Outlaw Conservative S01E014 – Fire

This is usually a live, open phones show. But today, I will be releasing this pre-recorded message only, due to some personal matters I need to address. I’ll be back to doing live shows next week.

When Donald J. Trump won the electoral college, and became President of the United States, Leftists launched an investigation that went on for two years claiming he “colluded” with the Russian government to steal the election. During that two years, media hyped his impeachment and imprisonment non-stop, and Democrats obstructed his administration, denying the legitimacy of his presidency.  When the investigation exonerated him, they simply continued the lie, insisting upon all manner of ridiculousness to justify their ongoing atrocious behavior.

In contrast, when the Notre Dame Cathedral – one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture, consecrated to the Virgin Mary, which took a hundred years to build, and has stood for over 800 years – burned, the fire was not even extinguished before investigators concluded there was no sign of arson. Forget that a dozen Catholic Churches were set ablaze in France during a one week period of the prior month. Forget that the alarm was raised 23 minutes before any sign of fire. Forget that ISIS has celebrated the blaze as “retribution”. Forget that the priceless treasures housed within were miraculously rescued before being destroyed.

This is an open and shut case, and if you question it, you’re a racist conspiracy nut.

Now, I don’t know what caused this fire. What I do know is, if a mosque had burned, we would be hearing about hate crimes the entire day. Whatever investigators determined the fire was the result of some kind of accident, would soon find themselves accused of being white supremacists engaged in a cover up. Legislative hearings the world over would credit the blaze to the global threat of White Nationalism. Donald Trump would of course be held personally responsible.

But since this was merely a timeless monument to Christendom, we simply mourn the tragic accident and thank God that no lives were lost. We celebrate the miraculous recovery of the artifacts contained within. We pledge to rebuild, and for now, ignore the inevitable injection of Leftist political narratives into the new construction.

Over 460 million Euros have already been raised to rebuild the structure, but this is not the sort of thing one simply replaces. It would be fascinating to see the surnames of those who contributed, and remark about the decidedly unChristian sounds of many of those names. When the time to rebuild comes, we can surely expect it to become a monument to multicultural diversity. Perhaps a minaret to replace the spire, a Star of David and a Crescent Moon to sit beside the crosses, reminding all who visit of Christianity’s decline and inevitable replacement.

Nothing suspicious here, no. You are just a conspiracy theorist, and a racist. Shut up. Or Else.


Outlaw Conservative S01E013 – Overwoke

Chicago is the place to be, if you’re sick and tired of waiting for the downfall of the United States. Four candidates backed by the Democratic Socialists of America won seats on the city council in recent elections. A fifth may still prevail, as only a few dozen votes separate her from victory, and mail in ballots are yet to be counted. Lori Lightfoot was recently elected as the city’s new mayor, and according to her supporters, what makes her qualified for the job is being a black lesbian.

Things have gotten so bad in Chicago, that instead of managing the protests of others, the police are holding their own protests. Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx dropped a sixteen count indictment against Jussie Smollett for an obviously faked “hate crime,” which topped a long list of complaints of her being soft on crime, and hard on police. Did you ever think you would live to see the day when police have to hold public demonstrations just to demand indicted criminals face justice?

Shockingly, the protest did not go unchallenged. Jessie Jackson and his “Rainbow Coalition” held a counter demonstration is support of of Foxx and Smollett. Counter protesters chanted “Which side are you on? Which side are you on? My People!” Apparently, faking hate crimes is now a recognizable “side” in today’s political discourse. Back in the good ole days, they used to try and make these scams credible.

This is the downward spiral of Left wing identity politics. It’s not “out of control” or somehow malfunctioning, this is literally the design, and it tells you everything you need to know about every other aspect of their agenda. You cannot take the “best of the left and the best of the right” as libertarians and others have tried to do, because the Left has nothing of value to offer. They destroy things, and that’s the goal.

They aren’t “anti-racist” anymore than they are anti-economics. They are obsessed with race, and they mean to accomplish the opposite of a responsible eugenics program. Likewise, it is not a failure to understand the consequences that causes them to endorse wealth redistribution and the abolition of fossil fuels. They want to wreck the economy.

Even Joe Biden can’t catch a break beneath the boot of the overwoke Left. He’s a pale male without six million ancestors to guilt trip you about, so here come the sexual assault allegations.

I don’t doubt that Biden is a creep, mind you. It’s just that the timing is telling as to the motives. These damsels in distress were more than happy to let Barack Obama’s understudy play funny uncle on them, as long as he was conducive to the acceleration of the decline. The second it looked like he might be the face of sanity for the Democrat party, Creepy Joe had to join the stiff arm club.

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Radical Agenda S05E027 – Unplanned Content is Harmful

Mark Zuckerberg is calling on the governments of the world to help regulate the Internet in the hopes of, amongst other things, eliminating “harmful content”. Writing in the Washington Post, the Facebook CEO says “Lawmakers often tell me we have too much power over speech, and frankly I agree. I’ve come to believe that we shouldn’t make so many important decisions about speech on our own.”

Radical Agenda S05E027 - Unplanned Content is Harmful

Radical Agenda S05E027 – Unplanned Content is Harmful

Zuckerberg goes on to state that for this reason, Facebook is creating an “independent body” from which people can appeal Facebook’s content moderation decisions. How a body created by Facebook is supposed to be “independent” of Facebook, he leaves to the reader’s imagination. To alleviate our concerns, however, he assures us that Facebook is working with the French government, to decide what should and should not be allowed on the Internet here in the United States.

Zuckerberg complains that Facebook’s job in determining what can and cannot be said, is far to difficult “when people use dozens of different sharing services”. He suggests “a more standardized approach” whereby governments throughout the world get to abuse the same power that Facebook acknowledges abusing today. He rapidly moves on from here to discussing election interference, telling the reader how Facebook decides not only what can and cannot be said, but who can and cannot say it, as well.

There are plenty of examples out there of what Facebook and the other big tech companies have deemed “harmful content,” as well as absolutely horrific content which they’ve considered protected.

Antifa terrorism, that’s fine. Pushing transgenderism on children? That’s fine too.

A homeland for Whites? That’s hate speech. A homeland for Jews? That’s fine of course, but criticizing it is anti-Semitic hate speech, goyim.

But it’s not just race and gender that big tech wants to hide the truth about. They are wholly dedicated to keeping people from finding out the truth about abortion too. Facebook blocked advertisements for a movie about Roe vs. Wade because, “the ads involve advocacy for an issue of national importance.

Twitter banned, then unbanned, the account for the movie “Unplanned” on it’s opening weekend. They claim this was a “glitch” which also caused them to lose upwards of 50,000 followers for some unexplained reason. Even the movie’s starring actress said “I can’t even follow the Twitter account for my own film. It keeps kicking me off.” Major TV networks refused to air advertisements for the movie as well. Despite an undeserved R Rating by the MPAA and a blackout by mainstream and social media platforms, the movie beat expectations, bringing in over $6.1 Million during its opening weekend.

This obviously runs a major risk for Facebook that Zuckerberg intentionally fails to mention in his op-ed. When Facebook runs around trying to make the Internet safe for Jews and hostile to truth, competitors are bound to emerge, and the next one might be more competent than Gab’s Andrew Torba. If Facebook’s absurd standards of “hate speech” and “terrorist propaganda” and other “harmful content” are met with competition from a reasonably capable and well financed group of Gentiles, all of their censorship will have proven useless. Facebook will fade into obscurity, Zuckerberg will be broke, and the Jews will be fucked anyway, when the goyim figure out how badly they’ve been getting screwed.

The answer, obviously, is to impose the standards of Silicon Valley Leftists on the entire planet, through the force of the State. Once the government decides who can and cannot be heard, and what can and cannot be said, their hegemony over the public discourse will be solidified. Which of course, is why Elizabeth Warren is so glad to see Zuckerberg inviting her to censor the Internet.

