders from raping women and murdering people. Were this sound strategy, New Zealand would be in revolt at the time of this writing. Sadly, their Prime Minister wears a hijab and disarms her countrymen, as they sheepishly comply instead.

These men are simply incorrect in their assertions. Everyday experience puts this on full display for anybody with a three digit IQ to see. You would have to be blind, deaf, illiterate, and stupid to believe this would work as they suggest.

Even if we ignore the glaring abundance of factual evidence in contradiction to their theory, I would love to hear how they figure our cause will be taken up by White gun owners who see us as the reason for their disarmament. I can tell you right now, as a guy who is well versed in the mental gymnastics conservatives and libertarians engage in to avoid addressing race, that blaming Nazis for gun confiscations will be no tall order. Before I became racially aware, I left New York because of its repressive gun control. Even as these measures were loudly praised by names like Schumer and Bloomberg, I literally said “This is what Hitler did to the Jews” when I fled North. So if one did manage to trigger a civil war in the United States over gun confiscation, it would be rapidly hijacked by the same Jews who created all the other problems, because the boomers are going to believe wholeheartedly that those Jews have been through this before, and are just trying to help.

Would starting and then hijacking a revolution be out of character for the Jew? Of course not.

If the Jews had anything to fear by gun confiscations, they wouldn’t be leading the charge on gun confiscations in the political realm.

Again, I take no pleasure in denigrating the sacrifice of a would be martyr. I feel compelled in this instance, since they have through their acts obtained an unearned platform to spew falsehoods, while sound minds of noble intent have been silenced by the Jews who now amplify their lunacy. This is telling in itself, of course. The Jews have long manufactured nonsense hate crimes to justify their criminal behavior. Everything a White man does is a hate crime, and everything done to him is merely the result of some injustice done by him or his ancestors.When they run short on White criminals, they make Cesar Sayoc, and Nikolas Cruz into White supremacists for the purposes of their idiotic lists.

If Jews were afraid of such incidences catching on, they wouldn’t be doing their best to fake them every single day.

John Earnest is 19 years old. He was convinced by whatever combination of circumstances that he could do more by killing one female senior citizen, and injuring a Rabbi, than he could by putting in years of difficult work. Or perhaps, he was just a lazy asshole teenager who couldn’t comprehend the idea of putting in that effort. In either case, tonight he sits in jail, and will never have the opportunity to learn the lessons that hard work and struggle bring, because he will likely never see freedom again.

Though like Tarrant, he expects to be freed, and honored for his crime upon our inevitable victory. So let us pick that apart.

If we were to gain the upper hand in this eternal conflict, any government of ours that would wish to retain its legitimacy on the world stage would not be well served to set spree shooters loose on the streets, simply because they reciprocated the racial animosity of the Jew who created this crisis. There are prisoners whom we must free. Amongst them are James Fields, Daniel Borden, Jacob Goodwin, Richard Preston, Alex Ramos, Cole White, Benjamin Daley, Michael Miselis, and Thomas Gillen. These men attended a permitted demonstration, they were attacked, and they defended themselves against those unjustifiable assaults. There is ample evidence to prove not only their innocence, but their heroism. Yet they were persecuted soully on the basis of their devotion to the truth, and today remain the captives of our enemies.

To walk into a house of worship and open fire on unsuspecting people simply for their membership in an ethnoreligious group, even if one considered such a thing justifiable, is not “self defense” in any recognizable sense. To say so undermines the legal defenses of men who truly are acting on an immediate and real threat to their safety, and does a remarkable disservice to all of us who continue to struggle outside the walls.

In Charlottesville, Judges and juries simply acted under the presumption that White Men have no right to use violence in self defense, and if we define self defense as John Earnest does, then we have no right to be shocked when such conclusions are reached. Those of us who have a voice in such matters, even those who would tend to favor a strategy of martyrdom, are obligated to draw a very clear line between the defensive violence our men exercised in Charlottesville, and the initiatory violence of Roof, Bowers, Tarrant, and Earnest.

