Radical Agenda S06E010 - Bon Voyage, Bongino

Radical Agenda S06E010 – Bon Voyage, Bongino

There’s plenty to talk about today, but several stories in the news, about the news itself, have my interest at the moment. Dan Bongino has parted ways with Fox News. Fox News settled a defamation suit with Dominion voting machines. Buzzfeed news has ceased to exist. Vice World News could be next on the chopping block.

It might go without saying that we’ll have to get into the story of the Charlottesville indictments on my uncensored production, having touched on it during SurrealPolitiks and the associated members only features. But now I’ve said it anyway, and so you’ll surely want to tune in for that, but one of the things I’ve found most remarkable about those indictments is the seeming disinterest of the media in the story. Sure we’ve had a few left wing drive bys. Notably, the Washington Post and the usual suspects. And, admittedly, I haven’t been glued to the news as much as I used to be, which is probably a subject I should address at greater depth at some point, now that I think about it… But, overall, this does not appear to be a big deal to anyone but those highly invested in the event.

Which brings us to the departure of Mr. Bongino from the Fox News Channel, which was, in my view, inevitable if not long overdue.

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I should begin by stating that I do think, on balance, Dan Bongino is doing good work. Attacking Democrats is a worthy pursuit, and Dan has made alternative online platforms for  social networking, video distribution, and even online payments which, while not the “free speech” systems he markets them as, have improved the online ecosystem substantially. I certainly wouldn’t want him to stop, and I have my doubts the Fox News channel will be much improved by his departure.

Dan’s show “Unfiltered” caused me to do some serious reflection on my own media career. It was this really cringe inducing attempt top appear “edgy” while remaining within the boundaries of good taste as defined by people who have none of their own. This routinely took the form of calling Democrats stupid and and making immature jokes about their various inadequacies, followed by self congratulatory remarks about how he was bold enough to go there…

But Mr. Bongino is not so bold as he would have his audience believe, of course.

Firstly, while there are no shortage of stupid people falling for Democrat tricks, dismissing Democrat schemes as the product of substandard intellect fails to capture and convey the threat that they pose. We are not met with incompetent people ruining the country by accident, but rather by careful planners doing so with malice aforethought, which is an entirely different category of problem. Mocking Democrats as silly dumb people downplays this threat, grants them the moral narrative they thrive on, and does a disservice to those who take such messages as more than light humor. Democrats are a dangerous menace, one far more powerful than the Republican Party, and exponentially more powerful still than any alternative thereto. Be though it may, fine to enjoy some ridicule at their expense, I believe Dan and people like him would do well to give Mein Kampf a read, and see what Hitler said about war propaganda.

Bongino’s faux edgitarian routine quickly became tired to me, and I’m not certain it would be much better if he really was edgy. More on that later, but for now it may suffice to say that it’s hardly bold to say that Democrats are stupid. It’s bolder than people who meekly submit to their schemes perhaps, but not when you work at the opposition news network and have money to burn. Much like his various investments in “free speech” online platforms which specifically prohibit anything they deem racist or anti-Semitic – which, as an aside, they conspicuously seem to view as two different things as if to deny that Jews are a race distinct from Whites –  Unfiltered always stayed within the accepted boundaries of mainstream political discourse.

This might be one thing if Mr. Bongino were hewing to those boundaries as a means by which to wield the promotional power of the Fox News Channel, and then taking his radio listeners closer to the forbidden truths of our time. But this, Mr. Bongino did not do.

Among the platforms Bongino is a prominent investor in, are Rumble, a YouTube Competitor, he Terms of Service on Rumble contain this little carve out from their “free speech” mission…

You may not post or transmit any message which is abusive, inciting violence, harassing, harmful, hateful, anti-semitic, racist or threatening.

For this reason, I stream SurrealPolitiks to Rumble, but not Radical Agenda.

Rumble owns Locals.com, and though their terms say nothing about racist or anti-Semitic content, they use Stripe exclusively for payments, and the platform is borderline useless without these features. As I’ve written elsewhere, Stripe is a Left wing activist organization, which has banned your humble correspondent and many others, permanently, and without justification.

