Radical Agenda S06E012 - Try Though I Might...

Radical Agenda S06E012 – Try Though I Might…

You may have gathered I’ve sort of been trying to change the subject in recent months, having become annoyed with a myopic focus on race in politics, and in particular with the legal and professional consequences of becoming typecasted as a caricature of a Biden campaign advertisement.

But I am no more anxious to become typecasted as a meteorologist, and it almost seems today that to avoid talking about race, one would be reduced making smalltalk about the weather.

This morning I saw a Fox News Alert on my phone, and, at the time this notice popped up on my phone, I had the Fox News Channel on my TV.

The image on the phone alert showed a picture of a very beautiful White woman with blonde hair, and picture in picture, another photo of her black killer in handcuffs on the curb after being arrested by police in Arizona. The 29-year-old Lauren Heike had been walking down a popular pedestrian trail when her assailant took her life for reasons yet to be explained. Police have said that there was “trauma to her body” and we are left to our imaginations as to what that entails. If you’re like me, that’s not a good scene to be left to your imagination.

On the TV, they were talking about this stupid animal who got choked out on the subway because he decided to try and intimidate riders rather than sobering up and going to work like a human being. To their credit, and this sincerely did surprise me, Brian Kilmeade, who I hate with every ounce of my being, was taking up for the “blonde straphanger” as the New York Post called him, that choked the animal out.

But this was the newsworthy story, so far as the Fox News Channel was concerned, whatever the case, and, in particular, the race riots that predictably ensued as a consequence of the Democrat Party being so enamored with drug addicted criminals, and so contemptuous of White men who serve their country honorably in and out of the military.

The story about a little White girl, Kinsley White, who got shot in the face when the bullet passed through her father Jamie from a black criminal’s gun, that’s old news now. Nobody has seen fit to mention the explicitly racial motives of the black attempted murderer who told his victim ‘You White? I don’t even like White muthafuckas, I’m gonna fucking kill your fuckin white ass!’ as he drew his second gun and began emptying it on the White family, also striking Mrs. White in the arm.

Familiar though it may be, this was a fascinating study in contrasts, BEFORE the explicitly racial motives of the black shooter became known.

When Andrew Daniel Lester, an 84-year-old White man, shot and wounded a black teenager by the name of Ralph Yarl, who had come to his door after dark unexpected, in a situation where both men clearly just made some unfortunate mistakes, the Left went crazy, calling it a racially motivated crime, before anything was even known about it. Hardly a surprise there, of course, but when Lester’s grandson came out and said that Mr. Lester was an avid Fox News viewer, this was prima facie evidence of a hate crime, and Mr. Lester was charged with 1st degree assault, which in Missouri, is the offense other jurisdictions call attempted murder.

A GoFundMe for Mr. Yarl raised over $3.4 million from over 9,800 donors. That’s an average donation size of $346.93. The Yarl fundraiser set out to raise $2.5 Million. He and his family were subsequently invited to the White House to have a personal audience with Joe Biden.

There was also a GoFundMe set up for the White family, seeking to raise a paltry $50,000 for their medical bills. At the time of this writing, a little over 2,800 donors have raised a little over $129,000 for the White family. That’s an average donation of just over $46.07, and they can’t even get a meeting with Brian Kilmeade.

It shouldn’t be shocking to see anymore. I know the routine. I’ve been immersed in this stuff for years. It’s kinda why I get sick of talking about it, honestly.

How many times am I going to get in front of a microphone and point out that the media are a bunch of lying Jews, and that blacks are 13% of the population committing half the homicides in this country? How many times am I going to point out that the crime statistics are completely fucked, because Hispanic illegal immigrants are categorized as racially White in the FBI crime statistics?

Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve done that actually, so here goes.

I found something pretty amusing as I was putting this together. I start with a DuckDuckGo search for “fbi crime statistics interracial violence“.

I come up with a result titled “FBI Releases 2020 Incident-Based (NIBRS) Data” That’s the National Incident Based Reporting System, not to be confused with a word spelled with a G.

You scroll down to look at the data, there’s a link that says “Full Report: NIBRS, 2020“, you click that, you get a 404 not found error. I guess all those race riots left them less than anxious to publish the raw numbers…

But scroll up, and in the summary they give us some useful information.

We get this on the race of crime victims… “Most victims (66.9%) were white; 24% were Black or African American; 1.9% were Asian; 0.8% were American Indian or Alaska Native; and 0.2% were Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander. The race of 6.2% of victims was unknown.

We get this on the perpetrators; “By race, more than half (50.8%) of known offenders were white; 29.6% were Black or African American; and 2.2% were of other races. The race was unknown for 17.4% of reported known offenders.

Well, let’s put this in perspective… According to the US Census, in 2020 “The most prevalent racial or ethnic group for the United States was the White alone non-Hispanic population at 57.8%. This decreased from 63.7% in 2010.

Well, 6%, that’s a pretty steep decline, and I don’t think we can blame it entirely on murder, but I can’t imagine it’s helping matters that in 2020, Whites appeared 13% more frequently in the crime victim statistics than they did in the census.  And given that blacks were 12.1% of the population in 2020., them making up 29.6% of the known perpetrators, and 24% of the known victims, tells us not only that they are more than doubly represented in offender statistics proportionate to population, but that they are disproportionately crossing racial lines in their victimizations. Matter fact, they are doing so by nearly 6% more, which rhymes with the decline in White percentage of the population. Do that every year for a decade, it’ll add up, for sure…

You keep hearing about our racist criminal justice system, and there may be some truth to this. Here’s what the data says about arrests for crimes in 2020. “By race, most arrestees (67.7%) were white; 27.1% were Black or African American; and 2.9% were of other races. The race was unknown for 2.2% of arrestees.