Even drawing from Charlottesville, I’ll give the listener an example of a credibility problem created for me by one of the men I shared a cell block with. As I write this, I am made to recall statements I made about a man whose company I genuinely enjoyed. He was a brave soldier by the name of Dennis Mothersbaugh, who punched two obnoxious Leftists in their very punchable mouths as he exited Lee Park on August 12th.

My own experience on that day was to be maced without provocation by a man who I didn’t see until video emerged after my incarceration. As I walked away from the park, I dodged projectiles, fists, and clubs, in fear for my life. I was carrying a pistol, and was terrified because I thought I might have to use it, but there were more targets than bullets in the gun. It was thus easy for me to believe that all the men in my company were likewise put in fear for their safety. So as I spoke from the jail on the phone, and the recordings were released as the podcast “Live from Seg!” I repeatedly asserted that everyone, including Mothersbaugh, was acting in self defense.

Upon my release from the jail, I began to review video of my comrades and their alleged crimes.

Most of what I said was confirmed. Preston, Borden, Ramos, and Goodwin were most certainly responding to serious threats to their safety and the safety of others. In the case of Mothersbaugh, though I make no negative moral judgement against him, it was clear he was in no danger when he punched a fat female communist in her face. She was wearing a mask and screaming in his direction, so he turned toward her, stepped forward, and gave her a much needed reminder of her worthlessness. The video may well have been the funniest thing I’ve ever seen, as her cellulite wings flapped desperately in an attempt to maintain her balance, and she stumbled backwards threatening to cause an earthquake.

I’m glad Dennis punched her. I wish he hadn’t been caught. I hope she gets punched again, and the next time she gets punched, I hope she learns her lesson and stops trying to destroy my country. But this was not self defense, and I regret calling it such.

We must be more careful with our words than the Jews we oppose, a lesson I am still trying to learn myself. For years I spouted off recklessly about myriad subjects, thoroughly convinced it meant little outside my social circles. Only by being dragged through the mud by media smear merchants, and dragged through the Jewdicial system on fraudulent criminal and civil claims, did I come to comprehend the gravity of what I had gotten myself involved in. Self defense laws have been so frighteningly diminished as it is, and those who find themselves in the unenviable position of having to use force in defense of their lives, will surely come to regret negligence in this realm come their trial dates.

You’ll hear me say on here from time to time, that I am not one who thinks that violence is never the answer, but that violence is what invariably happens when better answers are not forthcoming. Accelerationism is gaining traction in Right wing circles for this reason. Everybody knows what is wrong, but no consensus exists on what to do about it. As time ticks forward, our options diminish in number, and our challenges grow more severe. The Left is completely out of control, the State shows no interest in stopping them, the media has abandoned any concern for their credibility, and the dashboard of Western Civilization is lit up with warning lights as the chassis shake and smoke bellows out from under the hood. There is a growing consensus that things are on the brink of cataclysm, and that realization is leading some to decide that their best bet is to make it happen faster.

Okay. Then what?

People have this crazy idea in their heads that once “it” happens, whatever “it” may be, some correcting force will necessarily come to right the ship. I hate to break it to you, but that simply isn’t true, and I challenge anyone to present a single historical example of that being the case. Did ten million dead in the Holodomor bring an end to the Soviet Union? Did the 45 million death toll of Mao’s Great Leap Forward diminish the power of the Chinese Communist Party?

Chaos and disorder favor Leftists, which is why they are working full time to bring it about. Their criminal element riots in the streets, while their political arms do everything in their power to diminish the institutions that are supposed to stop them. When they say “Diversity is our strength” they are not just parroting a lie. For them it is actually true, that ethnic diversity is their strength, in that it diminishes the cohesion of the civilization and thus strengthens them in the ensuing chaos.

Imagine the outcome of the civilizational breakdown so many seem to be aching for, if it happened today. Imagine the Fox News Alert, when the race riots can no longer be paved over as “mostly peaceful protests” and the police figure out that it isn’t worth the risk to try and stop the mobs. When the roving bands of mixed race savages begin occupying government buildings and taking over the enforcement apparatus, what would you do, today, if it happened in your city?

