Radical Agenda S06E033 - Against Judeo-Centrism

Radical Agenda S06E033 – Against Judeo-Centrism

Radical Agenda
Radical Agenda
Radical Agenda S06E033 - Against Judeo-Centrism

One need not study history to know that the history we have been fed is absolute nonsense. Studying the news will suffice.

One can hardly go a week in politics these days without hearing some reference to history’s archetypal villain being invoked. Adolf Hitler, the Nazis, the Axis Powers, any number of derogatory slang terms. These are invoked not to shed light upon a situation, or to avoid the repetition of prior unenlightened darkness, but rather, to make as certain as one can that the situation is not understood at all. To silence one’s opponent with the fear of being cast next to the most reviled caricatures our culture has to offer.

So ingrained is the response to this that even the uninformed understand that to be called a Nazi carries with it an implied threat of violence. The whole entire purpose of the term is to say that no act is too depraved when carried out against those so maligned.

And what did the Nazis do to become our go to reference for evil incarnate? Was it the invasion of a foreign land? A record number of deaths attributed to them? A particularly cruel method of slaughter? Perhaps it was their hostility to Russians? I kid.

No, of course, none of the above are the cause for the Nazis to be our cartoon villains of choice. We are to believe that the Nazis are the epitome of evil because they killed precisely six million Jews.

We are further to believe that because the Nazis killed six million Jews, the entirety of the world order and domestic politics must be organized around the central principle that this must never happen again.

To prevent this grim fairy tale from repeating itself ad nauseam, we must indoctrinate our children with this lore from their first studies of history. Some might not even have learned to read before being exposed to their first picture book to inculcate Holocaust mythology in the young. Among such titles are Hedy’s Journey, by Michelle Bisson, and A Picture Book of Anne Frank, by David Adler, and The Tattooed Torah, by Marvell Ginsburg.

In American schools, children will be told more about this supposed Holocaust than they will be told about the American Revolution and the War of 1812 combined. They will be told plenty pertaining to the American Civil War, but they will learn almost nothing of worth about it, because its only narrative purpose is to invoke further imagery of race hysteria born of the guilty and fearful Jewish conscience.

This has predictable results on later outcomes for the country.

As those propagandized and poisoned minds grow older and become active participants in the National Destiny, they know one thing more than they know anything else. That Hitler was the Devil and in both the United States and Russia our national pride is centered around his defeat in war. For the United States this takes on a uniquely caustic character as our State religion has at the core of its doctrine that this martial victory endows us with the right and responsibility to rule the world by force. Our heroic rescue of God’s chosen people endows us with special moral powers, which exempt us from the standards of conduct we impose upon other Nations with our military, and our exorbitant economic privilege of issuing the world reserve currency.

It influences our immigration policy, because though we are the saviors of Gods flock, we hesitated to take on the task. We are told that America has no moral standing to enforce its immigration laws, because as Jews attempted to enter the United States illegally in the lead up to the war, they were turned away, and it is implied though not proven that every last Jew turned away was tattooed and made to face a gas chamber just off our shores at Nazi hands.

As the Jews who who turned Russia into the world’s largest torture chamber fled those who had come to take their vengeance, we dared not incur God’s wrath by turning them away again, and now no man may dare seek the Presidency without prostrating himself before the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee.

Our television networks, our radio stations, our newspapers, our book publishers, our financial institutions, our advertising firms, and even our Christian religious institutions, even those so bold as to call themselves Lutheran, are dominated either by Jews themselves or by Jewish cultural narratives.

Even as America claims its moral high ground on the world stage by invoking its participation in Word War II, our domestic politics are tied up in a sense of national shame and guilt, that we are inherently unworthy of our oxygen supply for being descended of bloodlines that shared a continent with the Nazi regime. We celebrate our diversity as our men are feminized, our women, sterilized, our children are chemically and surgically castrated, and our borders are opened to those more fertile than we.

Our advertisements, television shows and other cultural signals almost never feature healthy White families. One cannot turn on a television without seeing a mixed race couple, or at best two White homosexuals. The characters in our stories, if any White ones remain at all after the second or third revision, feature White men as violent, drunk, stupid, uncaring fools. Our women are depicted from a menu of childless career oriented fictional business titans, tasteless bimbos, or the single mothers of mixed race offspring braving the slut shaming patriarchal oppression of their White supremacist male tormentors.

