Radical Agenda S06E063 – News & Chat

Radical Agenda
Radical Agenda
Radical Agenda S06E063 - News & Chat

We are nearing the conclusion of Radical Agenda Stage Six. There are no plans for Stage Seven.

This is not to say you will have heard the last of me anytime soon. SurrealPolitiks will continue. I will produce uncensored content in some other fashion separately from that branding. Some of it will be members only content available to those with a SurrealPolitiks membership.

In truth, the Radical Agenda ended a long time ago. The show has not been the same since the events of 2017, and I have long struggled with the apprehension that I might be ruining this body of work by straying too far from the work of art that was once so popular.

Being deprived of business services and promotional means, the trajectory of listenership and financial support has steadily declined. More importantly, this has had the effect of turning the phone lines into a ghost town.

Having been typecasted as edgy politics, we have been relegated to an echo chamber wherein ideas stagnate and grow stale. In my view, it is boring.

None of this is conducive to political success. While suffering through tedium and inglorious tasks and painful events is worthwhile in service to a higher purpose, it has become clear to me that we are not approaching anything of the sort. With nearly a year and a half having passed since my release from prison, I am met with the grim realization that I have not accomplished almost any of my goals in that time, and being now well into my 40s, I am hyper conscious of time’s scarcity.

This decision weighs heavily on me. It is difficult to think about much else. Writing passionately with this on my mind has proven largely impossible. Those bursts of inspiration I have had in recent weeks have left me with a number of high quality but unfinished drafts, and I am unsure when I’ll have the faculties to complete them.

But I am still pretty good on the fly, so today, and likely on episodes in the immediate future, I’ll be seeking conversations online with strangers through a variety of means, and playing them on the show with you. I’ll read some news and improv and go from there.


I’ll have much more to say about this, and much else, when The Radical Agenda airs live every Friday at 9:30pm US Eastern on Odysee, and on the GetMeRadio app for smartphone, Roku, and FireTV. Give us a call at 217-688-1433.



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