Well, I obviously can’t speak to the plans of each individual listener. Perhaps some of you are sufficiently physically fit, and well armed, and perhaps you have a number of similarly capable men whom you trust. Perhaps you have established secure communications with one another, and perhaps you have ways of financing a drawn out and brutal conflict without the benefit of the established financial system.

But something tells me that this is exceedingly unlikely for most of you. I am certain that this is not the case for the most vocal accelerationists. What organized force exists in the United States to take on these mobs? Well, if one exists, they have done a very good job of keeping their existence a secret. They would have to do this of course, because if their presence became known, they would be crushed by the State without hesitation.

You and I can’t hold a permitted demonstration without being attacked by criminals and imprisoned for defending ourselves. Yet there are people dumb enough to think that we will prevail in a bloody race war in which most of our race would fight for the enemy?

Anybody who tells you this is a prudent strategy is either a fool, or an enemy trying to lure you into a trap. You cannot save your race by losing a race war, and you are not fit for the conflict so many seem so anxious to bring about.

For these, and many more reasons than I care to list, I disavow and condemn the acts of John Earnest, Brenton Tarrant. Robert Bowers, Dylann Roof, and anyone else stupid or malicious enough to follow in their footsteps (of which I am certain there will be no shortage). I say this not to preserve my own position, income, or skin, but because I have eyes, ears, and a three digit IQ.

If you want to engage in violence, I’ll judge your acts on the merits, as I have no sympathy for the enemy, and I am no fucking hippy. If you lay down your life and Western civilization is saved by your act, then yes, I’ll hail you as a martyr and sing your praises to all who will listen.

But if you just decide it is easier to die or go to prison than to continue this struggle with the rest of us, then you sir, are the coward. Not I.

Some of us have higher ambitions than to dominate headlines for a week, and make life miserable for our countrymen. Some of us have been fighting since before you had hair on your balls, and don’t appreciate naive children recklessly endangering the progress we have made during that time. I have dedicated the last decade of my life to getting the boot off our collective necks, and in the few short years since I discovered who’s boot it was, I have seen that awareness spread like nobody could possibly have imagined when I began this fight. As I spent months in the enemies cages, I accepted the possibility that I might well be in my 90s or dead before I was eligible for release, but even from those cages I put in the absolute maximum effort to help us move forward.

Then some asshole teenager decides in his infinite wisdom, that his greatest contribution is to spend four weeks planning to gun down a senior citizen, and call me a coward?

Fuck you, punk!

Shortly after my release from jail in December of 2017, I saw what the pressure of this struggle did to our movement. We had weak leaders, and the pressures broke their resolve. What you are seeing today with this sort of uncontrolled senseless violence is the direct result of that lack of leadership, and the Jew couldn’t be happier. This is exactly what he meant to do. Leave talented young white men so hopeless that they could think of nothing more valuable for themselves than to die in prison.

I’m not going to celebrate that. I’m not even going to excuse it. And if you think that’s because I’m afraid to advocate violence, I’ll leave you with this.

If you find yourself within arms reach of somebody who praises this nonsense, knock their stupid fucking teeth out.


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Radical Agenda S05E030 – A Violent Clash Ensued

I’m famous again. Joe Biden featured me in the video where he announced his candidacy for President of the United States. We even got a pretty good shot of the Radical Agenda logo on my shirt.

Thanks for the plug, Creepy Joe.

My crazed face, illuminated by torches, veins bulging, bearing the fangs of racism, as I tore through violent communist revolutionaries like butter, at the University of Virginia campus on August 11th 2017.

I suppose I can’t hold it against him that he left the beginning of the fight out of the video. He’s pressed for time, and anxious to dupe the public, after all. Were this an honest pursuit, we would have seen Tom Massey take the first swings of that altercation. Massey, you might recall, was recently charged with robbery and ethnic intimidation out of Philadelphia, along with his fellow Antifa communist Tom Keenan, who was also brawling at UVA that night, after their crew mistook a couple of Mexican Marines for Nazis near a Proud Boys demonstration.

Production note: This blog post is more of a script than an essay. The text does no justice to the audio I have prepared, so be sure to listen.