One with his wits about him who manages to observe this Jewish matrix, sees this and thinks quite appropriately that those indoctrinated with his lunacy have lost their minds. He sees that this once proud people who dominated the Earth and brought forth order from chaos is now in late stage decline and on track to lead the world back into barbarism.

He sees that they do this all based on a story for which no credible proof is presented.

If he was once among those so deceived, he feels betrayed. Not only by the Jew, but by his own people who went along with the lies and allowed this treachery to gain a social status equal that of the truth.

This, if he is a decent man, upsets him deeply.

He comes to study the origins of this pathology.

He aims to fix it.

He becomes an anti-Semite.

And we might from that phrase alone discern a problem. He becomes an anti-Semite. His identity is now tied to the opposition of the people his countrymen have their identities devoted to. He has not broken free of his oppressor. He is, on the contrary, all the more consumed by them.

Whereas once he had a deeply engrained but largely subconscious fixation on Jewish narratives, the Jew is now vividly fixated at the very forefront of his mind. He sees the Jew everywhere like Roddy Piper in John Carpenter’s 1988 film “They Live” except that the glasses are now welded to his face.

The Jew becomes the explanation for all things he dislikes.

In all the things he does like, he comes to see the Jew as well, and on account of this, he comes to dislike those things too.

His life cannot be said to have been improved by this knowledge.

I get this, I really do. I find it hysterical when I try to tell people to calm down and a bunch of people who really, really need to calm down start freaking out on me like I’m the one with the malfunction, and this happens frequently enough.

When I first got red pilled to this stuff, I was fucking banged up by it too. I saw it everywhere and I was like “How did I not see this before?” and I was so mad that nobody told me. I thought everything and everyone was corrupt and cowardly and dishonest. I was like “you have all allowed this to happen because you were afraid of being called a racist, and you were so afraid that I went 35 years without even knowing because nobody said anything?”.

It took some adjusting.

And then I fucking adjusted.

If you’re somebody who really thinks “There’s no point in being president of the United States unless I can also be an open Holocaust denier”

You are being blinded by something that is obstructing your vision. Your thinking is more Judeo-centric than Roberta Kaplan’s.

I don’t know how anybody can stand to live that way for more than like 2 years.

I get it just fine for that two years. When I see guys who are new to this thing, it makes perfect sense to me that they are totally bent out of shape. I was there, for real I was there.

But when I see guys who are in that state of mind 3, 4, 5 years later. I get to wondering about those guys.

For the media types, and I don’t mean to accuse anyone of anything nefarious here, but one might assume this is in part an act for them. They are playing a role and trying to maintain the ideological fervor. I have no evidence to support this save for my own experience, but that would make sense of it. I wanted to tone it down long before I did, which is part of what I find so amusing about people who say prison did this to me. Well, you know, prison provided some opportunity perhaps, but this was by no means a new idea for me.

But you’re a content producer, and you change the content, the audience reacts to that. And they tend to react negatively. Guys who make their living telling fanatics what they want to hear, should not talk other people about taking bold stances or being brave. When you’re immersed in that, not to toot my own horn here, but when this is how you make your living you’re not taking risks by doing it anymore. The risk is when you say “hey, this isn’t working guys, we need to do something else”.

I know from experience, that immediately and negatively impacts a man’s income. And unless he goes full Picciolini, the Jews are not there to help him out. When I spend the first 1500 words of this thing saying how ridiculous it is that we center our culture around Jews, I do not then earn the favor of the banking cartel by saying that spending all your time thinking negatively about Jews is a bad idea too.

I saw this nonsense with the Dylann Roof fan club types and I was like, no, you know, we’re not, I’m not going to tell my listeners that its good to die or go to prison for the rest of your life just so you can hurt a few senior citizens. If you can trade your life for the salvation of our people, call me and I’ll do it, you take care of the kids. But like, the senseless violence caricature that is made of us by the SPLC, that element exists in real life, even if not so prominently as they would like to pretend, and its actually a pretty predictable consequence of having all of your attention focused on a group of people and blaming them for everything from the last election to your sex life.

When people first came to me with the Holocaust denial stuff I remember, I said to Hadding, among others “It seems to me that the people who say the Holocaust didn’t happen, also say that it should, and this damages their credibility in my view”.

After Virginia, when I found out that, many people really could tell the same lie, I had to revise my opinions about the Holocaust, but there’s still that element to it.

