Radical Agenda S06E014 - Operation Warp Thee

Radical Agenda S06E014 – Operation Warp Thee

In near all my interactions since coming home I’ve been struck by the shift in people’s perspectives. Just as striking is the tremendous variety of perspectives one comes into contact with. There appears consensus only on a single truth. Namely, that the information environment is so polluted, as to render discernment of reality a task few are fit to meet.

Hardly a stretch for an anti-Semite to doubt the mainstream press, of course. One of such a mindset might find tremendous hope in this phenomenon. To doubt the media is to doubt Jewish lies, and to doubt Jewish lies is to render the Jew a powerless wretch.

And yet, I, poor soul that I am, have been fed a steady diet of this poison behind the walls while the rest of the world seemingly abandoned it. As I read the Wall Street Journal, listened to NPR, and watched Fox News, the rest of the world was retreating to their AI curated social media feeds, and quite accidentally venturing down rabbit holes one used to have to try very hard just to find.



And, it seems to me, the rabbit holes have rabbit holes, and they themselves still more labyrinthine subterranean corridors.

It used to be that a so-called extremist might be a Nazi, a communist, or a libertarian, or some variety of anarchist perhaps. You might find your answers in a category of thought known as Christianity, or Islam. But these categories were, at the end of the day, identifiable. You could discern that “this person is speaking this language, they are of this mindset” and through such a categorization, navigate the social implications of the interaction. You would venture down the rabbit hole, and there you would find others who had ventured down the same hole. You would share a common perspective, and in this form the bonds of a social circle.

The ideological landscape of today however, seems a tad bit more complex. We have less a menu of ideological categories, and more a buffet of ideas. One is not just a Nazi or a Christian. He may be a Christ following anti-Semite libertarian, or a cryptozionist anti-lgbt socialist. On the Left, one is no longer a mere “LGBT” Democrat, but a TERF, or a non-binary two spirit yada yada yada.

All they seem to agree on is sexualizing children and hating White people…

If only the Right had such a unifying principle…

Last night, you may know, I had a chat with a fellow who calls himself “Handsome Truth”. He was a pleasure to speak with, and if you haven’t heard that interview, you should make the time.

As much as I like to see my hit counters go up, it might even be worth watching the video on his site, to get a glimpse of what was going on in his chat during the thing. I did, and it in part inspired today’s rant.

HT is among a number of people with what I think I can fairly describe as an unusually strong aversion to vaccines. I did not inquire if this was categorical to vaccines as such, a failing on my part in hindsight, or whether it is specific to the COVID shot, but he has nicknames for it like “the kike spike” which is… clever…

I had expressed a view of the shot that I think was nuanced and reasonable. I was in jail when it was first being distributed, and I didn’t think I was in any particular danger from the virus, so I declined to take an experimental drug. By contrast, my parents, who you might have gathered are not younger than me, have some medical histories and based on my assessment of the situation, I thought it prudent for them to take the first shot when it became available.

I was sincerely worried that my parents, and my father especially, might die before I got out of jail. My statutory maximum was 27 years, after all, and people in better shape than them, I was informed by the television, were dying quite routinely by the time the shot became available.

I really didn’t want that to happen. I care about my parents. I’ve put them through absolute hell and they’ve never abandoned me.

I considered myself fairly well informed on the subject, even lacking access to the Internet. There were two news talk radio stations at the Strafford County Jail. I was usually able to at least get Tucker Carlson on the TV, and when somebody else would turn on CNN, I’d listen. When I first got to the jail, few people wanted to watch national news, but when the virus got the jail locked down, people took greater interest. Some months I managed to totally dominate the TV, and the jail had the full, I forget if it was Dish Network or DirectTV, but some full package satellite deal, including a lot of the movie channels. So I had NewsMax and OAN in addition to Fox, Fox Business, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, and I was news junky so I was watching, listening, or reading basically all the time.