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Radical Agenda S05E026 – Three Point, Oh?

You might have heard, I’m not a big fan of Democrats. Republicans have their own problems of course, but my complaints about them tend to be disappointments in their failures. Democrats make me fear for the future of humanity, when they succeed. If only we could magically swap the success:failure ratios of the two parties, America would be quite the paradise.

People in our circles are understandably feeling some sense of urgency, as the immigration timebomb ticks loudly toward White minority, and the President seems more interested in Israeli territorial expansion, than American territorial sovereignty. That sense of impending doom has spawned a range of different ideas, which might charitably be described as varying in coherence.

I was less than shocked to see some former Trump supporters embrace Democratic candidates. The boomers had to eventually get something right, and finding out the Nazis were indeed socialists was surely a much welcomed relief to them after losing so many arguments. A lot of these people turned out to be disreputable, so voting Democrat would seem to fit with that theme. Others just want chaos and destruction, which in my view, voting Democrat is sure to accomplish.

So when the #YangGang2020 thing popped up, I dismissed most of these people as idiots, subversives, and crazy people. An Asian man handing out a thousand bucks a month? The jokes write themselves, obviously, and I love a good joke, but God Emperor Trump was a joke too, until he became President of the United States. It took a couple of years for us to conclude that he was still a joke, and an unfunny one at that.

Then I saw Hunter Wallace from OccidentalDissent.com picking up on this meme. I had to take a shower and double check to make sure I hadn’t lost my mind. Hunter seems one of the sounder minds in this thing, so I couldn’t dismiss him as a malevolent actor or sucker.

He joins us today to discuss The 15 Points of 3.0.

Join us this and every Monday, and Friday from 5-7pm Eastern, for another exciting episode of the Radical Agenda. It’s a show about timeless ideas, the news of the day, and whatever is on your mind at  323-9-AGENDA

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Outlaw Conservative S01E012 – MAGA Country

Power is a fascinating subject to ponder. The fortunate amongst us have enough power to go about our daily lives with little in the way of obvious interference. Our friends behind the concrete and steel of the enemy’s cages, obviously lack this luxury. Nearly all people find themselves somewhere between these two points along a spectrum.

A few very lucky people manage to obtain enough power to direct the actions of others, within certain limits. Whether by employing folks, or my holding some leadership position in some non-commercial type of organization, they have the power to direct willing participants toward a goal.

Further down the road we find the power of compulsion. This is generally reserved for agents of the State, though others manage to obtain it in more creative ways. They hold the power of life and death in their hands, and can thus obtain nearly anything at any time. This has its own limits of course, as it is notoriously inefficient at producing quality action, and carries with it the risk of revolt, if those being compelled conclude that life is not worth living under the boot of a despot.

Some people are even more powerful than this. They have the power to scoff at the lawmakers and their enforcers. They move about the society just like everyone else, obtaining all the benefits of a lawful and orderly civilization. Then, when they perceive it to be advantageous, they break the rules everyone else has to follow, and manage to evade the consequences that would be visited upon any other member of the society. They have all the benefits, and none of the restraints. It borders on omnipotence. Interestingly, the mechanism they use to obtain this power is a clever deception.

Most power is obtained by some degree of merit. Some obtain it through physical strength and martial prowess. Some obtain it by wit, others by charm. But the most powerful people among us obtain it through lies. They claim to be powerless victims, and through this trickery, rally to their side the marginalized and the powerful alike. This forms an impressive coalition, whereby the sheer numbers of the individually powerless, and the unique capacities of the elite few, are forged into a mighty weapon none dare stand against.

Jussie Smollett is a great example of this power in action. Smollett is a famous actor, who reportedly makes $65,000 per episode starring in a show called Empire. Hardly the portrait of an oppressed victim, Smollett is a homosexual of Jewish and African ancestry, though his Semitic lineage is almost universally overlooked in recent news coverage.

He claimed to be the victim of a “hate crime” earlier this year, in which White Trump supporters in MAGA hats, hurled insults at him based on his skin color and sexual orientation, before dousing him in bleach, beating him, and tying a noose around his neck. The story was ridiculous on its face, and everyone who heard it knew he was lying immediately. The Chicago police spent an obscene amount of time and money investigating the hoax, and quickly brought the black Nigerian perpetrators to justice. Just as quickly, they threw him under the bus, and confessed that he had orchestrated the whole thing for attention.

For a moment it looked like Smollett was done for. He had been indicted on 16 felony counts for filing a false report and lying to investigators. He was arrested and had to put up ten thousand dollars bail to be released. Even those who had initially supported him, began to distance themselves as his story unraveled. He was written out of upcoming episodes of Empire, and it seemed all but certain that his career was to be ended.

Then, yesterday, there was an “emergency” hearing in a Chicago courtroom. Prosecutors suddenly decided to drop all the charges against Smollett, with only the forfeiture of his bail as punishment for his fraud.

This would be unremarkable under most circumstances for a first time, non-violent offender. Prosecutors simply demand the defendant take responsibility for his actions, show remorse, and send him on his way with a promise not to reoffend. For most people who find themselves in the Chicago justice system, forfeiture of ten thousand dollars is no small penalty, so although Smollett can afford such a cost better than most of Chicago’s current and future prison population, it wasn’t like he got off completely unscathed.

What was remarkable was that Smollett was allowed to escape prosecution without confessing to his crime. His lawyers continued to portray him as a victim throughout the proceedings. He continues to maintain his innocence, and at a press conference after the hearing, said “I have been truthful and consistent on every single level since Day One. I would not be my mother’s son if I was capable of one drop of what I have been accused of. This has been an incredibly difficult time, honestly one of the worst of my entire life. But I am a man of faith and I am a man that has knowledge of my history, and I would not bring my family, our lives or the movement through a fire like this. I just wouldn’t.”

Even Chicago’s Democrat Mayor, and black police chief, both slammed the disposition as a “whitewash”.

Smollett is lying. Everyone knows it. He knows that everyone knows, and he simply continues lying because he reasonably expects his lie to continue being endorsed by those who have rallied to his side for other reasons. Even as he portrays himself as a downtrodden victim, he stands before TV cameras and wields the power to turn fiction into the functional equivalent of truth.

That’s power, and it is far from unique today.

Smollett is a hate crime victim just like Bruce Jenner is a woman named Caitlyn. The crime against him is as real as any same sex marriage. For the Left, believing obvious lies is all part of being a decent person, and those who insist on objective truth are White Supremacists.

It brings to mind a recent segment that aired on HBO’s Vice News. In it, Elle Reeve interviewed a transgender YouTuber who goes by the name of Natalie Wynn. Wynn operates a popular YouTube channel called ContraPoints, where he attempts to “de-radicalize” the Right. Wynn said to Reeve “Facts don’t matter to people as much as people think they do. People don’t believe because of facts and evidence. They believe things because they are part of a story that they tell themselves. And so, I guess part of what I’m doing is understanding those stories, and understanding psychologically, why are these stories being told.” To which Reeve ponders in post production “And who sees themselves as the most rational guys in the room? Often, young white guys. ”

This encapsulates the mindset of the Leftist perfectly, and it comes as no surprise to hear it fall from the mouth of a transgender propagandist. This solipsistic worldview has become so pervasive throughout our society as to threaten its very foundations, and it gets worse by the day. In their view, the pursuit of truth, and the concept of objective reality, are relics of White Supremacy which are to be done away with as we launch into a post Western order, unbound by the oppressive shackles of biology and the physical world.

The truth is whatever they say it is, and you will be censored, assaulted, defamed, imprisoned, or killed, if you resist.

The fact that their very existence depends on the order we’ve made possible through our adherence to reason, matters not. In the words of Louis Farrakhan “He’s prepared to take the whole world down with him.”


