Radical Agenda S06E019 – Nathan Damigo

Nathan Damigo is one of the more interesting characters that we have had the pleasure of speaking with on the Radical Agenda, and this interview is long overdue. Closest to home, Mr. Damigo was my co-defendant in the Sines v. Kessler lawsuit down in the Western District of Virginia, and my current co-appellant. Given the […]

Radical Agenda S06E014 – Operation Warp Thee

In near all my interactions since coming home I’ve been struck by the shift in people’s perspectives. Just as striking is the tremendous variety of perspectives one comes into contact with. There appears consensus only on a single truth. Namely, that the information environment is so polluted, as to render discernment of reality a task […]

Radical Agenda S06E011 – BOND Villain?

Here’s a riddle for you… Q. Under what circumstances do Democrats think homosexuality is sinful? A. Under whatever circumstances it suits their political purposes to say so. The Daily Beast and other Left wing rags are gloating about a scandal involving black conservative talk radio host Jesse Lee Peterson. Apparently they have finally found a […]