Radical Agenda S06E055 - Black History, of the Future

Radical Agenda S06E055 – Black History, of the Future

Radical Agenda
Radical Agenda
Radical Agenda S06E055 - Black History, of the Future

February, as you surely know, is Black History Month. It’s a time to celebrate diversity in America, by dedicating 28 days to the contributions black people have made to society.

This is no small task, of course. Trying to find such contributions without lying proves very difficult, in fact.

There are plenty of fairy tales. Most notably, that of Martin Luther King Jr.. For those in the know, however, King was a charlatan and a philanderer. This makes him one of the more common examples of black behavior, and not at all the sort of thing Jews want portrayed about their most easily controlled pets.

There are many well intentioned folks who say we should do away with Black History Month. That we should get to viewing skin color much like we do hair or eye color, a largely insignificant cosmetic feature, wholly unworthy of a month of study.

But that seems unlikely when blacks are making history so frequently, each and every day in modern America.

Granted, these history making moments are not what one would tend to call “contributions”. Most, in fact, are more accurately described as “crimes”.


Just after I sent out the email for today’s show, I find out that Letitia James, the black New York State Attorney General, managed to get Judge Engoron to hit Trump with a $354 million penalty in her sham persecution of the former president, all without the benefit of a Jury. Not that they’ve proven very useful historically.

Down in Georgia, black District Attorney Fani Willis made a fool out of herself taking the stand in her own defense, after it was discovered she was sleeping with the inexperienced lawyer she hired to prosecute Trump at taxpayer expense, and funnelled that money back to herself.

George Floyd is almost too obvious to mention. Almost. His life of crime led him to the knee of a true martyr. One Derek Chauvin. Then, the forces of darkness, in every sense, took this country to the depths of hell, as if to see the Patron Saint of Fentanyl one last time.

Patrice Cullors, who has described herself as a “trained Marxist”, took millions donated to the Black Lives Matter organization, and went on a shopping spree buying real estate and other expensive items.

Jussie Smollett, seeing opportunity in all of this lunacy, hired two guys he used to work with, to pretend to beat him up. Then he told police that he was assaulted in Chicago by White men in MAGA hats who screamed “THIS IS MAGA COUNTRY NIGGER FAGGOT!”. He was among the very few who actually got prosecuted for his hate crime hoax, but such hoaxes are far more frequent than prosecutions of the perpetrators.


Not all modern black history is violent or criminal, of course. Some of it is downright comical.

Take for example White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. She is many “firsts” she likes to remind us. She’s also a complete idiot and embarrassment to the country, though there is nothing particularly new or unique about that.

On a near daily basis she comes out to the podium at the White House so her adoring fans in the Press can studiously avoid asking her difficult questions. Every now and then, she’ll reluctantly call on the likes of Peter Doocy, who might be so bold as to ask why the facts contradict what she says. In true Affirmative Action fashion, her responses bring no clarity to the issue, and promptly, she moves on to the next sucker.

Kamala Harris, though she hardly qualifies as black in all reality, joins the roster of black embarrassments because she is at least as dumb as any of them. With her fondness for Ven diagrams and yellow school buses, outer space, and racial tensions, she serves well as a life insurance policy to the President, since no assassin would dare risk his life and freedom to put her at the helm.

Don Lemon dutifully mocked the people dumb enough to watch him on CNN for years, before going home each night to his gay White lover and, one imagines, play massa/slavegirl with him before bed.

Maxine Waters, the U.S. representative for California’s 43rd congressional district since 1991, routinely makes a fool of herself whenever any news organization is so contemptuous of its viewers as to put a camera in front of her face. From Trump/Russia collusion hoaxes, to inciting riots and arson, Representative Waters is a shining example of why people once had the good sense not to let these folks vote.


Examples abound, no way we can get to all of them tonight, but we’ll do our best and have plenty of fun along the way.

Your calls welcome of course.

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