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Radical Agenda S05E025 – Sow Collusion

This weekend brought us some excellent news. The President of the United States is not an agent of the Russian Government, as had been portrayed as fact since prior to his election, by the Left.

You already know this of course, because you have a three digit IQ, and are interested in the truth.

This is sadly not the case for a startling number of our fellow registered voters, and the con artists they elect. Democrats just cannot leave well enough alone or accept defeat under any circumstances, and have thus pledged to continue pursuing this obvious scam for as long as they are not physically prevented from doing so. Their cooperative allies in the Jewish press are of course wholly supportive of continuing this lie, and if this pursuit destroys every institution in the country, all the better, so far as any of them are concerned.

It has been amusing to watch the conservative media erupt in celebration over this. They act as if this was actually about Russian collusion, and feign amazement that Mueller’s report has not silenced the president’s foes. Host after host, and guest after guest, scratch their heads wondering why Democrats aren’t happy to hear that the President is above board. They act like this is all some kind of honest disagreement that ought to be settled by a thorough investigation.

We know better. For the Left, this was never about Trump being the puppet of a foreign power. If anybody cared one bit about foreign influence in our government, his lauding praise upon the Jewish State would be what raised their eyebrows, and the commentary of Ilhan Omar, visa vis Israel, would have been wholly unremarkable. The Left hates Trump because he called attention to the immigration crisis, and for this he must be destroyed, along with anybody who might lend him aid and comfort. If they can collude with a foreign power to accomplish this, they will, as evidenced by the Clinton campaign doing exactly this, before the election.

This continued push to paint the President as a criminal and enemy of the country is no mere failure to comprehend the facts, though given the ineptitude of some involved, it would be easy to believe this. What the President and others have referred to as “fake news” has descended beyond mere bad reporting, and into full blown war propaganda. Trump’s supposed allegiance to foreign powers is on par with the fervor over weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, before that foreign policy disaster set us down this path over a decade and a half ago. The abundance of evidence in contravention of the narrative, cannot be permitted to interfere with the prime objective. Namely, forcible regime change.

They can do this of course, because they are playing a completely different game than the Republicans. The Left just keeps on throwing out more and more nonsense, while conservatives scramble to get their facts straight and present coherent arguments in response. Before they are even done responding, the next onslaught of incoherent accusations, policy proposals, fake news, and war propaganda have flooded the discourse, and their responses go almost completely unnoticed. This is because reason and evidence were never part of the rules of engagement for the Left. Instead of participating in a debate, the Left is just screaming for ethnic warfare, and calling in reinforcements to their side by hindering immigration enforcement.

What is even more troubling is that things ought to be moving in the exact opposite direction. Were the news to break that no evidence of collusion had been forthcoming, and we all just let this unfortunate episode fade from memory, I would still be enraged. The Left has effectively stolen a presidency by handcuffing the President with this scam investigation for the last two years. One could argue it costed the Republicans control of the House in the midterms. A great deal of value was stolen and destroyed by this deception, and people should be going to prison for setting this fraud in motion. Lisa Page, Peter Strzok, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Rod Rosenstein, and others committed numerous crimes during the course of this. If they did not do so at Clinton’s behest, they at least did so for her benefit, and by the standard of the Russian investigation, that is probable cause for collusion. When will her lawyers’ cell phones traced with a triggerfish device? When will their offices be raided, and their documents seized? When will she be threatened with obstruction charges over every criticism of the investigation?

I suspect such justice will be about as quick to come to fruition as our big beautiful wall. If they were serious about it, Trump would at least be suing the Clinton campaign and Christopher Steele for defamation, one would think. This of course is the asymmetrical warfare that has been waged against us for as long as I’ve been paying attention to politics. The Left is perpetually in attack mode, and Republicans are eternally playing defense. The Left gains ground at our expense, and the best we can ever seem to hope for is to stay standing until the bell rings.

Unless something unexpected happens, America is racing toward cataclysm. Either the Left will succeed in turning enough of Trump’s base against him, and riling up enough non white voters, to win the upcoming election, or they will continue to use whatever powers are at their disposal to make it impossible for him to govern. Even absent that pressure, there is ample reason to doubt Trump would do anything meaningful to stop what’s coming. In any case, our institutions will be destroyed, and I remind those who cheer for that outcome that our side has no structure ready to replace them. The mainstream right is cucked and terrified. Those of us to their Right, are at each other’s throats, inundated with crooks and liars, and incapable of holding so much as a permitted demonstration. The idea that order would break down, and we would somehow take power in the chaos is too ridiculous to take seriously.

It could be fixed if Republicans would act.

  • Prosecute the crooks who launched this bogus investigation, and everyone who lied under oath during its course.
  • Find and prosecute what are surely countless campaign finance violations committed by the Clinton campaign/foundation.
  • Prosecute every news outlet and social media site that gave in kind contributions to Democrats though censorship and defamation of the Right.
  • Sue the social media and payment processing companies for anti-trust violations over anti-competitive behavior toward Gab, PewTube, BitChute, Hatreon, and others.
  • Prosecute Christine Blasey Ford, and Julie Swetnik for lying under oath about Brett Kavanaugh.
  • Prosecute every Leftist aggressor, perjurer, and corrupt public official in Charlottesville.
  • Send the National Guard in to stop Antifa and BLM riots.
  • Send the FBI after Left wing activists who organize and encourage this mayhem, and slap them with terrorism and rioting charges.

That very short list of very reasonable actions would dramatically alter the course of the country. Leftists are a lot of things, but they are not brave. If they met actual consequences for their crimes, they would be less apt to commit them. Things are spiraling out of control, not so much because our laws are inadequate, though they are quite inadequate. The reason we find ourselves on the brink of unspeakable chaos is because the laws are not being enforced. Leftists act like perjury and riot are legal, and you can understand why they would come to that conclusion given recent events.

I predict we’ll be promised all this and more leading up to the election. “Vote Republican one more time! Give us the power we need and we’ll finally wield it to your benefit!”

I can understand why some people are getting sick of that routine. I sure am.


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Radical Agenda S05E024 – Libertarian White Supremacy

There has long been some buzz about the “insidious libertarian to alt right pipeline” as Matt Lewis at the Daily Beast referred to it. Well prior to this of course, Leftists have relentlessly assailed libertarians as racists, for reasons which might charitably be described as varying in merit. I’ve touched on the subject a few times myself, writing “Libertarians and the Alt Right” in March of 2017, and later that year elaborating more on my own personal journey in a piece titled “Why I Consider Myself Alt Right” that August.

That seems like forever ago to me. I hardly even hear the word libertarian these days, and if I never hear it again, it will be too soon. While the true thought leaders of the libertarian movement have contributed a great deal to my thinking, that movement as it stands today is worse than useless. It frustrates me tremendously to see so many White men of intellect, talent, and good character, exert so much effort toward something that, regardless of what they might debate the “true” underlying message to be, functionally serves to promote a moral standard which cannot perpetuate itself.

Radical Agenda S05E024 - Libertarian White Supremacy

Radical Agenda S05E024 – Libertarian White Supremacy

Indeed, libertarianism can only be discussed in polite society today, because the remaining specs of authoritarianism in what passes for the Right these days, keep the Left just ever so slightly uncertain of their hegemony. Were it not for that fear, the libertarians would be treated just as badly as us so called “Nazis,” who it has become socially and legally acceptable to assault in broad daylight on camera in public.

Libertarians dutifully bow to the same Leftists who will later devour them in our absence, of course. Foolishly hoping they’ll be spared, and showing all the time preference of a goldfish, they eagerly renounce the wickedness of certain categories of information, assuring all who will listen that they would never attempt to understand such an immoral body of facts and evidence. In rare, but noteworthy instances, they’ll find the courage to refrain from outright attacks on science, and deploy more clever diversionary tactics to distance themselves from those whom the power structure will not tolerate.

