Radical Agenda S06E065 – Dare Ya

Radical Agenda
Radical Agenda
Radical Agenda S06E065 - Dare Ya

TruthOut is a humorously named collection of left wing smut that carries the words of criminals and terrorists under the guise of news.

There’s a fairly humorous piece I posted to Telegram recently, in which they cover the collapse of the NJP as if the confessed terrorist who wrote the piece could claim credit for it himself.

The piece is comical for its arrogance, and full of horseshit misinformation, all of which I will enjoy pointing out as I read it on air. The signature Left wing move of trying to tie in every stupid fucking theme into a single post. The classic thinly veiled threats. The bold but unsupported assertions. It is the quintessential example of cartoon Leftism run amok.

But there’s some analysis worth taking from it. Occasionally they accidentally stumble upon something worth saying, perhaps as a consequence of devoting their lives to eavesdropping on people smarter than them.

Also, it might go without saying, but the Jews are at it again.

The Jew/Muslim tit for tat picked up this week as Israel launched missiles into Iran, supposedly notifying the United States at the last minute.

This follows on the heels of Iran retaliating against Israel for a strike on one of its facilities in Syria, by launching hundreds of drones and missiles into the Jewish State, most of which were intercepted by American and European militaries.

Moscow has since been acting as a go between, trying to prevent further escalation of the conflict, and the Biden administration is attempting to broker a deal between Israel and Saudi Arabia that would trade Palestinian statehood, for diplomatic recognition of Israel by the Saudi government.

This is an important event and I feel obligated to comment on it, but all I can come with is dumb cliches if I’m honest with you.

The Jews couldn’t possibly allow anything good to happen. That’s just not in their blood, and it never will be, no matter how much they drink from actual human beings.

If there was no war, would there even be Jews? I mean, if there were no Jews, it would be easy to imagine a world without war, but is the opposite true? Jews, without war? Seems unlikely from where I sit.

I’ll have much more to say about this, and much else, when The Radical Agenda airs live every Friday at 9:30pm US Eastern on Odysee, and on the GetMeRadio app for smartphone, Roku, and FireTV. Give us a call at 217-688-1433.



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