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Radical Agenda S05E015 – Curt Doolittle

Radical Agenda S05E015 - Curt Doolittle

Curt Doolittle has made a name for himself on the Right with what he calls “Propertarianism”. It’s tough to produce a short description of this set of ideas, but it might be summarized as a theory of natural law which is heavy on property rights. It seems to be a popular destination for libertarians who …

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Radical Agenda S05E014 – Emergent Reee

Radical Agenda S05E014 - Emergent Reee

Bipartisanship, it has been said, is a euphemism for double penetration. Whenever the stupid party and the evil party agree on a piece of legislation, you know something really terrible is about to occur. The recent spending bill, which is expected to be signed by the President, drives home these points. Not only did it …

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Outlaw Conservative S01E006 – Ladyface

Outlaw Conservative S01E000 - Introduction

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about identity politics lately, it’s that the privileged group can never borrow from the identity of the oppressed. That’s why, when Ralph Northam decided to repeatedly show up in blackface back in the 80s, it destroyed his career thirty years later. Elizabeth Warren began the end of her political …

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Radical Agenda S05E013 – For Fear of the Jews

Radical Agenda S05E013 - For Fear of the Jews

It’s a difficult time to be a Democrat. Elizabeth Warren got exposed as an affirmative action fraud. Ralph Northam got exposed as a blackface repeat offender, and liar. Justin Fairfax got exposed as a rapist, also with a recidivism problem. If this keeps up, their accusations of racism and sexism might lose some of their …

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Radical Agenda S05E012 – Unwilling

Radical Agenda S05E012 - Unwilling

Here at the Radical Agenda, we began with a seething hatred for Leftists. Their policies were destructive even back then, to be sure, but we were purposely engaging in a bit of hyperbole at the time when we declared them a threat to the survival of the species. The extremist elements of the Democrat Party …

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Outlaw Conservative S01E005 – State of the Outlaw

Outlaw Conservative S01E000 - Introduction

It has been quite a week since we last spoke, fellow outlaws. The communists have devised a biological weapon which took me out of commission over the weekend, rendering me incapable of doing my uncensored production on Monday. Either that, or I caught the flu. I am inclined to believe the latter, but I have …

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Radical Agenda S05E011 – Great Moments in Black History

Radical Agenda S05E011 - Great Moments in Black History

Another month, another leftist social justice cause. January was Stalking Awareness Month, and Human Trafficking Awareness Month. In March we have Women’s History Month. In April, Sexual Assault Awareness Month. In May, Haitian Heritage, Jewish American Heritage, and Mental Health Awareness, Month.  In June we have LGBT Pride Month. In September, it’s National Hispanic Heritage Month. October is …

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Outlaw Conservative S01E004 – MediScare For All

Outlaw Conservative

Christmas was over a month ago, but with snow on the ground here in the Granite State, and Democrats dropping gifts on conservatives daily, we here at the Outlaw Conservative feel like breaking out the egg nog and celebrating. Since the age requirement of presidential candidates is one of few articles of our constitution the …

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Radical Agenda S05E010 – Identity 2020

Radical Agenda S05E010 - Identity 2020

“Who are we, as Americans?” asked Kamala Harris at her official campaign kickoff event in Oakland, California. She didn’t actually answer her own question, preferring instead to say who “we” are not. Mrs. Harris told the crowd “we” are “better than this,” a shot at the current state of affairs in her signature vagueness. She …

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Radical Agenda S05E009 – Wakanda Martyr Brigades

Radical Agenda S05E009 - Wakanda Martyr Brigades

If you’ve ever heard a Democrat talk, you’ve heard their idiotic creed repeated mindlessly. Like a 2 year old shouting “Mine!” at every shiny object in the house, Leftists shriek “Diversity Is Our Strength!” and condemn all who ask for evidence as thought criminals. Even as ever more diversity illegally pours across an unsecured border, …

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