It is during such displays when people like me become “former libertarians,” and enter the dreaded pipeline.

I do maintain a subscription to the email list of one noteworthy libertarian content producer, who on most days manages to earn my admiration. Unlike most of my email subscriptions, I even read the stuff he puts out. I won’t put him through the discomfort of making the search engines further associate our names, but those in the know will connect the dots, and those not in the know still ought to be able to appreciate the thrust of what I will attempt to illustrate here.

As has been known to happen from time to time, this subject of my admiration came under fire for some social media commentary that was deemed “racist” by people who oddly enough seem to feel that way about nearly everything. Fortunately for our totally not racist libertarian friend, he was merely quoting Thomas Sowell, a black economist whom we are frequently reminded is held in high regard by all decent people, amongst whom he surely counts himself, thereby obliterating the absurd notion that he hates all black people for nothing other than the color of their skin.

“Ah ha! Your move, commie!”

Of course, this strawman caricature of a racist is just something Leftists use to malign their political opponents, and cowards on the Right use to distance themselves from the truth. I am here telling you that I am a racist by any contemporary definition. I’ll take it further than that even, I am an avowed, and internationally famous White Nationalist. I don’t even care if people call me a Nazi, and I don’t view the world in this way either. Being a racist in 2019 simply means you are smart enough to understand, and honest enough to discuss, the indisputable fact that there are genetic differences between racial groups. It is the recognition of the obvious fact, that those differences often present themselves in socially valued categories, such as intelligence, and that this information is worthy of attention when discussing public policy as pertains to demographic disparities.

Here is a brief crash course in Race Realism 101. If you’re a politically interested person over 25 years of age and you don’t know this yet, you should curse out your favorite political influencer for not filling you in on this sooner. It is nothing short of criminal that this isn’t common knowledge.

  • Blacks on average have lower IQs than do Whites, with Whites averaging 100 and blacks a standard deviation behind at 85. No honest and informed person disputes this fact.
  • Your IQ is not something which you expand by reading books. It is not a measurement of your knowledge or your education. It is a measurement of the cognitive capacity, or, to borrow a computing term, processing power, of one’s brain.
  • The brain is a bodily organ not unlike any other, and as such its characteristics are passed down to us through the DNA of our parents.
  • Groups of people who evolved separately from one another for thousands of years, in different climatic conditions, sharing different gene pools, meeting different survival requirements, and forming different cultures, instincts, and habits to meet them, developed common characteristics amongst their respective groups, and these may provide advantages or disadvantages when entering into various forms of competition with other racial groups. It is not a coincidence that blacks dominate professional sports, as the most obvious example.
  • Debate rages on about “nature vs. nurture,” but this is almost entirely a political argument. Honest and informed people know that, while environment can certainly damage and destroy an otherwise impressive genetic specimen, all animals, including humans, are born with a certain degree of genetic potential, beyond which no environmental factor can improve.
  • IQ is the single most reliable predictor of success in a market economy.
  • Criminal behavior peaks, across racial lines, in individuals with IQ scores ranging between 80 and 90.

Once you understand these facts, it makes perfect sense to say that the black to White IQ disparity is genetic in its origins. This genetic predisposition explains all manner of other social inequities which emerge along racial lines, such as poverty, crime, and out of wedlock births. It also completely destroys the Leftist (Jewish) narrative that White racism is the only cause of human suffering in the world, and removes all the justifications for programs such as affirmative action and the renewed push for reparations. No change in public policy, and no amount of money, will ever make blacks rise to the level of Whites. The best the egalitarians can hope to accomplish, is to so damage Whites as to bring them down to the level of blacks, and that is precisely what they are trying to do.

Like every reader with Right of center political views, I think Thomas Sowell has made some valuable contributions to our political discourse, but it’s no coincidence that he or Walter Williams always come up whenever someone who is (understandably) terrified of being branded a racist, feels compelled to address a story with racial undertones. These men are the exceptions that happen to prove the rule. Democrats rely on black votes to obtain power because blacks are stupid enough to believe their lies, and the fact that every conservative cites the same two black economists when trying to dispell this “free markets are racist goy” meme, only proves the point. Of all the blacks in the United States, and all the resources Republicans and libertarians have squandered on trying to educate them, we have Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, and arguably Candace Owens, to show for it. This is retarded, it’s a waste of money and time, and it will never improve.  The Democrats know this, which is why they are always trying to force diversity initiatives on everybody. The less White a place or group is, the less resistance there is to Leftist hegemony.

Recall the commandment of America’s moral compass, Saint Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, “Tokenism is racism”. She’s an idiot, a liar, and most notably, a Jew, but in this respect, she’s correct.

With all of this understood, let us address the subject matter of the email which inspired this tirade.

Our libertarian friend was addressing an issue of school funding, and rightly raised doubts about the merits of increased educational funding for blacks. He and others know, that money will not cause blacks to perform better in school, and the perpetual leftist demand for additional resources based on the lie that it will, has to be answered this way if budgets are ever to be restored to sanity.

Surely aware of the consequences that would come with answering the question, he asks why poor Asians score higher on standardized tests than more affluent blacks.

The answer of course, is genetics. Asians have higher IQs on average than do Whites, and Whites, as we’ve already established, score higher than blacks. Thus Asians do better in school, even when provided with less resources than the Jew’s negro pets.

Since Leftists are as well aware of this obvious fact as any Nazi, they descended upon our libertarian friend to call him a “white supremacist”. Surely having seen what the Jews do to “white supremacists,” our libertarian friend felt compelled to defend himself against the claim.

Surely, quoting a black economist to discuss the superior performance of Asians could not be White Supremacy. Right?

Even as a famous racist, I’ve never called myself a White Supremacist, as that conjures in the mind an image of Whites ruling over non-Whites. This was tried (slavery), and in my view, it caused a lot more problems for Whites than it did for blacks. Imagine how much better America would be today, had it not been for the importation of Africans during that period of our history.

(Side note: Wouldn’t it be fun if all these Leftists looked into the disproportionate representation of Jews in slave ownership and the slave trade?)

Of course, that isn’t what the Left means by White Supremacy.

Our libertarian friend goes on to say “I know of precisely zero people who favor laws that would give whites “supremacy” over other races.”

Of course, that isn’t what the Left means by White Supremacy, either. In any case, he is incorrect about this, and not just because he’s spoken to me before.

Literally every libertarian believes in exactly this, which is why all the “left libertarians” are nothing but closet communists trying to destroy all that is decent and holy. Our friend is smart enough to realize who would end up in charge, if markets were as libertarians imagine they ought to be. Hint, it ain’t blacks. Sure, that’s not an explicitly racial policy, but it has a decidedly racial outcome, and that’s what matters to people who view the world in racial terms. In this, I include both myself, and the Left wing nuts he was referencing.

The sort of ordered liberty which has defined Western Civilization, is literally White Supremacy from this perspective. If everyone is entitled only to what they are able to earn in the market, whites will, as a group, outcompete blacks pretty reliably. If we own all the property, they are under our control, and the fact that there is a libertarian moral perspective to justify this matters not to racial egalitarians, because they are not libertarians, no matter what lies they espouse on Facebook. Absent the welfare State, this obviously impacts birthrates in a manner which favors Whites, allowing us to not only dominate them economically, but sexually, reproductively, and democratically as well.

So it shouldn’t surprise us that blacks and their advocates are hostile to this type of order. It is not in their best interests as a race. Without quarreling over definitions too much, you can see how the outcome of this, from a genetic perspective, is scarcely different from that of a genocide. If we outcompete them economically and they are unable to reproduce themselves, or we outcompete them martially and there are none left to reproduce, the outcome is the same in that they cease to exist as a race.

Now, if you’re a semi-literate person you might be saying to yourself “But Chris, it is White people who aren’t reproducing themselves these days. Are you saying Whites are being genocided?”

