Radical Agenda S06E042 - Jews Gone Wild

Radical Agenda S06E042 – Jews Gone Wild

Radical Agenda
Radical Agenda
Radical Agenda S06E042 - Jews Gone Wild

I’m old enough to remember a TV show called “Kids Say the Darndest Things”, and while it might be best not to rank them in order, kids do say some pretty wild stuff.

They might well be rivaled by Jewish adults though, who are completely out of their god damn minds. They just seem to be spiraling more and more completely out of control with each passing day.

Among the better examples of this is David Friedman, former US ambassador to Israel under President Donald Trump. He was on Al Jazeera with Marc Lamont Hill to discuss the Israel/Palestine conflict recently, and his embodiment of anti-Semitic stereotypes almost looked like a Nazi cartoon.

When Hill asks Friedman what evidence exists that Hamas is stationed at the al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza, Friedman responded by accusing Hill of Holocaust denial.

Talk a bout a leap…

I stood there thunderstruck, myself. I have no reason to doubt Hamas is at the hospital. They are losing the war, after all. I imagine they have some guys need to get patched up from time to time. If they think they can operate from the hospital safely, and they cannot operate safely elsewhere, then the hospital is where they are going to operate. It’s fairly straightforward reasoning.

From there it is also fairly straightforward reasoning that Israel is going to stop this by force.

Media hysterics notwithstanding, soldiers in war do what they must to win the war or at least prolong their lives. Centers where medical care are provided, such as hospitals, are military targets, for both sides. The foolishness we see about “war crimes” is just part of war propaganda. It is pure nonsense.

But the Jews, being as they are so unaccustomed to being challenged, have no idea how to handle this. They are usually the ones pedaling the nonsense. They are not used to having it thrown at them in settings where they are not in control.

Hill’s question was not accusatory. It is the sort of question a responsible journalist might be expected to ask. You say you are shooting up the hospital because the bad guys are there, what evidence do you have of this?

There are lots of reasonable answers to that question, not the least of which is, as above, people who get shot often require medical attention, and we’ve been shooting an awful lot of people. That’s kinda the whole point of the project.

But Mr. Friedman cannot process a reasonable response to the question. All he can do, is accuse Hill of Holocaust denial, because that’s where his mind goes when he is in a panic.

And in all fairness, it is probably time for people like Friedman to panic.

Not long before this, Jonathan Greenblatt, king slimeball at the ADL, was heard on leaked audio discussing what he described as a “Tik-Tok problem”. Young people in the United States are altogether less persuaded by the hysterical finger wagging of professional smear artists than their adult parents who have been conditioned by decades of economic coercion to keep their mouths shut about what’s right in front of their faces.

Humorously, Greenblatt announces that “we’ve been chasing this left right divide” which is sort of a stunning admission in itself, not to mention a staggering miscalculation. Jews run around promoting anti-White narratives and helping criminals loot and burn cities in the name of dead drug addict felons. They then enjoy the unwavering support of the White Christians they persecute in the maintenance of their theocratic ethnostate.

Kind of a sweet deal if the parasite is trying to kill the host obviously, but that’s not a prudent survival strategy for a parasite. Especially if the host gets wise to the routine, and sees a very obvious solution to his problems wherein he lives but the parasite does not.

And that seems to be occurring to the organism of Western Civilization. There’s a handful of wierdo foreigners amongst us telling us that we need to suffer endlessly for their benefit, and we’re calmly asking why and waiting for a reasonable explanation. When all that is forthcoming is the aforementioned finger wagging, those with the capacity to make the decisions are less and less impressed.

The predictable result of this to date has been disreputable Jewish behavior. Subversive activity. Media deception. Financial manipulation. Legal abuses. Sexual blackmail. The whole of the limited Jewish repertoire that involves not a single reputable deed. Call them racists. If that doesn’t work, call them rapists. If that doesn’t work, threaten them with violence. If that doesn’t work, offer them deviant sex. If that doesn’t work, sue them.

And if they still hate you after all that? Guess you’re fucked, pal.

They can’t even keep their blacks in line.

Candace Owens was recently on Tucker Carlson after ending up in something of a tiff with her boss, Ben Shapiro. Candace seems to be taking that whole “America First” bit a little too far for the comfort of Jewish sensibilities. Ms. Owens appears unpersuaded by the hysterical nuclear threats of her employer, and dares to question the merits of unconditional limitless support for Israel to do anything at any time to anyone, without regard for social or economic costs, while America spills her blood and other treasure to clean up the mess.

After all, it is now common knowledge that Jews are responsible for America’s Left wing problem, and all of its many terminal pathologies. Immigration, economic incoherence, sexual perversion, it’s all of Jewish origin and Tucker Carlson said so matter of factly during the discussion without even bothering to downplay nor emphasize the point. He just stated it like he was mentioning  in passing some mundane and uncontroversial fact of American political life.

