Radical Agenda S06E029 - Jean-Francois Gariepy

Radical Agenda S06E029 – Jean-Francois Gariepy

Jean-Francois Gariepy returns for his second appearance on the Radical Agenda.

Me and JF go way back. Our first interaction was while he was co-hosting Warski Live.

In the wake of that appearance, Warski acted disreputably, and JF called him out on it.

Shortly after, he began hosting his own show, the Public Space, on which I was proudly featured in February of 2019. During that time, I was embroiled in a great deal of controversy, and our guest gave me the fairest of hearings. Today he is still in production, and calls the show JFG Tonight.

But nobody just shows up in media. To do this, you have to be interesting in advance, and of course, JF fits the bill.

At the University of Montreal, JF studied biology. n 2008, the Society for Neuroscience awarded him their prestigious “Next Generation Award”, and in 2012 he completed a doctoral thesis, and went on to study social interactions in monkeys at the Institute for Brain Sciences at Duke University. His 21 research papers have been cited no fewer than 529 times.

After making his media debut with an absolute buffoon who called himself “The Amazing Atheist” on a show called the Drunken Peasants in 2015, JF joined Warski two years later in 2017.

In 2018, he published “The Revolutionary Phenotype: The amazing story of how life begins and how it ends“. In it, JF makes the case that the first molecules of DNA on Earth were fabricated by a previous life form. He warns that mankind may at this very moment be creating the life form that comes to replace us. In March of this year, he published a shortened version of this warning in a Bitcoin ordinal.

Unlike most dissident Right media producers, he has not been banned from YouTube. JF made the choice to delete his YouTube channel voluntarily. His lasting as long as he did, until 2019-2020, was impressive in itself, given all the censorship on the platform. Choosing to leave voluntarily, before being banned, I’d say, is a strategic maneuver that exemplifies our guest’s skill for navigating a perilous battlefield.

For these and other reasons, I expect we have much to learn from him, and I look forward to doing so when the Radical Agenda airs this Friday, as we do every Friday, at 9:30pm US Eastern time on Odysee and the GetMeRadio App for Smartphone, FireTV, and Roku.






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