As a matter of fact, that’s exactly what I’m saying, though not due to an abundance of economic liberty. More on that later…

In America, and in libertarian circles in particular, there has been a tremendous effort to just not see things in these terms. We have been told our entire lives that race is not to be considered. On what passes for the Right today, this has been largely implemented. Whether the colorblindness is genuine or just a convincing fraud is up for some debate, but for all the screams of the Left, you just do not see people in the mainstream Right making explicitly racial appeals. Anyone on the Right who does this is destroyed by the media and the financial system which, I should note, are dominated by Jews.

Interestingly, these consequences are not visited upon the Left for doing exactly this. The Left isn’t just adding identity politics to their agenda, they are abandoning the very concept of having ideas, and instead fomenting race war through the political process. This is why Alexandria Ocasio Cortez doesn’t care about being factually accurate. As far as she and the rest of the Left is concerned, the very concept of objective reality is a relic of White Supremacy to be defeated.

How does one defeat “White Supremacy?” Well, by doing away with White people, of course. By flooding their countries with immigrants, making it impossible for them to advocate for their interests, demeaning them in media and pop culture, redistributing their resources to other racial groups, prohibiting them from discriminating, telling them to sterilize their daughters, and murder their children, convincing them to become homosexuals or change their gender before puberty, and keeping a running tally of their declining percentage of the population, looking gleefully toward the day when they will have no political power anywhere in the world.

Because to the Left, White Supremacy is not a system or an ideology. It is not a set of laws. It is not the caricature of a belligerent redneck blinded by his hatred of “the other”. Those are all Jewish lies designed to make Whites oppose anyone who would dare to advocate for their interests and survival. To the Left, White Supremacy is inherent to the existence of White people, as evidenced by our domination of the world throughout so much of its history. It does not matter to them that we have abandoned our expansionist designs, or that we have given up any sense of racial identity for ourselves. So long as we exist in sufficient numbers to act politically, we are a threat to their designs. Until we are so diminished that we can never again assert ourselves, they will continue to attack us in every imaginable way, and there is good reason to doubt they will even stop once we are so diminished.

Until libertarians recognize this reality, and act on it, they are worse than useless. Some of the most capable and intelligent and morally upstanding White men who ever existed, exert all of their efforts toward an ideology which ignores an imminent and lethal threat to their very survival. There will be no libertarianism in the absence of White people, which is why people who hate liberty keep on telling libertarians to purge “racists” from their movement.

Well, let us hope that they do, and fast. For every libertarian who gets branded a Nazi and chased from that worthless circle jerk, we get a new recruit. For me, and a lot of other former libertarians, it finally just made more sense to let the communists have the name, and move onto something with actual teeth. If freedom means open borders, ignorance of biology, infanticide, drug addiction, and sexual degeneracy, then count me amongst the authoritarians. Because what the libertarian movement has proven more than anything, is that most people are just plain unfit to govern themselves.

Join us this and every Monday, and Friday from 5-7pm Eastern, for another exciting episode of the Radical Agenda. It’s a show about timeless ideas, the news of the day, and whatever is on your mind at  323-9-AGENDA

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Outlaw Conservative S01E011 – IRL

It’s getting hectic out there, folks. Girls are marrying girls, and boys are trying to become girls to get in on the action. Communist riots are considered protests, while Right wing social media posting is considered terrorism. People in New Zealand are being arrested for having a video of the #1 news story in the world. Even though per person incomes are up in the United States, a recently released happiness index says we’re the most miserable we’ve been since they started tracking it. Maybe that’s why Nazis are supporting Asian Democrat communists for the presidency of the United States.

Clown World, folks. Welcome to it.

PRODUCTION NOTE: Today, for the first time, we’ll be video streaming Outlaw Conservative to our Smashcast channel!

Years ago I realized that I could never assume the Left had gotten as crazy as they could get. I used to think this often, and was proven wrong so many times, and so quickly, that it caused my head to spin. If they get their Green New Deal, and all the cars and planes stop moving, they won’t be satisfied that the environment is saved. They’ll just move onto banning bovine flatulence, which, oh yeah that’s right, is already part of the agenda. If they get their 70 or 90 percent top tax rate, they won’t thank the rich for paying their fair share and get back to responsibly managing the affairs of State. They’ll just keep on altering the definitions of fair and rich until everyone is considered rich and nobody is treated fairly. If they get their open borders and displace the dominant group in every Nation they set upon, they won’t bask in the glory of equality and call it a day. They’ll rather set to work hunting down and destroying every last drop of quality blood left on the Earth.

For them, there is no retreat. There is no surrender. There is no compromise. There is no satiating their wanton lust for for destruction and decline. No common denominator is too low for their egalitarian sadomasochistic fantasies. There will never be too many genders, or too few eye or hair colors. Nobody is too dumb, too ugly, or too poor, to reproduce. No baby is too old to be aborted.

The only limits Leftists know, are those imposed on them by others. In a healthy society, this unenviable task is handled by the State. In democratic societies, the State proves too weak and indecisive to handle this all important task, and so the limits are imposed by economic catastrophe, foreign militaries, and insurrection.

That’s your future, and it might not be far off.

Americans will go to the polls in just 593 days. Trump’s signature issue is just completely out the window at this point. The total number of illegal aliens who remain in the United States despite final deportation orders is 1,009,550 right now, according the Conservative Review. Despite this, US Customs and Border Protection announced that they are going to stop detaining illegal immigrant families at the border, because so many are coming that they just don’t have the capacity to hold them anymore. “No emergency here!” says every Democrat, and a dozen Republicans in the US Senate.

No problem though, we’ll just take the emergency order all the way to the Supreme Court, where John Roberts will conveniently side with the Left, as at least one Republican appointee always does when it really matters. No problem though, we’ll just keep voting Republican until there are no swing votes, or until the country is so overwhelmed by immigrants that there are no Republicans to vote for, whichever comes first.

And when Democrats take control, whether it’s through the ballot box on election day or by storming the gates while speaking in tongues on the next, what will they do? They’ll lower the voting age to sixteen, grant amnesty and voting rights to the illegal immigrants they’ve been subsidizing, pack the Supreme Court with their fellow communists, abolish the electoral college, abolish the filibuster, and perhaps the whole entire Senate. That ought to stop any pesky obstacles to their complete domination of the country.

On the bright side, they’re going to legalize drugs, and they’ll be handing out a thousand bucks a month so, you won’t actually have to be conscious through any of this. Once we’re a genderless, raceless, classless – well, this probably doesn’t qualify as a society at this point, but – a genderless, raceless, classless, bunch of meat sacks with no beauty standards or concern for reproduction, getting laid will be easy. We can have fun, enjoy the decline.

Or, we can try to do something other than fret about the day to day activities of the President.

Now, if you’ve been keeping up with me for awhile, you already know what I’m talking about. Political migration and secession. We move to an area, establish profitable businesses, and hire people of like mind who would also like to move to that area. We repeat this process, over and over again, bringing enough of our own people to that area, that we can take over the local government democratically. We keep doing this, expanding outward, then capturing the county government, then the state government, then branch into a neighboring state, and we continue to do this at least until we govern enough territory as to establish defensible borders, and then we declare independence, through our legislatures. There is your peaceful and lawful path to salvation, and I fear it may well be your only one.

There are a number of challenges to this of course. The people who run things don’t want us to succeed, most notably. They do everything in their power just to stop us from being heard or making a living, and they certainly do not want us to gain a toehold on political power. That’s why they sabotage me worse than anybody, I figure. What I’m talking about can actually work, they know it, and they want me destroyed. Everybody gets it from our enemies, right? You might have noticed, I get it from people who pretend to be our friends, too.