I tried to create a Stripe account for my Substack and Locals accounts, and as soon as I processed my first payments, I was promptly banned again. I can still use Substack and Locals, but these platforms are of minimal utility without the financial features.

To Rumble’s credit, when I first found the platform in December of 2022, they only payed through PayPal. They have since updated their system to let you get paid by check, and SurrealPolitiks is monetized on Rumble.

When I first heard about Bongino’s effort to start a free speech payment processor, I was excited. It was among the first things I looked up when I got out of prison. And you might be encouraged by reading their FAQ, which states;

Does AlignPay regulate the content of its users?

We exist solely to facilitate a welcoming “economic square” where people, organizations, campaigns, and merchants can interact in a healthy, open, and legal way. That said, we do not permit our services to be used to support crime, civil torts, or other unlawful acts (see our Terms of Service here).

Those terms, the “fine print” as it were, say the following upon closer inspection;

You must respect others and obey the law. You may not use the Services to assist or aid and abet crime, civil torts, or other unlawful acts, or do anything that, in our sole discretion we believe is or could be considered racist, libelous, tortious, abusive, or otherwise objectionable.

Well, if one may not do anything that “could be considered racist” … “or otherwise objectionable” one fails to see the benefits of this service as opposed to PayPal. Perhaps they exercise this discretion more prudently, and I’d imagine they do, but this is no high bar to set, and in our day, the capacity to say things which “could be considered racist” is the very litmus test of free speech.

This is the taboo subject one may not broach, and the Jewish question in particular. Arguably, all this tranny nonsense is just the next step, in a mission to disconnect people from the biological reality of their existence, in hopes of keeping them ever further from realizing the dire consequences of ignoring the racial question. I believe it is a drastic overstep which will backfire in spectacular fashion, but only because they are of the same categorical phenomenon.

I am not an advocate of free speech. The idea is pure nonsense. I don’t expect any website to become a platform for spam, porn, communism, or gender nonsense, and I think it is overdue that the Right begin censoring their opponents. So I do not hold it against them that these are not free speech systems. I am, however irritated by the silly marketing of a nonsense idea which is contradicted quite plainly by the reality of the situation.


Like many Fox News viewers, I’ve been familiar with Dan for many years. Most notably, as a frequent guest on Sean Hannity, best known for treating Geraldo Rivera as a punching bag. In a 3 minute segment before a hard out for commercial, this is occasionally amusing, but just about the time I was shipped from jail to prison, Mr. Bongino tried to outdo Brian Kilmeade in terms of sheer number of hours in front of a microphone.

While I was at the Corrections Corporation of America facility in Tallahatchie, Mississippi, just before being shipped once again to the Communications Management Unit at USP Marion, I was first exposed to Mr. Bongino’s podcast, which aired for one hour each weeknight on Supertalk 96.9 WTCD. It was during this time that he announced he would be moving into Rush Limbaugh’s noon to three slot on broadcast radio, and began snatching up EIB Network affiliates just as quick has he could. Around the same time, his Saturday Fox News show was likewise announced.

Limbaugh had been dead for several months by this point, and I was furious that el Rushbo had not hand picked his own successor. It had become clear to me that a contest had begun in conservative media to claim the prize, and with little to do at this time but listen to the radio, I was a close observer of this phenomenon.

The result has been nothing short of tragic, in my view. Beyond the loss of Limbaugh the man, his platform had become a unique force in politics. From one microphone, “millions and millions and millions” of ears were reached each weekday. In the wake of his death, scavengers picked at the carcass, dragging bits and pieces away to be devoured among packs of lesser animals.

Not only did Mr. Bongino begin snatching up the slots, but so did Dana Loesch. Have you ever listened to “The Dana Show”?

