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Radical Agenda S05E071 – Global Climate Psych

Radical Agenda S05E071 - Global Climate Psych

“Skip School & Organize A Climate Strike” reads the website of a religious extremist group. The gods are angry with mankind Personkind, for his their sinful industriousness has given rise to inequality between peoples. For giving this offense to the Climate Goddesses, we are condemned to live in a world in which weather conditions change …

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Radical Agenda S05E070 – Best Of The Radical Agenda Volume 2

Here at the Radical Agenda, we take our work ethic very seriously. Even jail could not stop me from producing a podcast, and we have overcome numerous other substantial obstacles to production over the years we’ve been at this. Today, a combination of factors conspire to make this impossible in a way no corrupt legal …

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Radical Agenda S05E069 – Sneak Peek

Radical Agenda S05E069 - Sneak Peek

As some of you know, I have recently launched some side projects with the hope of establishing new revenue streams and bringing in new listeners. Among the ones I can talk about publicly at this time are some new websites, a new marketing push, and the beginnings of a couple of different books. These have …

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Radical Agenda S05E068 – Buyback

Radical Agenda S05E068 - Buyback

I just saw a story in my news feed that Kamala Harris is on board with Beto’s compulsory gun buyback program. The story was published in a conservative news source, which was unhappy about the position she had taken. I don’t know why everybody is so up in arms about this proposal. I think it …

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Radical Agenda S05E067 – Domestic Terrorists

Radical Agenda S05E067 - Domestic Terrorists

If there is one thing you can reliably count on Leftists to do, it is to debase language. Their exploits in this arena are the stuff of legends. They’ve convinced roughly half the country that “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” is somehow ambiguously worded enough to …

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Radical Agenda S05E066 – Proletariat Counter Revolution

Radical Agenda S05E066 - Proletariat Counter Revolution

There of course exists no shortage of things to be repulsed by, when one endeavors to familiarize themselves with the words and deeds of Leftists. Their utterly low-down conduct is so appalling, that one really cannot be surprised if, in the imagination of our people, the Leftist is pictured as the incarnation of Satan, and …

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Radical Agenda S05E065 – Groomers

Radical Agenda S05E065 - Groomers

Here at the Radical Agenda, we’ve done our best to keep you apprised our civilization’s decline, and the growing list of people and groups responsible therefore. Regular listeners are thus all too well aware that there exists no party more responsible than the transgender community. What started off “in the privacy of their own bedrooms” …

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Radical Agenda S05E064 – Home To Roost

Radical Agenda S05E064 - Home To Roost

Writers at Gizmodo are throwing temper tantrums over what might be the most predictable of outcomes to Big Tech’s censorious and unlawful efforts to interfere in American politics. Alyse Stanley commiserates with Twitter’s Trust and Safety Council, about the company becoming unresponsive to their demands, and neglecting to consult them about product and policy changes …

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Radical Agenda S05E063 – Pressure Points

Radical Agenda S05E063 - Pressure Points

By now, you’ve surely heard everyone with access to a TV camera talk about Trump calling Jewish Democrats “disloyal”. You’ve more than likely heard a whole bunch of Democrats calling it anti-Semitic, and a whole bunch of Republicans trip all over their words trying to find a way to straddle the issue without hurting what …

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Radical Agenda S05E062 – The Joke’s on Jew

Radical Agenda S05E062 - The Joke's on Jew

Writing at Quartz, Klaus Meyer pens a piece of comedic fiction parading as a plan for stopping a fascist takeover, based on what he says are lessons from the Nazi Party’s rise to power. Given his name, and the publication for which he was writing, you might be less than surprised to find out that …

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