I mean, you get banned from Twitter or YouTube its like, welcome to the club. I even got banned from Gab! Some Left wing journalist goes and tells a lie about you, I recall a famous author saying your day had been wasted if one hadn’t. I, on the other hand, get slandered by people who claim to be devotees of that author. Heck, I let some twerp who said he was a fan into my house for less than 5 minutes, and he created an entire YouTube channel for no other purpose than telling lies about that brief interaction.

I could go on complaining, but hopefully you get the idea. We’ve got trust issues, and these things are not going to get solved by listening to podcasts or posting to social media. This requires face time.

I’ve recognized this problem for awhile, and I had a plan to deal with it last year. Those of you who have been following me for awhile will recall that I planned to do a bit of a tour for my uncensored production when I got back from Virginia. Sadly, my revenues for that operation were sabotaged, and I had to put that on the back burner.

Thankfully, we are in a better place now, and I intend to do some traveling very soon. So if you are in or near any of the following states – Vermont, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Indiana, or Ohio – and you would like to meet with me, I would be very interested in hearing from you at OutlawConservative.com/contact.

I am not 100% certain that I will make it to all of those states. That list is sort of an optimal situation where I get around as much as possible in places where my carry permit is honored. How many of those places I actually get to will depend on who is interested in meeting, who is willing to submit to my vetting process (which I’ll tell you now, means that you’ll have to dox yourself to me), and what level of financial support is forthcoming. Worst case scenario I’ll be making my way up and down the East Coast, carefully avoiding the People’s Democratic Republic of Virginia

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There’s a lot more to get to, plus your calls at 808-4-OUTLAW, that’s 808-468-8529 if you can’t figure out the letters. Our you can join our Discord and call from there.

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Radical Agenda S05E023 – Late Show

A lot has happened since we last spoke, and there is a lot that I would like to say about it. Unfortunately, as our regularly scheduled 5pm timeslot approaches, I am not done with my show prep, and I do not want to rush this particular episode.

So we will be airing tonight at 10pm US Eastern time instead of our regularly scheduled 5pm.

I hope those of you who regularly listen at 5pm will still be able to join us, and I look forward to hearing from those of you who are usually not able to catch the live show due to the time.

Brenton Tarrant said he hoped that his attack on a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand, would cause the political Left to overplay their hand in reaction. In his mind, this overreach would incur an opposite reaction from the Right, which would in turn result in a martial conflict, from which the Right would emerge victorious.

As previously mentioned, this is an increasingly popular theme on the Right. Whether it is from propertarians like John Mark and Curt Doolittle, or the “Yang Gang” crowd, or the usual suspects who cheer on chaos for the sake of chaos, the running theme of “burn it all down” has certainly found fertile ground in which to grow. Say what one will about the likelihood this will result in the desired outcome, it is certainly off to quite a running start, so far as the Leftist overreaction is concerned.

New Zealand Internet Service Providers blocked access to Dissenter.com, home to a browser plugin by the makers of Gab.com, which provides users the ability to comment, uncensored, on web pages which have had their comments section disabled or otherwise moderated. Other sites which hosted video of the shooting, or the suspect’s manifesto, have also been blocked, such as 4chan, 8chan, LiveLeak, and the file-sharing site Mega, have also been blocked at the ISP level, along with ZeroHedge.com. Facebook and YouTube have not been blocked, though Facebook has reportedly removed upwards of 1.5 million copies of the video themselves. Reddit, which once took a hands off approach to content submitted by users, has banned the section or, subreddit known as r/watchpeopledie, and subsequently also banned the adjacent subreddits, r/gore and r/wpdtalk (“watch people die talk”). Even BitChute, which had emerged specifically in response to censorship on other video platforms, has removed the video, stating “This video has been blocked for breaching the site community guidelines, and is currently unavailable.”.

New Zealand police contacted Kiwi Farms founder Joshua Moon, asking him for information about users who had posted about the shooting on that site’s forum. He dismissed the plea by Detective Senior Sergeant John Michael as “a joke”, labelling New Zealand “a small, irrelevant island nation” and “s***hole country”.

The New Zealand government has threatened sentences up to ten years for anyone “possessing” the video, and one 18 year old man has already been charged with distributing it. He has been held without bail.

Sweeping gun control laws are also expected in New Zealand. Details are scarce on the specifics, but the far Left Green Party were among those holding talks about potential reforms, and there is clearly a focus on semi automatic rifles, and possibly the right to carry. Some gun owners have already begun voluntarily turning in or destroying their weapons, while others sought to buy weapons in advance of any changes to the law, before gun dealers stopped the sale of semi automatic rifles.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern donned a hijab when she met with Muslim community members in Christchurch on Saturday. “This is not New Zealand,” she said, while wearing the symbol of submission.

Queensland Sen. Fraser Anning rightly pointed out that “whilst this kind of violent vigilantism can never be justified, what it highlights is the growing fear within our community, both in Australia and New Zealand, of the increasing Muslim presence.” During a press conference, a teenager smashed an egg on him, and he promptly turned around and punched the teenager. A GoFundMe was launched in the boy’s name, and has rewarded him with upwards of $54,000 for the assault.

Shortly after the shooting, Milo Yiannopoulos took to Facebook to describe Islam as a “barbaric, alien” religious culture. For this, he was banned from entering Australia.

Stateside, Dick’s Sporting Goods, which had already removed semi-automatic rifles from its shelves some time ago, announced that they would no longer sell any firearms in their stores and that the firearms they currently held in stock would be destroyed.

Gab.com, known for its defense of controversial speech, announced that a controversial user has been indefinitely banned from the platform. I suspect I am this user.

The Left in America has attempted to, predictably, blame Donald Trump for the massacre. Since he refers to mass immigration as the invasion as it is, and this sentiment is likewise echoed by White Nationalists, they have loudly shouted about the growing “threat” of White Nationalism. Donald Trump said he thought “the group” was very small and had serious problems, downplaying the seriousness of these claims.

Of course, the 201 different Muslim terrorist attacks around the world, which have killed 1,175 people in this year alone, are viewed quite differently, for some reason. The fact that New Zealand al-Qaida suspect Daryl Jones, who was killed in a drone attack in Yemen, was reported to have been radicalized in the Christchurch Muslim community, seems to have received frighteningly scarce attention. Stuff.co.nz is reported to have deleted a story from their site about the connection to Mr. Jones.

So, to this extent, Mr. Tarrant has been wildly successful. I have my doubts about the ultimate outcome, but he has succeeded in provoking the overreach that would frighten the public. The familiar rush to censorship, gun restrictions, and increased racial tensions against whites, are all in full swing. We can be sure that this will not go away quickly, and will grow worse with time.

This leaves the rest of us in a difficult position indeed. I’ve been pretty vocal against the so called “accelerationist” path espoused by many White Nationalists. While I sought to buy time and hope for peaceful political solutions to our crisis, others have opted to endorse Democrat candidates for public office, in the hopes that they would hasten the collapse of the existing intolerable system. It would appear that the momentum at present is fully behind this push toward confrontation, and I have a hard time imagining the reversal of that course.

No effort is being made to address the underlying problem of uncontrolled immigration, and certainly none dare mention Jewish involvement in the fomenting of that problem. Any mention of the severity of this crisis is met, predictably, with accusations of solidarity with a mass murderer. The political discourse is so clouded by hysteria, as to make reasoned debate impossible. Since immigration is an existential crisis, which an increasing number of people feel threatened by, one can predict others will follow the course of Tarrant, just as he followed the course of Breivik, Traini, Roof, and Bowers, before him. This cycle of Whites lashing out against threats to their existence, followed by Leftist exacerbation of those threats, followed by more lashing out, is thus likely to repeat itself, until some sort of ultimate confrontation compels a peaceful separation, or the total annihilation of one side.

