Radical Agenda S06E058 - Slay of the Union

Radical Agenda S06E058 – Slay of the Union

Radical Agenda
Radical Agenda
Radical Agenda S06E058 - Slay of the Union

There is so much I want to get to today. Kessler Cringe Posting, the End of Nikki Haley…

A recent story about Matt Drudge was also pretty interesting, and had the effect of pointing toward something I missed at the end of last year. Mediaite’s “Most Influential in News Media 2023” – a list of 75 media personalities ranked in terms of their influence. Some of the placements on that list were pretty surprising, and it gave me a strategic idea I may or may not share with you this evening.

But of course, Joe Biden gave his “State of the Union” speech last night, and it would be neglectful of us not to say a bit about that.

This was no Sleepy Joe snoozefest. Whoever is medically animating that corpse pulled out all the stops. Perhaps they went straight from Adderall to Heisenberg’s blue meth from Breaking Bad.  Joe might not take another nap for several days. He might next be spotted with Hunter at an all ages drag show, tipping toddlers and taking frequent trips to the men’s room.

The last time I saw the Weeknd at Bernie’s star this fired up, there were red lights and uniformed military behind him. He was angrily shaking his fist and channeling dark visions of the future as he declared war on his fellow Americans. He was “Dark Brandon” made flesh.

Another indicator that the 2020 Election Thief may have been on drugs were his delusions of grandeur. He compared himself to Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. While these may be apt comparisons in that they are all murderous crooks, Joe’s slavish devotion to his blackmailers and corrupt efforts to imprison his political opponents, rings nothing like the official fictions of the men who abolished slavery and saved mankind from Nazi totalitarianism.

Necessarily, Joe vowed to defeat Vladimir Putin. The means by which this goal are supposed to be accomplished were, with equal necessity, left unexplained.

Joe also said he would send the US Military to build a port in Gaza for the purposes of delivering “humanitarian aid”. This of course transpires while the US Military also threatens Israel’s neighbors with nuclear annihilation if they attempt to intervene in the war of extermination Israel now wages against its neighboring ethnic rival. Were this a “fund both sides of the conflict and hope for maximum casualties” strategy, the Zombie in Chief might have earned my vote come November. This however, seems unlikely.

In the most charitable interpretation, Joe is pandering to that part of the American Left which views the Israel/Palestine conflict as one of white vs. brown. To maintain their support, Joe must aid the brown side.

But Joe, like you and I, understands that this is not white vs. brown. This is ethnic Jewish global domination, expanding the home base of operations.

It takes not a genius to see that the most likely outcome here is one or more dead US military personnel. Whether this were the organic result of Islamic terrorism, or the Jews attempting to fake just such a thing, no amount of proof would dissuade the US government from the conviction that it were the former. By this means, the United States would be formally joined with Israel in the conflict, ceasing the necessity to disguise the American troop presence in Palestine.

And speaking of outcomes likely to be framed as crackpot conspiracy theories, Tucker Carlson’s response to this was to have Alex Jones on his show.

The GOP sent Alabama Senator Katie Britt out for their response. It was about what you would expect. Luke warm. Uninspiring.

Overall, not a very exciting event.

I got an email from Gab not so long ago notifying me that they were going to start charing people to upload media. I didn’t pay much attention to it. Today I went to upload an image, and was reminded of this.

It was a pretty dumb idea to make Gab users pay for uploading images, as I said there earlier and on Telegram.

I’ve paid for Gab before. I figured I would eventually pay for it in the future.

But right now I can’t justify the expense because Gab banned me at the height of my popularity and did not allow me to recover my old account when I came back.

Social media, even the USE OF FREE PLATFORMS is a business expense for me. I am not doing this for fun. I am making INVESTMENTS in my ability to get a message out. When there is no certainty that I’ll be able to collect on those investments, that warps the risk/reward calculations unfavorably.

Torba recently sent out an email titled “The era of the free lunch is over”. I have not read it, but I presume from the timing it was aimed at further justifying these changes to the system.

But the era of the “free lunch” is far from over. So long as there are mice, there will be free food for them in mouse traps. So long as there are cattle, there will be farmers eager to feed them. And so long as there are people in the world who can be influenced by information, political actors will be no less eager to provide it at no expense to the recipient.

If Gab wants to create a whole new business model, fine. God Bless America and the innovative spirit of the entrepreneur.

But if Gab aims to compete with Facebook and Twitter (I will never call it X, I’m deadnaming that lying bitch), then Gab cannot charge a higher price for a lesser service. You don’t need a Master’s Degree in Business Administration or to spend a great deal of time at the Mises Institute to figure this out.

Gab is NOT a free speech platform. There is no such thing. When pressured, Gab folds like everybody else, and I am evidence enough of that. It is a better facilitator of modern crimethink than Twitter or Facebook, but the average person does not care about this at all. They care if they are amused, and how costly that amusement is.

Since well prior to MySpace, users have been able to upload photos to the Internet free of out of pocket expense. Gab, while falling short of, or just barely reaching, their monthly fundraising goals, turns around and says “Fuck you pay me” to anybody who wants to upload a 65kB .jpeg, in an era when data storage and transmission are as cheap as they have ever been.

It is difficult to imagine a dumber mistake that could be thought of as being reached in good faith.


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