Radical Agenda S06E037 - Simon Roche Reloaded

Radical Agenda S06E037 – Simon Roche Reloaded

Radical Agenda
Radical Agenda
Radical Agenda S06E037 - Simon Roche Reloaded

Simon Roche of Suidlanders sits down with Christopher Cantwell for over four hours, fresh off their prior interview which aired as Radical Agenda Stage Six Episode 35. We pre-recorded this a week ago, and I just got done editing it for your viewing and listening enjoyment.

Simon never does interviews this long. During our interview he remarked “Maybe it’s the Holy Spirit!” that got him wanting to talk to me. I took this as very high praise and made all effort not to let the compliment go to my head.

In this long form interview, Chris and Simon discuss the Israel/Hamas war, Ukraine/Russia conflict, Religion, Economics, and much, much more. Simon really opened up and got passionate about the subject matter.

This was a really great talk, and I’m looking forward to doing more interviews like this. These have been very well received, the guests have praised my skills as an interviewer, they get people talking about us, and it helps draw people into the content.

These promotional opportunities are an even bigger deal now that I have begun to syndicate other content producers.

If you’ve been keeping up with the shows or following on Gab or Telegram, you may have heard me mention that your SurrealPolitiks.com paywall subscription will now also grant you access to premium content from our good friends at Full Haus. Their paywall site is separate from the main one, at https://FullHausMembers.com. Just log in using your SurrealPolitiks username and password to unlock the goodies over there.

This is the next big step in our project. SurrealPolitiks has an affiliate advertising program which will allow other content producers to get paid for promoting our services. Those affiliates, if accepted, have the option of granting paywall access to their content, to our users, as a reward. This effectively gives them a content paywall without needing to manage all the problems associated with that, and it provides for some very interesting opportunities I’ve discussed at some length in our member chats.

I took a cautious approach when I came home for more reasons than it would make sense to list here. Ultimately, when you’re away from things for three years, especially when without a phone for one of them, it takes a little while to get reacquainted with the battlefield and find one’s footing. Things are now starting to pick up, and there is much more excitement on the horizon.

I’ve been actively recruiting tech talent, and there are projects underway which will have a real impact. I’m in talks with other producers about collaboration, and more interviews are soon to come. Before long, I’ll be able to hit the road again and start attending and organizing IRL events.

The media put a lot of effort into destroying me. They damn near succeeded. Now they, and many others, consider it the prudent course to ignore me.

They are soon to be deprived of this choice.

There are of course many costs associated with all this ambition. Since coming home, I have been able to dedicate all of my time to this project, thanks to supporters like you.

I emailed subscribers recently with a fundraising pitch, and I want to say thanks to those of you who contributed. I got both sets of mic stands, the amplified headphone splitter I was looking for, extra headphones, and took care of some bills. As a result, I will be much better situated the next time I do an in person interview, and I am very grateful to those of you who make this production possible with your financial contributions.

There are still some things on my Amazon Wish List, which would improve matters a great deal. Notably the Mic Mute switches for in person guests, and the HDMI capture card to make remote guest appearances much more worry free. There’s no upper limit to what somebody can spend on audio/video/computer equipment of course, but I update that list regularly to make sure the stuff on it is at a price/quality ratio concordant with where we are at in our progress.

If you’re somebody who already contributes regularly, or if resources are tight for you, consider this extra episode of the show a token of my gratitude.

If you are in a position to help the show financially, and you haven’t done so in awhile, I might humbly suggest now as a good time to get into the practice. There is momentum building and I will use these resources efficiently for maximum possible impact. I am completely devoted to this project and the faster I can get what I need and start doing IRL activity, the more exciting things will be for all of us.

Thank you all for making this possible. While the Amazon Wish list linked above will help me a great deal, you will see down below options for sending money, as is often the case, and I’ll really appreciate it if you could make use of one of those.

See you tomorrow for SurrealPolitiks!

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