It would seem then, that we are all well along the path to something very ugly. The Right is fractured, and under assault. The Left is united in their extremism, they fear nothing, and are without a serious challenge to the advancement of their agenda. A large part of my challenge in preparing for the show today, was in trying to find some sort of hopeful message to convey in the midst of all this.

After trying all day long, I am still incapable of finding one.


Join us for this special late airing at 10pm US Eastern time, as well as every Monday, and Friday from 5-7pm Eastern, for another exciting episode of the Radical Agenda. It’s a show about timeless ideas, the news of the day, and whatever is on your mind at  323-9-AGENDA

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Radical Agenda S05E022 – Revenge for Ebba

Here at the Radical Agenda, we’ve done a lot of thinking, and talking, about violence. We’ve even had a bit of practice.

At times, we’ve been reckless in discussing the subject. During others, I wonder if we’ve been too cautious.

It is a difficult subject to discuss, to be sure. There are consequences that come with advocating or endorsing violence, and this taints the entire discussion. One can never be sure how others feel about the topic, because one who supports a criminal act, must either hide their identity to express endorsement, or show their face and disguise the endorsement. For all you know, half the talking heads on the TV today talking about how horrific and terrible this recent mass shooting in New Zealand was, are secretly enthusiastic and hoping the race war is upon us.

I hate dishonesty. So I will do my best to be honest with you, despite these challenges.

Radical Agenda S05E022 - Revenge for Ebba

Radical Agenda S05E022 – Revenge for Ebba

I read Brenton Tarrant’s manifesto. I watched the video. I’ve read and listened to various media coverage.

My first reaction is, this kind of thing will definitely continue to happen with increasing frequency, because the decision makers refuse to address the concerns which Brenton raised. Conservative media personalities whose entire careers revolve around taking the Right side of the immigration debate these days, dismiss Brenton as an evil nutcase with no legitimate complaints.

Brenton obviously wasn’t crazy. Nor was he stupid. He definitely intended to do a righteous thing. His writing is coherent, and reflects a lot of what we’ve been saying for years. He knew exactly what he was doing, and he planned it well in advance. When he executed the plan, he did so calmly, skillfully, and thoroughly. He considered the political implications, at home and abroad. He even went so far as contemplate the impact his use of firearms would have on the gun control debate in the United States.

Brenton hoped that his act would trigger an overreach by the Left. Gun grabs, more dysgenic racial policies, crackdowns on speech, and all the other familiar trappings of Jewish corruption, until the Right “woke up” and fought back. This is becoming a familiar, and troubling theme on the Right.

Dylann Rood had similar, if less articulate, designs. He was going to throw his body on the pile in the hopes that it would draw attention to the crisis facing our people. Robert Bowers left considerably less detail behind, but one would be safe to assume he had similar thoughts.

From this perspective, things are so bad as to justify literally anything. The challenge is merely that people are unaware of the crisis, and the best way to drive awareness is with bloodshed and the discomfort that follows in the wake of State and media overreaction.

It would be shallow and foolish to dismiss this strategy without consideration. There is a plausible element to it. Comfortable people do not demand radical change, and radical change is most certainly needed. There is simply no better way to make people uncomfortable, than to let Leftists exert their will over a society. So the path to radical change is to give the Left an actual example of the racially motivated violence they spend so much time fabricating at the ADL and SPLC.

This makes plenty of sense so far. If you want to make things worse, pick up a gun and start killing people. Leave behind as much evidence as possible, and make sure you generate lots of media attention. The greater the body count, the better, but always keep in mind that the motive and method are far more important to the media than the human cost. If they were at all concerned with the numbers of lives lost, they would have adopted our agenda decades ago. So be sure to use a semi-automatic rifle, preferably an AR-15, and you definitely must use a high capacity magazine, in order to become a patsy for the gun control lobby. Be sure to express your political views on social media well in advance, so as to make yourself a proper patsy for the thought police as well.

Then, should you be so unfortunate as to survive, keep an eye on the news from your jail cell, and await word of the glorious crackdown.

I wonder how Dylann Roof feels watching the news these days. It was less than four years ago when he walked into a church in North Carolina and opened fire. It would be difficult to deny that he had a pretty severe impact on race relations. Prior to that day, I was pretty blissfully unaware of the racial crisis we face. That changed pretty quickly, I must confess.

When the Leftists started running around demanding the removal of confederate flags in the wake of that incident, I became acutely aware of the danger they posed. I wasn’t even into the confederate flag. I’m a New Englander, and at the time I was an anarchist with no love for any flag. But on an instinctual level I knew they were a malevolent force. They hated the country and they wanted to destroy its history in hopes of controlling its future. I didn’t have a kind word to say about Roof, but one kid with a handgun is nothing compared to Leftists in control of a government. I felt threatened, and my racial awareness grew daily from that point forward.

One might convincingly make the case that we would not be having this conversation today if not for that mass shooting. One can be certain that in four years, conversations will be had that would not have happened, if not for Brenton Tarrant’s act of vengeance.

So if that’s what you aspire to, if that’s what you think your life is worth, then by all means, pick up a gun. Get yourself killed, or thrown in prison, and in a few years, people will have a chat.

I gave a talk a few years ago at a joint convention for the Libertarian Parties of Nassau and Suffolk Counties back in Long Island. I titled the video I released of it “How the Libertarian Party Saved My Life“. In it, I told the story of how I myself had contemplated going out in a blaze of glory, and how I ultimately decided against it.

I was aware that we faced some very serious problems in America well prior to becoming aware of the racial component of those problems. I used to think the government was just out of control due to the nature of the institution, and that bloodshed would be required to bring it back within the confines of the founders’ intent. Based on that limited and naive awareness of the crisis, I thought for sure I would die in the conflict. I became comfortable with that outcome, and began contemplating how to go about it.

But I was a relative nobody. My comfort with the status quo had been disrupted by a legal problem which would not have gained me much sympathy from the public. I was in no physical shape to to be a formidable challenge to the State’s enforcers, and I was not in possession of sufficient munitions to make up for my sorry physical state. Whatever blaze I would have gone out in, it would not have been particularly glorious, and so although I was prepared to lay down my life, I knew I had my work cut out for me if I wanted to make it count.

So rather than committing suicide by cop, I set out on the path which brought us to this point.

The first thing I decided to do, was to inform myself about the problems and the perceived solutions. I studied the constitution of the United States, libertarianism, communism, economics, history, law, philosophy, and all the things one comes across in such a pursuit. I became a real sponge for information and ideas, and I found the intellectual journey profoundly stimulating.

As I acquired these ideas, I tried various means by which to spread them to others. For a time, I convinced myself that my life might be spared if I could wake enough people up to the problem by evangelizing. I was frustrated by the pace of progress in this effort though, as so few people seemed interested in even listening to what I had to say.

I felt a profound sense of inadequacy as a result of this. I had to become a better communicator. I had to have a better command of the information. I had to recruit more people to my side, and I had to obtain the sort of status symbols that command the attention of an audience.

The libertarians seemed to have the best understanding of the crisis at the moment, and it was right around this time that the Tea Party movement was starting to gain media attention. I went to my first demonstration in Huntington, New York in the Summer of 2009. I was an instant hit with these people, as I was familiar with their ideas, and I had the loudest voice of anyone present.

From there I joined the Campaign for Liberty, and the Libertarian Party. I volunteered with these organizations, and obtained titles which I could use to bolster my perceived status. I attended countless demonstrations, handed out literature, carried petitions, and eventually, I ran for Congress.

What I didn’t tell people at the time, and disclosed publicly for the first time at the aforementioned talk, was that this was all in preparation for my death. I had no expectation of winning an election. I just figured that a congressional candidate who went out blasting would make a more memorable impact on the political discourse than a drunk driver. At each step along the way, I considered if this was the time to make my move, but thankfully I kept seeing other opportunities to increase my relevance, and thus add meaning to my ultimate demise. I started a YouTube channel, developed an impressive social media presence, started ChristopherCantwell.com, and eventually the Radical Agenda. When I died, nobody would be confused about what my cause was. I had written it all down, and spoken about it at length. I had thousands of followers and even more enemies.