The jail also had these modified Android tablets, and on the tablets there was a news reader app. I could read articles from Fox News, CNN, Forbes, Bloomberg, CNBC, and at least a dozen other places, I can’t remember them all. They also had like a modified TuneIn app, that you could listen to a pretty long list of radio stations, and PlutoTV was on the app, though you had to pay $0.05/minute to watch. I spent a few bucks on that thing, and thanks to those of you who paid for it.

I hesitate to tell the story, but I suppose it was long enough ago… I’ve mentioned before this smartphone app called Libby, which is an interface for a service called Overdrive, which is basically a means by which to digitally borrow e-books and audiobooks from your local library using your library card. The jail had it configured that you could borrow whatever books the jail had made available, and you were not supposed to be able to get outside libraries.

But guys in jail, they got a lot of time on their hands, and if you give them a computer they’ll tap on every pixel of that screen in every conceivable sequence until they know everything it is capable of. Guys figured out how to get to outside libraries, then they started passing and trading library cards around, and I had this amazing availability of literature that just made doing time almost something of a vacation. I love to read, and I really love a good audio book, but the demands of life so often get in the way. There’s a lot less of that in jail, especially during a COVID lockdown. Put me in 23 hour lockdown with an infinite library all to myself, that is not entirely without its appeal.

Though I’d already read it twice I couldn’t help but check if any library had a copy of Mein Kampf available. Of course not. No Kevin MacDonald either. I think there might have been a Charles Murray book or two, but not a copy of the Bell Curve. Karl Marx was easy enough to find though. As was Lenin. There was even a book titled “In Defense of Looting” which was exactly what the title sounds like, so the curators are very clearly not averse to violence. The selective censorship of the online library was ideological.

The app would show you on the front page of each library, suggested books. And no matter how much Right wing stuff I read, and rated, no matter which libraries I went to, it always suggested absurd Left wing nonsense. That’s how I came to read The New Jim Crow, White Fragility, and How to be an Anti-Racist, to name just a few. I listened to the audiobook of “I Am Jazz” by that famous transgender Jewish child her coethnics paraded around on Television. It was horrifying.

For a time, I was even able to pull up the Drudge Report. The Overdrive app, you see, was just a dressed down web browser. You couldn’t enter a web address into an address bar, and it didn’t have javascript, but whatever link you clicked, you got the next page. Well, it was discovered that if you went to the about page of the app, it said that it had been reviewed in Forbes and other news outlets. Click the logo of one of those news outlets, and you’re on that website. Search that website for mentions of other websites, and you can click those links. Guys would share tips on how to find different things. “OK, you go to Forbes, search for PlutoTV, then you find an article about PlutoTV, and you can click the link to PlutoTV, and watch it without paying $0.05/minute” was the most common one. When I found Drudge, I felt like I was Kevin Mitnick, and props to you if you get that reference.

I illustrate all this just to say, I actually do try to expose myself to information from a variety of sources, including those I don’t expect to agree with. I did this before I went to jail too.

I became aware of the rabbit hole effect not long after I got into 9/11 truth. I used to spend all night watching these really scary documentary films about everything from GMO food to terrorism to secret societies, you name it. I think in 2010 I watched every Alex Jones Movie he had produced up until that time. There’s a website, still up right now, though it gives you an SSL warning, TrueWorldHistory.info with links to a lot of these things. A cursory inspection shows a lot of the links are to YouTube videos since removed, but if you wanna scare the shit out of yourself all night some time, you can find the titles there, in any case.

But I did notice a pattern emerge in that this “True World History” site was linking me to to all types of crap which was necessarily even in agreement. That’s fine of course, we don’t all have to agree, but if the site says “Here’s the truth” and you get different truth from one page to the next, you have to be more discerning about your sources.

I watched that movie Zeitgeist, and being an atheist at the time, I though it was like the greatest red pill movie ever. It hit three topics. Christianity is fake, 9/11 was an inside job, and the Federal Reserve is here for the singular purpose of stealing from you. I tried to show that to as many people as I could. And then they started coming out with sequels that were like “Yeah, we’re going to live in a “post scarcity” society, so we should just start abandoning the whole private property concept” and I was like “Hey wait a second, this is communism”.