And I suppose, if you’re somebody who is immersed in that sort of media, this is where your mind is going to be. But I was never there. Like, never, at all. I always was like “The last thing I need to be doing is listening to Nazi podcasts all day” stuck in some kind of echo chamber. I watched that happen with the libertarians that they get all their news and opinion from their fellow ideologues and that stuff causes them to speak a totally different language than the rest of the society and they end up as walled off from society as any prisoner and more foreign to their people than the Jews themselves.

That definitely happened with the Alt Right, and free speech liberals warned about this, that it would result in us being cut off from society and stuck in radicalized echo chambers where we had less and less exposure to normies and a totally different culture forms. That definitely happened and it was predictable.

Do you think the Jews are very upset about that? Do you think they miscalculated? No. They knew exactly what was going to happen. These are the people who run the ACLU and defend pornography and all manner of degenerate filth under the guise of free speech. They know the arguments inside and out.

They considered it a perfectly acceptable cost that guys would go and gun down Jews in synagogues. Roberta Kaplan bragged about mass shootings being the consequence of her lawfare. You make it impossible for people to organize, you destroy the prudent leaders, you make sure those who remain get stuck in these ideological echo chambers. Some guy who is already unstable sees no hope for the future, just a target rich environment, and bang, they have more propaganda that they can use to seize and abuse power.


When people are just pursuing their interests, I’m not even saying there’s anything wrong with that per se, but you have to realize that this is what they are doing and you have to take it with a grain of salt.

You know, there’s people in this thing, whether they mean well or whether they’re working with the Democrats, who have a very unique interest in diminishing the Republican Party. You see this all the time. They don’t have nearly the concern about the Democrats who are by any measure far more dangerous to you and me, and who are funded twice as much by Jews as their Republican counterparts. It’s really conspicuous when you learn to look for it.So this thing comes across my radar, you might have seen me talk about this on Gab or Telegram, it’s what actually gave me the title for today’s show, that when this Lauren Boebert thing came up, some folks think they are very clever by pointing out that years ago, she and several other conservative media personalities had a profile on a talent website, and this website was apparently owned by a Jewish man who had some connection to a phone sex operation.

Reviews for the site, say it is a scam. People claim the site made promises of stardom and charged them outrageous amounts of money with no rewards and even some claim unauthorized charges on their credit cards.

This, we are to believe, is proof, that American conservatism is a fake Jewish plot.

And of course, the people who peddle these things, believe that regardless of this website, you might have guessed. It is not that this convinced them of it, it was part of their narrative construction wherein all things are fake Jewish plots unless they are personally involved, and even those turn out to be fake Jewish plots as soon as they turn their focus elsewhere because fake Jewish plots explain all of their failures and absolve them of all responsibility therefore.

But of course, the idea that public figures might have sought out media jobs before obtaining them is actually not very controversial. The fact that Jews are involved in media talent scouting should not be surprising to anyone, and certainly not to an anti-Semite.

The idea that political strategists went out and looked to hire people to advocate for their ideas based on qualities not pertaining to their sheer ideological devotion is not only uncontroversial, it is a lesson worth learning and a strategy worth emulating. Maybe if we hire some actors and actresses and have them go out and say what they are told to say, we can stop dealing with these silly issues where some fanatic gets himself in a heap of trouble and discredits his ideas in the process.

The site in question is not a casting couch for porn, as is so often vaguely eluded to. It’s just owned by a Jewish guy who also had some connection to a phone sex outfit. So, the idea that these are cam whores and prostitutes is not supported by the evidence.

The site was owned by a Jew. Well, so is Facebook. I wonder if any of the people talking about this can be found on that Jewish conspiracy and if we should accuse them of plotting with the Elders of Zion against us?

Judeo-centrism is dumb. Whether it’s because you think the Holocaust is the most important event in human history or because you think Jews are controlling everything in the world and explain all of your complaints about it.

There is nothing nefarious about being a professional media personality, or in going through the motions of the media business to find yourself in that position. There is nothing nefarious about having a manager or a promotional team or buying advertisements or obtaining money.

And of course, none of this is said to defend Lauren Boebert, who was literally fucking a Democrat immediately after, if not before, leaving her husband. There’s plenty to complain about here.

It’s just not that important that she put some pictures on a talent scout website, and saying so only distracts from the pertinent issues of our time.

This is a situation where people can’t see the forest for the trees, and that is not going to work out well for you politically, financially, socially, or romantically.

And if you think the Jews have a problem with that, then I don’t know why you would have any problem with them at all.




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