Radical Agenda S06E041 - Tucking Slick Ricky

Radical Agenda S06E041 – Tucking Slick Ricky

Radical Agenda
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Radical Agenda S06E041 - Tucking Slick Ricky

It was not easy for me to get through the most recent episode of Tucker Carlson’s Twitter show.

I tend to give successful media personalities a great deal of leeway. I understand, all too well, that the consequences of telling the truth without a bit of decoration, and concern for which way the wind happens to be blowing, can be quite severe. For this and other reasons, I temper my expectations. I consider that they may well conduct a more successful mission that is on balance an honest act, by making certain reasonable compromises with circumstance.

I hold in contempt those who fail to do this. Making demands that a politician forfeit his office or a media personality his platform, for short sighted ideological sugar highs, is not prudent behavior. To make such demands is at once impotent and dangerous. There being, of course, no potential for a bad actor to be swayed by attacks on his integrity, and nothing to be gained by causing an honest man to be so swayed.

One of the things I had come to admire about Tucker Carlson over the years, was that though he would not get into the mud with the likes of me, it had always been his practice to avoid stepping on our toes. To deflect accusations that he was a White Nationalist, he would appeal to the cartoonish images purveyed by Leftists and state that he was no cartoon. Whatever truths he failed to state, he was not a liar, and I had from the date of his debut of Fox, been a devoted fan, confident in the knowledge that he would not intentionally mislead his audience.

Last night, that confidence, was forfeited.

I subscribe to Tucker’s promotional texts, and have since he was fired from Fox News. Upon receiving one such text last night, I posted the following to Telegram.

It’s 2023.

I’ve been trying to get a hold of Tucker Carlson since 2017.

Tucker Carlson knows, at least to some degree, what happened in Charlottesville.

I receive his promotional text messages.

Just got one.

He says “The first amendment is done. It’s irrefutable. Tucker on X Ep. 38 has the details.”

No, faggot. I’ve got the details. I’ve had them for no fewer than six years. You know my name. You know I’m a serious person.

Let me know when you’re ready to talk.

I used to watch his show every night on Fox.

I literally ended up in the hole for fighting over this in jail. In prison, I damn near started a race war over it. I took it that seriously.

Now, in comparative freedom, I can’t be bothered to click his links to watch him commercial free on a website I’ll check a dozen times today anyway.

I’ve always defended him. I still will defend him. I still think he’s a net positive, on balance.

But hearing these people complain about freedom of speech without mentioning us is just beyond disreputable at this point. It stinks of cowardice at best and complicity at worst.

What’s your big first amendment headline, today?

Some fucking nonsense about Ricky Vaughn?

Some abortion protester didn’t move fast enough when the cops told him to get lost?

Some idiot who climbed through a broken window at the Capitol on January 6th forgot that one can commit a crime while protesting?

How about when thousands of men attended a permitted demonstration, were attacked on video by career criminals, a convicted accessory to murder among them, valiantly fought for their very lives, and then mercifully allowed their assailants to escape once they stopped fighting, and have spent every day since being tormented by intelligence agencies (foreign and domestic) and the entire apparatus of the Democrat Party with willing co-conspirators from the Mitch McConnell wing of the GOP. How about those guys? Tucker?

You’re so unchained now that Elon Musk will, what? Allow you to question what happened to Tower 7?

Fuck you.

I’ve had to apologize for more than a few F’s over the course of my career. Sometimes it seems like I use the word carelessly, and there is some truth to this.

But I will not apologize for that F, and it was not careless. I was really mad about this.


Behind the scenes, I’ve put some significant effort into helping defense attorneys for this “burning to intimidate” nonsense in Albemarle County, pertaining to the 2017 Unite the Right rally. There are listeners of this show who are facing charges for this. Some of them came to the event because I promoted it, and I do not take lightly my role in leading those men into what turned out to be a very well planned trap.

My own guilt complex aside, I view that event as a turning point in history, the trajectory of which is not yet settled. Some of the most powerful and dangerous people in the world staged that fraud with the utmost care. They aimed not at us, but at the Presidency of the United Sates. They succeeded in their goals, and their deceit, violence, and crime, was given the most precious of rewards.

Intentional acts on the part of those living today will comprise the world future generations inherit, and though, as I said, I temper my expectations of those with more to lose than I, it is difficult not to impose upon them some moral obligation to tend to this important matter, at some point.