I was unable to find out quickly if the film’s producer, Peter Joseph, was Jewish, but his partner in crime, Jacque Fresco of the Venus project, his Wikipedia says “he grew up in a Sephardi Jewish household, at the family’s home in Bensonhurst, in the Brooklyn borough of New York City”. Never fails…

I had a similar experience with the Drudge Report in 2020. There are people who say Matt Drudge has always been a bad actor, maybe that’s true, but I never went to Drudge for original reporting anyway. I used to check the Drudge report every morning while I drank my coffee, and I was able to find out what the news of the day was, from a variety of sources. I wasn’t there to know Matt Drudge’s opinion, and actually I kind of appreciated that he had curated a conservative theme using largely mainstream reporting.

But the whole tone of the site changed in 2020 and I was like why is this guy trying to tank the Republican nominee for President while the blacks riot on a daily basis in an election year?

That’s why you so often hear me reading from Revolver today.

When I got to the CMU, there were two conservative talk stations, an NPR station, and the TVs all had FM transmitters attached to them. That was the only way you could listen to the TV, using your FM radio, the speakers on the sets were disabled. This worked out pretty good for me, because, depending on where your cell was, you could pick up most or all of the 9 TVs on the unit, and since I’m a radio guy and a news junky, I don’t give a fuck if I can see the thing 90% of the time, I just want to listen.

I couldn’t get any mail at the Strafford County Jail, but when I got to Illinois, I got a subscription to the Wall Street Journal, I think one or more of you probably paid for some portion of that, but I’ll thank Joe the Jew by name for his assistance with that. I really appreciated that newspaper. So did Viktor Bout, and Matt Hale. The Wall Street Journal is sincerely probably the best daily newspaper that you can get delivered nationwide, and while I found their Zionism and Ukraine cheerleading nauseating, I hope I’ve already demonstrated that I am a discerning reader and news consumer more generally.

That paper followed me when I got shipped to Virginia. The AM radio selection there after dark was, oh, man. I didn’t know about this until that point but, you can try this at home. Turn on your AM radio in the afternoon, the dial will be wide open. Nothing there, maybe one or two talk stations, if you’re lucky, and they’re probably simulcast much clearer in FM.

Come back after 10pm, do the same thing. It’s a whole different world. AM radio waves, I won’t get too into the technical details, but the bounce of a layer of the upper atmosphere called the ionosphere, at night. So radio waves will basically skip entire states and find you all over the country.

That might not seem like much to you with a computer at your desk and a smartphone in your pocket, but when you’re in prison, especially if you only get to make two phone calls a week, this is better than cable.

So like, I was in Virginia, listening to 890AM WLS Chicago, and I could hear it more clearly there at 10pm in Virginia, than I could in Marion, Illinois. I listened to WABC 770 New York and all these other stations. Just about anywhere you go, overnight, you can hear Coast to Coast AM, and Red Eye Radio. These are staples of late night talk radio. In a lot of markets, the same company owns two stations and they might carry the same shit during the day, but they’ll have Coast to Coast on one and Red Eye Radio on the other overnight.

In some places, if you’re lucky, before that, you catch John B. Wells on Caravan to midnight.

Wherever I ended up, I drew up these radio schedules. I’d map out the different talk stations, just by listening at all hours, know what was on at what hour, and post it up on the wall. I started giving them to fellow news consumers in the places I was housed, and they made very thoughtful gifts, people really appreciated that.

Viktor used to translate the Russian Newspapers for me. He would get this big stack of like a week’s worth of four or five Russian newspapers every week, and a bunch of different Russian magazines, sent to him by the Russian embassy. he also had his own Wall Street Journal subscription. We were both glued to the news, and him all the more after the Ukraine conflict broke. Now that I think about, I was the one who told him about the first explosions reported on the news, and from that day until the day I went home, him and I just constantly conspired to keep at least one of the TV’s within reach of our radios on the news at all times so we didn’t miss anything. Anytime something exciting happened, one of us would find the other to make sure that he was listening, and more often than not, we already were.

Oh shit, time to start the show. Guess I’m gonna have to finish this without a script…



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