Radical Agenda S06E027 - There Will Be Blood

Radical Agenda S06E027 – There Will Be Blood

It has been too long since I  have been face to face with a guest on the Radical Agenda. In fairness to me, it’s not entirely necessary most of the time. There are lots of great people who just by phone, even without a video feed, you get a pretty good idea of who and what they are.

But they don’t make phone lines that can carry the bravado of this evening’s guest. In Maine at least, the Internet, cannot carry his image.

Our guest this evening is larger than life in some sense. He has a reputation that shocks and alarms some, and lets others know that help is on the way.

Christopher “The Hammer” Pohlhaus, founder of the Blood Tribe White Nationalist movement. Some say he’s a fed. Some say, he’s the future.

You’re about to find out.

We couldn’t go small ball for our first live guest, and as you’ll soon see, it’s not just all shock and awe that caught my attention about Mr. Pohlhaus. Has a fascinating history, and it intersects with my own.

As long time listeners understand all too well, the world fell apart in the absence of the Radical Agenda.

When the FBI broke my door down in January of 2020, it took less than two months for a Chinese plague to sweep the planet. The Dow Jones Industrial Average crashed 10,000 points. Donald Trump handed the keys to the White House to Anthony Fauci, to whom Democrats then made literal prayer candles and shrines. The God King of decades of failed AIDS research ran America while the Jew’s pets burned the country on live television. It was mostly peaceful of course, save for the arson, the looting, and just a few murders. It was sort of like a year of nightly Charlottesvilles, but with more fire, and death, and corruption.

Saint Floyd, peace be upon him, looked up from hell. He saw he peace, and tranquility, and he said “Let there be chaos” and it was so. The AIDS patients Fauci failed to cure, told the blacks “Hey, let’s go steal!” and the blacks said “Shit yeah nigga”. And Saint Floyd saw that it was, in his view, good.

It was the world he had always wanted. A world where criminals ruled the streets with no fear of the cops. Quite the contrary. A world where corporations simply wrote checks to the criminals instead of compelling them to print their own dollars for cigarettes.

Not that this stopped them from stealing, of course.

And who could have expected otherwise? We were the glue that kept society together, which is why the Jews were always doing their best to destroy us. They nearly did, and more than once. But they just couldn’t stop us so long as I could so much as pick up a phone.

Sure, they managed to diminish our reach. We saw the consequences of that long before my arrest. For all this talk that the Radical Agenda was some kind of terrorist conspiracy, you might have noticed a conspicuous absence in the rash of mass shootings that occurred throughout 2018 and 2019.

You heard about a lot of White Nationalists getting visits from cops and feds, saying they were connected to the shooters in some way.

Not your humble correspondent.

Those men might still be alive today, and perhaps their victims would have found some other path to their demise, had they been with us.

I’m more careful with my words today than I used to be, but I recognized then, and still do, that the super edgy version of the Radical Agenda served a very important purpose.

Several, I’d like to think, but one stands out as I prepare to introduce our guest.

I’ve never been a big fan of this idea that violent video games or movies are causing the violence in our societies. Men need danger in their lives, even if it is synthetic. Without it, there’s only the monotonous ticking of the click driving him insane. Some awareness that he is a killing machine does good for a man’s mind. Without it, he might mistake himself for a woman, and we seem to be seeing a lot more of that since I went away.

If it gets too far, he might try to reclaim his manhood by emulating some Jewish caricature of masculinity. Pick up a gun. Shoot innocent people. Just to prove that he is what all men always knew they were up until pretty recently.

As I was getting to know a little about our guest, I saw a meme on his Telegram channel. It said “Ask yourself, ‘Am I a bitch?'”

You think that’s a joke, and maybe it is, but that is actually one of the more important questions a man asks himself in life.

If you don’t know the answer to that question, there’s no telling what you might do. A man who doesn’t know if he’s a bitch is the most dangerous sort of man. He’s going to try to figure that out, one way or another.