Joe’s phrasing was telling though. He at least had the decency most supposed journalists lack, to avoid directly lying about who started the violence of Charlottesville.

“It was there on August of 2017 we saw Klansmen and white supremacists and neo-Nazis come out in the open. Their crazed faces, illuminated by torches, veins bulging and bearing the fangs of racism. Chanting the same anti-Semitic bile heard across Europe in the thirties.”

Here Joe sets the stage. “The enemy dared to show his face in public! He is ugly. His ideas are wicked!”

Enter the heroes…

“And they were met by a courageous group of Americans. And a violent clash ensued.”

Ah yes, and a violent clash ensued. Who threw the first punches is irrelevant to Joe. He more than likely knows who started the violence, and he nods in ghoulish approval regardless. In this story, there are heroes and there are villains before the violent clash takes place. It makes no difference that the prominently featured villain was framed for a crime, or that he cooperated with the FBI investigation, or that he himself was assaulted without provocation on video by this “courageous group of Americans” with lengthy and violent criminal histories.

Speaking as one with an artistic appreciation for the finer points of linguistic presentations, I am almost in awe of the Jewish wordsmiths who no doubt wrote the script for this video.

“And that’s when we heard the words of the President of the United States, that stunned the world and shocked the conscience of this nation. He said there were quote ‘some very fine people on both sides.’ Very fine people on both sides? With those words the President of the United States assigned a moral equivalence between those spreading hate, and those with the courage to stand against it.”

This is profoundly artistic. I am envious of it, truly. The projection is to be marveled at.

As I heard the President say those words, my conscience was indeed shocked. How could there be very fine people who violently attacked our permitted demonstration? How could the President who I voted for, assign a moral equivalence between those who assaulted us, and those who defended against those assaults?

“And in that moment I knew the threat to this nation was unlike any I had ever seen in my lifetime. I wrote at the time that we’re in the battle for the soul of this nation. Well that’s even more true today. We are in the battle for the soul of this nation.”

Indeed we are, Creepy Joe.

Biden says America “is an idea”. I say, we are a people. Ideas don’t have souls, Joe. People do. And if we are reduced to some flimsy concept to be altered at the whims of Jewish fiction writers, then the soul of this Nation will be lost.

You know, I’ve stayed up a lot of nights. Pacing back and forth. Stuck in my own head. Doing this mental coin toss over whether it was worth it to go to that event, what I could have done differently, what I’d change if I could go back and do it over. Ask me those questions on ten different days, I’ll give you ten different answers.

On some days I think, wow, I could have accomplished a lot more if I had stayed home. It sure would have been nice to still have a Facebook account, a YouTube channel, a PayPal. I did not like going to jail, I do not like being sued. These legal expenses and other hurdles are draining my mind as much as my wallet. The people I followed into that mess really weren’t of the calibre I thought they were. I wouldn’t go to lunch with most of these scumbags today, much less a warzone.

But another bit of truth was hidden in Creepy Joe’s announcement video, when he said “Charlottesville is also home to a defining moment for this Nation, in the last few years.”

I’d say that moment has yet to be defined, fully. The trials in the civil suits and the 2020 election will go along way in forming that definition.

Some of you have heard me tell the story of how the Radical Agenda got its name. I didn’t even think White Nationalism was a real thing back then. I used to call this show Some Garbage Podcast, and it was really more of a comedic libertarian production, heavily drenched in self deprecating humor. It was when I had a black economist by the name of Walter Williams on as a guest, that I decided I needed to step my game up, and start taking the production more seriously.

Williams had hosted a talk titled “How much can discrimination explain” and the conclusion he reached was, “Not much”. He went over a lot of the problems facing the black community, and without even getting into IQ or genetic differences, he shot these common leftist narratives full of holes. In fact, he theorized that the so called “solutions” to these problems that the Left keeps pushing, like the welfare State and anti-discrimination laws, were actually making matters worse. To improve matters, he said “White people will have to develop some backbone, and courage, and, not fear being called a racist”.

That’s literally how we got here. A black dude told me to stop being afraid of being called a racist, so terrified though I was, I put in the effort.

And look at us now… That’s what I get for taking advice from a negro, I suppose.