I got better and better at communicating, and my command of the issues improved by the day. Were it not for that fact, I probably would have ended this a long time ago. For this reason as much as any other, I feel a profound sympathy for people who lack those talents, and decide as I would have, that they could not accomplish anything greater than to go out with a bang.

There are a lot of people like that out there, and it’s only been in recent months that I’ve started thinking about how to address them. Not everybody can, or should, start a blog or a podcast. If people like me run around screaming that the sky is falling and tell people that the only answer is to talk about the problem, then what you end up with is exactly what we have today. An endless supply of morons pretending to be erudite thinkers and polluting the information pool, and the occasional mass murderer seeing the futility of that state of affairs, and deciding that today is as good a day to die as any.

Not everybody can gain notoriety by peaceful means, and the prospect of redemptive violence can be very tempting to those who do not have high hopes for the future. But the conclusion I came to in recent months is that people like me have a responsibility to guide them to better outcomes.

You’ll hear me say on here from time to time, that I am not one who thinks that violence is never the answer, but that violence is what invariably happens when better answers are not forthcoming. Accelerationism is gaining traction in Right wing circles for this reason. Everybody knows what is wrong, but no consensus exists on what to do about it, and as time ticks forward our options diminish and our challenges grow more severe. The Left is completely out of control, the State shows no interest in stopping them, the media has abandoned any concern for their credibility, and the dashboard of Western Civilization is lit up with warning lights as the chassis shake and smoke bellows out from under the hood. There is a growing consensus that things are on the brink of cataclysm, and that realization is leading some to decide that their best bet is to make it happen faster.

Okay. Then what?

People have this crazy idea in their heads that once “it” happens, whatever “it” may be, some correcting force will necessarily come to right the ship. I hate to break it to you, but that simply isn’t true, and I challenge anyone to present a single historical example of that being the case. Did ten million dead in the Holodomor bring an end to the Soviet Union? Did the 45 million death toll of Mao’s Great Leap Forward diminish the power of the Chinese Communist Party? Chaos and disorder favor Leftists, which is why they are working full time to bring it about. Their criminal element riots in the streets, while their political arms do everything in their power to diminish the institutions that are supposed to stop them. When they say “Diversity is our strength” they are not just parroting a lie. For them it is actually true, that ethnic diversity is their strength, in that it diminishes the cohesion of the civilization and thus strengthens them in the ensuing chaos.

Imagine the outcome of the civilizational breakdown so many seem to be aching for, if it happened today. Imagine the Fox News Alert, when the race riots can no longer be paved over as “mostly peaceful protests” and the police figure out that it isn’t worth the risk to try and stop the mobs. When the roving bands of mixed race savages begin occupying government buildings and taking over the enforcement apparatus, what would you do, today, if it happened in your city?

Well, I obviously can’t speak to the plans of each individual listener. Perhaps some of you are sufficiently physically fit, and well armed, and perhaps you have a number of similarly capable men whom you trust. Perhaps you have established secure communications with one another, and perhaps you have ways of financing a drawn out and brutal conflict without the benefit of the established financial system.

But something tells me that this is exceedingly unlikely for most of you. I am certain that this is not the case for the most vocal accelerationists. What organized force exists in the United States to take on these mobs? Well, if one exists, they have done a very good job of keeping their existence a secret. They would have to do this of course, because if their presence became known, they would be crushed by the State without hesitation.

You and I can’t hold a permitted demonstration without being attacked by criminals and imprisoned for defending ourselves. Yet there are people dumb enough to think that we will prevail in a bloody race war in which most of our race would fight for the enemy?

Anybody who tells you this is a prudent strategy is either a fool, or an enemy trying to lure you into a trap. You cannot save your race by losing a race war, and you are not fit for the conflict so many seem anxious to bring about.

I appreciate the dedication of Brenton Tarrant. His sacrifice should not be forgotten. As you watch the media coverage in the coming days, you’ll see that he was remarkably successful in so far as his intent was to provoke a painful and disruptive backlash which will cause some to awaken to the severity of our crisis.

But I regret that Brenton did not call into the Radical Agenda and run his ideas by me first. I would have told him that it was ill advised, and that his life could be put to better use. It was almost ten years ago that I decided I was ready to die for my country. I was Brenton’s age at the time. While I wish I could have accomplished more in the last decade, I know that I accomplished more by staying in the fight, than I could have by throwing my life away for lack of a better answer. I would have appreciated the opportunity to tell him that story.

I hope I have the strength to fight for another ten years, or more. But if time runs out, I prepared myself for that outcome a long time ago, and every day since has been spent trying to make it count.

I cannot speak to the aptitudes and inclinations of every Radical Agenda listener. I don’t think you’re all going to become public figures who make headlines and spread ideas. But I think most of you are capable of at least raising a family, and as Brenton said at the start of his manifesto;

It’s the birthrates.
It’s the birthrates.
It’s the birthrates.

If that’s not for you, then go to work, earn a living, and contribute financially to me or someone else who you think is doing good for our people and way of life. It might not be as exciting as living out a first person shooter, but it’s really important that we bring these ideas to as many people as possible before time runs out.

Ultimately, I’m convinced, that our only hope for salvation lies in political migration and secession. Individuals opening fire on houses of worship is a masturbatory fantasy for our rivals, not something that scares them. The only thing they worry about is us wielding the powers of the State, which is why they put all of their efforts into diminishing our political influence through immigration and smear campaigns.

It is too late to rescue the continental United States. Trump is not going to save us, nor is the Republican Party, but time is a precious commodity, and anybody who takes our situation seriously must get angry about the squandering of that increasingly scarce resource. Accelerationism runs in direct opposition to this, and the imprudence of that course must be called out when it is echoed by people who would claim to be thought leaders amongst us. It is careless, and shows an irrationally high time preference on the part of its advocates.

We do not need an electoral majority on a federal level to get a toe hold on political power. With just a fraction of the people who will listen to this podcast, we could take over the government of a small town in New Hampshire or Maine. With the protection of that power, we could expand our influence outward, until we controlled enough territory to declare independence and establish national sovereignty. That is a peaceful, lawful path an ethnostate. It is a plan that women can comfortably participate in, and it presents the lowest risk to our children.

In his manifesto, Brenton had a bit of a Q&A with himself, and at one point he anticipates the question “What do you want?”

He answers: “We must ensure the existence of our people, and a future for White children.”

Well, you can’t do that from prison. You can’t do that from a cemetery. Making life more miserable, and empowering leftist crackdowns, will not increase our birthrates. To do that, we need safe, happy homes, where hard working men can bring home sufficient resources to loving wives, who will raise healthy, well adjusted children. There’s your fourteen words.

If we have to kill people to accomplish that, I am totally willing to accept this. If it comes down to that, then of course, some of us will have to die. I am totally willing to accept that too, and so should all of you. If our efforts are to have any meaning at all, however, that acceptance must come with an appreciation of the costs, and a very deliberate accounting of what is to be gained by any such expenditures. Lone wolf terrorism makes no such accounting. It assumes upon the individual the awesome responsibility of making those calculations for himself, and what he spends is not his alone to dispose of. Dylann Roof, Robert Bowers, and Brenton Tarrant all made choices which you and I will bear the burden of, as they are now out of the fight, and we are the ones left with the task of securing the existence of our people.

So while I can appreciate the convictions of these brave souls who put their lives on the line to confront the threats we face, I am simultaneously furious with their imprudence. In moments, each of them they deprived us of years. As a result, we will have to redouble our efforts, if for no other reason, so that these would be martyrs do not have to see the extinction of their race, from the grim confines of an enemy prison.


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