I am old enough to remember, that it was not always this way. It was once considered well beyond the pale to even notice somebody was Jewish. To state “who happens to be Jewish, by the way” in a sentence, would quickly have one branded a Holocaust denier, a la Mr. Friedman, and if a man hears this enough times, he might just become one, and if he hears it a few more times after that, he may come to develop some regret about this Jewish fairy tale not being true.

The old saying that one ought not bite the hand that feeds them, it has never quite resonated with people like Greenblatt and Friedman. In their minds, that’s the whole point of the hand. Why else would it feed them if not out of fear?

They don’t understand, they are congenitally incapable of understanding, what once prompted American support for the Jewish people.

There was a time when this was considered the right thing to do. Jews were considered a persecuted minority. A people so devoted to their God that their race was their religion. Capable, intelligent, gentle people, who contributed to society and appreciated America for being more welcoming than those many other places they had resided and near uniformly had to flee for fear of their lives. America, where a man’s religious views were not thought to define him, welcomed the Jews, comparatively speaking, and albeit with some resistance. Their integration into our society was considered proof of an ideal. Proof of a sort of progress wherein we had grown beyond slaughtering one another over superstition. Supporting the Jews was thus considered a uniquely American, and Christian, thing to do.

But when Jews became the persecutors, instead of the persecuted, especially when they began to boast about this openly, it was hard for honest people to think of them as victims in need of our protection. When they cursed the God we once supposed to have in common, blasphemed Him and made a mockery of his commandments, waged war against his institutions and his flock, made a religion of race, rather than the other way round, it hardly seemed a Christian thing to aid a belligerent at war with their deity. Realizing this, the value of those supposed contributions came into question. Yes, you’ve made many movies, written many books, litigated many disputes, held many positions of authority, but in the full light of revelation, these have not been positive influences. You have poisoned the minds of our young, weakened the faith of our people, attacked our patriotism, discredited our courts. You have not, in fact, integrated into our society. You have made your own Nation within our borders and set yourselves to the task of eliminating, those borders. You have cursed our God as a fraud, and his mother, as a whore, and in the name of your own superstition, Tikkun Olam, the absurd notion that your sick minds are endowed by God with the right and responsibility to reorder God’s creation in contravention of his commandments, you have led us to slaughter.

In that light, supporting you is not an American, nor a Christian, thing to do.

And so, while, as is so often the case, the loudest and most obvious problem is liberal young people misbehaving in the streets, the decidedly more troubling thing Mr. Friedman and Mr. Greenblatt are soon to discover, is that us old folks have had it with your bullshit too. We’re a little tired, for rioting. We haven’t had the luxury of having activist careers subsidized by Jewish billionaires. Most of us have careers to preserve which prevent us from responding as we’d like when asked about our attitudes toward your kind.

But if given an up or down choice if we’d like to keep or lose another half percent of our income if the survival of your theocratic ethnostate hangs in the balance, we need not a calculator to decide.

Should our sons, and now, our daughters, be drafted to fight your war?


We don’t need to get upset about it. We don’t need to justify it. We don’t need to make a fuss in the street. We don’t need to exterminate you or hate you or anything like that.

We just politely decline to forfeit what is ours, and wish you the best of luck in resolving your own problems.

You will not be able to do that, and that will be the end of you.

This end will come, not because we have caused it, but because it is long overdue, and it is only we, your erstwhile victims, who have been preventing it.

It makes sense that, from where you sit, this would feel like an injustice. Objectivity, we know, has never been the strong suit of your kind. From the very origin story of your people, you have believed that you are destined to rule. You think that God has a plan for you, and that to deviate from that plan, is to deviate from God.

But God does have a plan for you, as he does for all unrepentant sinners. God told you his plan, and you had other designs. Somebody in this equation has been deviating from God alright, and it’s not the people who keep politely requesting you to stop having sex with the children.

The plan was fairly straightforward. Most of you, I’m sure, have read this much of the text…

You shall have no other gods before Me.
You shall make no idols.
You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain.
Keep the Sabbath day holy.
Honor your father and your mother.
You shall not murder.
You shall not commit adultery.
You shall not steal.
You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
You shall not covet.

And since that is the plan, what is happening to you now, is part of that plan.

The idea that Jews are “God’s chosen people” is part of what the Bible calls a “covenant”. It is very much like a contract. It binds both parties.

And if the Jews had kept God’s commandments, God or no God, they would not have the problems they have today. It is the idolatry, largely of themselves, and the blaspheme, and the adultery, and the murder, and the theft, and the deception, and the envy.

Most people don’t even need a God to tell them not to do these things. The Jews, they really needed some very strong discouragement against this behavior. Floods and fires and war and slavery and death all failed to drive home the point.

They have not kept the covenant, and God is not a sucker.



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