Radical Agenda S06E024 - Parody

Radical Agenda S06E024 – Parody

A humorous study in contrasts emerged today as I was forfeiting my life to Elon Musk on Twitter.

In one example, a Tweet appeared in my timeline depicting an “Insertable Anal Abortion Home Kit” for transgender “women” to experience the joys of abortion. In the image, a male anatomy is pictured with a balloon inserted as such a kit implies, with what appears to be an unborn child inside. The instructions read “Experience the emotional roller coaster of abortion, just like a real woman! A firm pull on the Abort Cord will create the unforgettable experience of a lap full of guts and parts”. Below this, with arrows pointing to the baby, a disclaimer is presented reading “* All contents including fluids and parts are synthetic. No real baby is used.”

This surely comes as a disappointment to many an anxious buyer.

Transgender Abortion Home Kit

The joke is obvious, but in this time of ours, one cannot be so certain without a moment’s thought, can they? The CDC has posted “chest feeding” instructions on a real government website. Transgender “women” are taking drugs to cause lactation in biological males, in effort to take their sick fetish to such heights that they might put their once or currently hairy nipple in the mouth of an infant. In such an environment, can a home abortion kit for transgenders really be so far off? And how long after that are the Planned Parenthood ghouls providing the real baby parts?

Abortion, after all, is how the Left defines womanhood. To deny a woman an abortion, we are told, is to deny women “human rights” – which is to say, abortion defines not only womanhood, but humanity.

This is Poe’s law in action. The old internet adage that, without a clear indicator of the author’s intent, any parodious or sarcastic expression of extreme views can be mistaken by some readers for a sincere expression of those views.

Transgenderism is, at least for now, the peak of anti-human extremism. They will in due course top it, so one must not dare them too quickly, but for now, this represents the peak of cartoon Leftism to such an extent that shoving a balloon full of baby guts up one’s ass can hardly be dismissed as a joke. If a man will cut off his penis to fulfill a sexual fantasy, you can put nothing else by him.

Not to be outdone, a Mike Pence parody account posted a “Stand with Israel!” link and said “We cannot allow Democrats and the Radical Left to abandon our most cherished ally! Stand with Israel!”

This is peak Nazi lulz. Mocking conservatives by calling Israel our greatest ally has been a staple of dissident Right humor for years, and watching this clever Rightist mock the former vice president in this way gave your humble correspondent an appreciable chuckle.

Mike Pence Parody account calls Israel "our most cherished ally".
Mike Pence Parody account calls Israel “our most cherished ally”.

The Blue Checkmark was a nice part of the bit, because it gave you the impression that this was the real Mike Pence Twitter account, but clearly, Mike Pence would not be so ridiculous as to say such a thing in public in 2023, so you know it’s a joke.

Except, it’s not a joke. This actually happened.

This is extremism of a magnitude near equal to that of the anal home abortion kit.

This is not entirely my anti-Semitism speaking, either. I actually don’t mind so much that politicians recognize Jews are powerful and desire to earn their support, or at least fend off their attacks. There is a Realpolitik element here that makes perfect sense. We see Donald Trump kissing Jewish ass all the time and I tend to ignore it because I don’t consider it a realistic prospect for an openly anti-Semitic presidential candidate to gain any traction, and Jewish groups have been Donald Trump’s fiercest critics for good reasons. Every candidate for the presidency courts Jewish support, and prostrates themselves before AIPAC, and nauseating though this may be I do not consider it a parody.

But the “Greatest Ally” bit is funny not only because Jews are subversive degenerates tearing down our culture and weakening our society. It is funny because Israel is in no appreciable fashion an asset to US foreign policy. Quite the contrary, they are our single greatest liability, and the fact that politicians continue uttering this nonsense tells you something very frightening about blackmail and extortion in our politics.

To the extent their espionage may have been helpful in ways not disclosed, there are surely orders of magnitude more trouble caused by it in the United States than any possible assistance could conceivably offset. When you see people saying things that are obviously fake, in praise of a foreign government, you have to figure they are doing this because there’s a bribe or a threat involved.

“Our Greatest Ally” is dragging us into foreign conflicts to our detriment, with no discernible benefit. The Iraq war stands out prominently, but not alone, as examples of the US government carrying out Israeli foreign policy to the detriment of American interests. Jews stole American nuclear secrets for the Soviet Union, and there can be little doubt that Israel’s undisclosed nuclear weapons program benefits from hostile anti-American espionage to this day. Jeffrey Epstein had undeniable links to the Mossad, his blackmail tapes are still somehow a secret after his “suicide” in a secure federal facility, and Israel’s caustic effects on our culture are reflected in more ways than I could endeavor to list here. The anal home abortion potential being near the top of that list.

