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Aug 14

Radical Agenda EP342 – My Full Vice Interview

I was about to do a live airing of the show, but circumstances have compelled me to fear for my safety at my current location. I am instead releasing the full 3 hour audio of my interview with Vice News. I’ll get back to you soon for a live broadcast with calls.

Aug 07

Radical Agenda EP340 – Agreeing With Liberals Blitzkrieg

Here at the Radical Agenda, we’ve made no secret of our utter contempt for the sub human filth commonly referred to as the Left. Their Marxist, anti-human, war on reality is an ideological contaminant that makes HIV look appealing by comparison. So we’ve literally made a career out of producing war propaganda against them. Strangely …

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Feb 14

Radical Agenda EP260 – VD

Valentine’s Day is that special time of year when we love everyone equally and indiscriminately, sort of like every other day. There is nothing that should cause us to spread inequality, be it of wealth, social status, or love. Unfortunately, inequality runs rampant, especially in the love department. Some of our fellow global citizens are …

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