I, like a lot of people, thought that if Joe Biden got into the race, he would try to come off as the voice of reason for the Democrat Party. Everyone else on the roster so far has been knee deep in this anti-White nonsense, and it seemed the smart money was on Biden trying to take it down a notch in the hopes of winning with the White vote. But his campaign is going to rely on big donors, according to the Wall Street Journal, and the big donors, especially for the Democrats, are Jews. So it looks like Creepy Joe is going to cash in his White privilege and join the bad guys in race war politics.

And it’s a smart move, too.

You might recall, Trump stood his ground briefly in the immediate wake of the Unite the Right rally. He referred to the Reds as the “Alt Left” and said they were “very, very, violent”. He said he had watched the videos “much closer than you” he said to one reporter. So he knows what happened out there.

I’d never been so proud of a vote in my life as when I saw that.

But then, I heard that Steve Bannon was out, and I knew things were about to get really bad. I was in the car by myself, hiding out in North Carolina. I didn’t want to stay in one place for too long, because although I planned to turn myself in, I was terrified of being caught by surprise. I literally thought the cops might kill me after what I saw happen in that city, and when I heard Bannon was out I’m like there go the dominoes.

I got to my next motel, and when I turned on the TV I heard him make this statement condemning racism, White supremacy, the KKK, neo-Nazis and whatever other merchant buzzwords Kushner stuffed up his fucking ass.

He asserts “the truth” that we’re all equal, equal, equal in every way, yeah… Born equal, live equal, die equal. That’s right, me and the real estate billionaire who I helped elect President, we’re straight up peers. Sure. Me and the nutcases who framed me, me and the little fuck who maced me unprovoked, but prosecutors wouldn’t charge, yeah, we’re all equals too, right.

Sounded a lot like that Biden ad, really. Maybe the same kike wrote em both…

Equal, equal, equal… Anybody can do anything if they work hard enough. That’s what we believe! Well, then you believe in bullshit, fella. If you thought guys being born to virgins and rising from the dead was far fetched, then you best get to confession, because equality is a whole lot rarer than that.

People think it was the wall or immigration that killed the Trump presidency, the Mueller investigation, the neocons. Nope. It was that moment right there. Once he caved on Charlottesville, the teflon Don was no longer invincible. His enemies hated him like Jews hate Jesus because he spoke so much truth, and once that corruption fell from his mouth, they knew he was vulnerable. He repeated the same lie as every Jew puppet before him. The trap was set, the blood was in the water, and in came the sharks. Next thing you know, bomb Syria, fuck your bump stocks, move the embassy to Jerusalem, we need more immigrants than ever before, and we’ll get to the wall right after we lose the House in the midterms.

Any of you ever seen The Tudors? There’s a scene from Season 2 Episode 4, where Sir Thomas More is talking to Bishop Tunstall. More did not attend the coronation of Queen Ann, because he did not approve of the King’s prior divorce, thus rendering the Queen illegitimate in his mind. Tunstall asked of his motives, and More told a story of Emperor Tiberius.

He had enacted a law, which exacted
death for a certain crime…

…unless the offender was a virgin.

Now, when a virgin eventually
appeared on the charge…

…the emperor didn’t know exactly
how to proceed.

So one of his council proposed
the perfect solution:

Let her first be deflowered
so she then can be…


There are some…

…and, no, I won’t name them…

…who first procure you
for the coronation…

…next to preach at it,
and then to write books defending it.

Thus they deflower you…

…and will not fail soon afterwards
to devour you.

But they shall never deflower me.

That was the moment that Trump got deflowered, and for the next 556 days they will beat that racism drum, hoping to devour him on November 3rd. Election 2020 will end up being a referendum, not on Trump per se, not on any particular policy prescription, but on whether or not that stupid Jewish catch phrase is enough to destroy a President.

Let us all hope, that it is not.