Under what conceivable scenario could the United States find itself in a kinetic military conflict, and Israeli Defense Forces join that fight as the deciding factor?


The idea that this is our “Greatest Ally” is facially preposterous, and one need only the slightest comprehension of military affairs to know this, be he anti, counter, or philo-Semitic. I thought for sure a Nazi was mocking Mike Pence for saying it, but Poe’s law works both ways.

In a world gone completely mad, one cannot make a serious statement without being mistaken for a parody.

My chuckles stopped momentarily today when I saw a Tweet from Merrick Garland. I was outraged to find that he was once again persecuting law enforcement officers for doing their jobs.

You may recall a story in which a transgender lunatic went into a Christian School and began murdering children and seniors with an AR-15, for reasons which may be considered obvious but the government is still trying to keep secret. A secrecy which may in itself be viewed as a parody. The female Aubrey Hale at some point began taking steroids and calling herself a man, and because she believed in a Jewish parody of masculinity, attempted to prove her manhood by murdering innocent people at a holy place of reverence. This was an act of vengeance against God and Man for being so stubborn in their insistence that 2 and 2 make four. By any reasonable definition of the term, this was a “hate crime” of the worst sort.

But Hale would not be prosecuted for this religiously motivated act of terrorism, because brave police officers rushed into the building, in such sharp contrast to the Uvalde incident. With great speed and courage, guns drawn, they confronted the male parody as he continued to fire. Hale was dropped on the scene in a dramatic body camera video which was promptly released to the public, even while Hale’s manifesto detailing her months long plot to murder the innocent, remains a closely guarded State secret.

Merrick Garland to Prosecute Officers Who Killed Transgender Terrorist Aubrey Hale
Merrick Garland to Prosecute Officers Who Killed Transgender Terrorist Aubrey Hale

So of course Merrick Garland, being the type of Leftist criminal whom Barack Obama would nominate to the Supreme Court, could easily be believed to have said the following.

After a thorough investigation, The DOJ has indicted the police officers who responded to Christian Covenant School in Nashville. Their reckless actions and unjustified excessive force resulted in the death of trans activist Aubrey Hale. Being trans shouldn’t be a death sentence.

Why question it?

With Derek Chauvin in prison, who would doubt that Merrick Garland would do such a thing? I nearly went to Telegram to state this as fact, before I noticed this was a parody account.

Twitter rules require a parody account to identify themselves as such. Impersonating other people on Twitter, even public figures, is against the Twitter rules. This is appropriate, I’d say, because in this time it is really impossible to tell the difference between the reals and the fakes.

It’s no longer just that one cannot parody extremism, but one can scarcely discern whether the real accounts have actually lost their minds or if they are playing a sick game. Are we being trolled by the actual people in power? It sometimes seems that way.

Case in point, take the newest trend in gender dystopianism. A phenomenon known as “transfishing” has emerged in which real women are pretending to be transgender to obtain social media approbation.

To begin, transgenderism is a parody. It is a parody of womanhood. It is to women what blackface is to black people, it is ladyface.

Now, we have this absurdity taken to cartoonish new heights, in which people have discerned that there are benefits to being perceived as transgender, and to reap those rewards they are willing to lie. This puts the “transgender community” in something of a bind, because they have insisted that a woman is a woman because he says he is a woman, and that there can be no objective test of this assertion. This is born of the idea that gender is a social construct and entirely performative. So who is to say that a real woman cannot be transgender?

A paradox makes for a fine parody, and on the downward spiral of Leftist insanity it goes.

Here at the Radical Agenda, we have become something of a parody ourselves. We have truly come full circle. Our catch phrase used to be “Common Sense Extremism” and this little play on words gained some traction for a time. It has increasingly become a dangerous thing to utter a bit of common sense. Being branded an extremist is a foregone conclusion. Pipe up too loudly and it might get you labeled a terrorist. This agenda is so radical, that we would go so far as to suggest that human beings are biological organisms, whose characteristics are passed to us through the DNA of our parents by way of sexual reproduction, and live birth. It is with all due reverence for the environment, that we note the limits of its powers to alter that genetic coding, and accept without reluctance the plain as day observation that, however these factors interplay in the course of human events, we can overcome neither by sheer belief.

Yes, this agenda is quite radical, and welcome to it. 217-688-1433 if you would like to be on the pogrom, and the more you talk the less I have to, so please do, give us a call.




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