I do not demand that today be that point. I am happy to wait until some number of elections have gone by if strategy demands. I am more than willing to see myself destroyed while they live comfortably if that is what it takes to right the wrong within a hundred years. I need not even live to see the solution.

Where the line gets crossed for me, is when people who should know better work at cross purposes with that goal. To sweep this under the rug and move on as if that were possible, is, as I said, cowardice at best and complicity at the increasingly likely worst.


Such was prominently on display during Tucker on X Episode 38, featuring, as I predicted, the man now so adored by the modern day equivalent of the Alt Lite.

Douglass Mackey, aka Ricky Vaughn, had made a name for himself in the leadup to the 2016 election as a Twitter character. Conspicuously popular, though not without a degree of honest talent, Ricky Vaughn was the stuff of nightmares for Left wing journalists. He mocked their fictional narratives mercilessly and people took notice.

As said by the Huffington Post’s Luke O’Brien (a low down character if there ever was one);

There was no mistaking Ricky Vaughn’s influence. He had tens of thousands of followers, and his talent for blending far-right propaganda with conservative messages on Twitter made him a key disseminator of extremist views to Republican voters and a central figure in the “alt-right” white supremacist movement that attached itself to Trump’s coattails. The MIT Media Lab named him to its list of top 150 influencers on the election, based on news appearances and social media impact. He finished ahead of NBC News, Drudge Report and Stephen Colbert. Mainstream conservatives didn’t know they were retweeting an avowed racist and anti-Semite, but they liked what Ricky Vaughn had to say.

Though the discerning reader knows too well to take with a healthy dose of sodium chloride the words of any Leftist invoking claims of racism, this was no overstatement. The Ricky Vaughn Twitter account played a major role in the 2016 election. He knew it, and he used the account with the utmost intent. He was not alone in this exercise.

There are things I know about this, that I am not going to tell you. I am privy to information which I have received in private conversations I have had with people connected to Ricky Vaughn. I have not received, and am unlikely to receive, permission to disclose the contents of those discussions.

But it may suffice to say that I know that Ricky Vaughn was not some naive conservative sharing copypasta from 4chan, as was the narrative pedaled last night on Tucker Carlson. The lies spewed during this interview were too numerous, and too easily disproven, to conclude that Tucker was not complicit in their intentional distribution.

The interview, in the first place, begins with the denial that Mr. Mackey is or was a White Nationalist. That may or may not be true. If it is, then over the years, Douglass has has told many more lies than one could hope to fit inside a 40 minute recording.

Vaughn was in no small part a product of the Daily Stormer, then thought to be the most popular neo-Nazi website on Earth. This perception of popularity was due in no small part to the “Chief Technical Officer” fraudulently manipulating the Alex Ranks, a now defunct service of Amazon which measured the popularity of websites against one another. This CTO, as he came to be known, had once served time in federal prison for hacking into AT&T. When his conviction was overturned by an appellate court, he ultimately fled to Ukraine – of all places – and declared his eternal enmity to the Government of the United States.

Andrew Alan Escher Auernheimer, aka “weev” was an unlikely neo-Nazi. He had spent his whole life prior as a Jew. To hear them tell the story, weev and the site’s main contributor, one Andrew Anglin, came to know each other through some insignificant happenstance roundabout 2014.

Anglin, prior to this, had been an obscure conspiracy blogger. Now empowered by the technical skills and other resources at the disposal of Mr. Auernheimer, Anglin became famous beyond his wildest dreams.

As I was preparing for today’s show, I ended up going down something of a rabbit hole. At the time of Mackey’s trial, I did not think it was worthy of my attention. The story had gotten little attention in mainstream media while I was in prison, save for Tucker Carlson touting this lie that Mackey was arrested for mocking Hillary Clinton.

It is not at this time clear to me how all come into contact, but evidence showed during Mackey’s trial that weev, Milo Yiannopoulos, Mackey, Chuck Johnson, Baked Alaska, and a man going by the online persona “Microchip” were in communication with each other through group chats. Mackey claimed during his interview with Carlson that he was not participating in those discussions. Mackey’s sworn testimony, says otherwise.


I’ll have much more to say about this when the Radical Agenda airs live, as we do every Friday, at 9:30pm US Eastern on Odysee and on the GetMeRadioApp for smartphone, FireTV, and Roku.

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