OK, so, Whites are 50.8% of offenders, 66.9% of victims, and 67.7% of arrestees? I thought the cops were just running around hunting blacks for sport? You mean to tell me they’re not only overrepresented as offenders, but underrepresented in arrests?

You commit a crime in America, and you’re White, you’re A LOT more likely to be arrested, than if you’re black. It’s just right there in, no pun intended, black and White.

Is that because Whites are committing more serious crimes? No.

Let’s look at a 2019 statistic about assaulting police officers… “In 2019, 61 alleged offenders were identified in connection with the law enforcement officers assaulted and injured with firearms, knives, or other cutting instruments.” … “33 of the alleged offenders were White, and 26 were Black/African American. The race was not reported for 2 of the known assailants.”

Now, I’ll be the first to say, that sometimes stupid people just fight a cop over a traffic stop. Sandra Bland comes to mind… But usually if you’re fighting the cops, especially if you’re shooting at them, you’re probably trying to avoid going to prison for a very, very long time… 26 out of 61 is nearly 43%. When you’re 12% of the population, you can’t be doing that…

And of course, this does not count all the stupid crap of like, blacks just shooting at cops and not being identified.

The 2020 numbers aren’t impossible to find, as it turns out. They just don’t give it to you in an easy to find spreadsheet. You have to go to the Crime Data Explorer, or CDE.

But before we do that, we should clarify something… Crime is not, pardon the pun, black and white. It’s not entirely grey, there’s a lot of brown missing from our crime statistics so far… The FBI, in its anti-White mission, counts Hispanics as White in racial terms. Sometimes, we get breakdowns of “Ethnicity”. There’s “Hispanic White” and “Non-Hispanic White” in what they call “White” in racial crime statistics.

So, this makes racial crime statistics completely useless, given what we know about the Hispanic representation would be in any honest crime statistic.

Citing DOJ statistics, the Center for Immigration Studies informs us that 26% of Federal Prisoners Are Aliens. The Bureau of Justice Statistics informs us that in 2018, of the 84,838 persons criminally charged in U.S. district courts in 2018, 49% were non-U.S. citizens.

So if we look at the CED for 2021, we see this for violent crime.

Black perpetrators 332,433, White perpetrators 328,015

Ethnicity of perpetrator:

Not Hispanic, 357,998 – Unknown 157,392-  Hispanic, 88,829

Keep in mind, “Not Hispanic” includes Blacks. I also think it safe to assume that it’s not a bunch of Irishmen who can’t tell you if they’re Hispanic or not, so, take that for what it’s worth.

Victims by race.

White, 458,527 – black, 310,119

By ethnicity

Not Hispanic, including blacks, 506,119 – Hispanic, 125,867 – Unknown – 82,501

That is staggering. 458,527 so called “White” victims, plus 310,119 black victims that’s 768,646 victims. Let’s subtract our black victims from the non-Hispanic numbers. From 506,119 non-Hispanic victims, we subtract 310,119 black victims, that’s 196,000 non-black non-Hispanic victims, and we’re safe to say most of those people are White. There are numbers for Asians and unknown in race but they are small enough for us to ignore for our purposes.

Do the same thing for perpetrators. We have 328,015 so called “White”perpetrators. We have 332,433 black perpetrators. Broken down by ethnicity we have 357,998 non-Hispanic perpetrators, which includes blacks, so let’s remove blacks from the equation. 357,998 non-Hispanic perpetrators, minus 332,998 black perpetrators, leaves us with an even 25,000 non-Hispanic, non-black perpetrators.

196,000 non-black non-Hispanic victims, 25,000 non-black, non-Hispanic perpetrators. That’s nearly a 4:1 ratio. Now, I don’t doubt that White killers are more efficient than their darker counterparts, but 4:1? No. This is unidirectional interracial violence, and if you don’t think there’s a racial motive, then you don’t know blacks.

It gets even worse if we limit our search to rape.

In 2021, rape offenders by race:

White 52,168 – black – 24,092. Now, even if we ignore Hispanics that’s wildly disproportionate overrepresentation for black rapists.

Victims by race

White, 66,297 – black, 18,301.

So, who did the other 6,000 black rapists rape? Must have been the other 14,000 White victims…

Non-Hispanic rape offenders, 38,255 Minus 24,092 blacks. That’s 14,163 White perpetrators, and of course, that’s 14,163 too many, to be sure.

Non-Hispanic rape victims 53,517, minus 18,301 blacks, that’s 35,216 non black non Hispanic victims.

A more than 2:1 victim to perpetrator ratio for Whites, and I can promise you it’s not because White rapists are raping three women before they get caught, and they certainly aren’t raping blacks.

Black criminals look upon White victims as easier prey, and not without some justification. They’re afraid to be called racists, for one, so they use this to their advantage. “Why you scared, you racist or somethin?” and White people snap right to it. “No sir! I’m not racist! I’ll come into this poorly lit area with you no problem, just don’t tell the SPLC please! I don’t want to lose my job”

When Jamie White spoke to Warren Balough, the first thing he said was “I don’t want to make it a racial thing”.

Can you believe that? This guy’s family just got shot up by some guy who said “I don’t like White motherfuckers I’m gonna kill you fuckin white ass” and the first words out of his mouth are “I don’t want to make it a racial thing”

So, if we break our crime statistics down honestly, half the offenders aren’t White. They’re almost entirely black and Hispanic. We obey the law, they fucking kill us, and then the cops come and break our doors down in the middle of the night and haul us off to prison. Then we are humiliated in the media and dragged through show trials because we dared to fucking notice what the hell was going on.

The question then becomes, what the fuck are you going to do about it?

I for one, am almost as sick of bitching about it, as I am of seeing it happen.






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