Radical Agenda S06E039 - Meltdown

Radical Agenda S06E039 – Meltdown

Radical Agenda
Radical Agenda
Radical Agenda S06E039 - Meltdown

For the most part, it scarcely warrants mentioning these days that Leftists have been caught in a lie. The fact that they spoke in the first place told us that this was the case. There is hardly any other reason for them to be using language besides some sort of malicious deception.

When there is some nexus to a racial issue, this is all the more certain. One cannot very well develop an anti-White worldview, purport to be a decent and caring person, and tell the truth, all in the same phase of life. Anti-White hatred has – at its very core – a seething hatred of the truth as such, and atop this it would be supremely impractical to convince good people to join your mission if you told them the truth about yourself and the targets of your enmity.

We who traveled from around the country to Charlottesville Virginia in 2017 knew this to be the case. When they told us the removal of the Lee Monument from the same named park would not result in its destruction or any other ill, it took hardly any imagination for us to picture the images which emerged yesterday.

The city gave the monument over to what has been described as a “black museum” to do with as they saw fit. This uniquely ethnocentric institution decided that the best way to handle America’s history, was to destroy it. So, in secret, they invited the Washington Post, and a number of the criminals who planned and carried out the felonious riots of August of 2017, and the subsequent perjury and rash of other crimes too long to list, to a yet unpublished location, where the monument was cut to pieces, and fed into a furnace in excess of 2500 degrees Fahrenheit.

The face of the monument was separated from the rest of it with a torch, and in an iconic bit of video, it is pictured red hot, and described as “like it was crying” as it melts away.

The criminals, ever lusting for the destruction of all that is decent, or that represents decency, celebrated, of course. Though this was the mildest of their victories after destroying countless innocent lives and the reputation of our legal system, being as they are, demonic, the destruction of symbols does seem to bring them a rather unique sort of joy.

Having sacrificed too much myself in defense of a statue I had little personal interest in, the celebratory frenzy of Leftist media and online activists was a subject of some amusement to me.

I am not much of a military historian, but I imagine there are no shortage of like incidents in the historical record. An army celebrates its victory as the enemy enjoys a hearty laugh.

“Oh, you think its over, do you? Well, that suits me just fine. Enjoy yourself. Have yourself a drink or ten. You have nothing to fear from us. We have been vanquished. You can relax now.”

What is so often lost, even on conservatives, sadly, is that the removal of that statue was supremely unpopular.  Far from democracy in action, this was a rather brutal imposition of privileged opinions using violence and deception to take something away from the majority of the population.

But those privileged opinions do carry much weight, and the consequences for crossing them are quite dire. So, having seen what happened to the “very fine people” on one side of this argument, the rest of the country did as was the marauders intended for them to do, and cowered. They acquiesced to the inevitable removal of the historical symbols and hoped against all evidence this would satiate the mob.

But the mob is never satiated. Far from cooling tensions, their victory in 2017 was to them evidence of their inevitable and perpetual forward march toward the destruction of all that is.

This culminated in the 2020 race riots, the subsequent theft of a presidential election, and all the war and crime and economic chaos that has plagued our country since.

So I am all too happy for the criminals who terrorize this country to publicize news of their celebratory destruction of the monument, because this is what they have in mind when they talk about America being a melting pot. They will burn everything of any significance to anyone, and they will gleefully celebrate in the heat in the fire.

But they can only do that until the public figures out that there is no use negotiating with those who seek your destruction. The pendulum shall swing, come what may, and we’ve been reminded too many times that felonies never die in Virginia.

Once that happens, the celebrations will stop. The only symbols destroyed will be those in the hands of the people responsible for the chaos we have endured. The people doing the destroying, won’t have purple hair. They won’t pretend to have a gentle purpose. They won’t lie about what they did or why they did it. They’ll enjoy themselves, but they will not crack a smile.

So enjoy the moment, scumbag.

This was never about the statue. Not for me.

It’s not even about the history.

It’s about the future.

And you’ll have no part of that.


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