I figure that’s exactly what happened to a lot of those shooters who are now dead or spending the rest of their lives in prison. Some, awaiting execution. I imagine some of them are looking forward to it.

The point I mean to make here is that when a man discovers the things a Radical Agenda listener comes to know, he’s gonna ask himself that question. Am I a bitch? And if not, why am I not stopping these fucking animals from destroying my race and nation? Where are the men who are supposed to lead me in that cause? Are they bitches?

And if he concludes that he’s not a bitch, but that there are no men to lead him in that cause, because they are, in fact, bitches, then he’s going to one of two things.

He’s going to go out with a bang, or he’s going to be the leader he wished he saw among his people.

Right around the time I was shipped to the United States Penitentiary, in Marion Illinois, and held in the Communications Management Unit, where I was finally after all those years of trying, at long last silenced by the system, Christopher Pohlhaus, I’m glad to say, chose the latter course.

Others, are less enthused about this, clearly.

They call him The Hammer, you might have heard. Started an outfit called “Blood Tribe”. They show up armed, with Swastikas, talkin bout rope.

Quite a thing to see.

Before I invited our guest I saw a video of his crew on Twitter. An independent journalist, whom I must say, has never been unfair to me, a guy by the name of Ford Fischer, posted some videos of their exit from an all ages drag show not so long ago.

Fischer’s video titles all had the word Nazi in them. I asked on X, which is this service that’s totally not Twitter, so I’m not banned from it, you can follow me there, @TalkRadioDeity. I said “Why are the Nazis the subject of the story when there’s a bunch of pedophiles gathered in public celebrating “Pride” at the end of July?

Answers were not forthcoming, as you might guess.

An astute observer noted that when you show up determined to make a spectacle of yourself, there’s a serious risk you might succeed, and our friends with the Swazis seem to have done just that.

Perhaps that’s a reason to question the wisdom of their behavior.

Perhaps not.

You ever seen the cartoon series, Archer? With the private sector secret agent company and they’re drunk all the time and getting into trouble? They got this catch phrase that comes up from time to time, the context of it is sometimes pretty funny so it stands out in my mind.

Say somebody drops some food “Do you want ants? Because that’s how you get ants.”

Maybe somebody ought to tell the gender groomers “Do you want Nazis? Because that’s how you get Nazis?”

Of course, there are those who say they do, and we’ll probe that before we’re done here tonight.

I was a little bit conflicted about doing this interview. What Mr. Pohlhaus is doing is in substantial contrast to the track I’m on.

I ran the idea by Pat, who calls in from time to time, and has never given me bad advice, even when I’ve disagreed with him, which is not unusual.

I said, in effect, if I have this guy on my show, it could go bad. My listeners might decide he’s got that edge they want, they could go get involved in what he’s doing, and they might take unwarranted risks, to say nothing of the impact on my projects. I care deeply about this audience, and many of them care about me. When I was in prison, you wrote me letters, you sent me money. When I got home, you welcomed me. You called me a hero.

It’s very important to me that I do not give you bad advice. That’s not what a good friend, much less a leader, does.

If I take issue with what the guy is doing, he might call me a bitch, or he might think I’m insulting him in some way, and, well, let’s just spare the predictions and say that wouldn’t help anybody.

So, I sent him kind of a lengthy message on Telegram, and I’ll share that with you before we get into it.

Good Morning, Sir.

A mutual acquaintance suggested I invite you to be a guest on my podcast. If it suits you, I’d like to discuss that prospect at your convenience.

I’ll state in advance that I have some apprehension about this. So this is not yet an invitation. I’d rather like to speak to you privately for a bit so we can determine if this will be of benefit to our people and the goals we seem to have in common. I think it fair to say we have some disagreements, likely not all of which have yet been discovered. While that can make for lively and interesting discussion, it is not my view that we benefit our shared values through internecine conflict at this time, so I am keen to avoid that sort of thing.

