Radical Agenda S06E007 - YATS: Yet Another Test Stream

Radical Agenda S06E007 – YATS: Yet Another Test Stream

Things are always improving, here at the Radical Agenda. Today’s 11pm test stream went much better than the last one. Still a few hiccups, but you’ll notice a substantial improvement in audio and video quality.

Pretty soon I’ll be reaching out to you about regularly scheduled programming!

Thanks so much for your support, enjoy!

If you would like to watch live, you can join us on Entropy.

Not much else to say at this time, it’s literally a test, but without the technical errors, we can probably have more fun with the phones. And since it’s short notice, you’re terribly unlikely to wait on hold long.

See you there!

You can do SuperChats on Entropy, and I’ll be likely to read them on air. Or you can pay me in a variety of other ways.

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