Ms. Loesch did a fine job working for the NRA. She repeats the familiar talking points with conviction and is a visually appealing spokeswoman for a cause typically associated with masculinity. By presenting the 2nd amendment as women’s issue, she made a fine case for guns as “the great equalizer” and for this we may all be grateful. But to see her step into the shoes of Rush Limbaugh, was as if to watch a child put on his father’s suit and drag a briefcase around the house in his little red wagon. It would be comical if it wasn’t such a tremendous loss to Right wing politics

It was subsequent to her and Bongino beginning to dismantle the reach of the Excellence in Broadcasting Network, that Clay Travis and Buck Sexton, whose names, joint and several, are so obviously subject to mockery that it almost seems petty to repeat the jokes, were awarded control over the show’s branding.

And they too, do good work. I don’t hold it against Gay and Cuck that they won’t name the Jew or broadcast a daily segment with Charles Murray. I haven’t really listened that much to the show, and maybe they’re doing better work than I’m aware of. But the one time I did listen to the show was when I was in the Central Virginia Regional Jail during the Sines v. Kessler civil trial. And the first thing I heard them say was on the subject of transgenderism, and they said something to the effect of “Well, if you want to change your gender, nobody is holding that against you, just don’t make everyone else go along with it”.

Alright, fine, if that’s really how you feel, go ahead and say that, but I’d say there are people who are going to hold this against these degenerates and rightly so. Watching Bruce Jenner become a regular feature on Fox News has infuriated me for this reason, and when I heard them say this to once loyal listeners of Rush Limbaugh, I knew all had been lost so far as that source of power was concerned.

There is only one man who could have filled the shoes of Rush Limbaugh. If you listened to the show on a regular basis, especially if you listened to his fill in hosts as he was frequently out of commission due to his cancer treatments, you know who it is. Those fill in slots gave me a deep appreciation for him which I was unable to fully get from his brief segments on Tucker Carlson, and gaining that familiarity with him caused me to read some of his books, which were excellent not only for their humor, but for the deep insight the humor conveyed.

He really made me think, and since I considered him more of a comedian than a source of wisdom, this really surprised me.

This thinking is in no small part the cause of my change in tone as of late.

One moment in particular stands out to me, and I imagine some of you may have heard this. While he was filling in for Rush, they let a caller on the air who asked a rather pointed question about race. I fail to recall the words, but I believe it took aim directly at the Jews, and I was shocked that he didn’t like, hit the dump button and call the guy a crank and move on, as any other man on FCC airwaves would almost certainly have done, and not without justification.

He let the guy go before he answered, clearly not wanting to make a long segment of the subject, but he didn’t dispute the guy’s point at all. He treated it as obviously true, and not subject to much in the way of argument.

And before I even get into what his response was, I am going to ask you to pause and consider the implications of this. I’ve talked before about conveying an idea not by stating it explicitly, but by having it implied by the underlying assumptions of more topical messaging. If you’re in the habit of listening to Nazi podcasts, it’s easy to miss the value of such nuance, but if you’re in the habit of listening to broadcast radio I suspect you can more fully appreciate the subtlety involved.

Most radio hosts would hear a guy mention “the Jews” and hang up and start talking about some silly QAnon weather conspiracy nonsense to knock down a strawman and distance themselves from the crimethink. But not Mark Steyn.

He responded with such earnestness, that he almost seemed to drop the British accent. He knew exactly what the guy was saying, and you knew he had no desire to dispute it much less distance himself from it. It bordered on a confession, in some ways, as if he was telling the world “I can’t talk about this, but I’m in this with you”.

I’ll try to find this clip and analyze it in greater depth before the conclusion of Stage Six, because I’m regretting now that I don’t have it handy, but his response was essentially that to address the legitimate concern he had about the very real problem described, the aim had to first be the Democrat Party. That, he said, was the clear and present danger that made it impossible to even discuss the problems we face. That, essentially, it was the obstacle, to solving other problems.

If you’ve ever known anybody who was an alcoholic, and who also had other problems on top of this, you understand this triage very well. Quitting drinking is not a sufficient solution to this person’s problems, but it is a necessary one, and no amount of medication or counseling is going to fix a person who is drunk all of the time. Whatever else ails them, until they stop with the damn booze, the only thing you can do is demand they stop drinking, and nothing can proceed without that obstacle being removed. If they refuse, eventually, you just have to cut the person off.