If you know anything about me, you know that I have a bit of experience with what might be described as the “shock value element”. This is a role I think fair to say you have found suitable to your inclinations. While disrupting the slumber of residents of a burning building has its merits, experience has caused me to question the wisdom of disregarding public opinion.

I am deeply skeptical of Ukraine, and boisterously pro-Russia. So much so that I struggle to put in polite terms my thoughts on your announcement that you would seek to fight in that conflict, and frame it as a thing worth doing for others. Difficult though that may be, I assure you that I’ll manage, but you could expect to be challenged on this if we go forward.

We have a thing in common, besides our fondness for a German statesman, and uniform in the race war. People accuse us both of being some kind of government program. As you might guess, I am more certain of this being incorrect about my operations than yours.

One thing I am certain of, is that I would not want to encourage my audience to join up with you. In the most charitable interpretation, I think what you are doing is misguided and takes unwarranted risks. Since I am of this view, I’d be doing them a disservice not to state this explicitly at some point in proximity to our discussion. Off the top of my head, I think a fair way to deal with this might be to say so in your presence, and allow you to respond before the end of the interview.

If you think it feasible for us to have a polite public discussion with this in mind, and that doing so need not result in our trying to undermine one another subsequently, then I am reasonably confident your undeniable talent and bombastic personality would make for great radio in combination with mine.

If there’s any potential for this to put us in enmity, this I think would be better not done, and in this case we might be better off staying in our respective lanes.

I’ll be interested to know your thoughts in either case, and I thank you for your consideration.

It didn’t take long for Mr. Pohlhaus to get back to me. I’ll let him speak for himself momentarily, and I think you’re going to find what I found.

He’s not nuts.

He’s not a fed.

He’s not stupid.

I imagine he doesn’t have to ask himself if he’s a bitch these days, but I bet he does from time to time, as I do, just to keep things sharp.

He reminds me of me in some ways, and that’s not entirely a coincidence. When we spoke, he said that when he tells people about his ideological journey, I’m a part of that journey.

In preparation for the show, I listened to his interview with my good friends Coach and the Gang over at Full Haus, on Episode 154, which is worth listening to. He said it there, months before I had any contact with the man.

The first person he ever heard say the Holocaust was a lie, was a Jew by the name of Adama Kokesh. Mr. Pohlhaus gave Mr. Kokesh a tattoo, and no, it wasn’t a fuckin serial number.


Just kidding, of course.


Obviously it was a serial number.

Like a lot of us, he came from the libertarian space, and in 2021, after he watched the works of the Patron Saint of Fentanyl unfold, and the madness that was the election of the prior year, he got up one morning and said “Where’s the swastikas already? Am I a bitch? No. I’ll take the fuckin swastikas, and I’ll go deal with this shit, my goddamn self”. I don’t know if that’s an exact quote, but he’ll tell you himself in a minute.

You can question the wisdom of that. But it beats shooting up a synagogue.

You might say that his late entry to the game spared him the harsh lessons we came to learn in the four years preceding his formation of the Blood Tribe. Or you might say that this allowed him to save his energy for a fight that had already left your humble correspondent quite weary.

You could say he’s making a big mistake, and he’s going to regret it. But that would involve predicting the future, and I’ve never been so good at that, actually. I don’t know about you. And if you can predict the future, then like, where’s the Bitcoin billions to fund this shit?

At least he’s thinking about the future.

Mr. Pohlhaus has demonstrated a level of prudence, and a strategic vision which has been sorely lacking in our movement. He purchased several acres of land in Maine, not so far from where I’ve teased such a project right here in New Hampshire. He’s been up there working on that land, and he drove out here to New Hampshire to be with me for this interview.

I am honored that he did. So maybe it’s time I shut the fuck up and let the man speak.

Christopher “The Hammer” Pohlhaus, the man with the absolute set of balls to try and replace me as the edgiest guy in the White Nationalist movement, is in studio with us tonight.

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