I said on a prior episode that once these civil suits are over, I can put Charlottesville behind me for good, and that I was looking forward to that. Perhaps this is not in the cards after all, and perhaps it shouldn’t be. Perhaps we should actually take some advice from Joe Biden…

At the end of the video he says “We can’t forget  what happened in Charlottesville. Even more importantly, we have to remember who we are. This is America…”



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Outlaw Conservative S01E015 – Mother of All Crescendos

Remember when Ron Paul used to warn us about kicking the can down the road?

There’s got to be a limit to how far you can kick that thing before you run out of pavement.

That might not be such a big deal if we were literally just kicking a can down the road. “Oh well, I guess I’m just going to have to recycle this can now. No big deal.”

Now that we’re at the pavement’s edge, I’m afraid things are not so simple.

We’ve got few “cans” which are starting to look more like powder kegs.

Let’s start with something that ought to be uncontroversial. Debt.

With everything else that’s been going on, it has been easy to ignore that national debt thing. Spending cuts always tick somebody off, and when you need to win elections, it’s best not to do that..

We Republicans like to pretend we’re the party of fiscal sanity, and with opponents like the Democrats, that’s an easy deception to pull off. All we have to do is be less irresponsible than the communists, and we can plausibly make this claim in the current year.

The current US national debt stands at over $22.2 Trillion at the time of this writing. That’s over $67,000 per citizen, and over $181,000 per taxpayer.

But national debt doesn’t really tell the whole story.

US personal debt stands at over $19 Trillion, or nearly $60k per citizen. State debt stands at over $1.2 Trillion. Local debt nearly $1.9 Trillion. That brings the total US debt to over $74.5 Trillion, which comes out to roughly $223,000 per citizen, and $871,000 per family.

No big deal, you say?

Then there’s the small matter of the money we haven’t actually borrowed yet, technically, but which is still expected to be paid later. These are called, liabilities. For the United States Federal Government, unfunded liabilities currently stand at over $123 Trillion, or over $1,000,000 per taxpayer.

Now, I swear I’m not trying to sell you gold here. Nor am I trying to sell you non-perishable foods, fallout shelters, heirloom seeds, or other survival gear. Though maybe, I should. All I sell is $10/month premium memberships, MAGA Country bumper stickers, and pocket constitutions at OutlawConservative.com/shop.

I don’t know what’s going to happen. I’m not necessarily predicting an imminent dollar collapse. All I’m saying is that I don’t know a whole lotta people with a million bucks laying around.

I like tax cuts as much as the next guy, but I have my doubts that economic growth is going to solve this problem. Even if real Americans were having enough children to replace themselves, which they’re definitely not, paying this off would seem like a pretty steep ask for the next generation. To make matters worse, I don’t think all these newly minted so called “Americans” who keep on flooding into the country legally and illegally, would be anxious to pay this off even if they could, and by the way, they can’t.

Mind you, this is all going on while we’re in the middle of an economic boom, thanks to Donald Trump. Sure we’ve technically been at war for almost 20 years, but it’s not like we face any actual military threat to our shores at the moment.

That’s definitely going to change if Democrats take control over the federal government.

These people aren’t screaming RUSSIA all day because they actually think Putin hacked our democracy. This nonsense is war propaganda.

Medicare for all, free college, reparations, green new deal, let’s be generous and just say I wouldn’t be shocked if this increased our deficit spending, and slowed economic growth.

I misspoke earlier, actually. I said “if” Democrats take control over the federal government. I should have said “when”.

Sure they’re pretty unlikely to pull off an impeachment, and the current slate of Democrat presidential candidates really are a delightful gift for The Donald, but I doubt we’re going to repeal the 22nd Amendment before 2024, and even if you stopped all immigration today, just the children of the people we’ve already let in turning 18 by that time, is going to put the Democrats in a pretty good spot.

Of course, we’re not going to stop all immigration today. As you listen to the sound of my voice, the “Mother of All Caravans” approaches our southern border. The Mexican government can’t stop them, they’re too busy disarming American soldiers north of the Rio Grande. Those ten thousand invaders are mostly military aged males, of course. They just put the women, children, and transgenders up front for the benefit of CNN. They’ll be looking for the comfort of a woman’s touch when they get here, and they’ll find it, whether the women like it or not.