And so it is with America, in my view. The Democrats have to be dislodged, and while that won’t solve our problems, or even come close, on its own, it is a necessary step to doing so. If we cannot do that, then we must seek greener pastures, because there will be no safety within the reach of their power.

If I recall correctly, Steyn made a similar comparison, and this stuck with me.

And given that he was clearly the most talented fill in host for Rush, I have to suspect that even this was just too much for whoever calls the shots. Instead of Mark Steyn carrying those hundreds of radio stations, they were split up between Dan Bongino, Dana Loesch, and Clay and Buck. That is a terrible, terrible thing for the radio business, and for American politics.

And Bongino in particular, I mentioned earlier really made me think about my routine. This edgy, bad boy, “unfiltered” persona. It’s one thing to take a bold stance. It’s one thing to make a joke that transgresses the boundaries. It’s one thing to question established orthodoxies. All of which are unquestionably worthwhile pursuits.

It is an entirely different category of action to build a persona – centered – on being edgy. It’s especially nauseating when, like Dan Bongino, that persona is fake, and you distance yourself from the real trailblazers. But, even in my case, where I was really willing to break all the rules and suffer all the consequences, at some point this has to jump the shark. If what you’re trying to do is change the boundaries, and what you are doing succeeds, at some point you either find yourself within the boundaries you have now set, or you just become a caricature of an extremist, and your words necessarily decline in value precipitously.

Someone calling himself “A Very Naughty Boy” sent me a money order recently. Along with it came a note which reads as follows;


I doubt the Republican Party will welcome you. If you appear at Republican events, I believe the Jews and shabbos goyim will set upon you and throw you out.

Is that a path to political power? Doubtful. Would it be interesting to watch? Certainly.

Thus I support your scheme to work within the Republican Party, provided you record and share the results.


Thank you sir, for your donation, but I regret to inform you that I will not be able to provide you with the content you seek in the foreseeable future.

Of course, if I go to the local Republican Party meeting, and I say “Hello, I’m the crying Nazi, and I’d like to help you boys win some elections” they are going to do everything in their power to get rid of me, because my presence would be at cross purposes with their efforts to dominate popularity contests.

The question I had to deal with was, am I causing other people to likewise be shut out of political power, and if I am, is that a good idea?

The conclusion I reached was, no. It obviously wasn’t a good idea. My best interests, and yours, are served by people who agree with us being able to sign their real names to letters they send, instead of hiding in the shadows and complaining about those who need not hide. If we want to win in politics, then if not us, then at least the people we are able to have conversations with, must be able to walk into the meetings of a political party, and influence the direction of that organization.

And if we cannot do that, then I dare say, the patient has refused to quit drinking, and we have no choice but to cut him off. Which is to say, that America will descend into violence and chaos and poverty, it will be dominated by foreign powers, and criminal gangs, and will cease to be a place where one might secure the existence of our people, much less a future for White children.

And be that the case, we will have to seek greener pastures. In which case we must ask, what greener pastures might we find?

Will you be an avowed Nazi who attempts to make his way through Russian immigration authorities? Good luck with that, my friend. Russia doesn’t much care for Nazis, and not because of any unique affection for the Jewish people.

Russia cares who comes into their country. Most countries do, you might have gathered. Lauren Southern, you might have heard, was denied entry to the UK. Richard Spencer was banned from 26 European countries. Gavin McInnes, and others, were denied entry to Australia.

So what’s the goal here?

Is being edgy the goal? Because that’s what Dan Bongino does, and I don’t particularly care to top his performance. In fact, I’d say that even with his falling well short of the mark on the free speech stuff, he’s done a lot more by simply providing platforms which are ever so slightly better than YouTube and PayPal, than he has with “Unfiltered”.

If the goal is to secure the existence of our people, and a future for White children, but you can’t participate in American politics, or travel to other traditionally white countries, just how do you expect to accomplish this goal?

I’m not saying I know the answer. In fact, I’m really interested to hear your thoughts on the matter at 217-688-1433. But I do know that the consequences of us failing to accomplish our goals are so dire, that our race a profound and arguably unforgivable disservice by declining to reassess our own behavior from time to time.



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