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Radical Agenda S04E024 – Sheriff

Radical Agenda S04E024 - Sheriff

Here at the Radical Agenda, we spend a great deal of time talking about things which are relevant nationally and internationally. That of course is because there never exists any shortage of things to talk about in those categories, and because it appeals to the broadest possible audience. Sadly, this causes us to miss a …

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Radical Agenda S04E023 – Scam

Radical Agenda S04E023 - Scam

The closer we get to the midterm elections, the more you can see why Democrats hate White men so much, and seek to replace them with less intelligent animals. Anyone with a three digit IQ and access to Fox News has to realize that the Democrats are basing their ambitions entirely upon the stupidity of …

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Radical Agenda S04E022 – Money

Radical Agenda S04E022 - Money

Before I got into libertarianism, I never thought much about the nature of money. Like most people, I spent plenty of time thinking of how to get more or what I would like to spend it on, but exploring the underlying concepts never occurred to me until I started learning about libertarianism. To hear the …

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Radical Agenda S04E021 – Biased

Radical Agenda S04E021 - Biased

You might have heard that the major tech companies have been censoring political views that they don’t like. I was permanently banned from every major social media and payment platform last year, along with a bunch of other alt right types. Others received more subtle forms of censorship, like Diamond & Silk who found out …

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Radical Agenda S04E020 – Inciting Violence

Radical Agenda S04E020 - Inciting Violence

Here at the Radical Agenda, we probably spend way too much time discussing Leftist violence. Not because we dwell on a few rare instances mind you, but because the phenomenon occurs with such frequency as to warrant considerable concern. I only say that we probably spend too much time discussing it for two reasons. Firstly, …

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Radical Agenda S04E019 – 9/10 Mindset

Radical Agenda S04E019 - 9/10 Mindset

Seventeen years ago I didn’t think much about what the government did. I was fairly confident that whatever problems I had in my life, they were my own fault, and I was reasonably certain that more capable men than I were managing our government responsibly. I caught the local and regional news from time to …

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Radical Agenda S04E018 – The Steady State

Radical Agenda S04E018 - The Steady State

The New York Times published an anonymous opinion editorial on Wednesday, from someone claiming to be a “Senior Administration Official” who was part of the anti-Trump “resistance” subverting the President’s authority from within the government. The writer claims that “many of the senior officials in his own administration are working diligently from within to frustrate …

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Radical Agenda S04E017 – Disruptors

Radical Agenda S04E017 - Disruptors

I was met with a difficult decision this morning. Whether to watch the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, or the Senate Intelligence Committee’s hearing on social media issues. Since yesterday’s Kavanaugh proceedings were such a fine spectacle to behold, and Andrew Torba cannot make a competing Supreme Court, I opted to watch the proceedings of the Judiciary …

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Radical Agenda S04E016 – The Coming Civil War

Radical Agenda S04E016 - The Coming Civil War

Tom Kawczynski came across my radar when he made headlines for being discovered as a White nationalist while working as the town manager for Jackman, Maine. Media erupted in hysterics as though he would imminently use his position to slaughter the less fortunate for laughs, but as I perused Tom’s writings I found him to …

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Radical Agenda S04E015 – You Will Not Be Safe

Radical Agenda S04E015 - You Will Not Be Safe

This week has brought us no shortage of things to talk about, and I am thusly getting today’s blog post later than usual on account of difficulty coming up with a theme to start the show today. For starters I’ve got a lot of clips to play. First to New York for the Democratic Gubernatorial …

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