I suppose subsidizing Planned Parenthood to the tune of half a billion dollars a year is not without its benefits, after all. Too bad they donate so much of that back to the Democrat Party.

The children who aren’t ripped out of their mothers’ wombs, or snuffed out immediately after birth, I have my doubts they’ll be voting Republican. Well, maybe they will, but voting Republican will be a very different experience by that point, I figure.

Once the Democrats get in back into power, I don’t think they’ll be anxious to leave. They’ve proposed packing the Supreme Court, abolishing the electoral college, abolishing the filibuster, and letting convicted felons vote from prison. That includes the Boston Marathon bomber, 183,000 convicted murderers, and 164,000 convicted rapists. #MeToo indeed. Amnesty for illegals almost goes without saying. Say what you will about the Democrats, at least they know who their constituents are, and they look out for their interests, which is more than we can say for the GOP.

As I lay all this out you may be getting blackpilled. You might be thinking “Hey Chris, sounds like a civil war’s a brewin!”

Don’t worry about that, friend. The Democrats have pledged to take the guns away before it gets that far. Kamala Harris even said she would take executive action, if Congress failed to act. That’s the kind of bold leadership America needs at a time such as this.

The good news is, uh, well, let me get back to you on that.

There was sort of a movement making some headway a couple of years ago, but they’re pretty much toast at this point. They hit a snag when the most predictable series of hardships ever hit them in the wake of a demonstration just outside of DC. A couple of guys went to prison, mommy took away their credit cards, and everybody went all circular firing squad at the behest of their parenthetical Ukrainian IT guy.

I hear they’ve got sort of a militant wing now. Really entertaining guys who still have YouTube and Twitter accounts, interestingly. Sure the ones whose physiques you can make out from behind their masks don’t look like battle hardened death beasts, but if they are anywhere near as good with firearms as they are with Photoshop, muscles won’t be necessary for the conflict they’re egging on.

As I understand it, their strategy is essentially to go out in public and announce their intent to make life as miserable as possible for the people they hope to rescue. This should be a magnificent recruiting tool, especially once their Asian Democrat president starts giving everybody a thousand bucks a month, so they can quit their jobs at the fast food place and fed post full time.

These guys are so hard core, they don’t need a political party, reputable leaders, or coherent ideas to conquer a continent and vanquish the most powerful forces in the history of mankind. Just a steady paycheck from the government they hope to overthrow, and lots of unhappy people.

Alright, enough suspense, now for the good news.

The Democrats won’t be rounding up the Christians and executing them. That would require them to mention Christians, and they wouldn’t dream of doing that.

Everything will be fine, folks. Worst case scenario, just switch genders, and you’ll blend right in.

You can still own a gun, you just have to become a cop, or join the military, or the Bloods or the Crips, or MS-13, or ISIS, whatever, take your pick. They are pro-choice, after all.

Drugs will be legal of course, so you don’t really even have to be awake for any of this.

As long as you’re not a racist, they won’t bother you, and by racist I mean literate.

Now that you’re sufficiently woke to the severity of our problems, I’d like to reiterate a couple of things.

We have 558 days to go until election 2020. By the next morning, we’ll know if it’s already too late, or if we’ve got four more years before this exact scenario plays out before our eyes.

The GOP won’t save us, but the Democrats will be our cause of death, so hold your nose and check the damn R.

If you don’t own at least one semi-automatic rifle, one pistol, and one shotgun, then you are just food for the communists.

The United States cannot be saved, but we are still Americans, as are the people we hope to rescue. So if you spend all your time hating your own country, that means you’re listening to enemy propaganda.

Most Right of center people in this country are Christians, and anybody who alienates them is probably stuck in the Old Testament.

Political migration and secession is our best hope of salvation, and anyone who tells you I said otherwise, is a liar.

We won’t accomplish that, or anything else, without money. So don’t scream anti-Semitic epithets at everybody who tries to make a buck.

I may be so weak as to need a two week vacation after 5 years of constant tragedy, but I care about our cause and I try to be an honest man, so if you want to give some of those bucks to me, you can do so at TipTheHost.com.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you at 808-4-Outlaw, and the more you talk the less I have to, so please do give us a call.

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